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    Peter 'Pete' Votthed [C]

    1. English Lit. - Ms. Prillwitz
    2. Physics - Mr. Filarski
    3. US History - Ms. Caramel
    Lunch - Mr. Warden’s Room
    4. Calculus - Mr. Lark
    5. Logic and Critical Thinking - Mrs. Johnson
    6. Psychology - Mr. Giovanni

    As Pete sat down in his final class of the day, he saw Diego and Luc sitting in their seats. He placed his binder for of notes and homework in his desk and proceeded to watch Mr. Giovanni. The massive man walked over to his desk and then sat down. “So, students…” he looked around the classroom creating a huge pause. '1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... ' Pete thought. “Let’s talk about obsession.”

    'Se7en seconds... not bad...' Pete thought. "Does he seriously do that just to keep us in suspense? Or just to help us prepare for the lesson?" Pete whispered to the person sitting next to him. He hadn't recognized her face, maybe she was new. She had long red hair which seemed to curl down the side of her neck. Her eyes were the most pale green, even paler than Jade. He couldn't tell how tall she was, but she didn't appear to be very much taller than him, maybe. She appeared to be a somewhat athletic build with C Cups, but not to the point of where it she was all muscle. The red headed girl quietly giggled, and then responded.

    "Well, if were a psychology teacher, I think I would try to get into the minds of my students... It's a smart psychology move." She said quickly, and then proceeded to giggle again. "My name is Emilia, and I just moved here from Atlanta."

    "Hi, I'm Pete. Nice to meetcha. Anyways, this guy's pretty cool, so yeah." Pete turned his attention back to Mr. Giovanni whom had started talking about the stages of obsession. It seemed interesting, and Pete started writing this information on a page of his loose leaf.
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