Felix Fouraker [C]

1. Biology - Miss. Perrin
2. Art - Miss. Kat
3. US History - Miss Caramel
4. Math Combined - Mr. Kent
5. Drama - Mr. Frisk
6. English - Mr. Warden

Felix quickly made a mad dash for his Biology class, already finding himself mildly late once he got there. The teachers always seemed so forgiving about it though, so he just shrugged it off; placing himself down in his desk and adjusting his headphones around his neck. Felix always got bored in Biology, especially considering the teacher would usually just stop teaching halfway into the class and just give them that night’s homework.

He rolled his eyes, today was just another boring lecture on how asexual organisms reproduce. Which was incredibly boring, yes, he got it. They didn’t need to have sex to reproduce, but how did this make them fascinating? It was certainly beyond him. The teacher finally seemed to have had enough talking for the day, giving up and assigning them four pages of their notebook.

Felix got to work, trying his best to answer the vocabulary; although he wasn’t exactly positive he had explained what spores are well enough. Once he finished, there was still over twenty minutes in the period. He rolled his eyes and pulled out the current book he was reading; it was rather intriguing. It followed the path of a cannibal and what he did to all his victims before killing them, some of the deaths freaked out Felix, but he found the book interesting and very hard to put down.

Next, Felix headed out to his Art class. Art was his second favorite period, only behind English by a small amount. He loved art because he could literally just listen to his music all period and draw what inspired him, it was usually the highlight of his day. Being an abstract painter, he usually had to describe what he was trying to show in his art, but he really didn’t mind; especially considering his English had improved drastically in the last couple of years. When he first moved here, he hardly knew a single English word; but now he had become an amazing writer, and a rather fine English speaker. He smiled a scratched his pen over the paper. After this he had history, at least he would be able to see some friends there.

The bell rung, right when it was suppose to. Felix walked out, heading to his locker and switching his art supplies for his History book and notebook before beginning to walk to history. He waved to a few friends and smiled at all the girls how said hello. Felix had been a little... unsure about his sexuality. He thought he liked girls, but he was starting to find some of the guys in his classes more and more attractive. He usually shrugged it off, he knew that Bisexuality existed and he was probably just somewhere along that scale. He shook off the thoughts once again as he began to enter his History class.