Rated PG 15... This shall be a Three shot...

"Swing it in Taz!" I shouted as Taz took the football up the side of the field, he crossed it in as soon as I shouted. I headed it goalbound and the goalkeeper had no chance. "GOAL!" I shouted, I then started chanting, "Weve only gone n' done it!"

"What!? Thats a freekick! You were offside!" One of the opposite team shouted at me. Of course, I was offside, but I aint gonna let him know that.

"Offside my arse." I replied simply.

"You're all cheaters! You cant ****ing play without cheating!"

"Oi! Dont you talk to me like that!" I said, throwing a punch at him, he didnt expect it and he fell to the ground with a busted nose. I could've punched him harder, but I coulda' probably knocked him stone cold out. Taz, Tex, Me and Matty doubled over on the floor laughing our heads off.

"Arsehole." I heard the guy mutter. His name was Phillip.

"What you call me?" I said ready to go for him again. Taz and Matty held me back.

"He isnt worth it mate, leave him." Taz said.

I stopped trying to break free when I heard a scream. "What the ****?"

Phillip and his mates looked around frantically. "It came from over there!" Kate, Phillips friend said. I must admit, Kate was the only one I liked out of Phill and his mates.

"Follow me." I said. Taz and Tex were behind me. They were twins, a boy and girl respectievely, you could tell they were twins as they had the same colour hair, blonde, with a blue streak in it. Matty came behind them, short black spiky hair Is what he had, with piercing blue eyes, he was probably the muscular person of our 'gang'. Kate and the rest followed behind them. We went into the school cafeteria and thats were we found the source of the screaming...

Two bodies were kneeled over another. They were hooded but the person they crouched over was a staff member. A dinnerlady. Not that she was recognisable, her head was half gone. Then I noticed the hooded people get up. Holding her heart and brain... Mouths dripping with blood. Then they screamed...