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Thread: Team Earth Breaker (Wifi OU MonoGround)

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    Default Team Earth Breaker (Wifi OU MonoGround)

    Bored as hell, here's a MonoGround team. Rate, stay off drugs, don't drop out, be happy.

    Hippowdon @ Leftovers
    Impish - Sand Stream
    244 Defence, 252 HP, 12 Sp. Def
    -Stealth Rock
    -Slack Off

    Typical Hippowdon lead, sets down Rocks, and Roars. Slack Off and Defensive bulk stops all physical attackers in their tracks, and Earthquake stops him from being Taunt bait.

    Landorus @ Life Orb
    Modest - Sand Force
    252 Sp. Atk, 132 Speed, 124 HP
    -Rock Polish
    -Focus Blast
    -Hidden Power (Ice)
    -Earth Power

    Rock Polish Landorus outspeeds everything unscarfed and most scarfed sets at +2. Earth Power is his primary STAB, hitting anything that doesn't resist it hard. Hidden Power Ice hits flying types and Gliscor. Focus Blast hits Skarmory and Steel types for hard damage, including Air Balloon Heatran.

    Mamoswine @ Life Orb
    Jolly - Thick Fat
    252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Defense
    -Ice Shard
    -Icicle Crash
    -Stone Edge

    Typical physical Mamoswine. Ice Shard gets Priority and breaks Dragonite's Multiscale pretty well. Icicle Crash and Earthquake both get STAB, with Stone Edge to round off the coverage. Not too much to say here.

    Flygon @ Choice Scarf
    Naive - Levitate
    252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Sp. Atk
    -Fire Blast

    Resurrecting one of DPPt's premier threats, ScarfGon. Earthquake and Outrage are both insanely powerful STAB attacks, coming from someone who outspeeds almost the entire unboosted tier, bar Ninjask. Fire Blast hits Skarmory harder than anything else on the team, 2HKOing it easily. U-Turn for scouting.

    Gastrodon @ Leftovers
    Sassy - Storm Drain
    252 HP, 252 Sp. Def, 4 Sp. Atk

    I've already got plenty of physical bulk, now I need some special bulk. Gastrodon fits the bill perfectly. Switching him in on a Water attack gives him a useful boost to his rather low Sp. Atk, and lets him hit that much harder with STAB Scald. Earthquake hits mons like Heatran and Tyranitar. Recover and Toxic kills everything that the other moves don't.

    Donphan @ Leftovers
    Impish - Sand Veil
    252 HP, 82 Defence, 176 Sp. Def
    -Rapid Spin

    Donphan spins for my team, and with Sand Veil and some Sp. Def EVs, he can tank some unboosted hits with ease. Roar and Toxic lets him spread status throughout my opponent's team. Earthquake stops him from being ****ed over by Taunt.

    So... Yeah. That's it.

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    nice team overall, full monos a pain, your always weak to something.

    First thing is i think you mean sheer force not sand force lando i

    As far as threats to this good, the obv mono ice, water, and grass are a pain, but mamo handles is (somewhat) and gastro handles water, bar ludicolo, while lando and flygon can handle grass better then anyone, while mamo revenges stuff. Ice seems to be the biggest weakness, as abomasnow laughs at gastrodon, and mamo will get warn down by walrein and weavile.

    As for team suggestions, i say switch rock polish for u turn on landorus as he baits in celebi, and a u turn to the face is a KO iirc, which removes one of the big problem pokemon for your team. It also helps with psychic and dark mono types, but rock polish is equally useful

    I also suggest Rhyperior>donphan as outside of terrakion donphan seems useless to me, while rock polish rhyperior gives you another sweeper, and with rock blast helps handle ice pokes. Hes further supported by the team in the sand storm giving a 50% sp def boost, and with solid rock, he`ll be a pain to take down in the sand. He also has solid coverage with earth quake, stone edge/rock blast, megahorn/filler and would help your main sweepers, flygon and lando, by weakening and removing checks.

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