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    Diego Vendrix [C]

    1. Home Economics - Mr. Baker
    2. English - Mr. Warden
    3. US History - Miss Caramel
    4. Computer Graphics - Mr. Yagami
    5. Advanced Algebra - Mrs. Rene
    6. Psychology - Mr. Giovanni

    "Mom says she can make us a snack later if we want. Costco pears are really good," Karai told him as he followed her. "Come along then," she said. Diego followed and he looked at all the games she ahd. he was impressed; she had much more than he did. He just had two system with a few games and while they were fun, he sold most of what he had for money. He regretted selling some of the really good games.

    "So what do you wanna play? I like Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Besides those I also have an old Gen 1 Genesis, N64, and SNES under the bed. You might have noticed them while I was making the bed into a sofa," she told him. Diego nodded as he went to wash his heads and he was in for a shock when he came back.

    She was just in her sport bra and panties and flipflops. She then went to the bathroom as Diego was making his choice whil trying very hard not to think Karai's choice of wear, though the bright red on his face indicated he was blushing quite hard. He saw her come back and had her hair like Toph. He didn't mind. She looked pretty as she was...

    More than pretty...

    Diego took a breath before pointing to Super Smash Bros. The two spent most of the time they had playing games like Smash Bros, Mario Kart and other fun multi-player games as they talked, snacked, gamed and laughed and overall had fun.

    Diego told Karai and her mother good-bye when he saw it was late and time to go, his parents waiting to pick him up.

    "See you tomorrow," Diego told Karai with a smile as he made sure he had the journal with him.

    When Diego arrived home, he looked at the Journal and began pacing as he wondered what to do. What could he write.

    He looked at the Journal as he began thinking. He carefully ripped a page out and wondered if the paper would work. He looked at the ripped paper and the normal open journal before he got the pen and to cut himself for blood ready.

    The Journal: Tomorrow, all the teachers decide to give the students a free day out of resignation that it is Friday.

    The Ripped Journal Sheet: The school cafeteria decides to serve free ice cream to stuents.

    Diego gulped before he cut his thumb and used his blood to mark the pages.

    Now, for his experiment to see if it will work. He is sure the free day thing would work, the true test was the ice cream. If both worked, he would move on to his next phase.
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