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Thread: N64 controller: Worn out joystick

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    Default N64 controller: Worn out joystick

    Hi once again Tech help!

    I got my new N64 the other day and the joystick is pretty worn out. I can buy new one right here, or I can try fixing the current one. I found this video that is pretty well known, but I don't know if it works.

    Have any of you repaired your own N64 controllers? What did you do?

    Incase you bought a new one: which one did you purchase? I reckon it would exist many counterfeit or bad quality ones and a lot of very good ones.

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    I have never replaced anything in controllers, if they die on me (which I've only had with my original XBOX controller) I'm not so hesitant in buying a brand new one. Repairing is an option though I can't really say if it's something which permanently fixes the problem or just extends the usage for a short period of time.

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