Like the title says, this is a thread about Pokemon you can ALWAYS count on in your competitive tier environment of choice. I mean, of course there are certain situations where the Pokemon will be nigh useless, but that's the not-so-vast minority of the time, to you, of course! -w-

It's just a Pokemon you feel AWESOME about when sticking it onto one of your teams. A Pokemon you know so much about, what it can take, what it cant take, what spread allows it to dish out this much damage, and what spread allows it to outspeed this or hit that harder. Really, it's like your signature Pokemon for whatever tier you use it in. OU, UU, PU, whatever.

So? What's the Pokemon of yours?

For me, it'd have to be...what...probably...    Spoiler:- :

^dont read this if you dont enjoy fangasms over certain competitive Pokemon

tl;dr: an example of what would be my reasoning as to why this Pokemons so reliable, but really you can explain it as well without having to go into rantmode.

Any Pokemon at all, really. Remember tho, this isn't a "favorite Pokemon" thread so dont go and treat it like one, aight? >> My Pokemons great and all but he's not my fave.

So yea, go for it!

edit: ;-;