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    Default Psychotic Revolution~ Tournaments

    Hello and Welcome to PR's Tourney thread!


    Follow all Sppf Rules
    You must be a member of Psychotic Revolution to post here
    Please do not spam/troll/flame, etc.

    Current Tournament

    The current tournament is BW2 OU. It is Elimination tourney, once you lose one battle you will be eliminated from the tourney.

        Spoiler:- Bracket:


    All battles are OU and smogon clauses, bans, etc. apply.
    All battles are best out of 3 (you will continue onto the next round if you win at least 2/3)
    This is PO/PS only, no wifi.
    You will post here to let us know when you have done your battles
    Each round will last exactly one week. No exceptions.

    Sign ups

    [b]PO/Showdown name:[/b]
    HoboJak (DizzehChamp(PS) Dizz(PO) GMT-5
    Necro101 ([MR]Necro101 GMT-5)
    ~BrightStarVictory~ ((PR)Victinirules(PS) GMT-5
    magicat (Alomagicat) GMT-5
    Ttar's stone edge GMT-8?
    Ziggs ([PR]Ziggs) GMT-4
    #SwoobatForUbers ((PR)WillieNelson (PS)) GMT-5
    L0gIcErR0r GMT+1
    PKMNTrainerTorrance GMT-6

    Posting your battle

    Please post your battle results in the following manner
    HTML Code:
    Person you battled:


    All particiants recieve 30 Exp
    Winner recieves 100 Exp, 500 RC and a Pokemon of #SwoobatForUbers' choosing.
    2nd place: 80 Exp, 450 RC
    3rd place: 70 Exp, 370 RC

    Sign ups will end Feb 26, 11:59PM GMT-5

    Winners of past tournaments
    aka Hall Of Fame

    None atm

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