Peter 'Pete' Votthed

After School - Pizza Port

After a VERY uneventful day after lunch, save the buzzing of the future party, Diego suggested that they had all meet at a wacky place called 'Pizza Port'. It had a weird pirate and viking theme, but it had some cool arcade games, and decent pizza, so why not? Pete found himself getting two slices of cheese pizza and two of pepperoni, putting the pieces on top as if they were a sandwich. He quietly walked back to his table where Diego was talking.

"Well, the ice cream was unexpected but fun and the free day I assume you all enjoyed. So, what do we do now? I mean, I'm going to the party with Karai tomorrow?" He said quietly, but his voice had a tint of excitement. "I mean, we have the vengence against Becky and such. We could do some good or bad with this."

“I guess it pretty much goes without saying that we’re going,” responded Luc, “But like I said, we need some sort of protection. I don’t want to be some pop’s pity project, or end up getting arrested because Ted claims I brought the beer, know what I mean?”

Pete thought to himself and quickly came up with a solution while munching on a slice of cheese pizza. He pondered whether he should share it with the rest of the group, but after ten seconds he decided it was worth sharing

"What if, and this is just a thought, we make it so that each one of us sort of... end out on top, so to speak. Like if like Diego and Karai hooked up or something, or maybe even just like making sure no one accused us of trouble? How does that sound?"

(OoC: Short post, hope that's fine)