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    Karai Horoshi [C]

    1. Calculus - Mr. Hawkhouser
    2. English - Mr. Warden
    3. US History - Miss Caramel
    Lunch - Mr. Warden's Classroom
    4. Computer Graphics - Mr. Yagami
    5. Physics - Mr. Glass
    6. Gym (Acrobatics or Karate depending on the day) - Mrs. Martin

    I'd been following along with the discussion, having eaten 2 slices already and reaching for a third but stopped myself. Jon showed up but hadn't said anything. There were five slices left.

    Still hungry, but pausing to speak, I decided to comment. "First of all I don't think we're really witches, just like Mrs. Bells wasn't either. Witchcraft deals in making potions and casting incantations, not writing things in cursed books. I dunno what we are, but I don't think 'witches' would be the optimal word to describe us."

    Luc's words rang true with me. I looked at Pete. His first proposal made little sense to me. "Pete, that makes no sense to me and I agree with Luc. If we trust each other we should see what everybody writes because something like this shouldn't be a secret. If we don't trust each other, then we should definitely all see what's written because a lack of trust compels people to eliminate secrets in order to facilitate trust. Both ways, keeping it secret doesn't work." I shook my head at this, thinking of another thing to add. "God, I sounded a little nerdy. It sounded way better in my head than out loud, heh."

    "That said, I definitely like the idea of getting Warden out of action and maybe a couple of the other teachers, but simply getting him sick wouldn't really work to our advantage. He would come back eventually and would just double the workload or something. What I suggest is we have him take a cruise for a week or a month. I dunno about you guys, but I think he's stressed. If he takes a rest then comes back, he might be nicer to his students. I say we write 'Mr. Warden takes a month long vacation starting today.' with the day being tomorrow since the predictions come true on the next day." I said, thinking about another slice of pizza but still controlling myself.

    Hmm, what else? I really felt like another slice, but I had another idea. "I dunno about you guys, but I still can't get over what Becky did to me. I can't say I totally loved the Cheerleader life and want it back, but I would really like to get back at her, maybe do something to the whole squad too. You guys really have no idea how fake those girls can be, and what's worse the squad last year tried to force it on me as well. Extreme dieting, tons of makeup, wearing bright colors, stuff like that. I bet some of them stuff their bras, even. I've always prided myself on being real with my appearance. The large majority of my popularity was from the fact that what you see is who I really am, and people looked up to me for that. I could look good without makeup and eat like normal people then work it off at night, which I still do. Sure it helped that I didn't need any of that stuff the others did anyway, but the squad last year never could get over it. I'm sure this year it's more of the same fakeness." I paused for dramatic effect before continuing. "Please, I'd like to do something to them, especially Becky who is the Vice Captain now. Those girls need to be knocked down a couple of pegs, especially since they're often mean to the other students. How about we get them sick with a Cold and runny nose, then give Becky the Flu? What do you say Luc? Please?"

    While I waited for them to come to a decision I looked over to the five slices of pizza left. "We have five slices left and there's six of us. I've eaten two and Pete had one, which means there's enough for each of you. If everybody who hasn't eaten any takes one, there would be one left for whoever is still super hungry. If my math is right, I mean. There's only 20 minutes left to the period and the rest of you haven't eaten. Everybody who wants one should have a slice now, because when that bell rings I'm taking what's left and putting it in my locker to take home."
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