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    I have three Gen V Pokemon games -- Black 2, Black, and a Japanese copy of White -- and I have three DS systems -- one 3DS and two Lites. I have never had any issues with between these three games before; however, something weird started happening today.

    Every time I try to trade with my Japanese White, I make it almost all the way through the trade and then, right when it says "Stopping communications... Please wait.", I get a communication error. When you turn the game back on, you're standing in front of the Union Room, and the trade didn't go through at all. I was trading with Black 2 the first two times it happened, and I figured that it was just because I was on my 3DS, and there was some weird region lock. (Which doesn't quite explain why I've been able to do it before, but okay.) I traded between Black and Black 2, and I had no problems. Then, I tried trading between White and Black, both on DS Lites, and once again, I got a communication error right before the trade was about to end.

    Does anyone know what could possibly be causing this, and how I could fix it? I would really hate it if I couldn't trade with White anymore... It's really useful to have easy access to Japanese Pokemon.

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    Try a combination of everything, and if that doesn't work try trading through your Internet connection to yourself. Are you able to connect to the Internet on Pokémon White?

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    Happens to me, exactly the same. If you find out about the solution, please share it with me.

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