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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue Harvest View Post
    I tested this team quite a bit, and it seems to show a lot of promise. There were issues though. Lead Deoxys D basically shuts your team down getting a layer of Stealth Rocks and Spikes almost regardless of what you do. Terrakion was also a problem as Landorus T can't take many hits with those EVs, being in danger of being erased by even Scarf Terrakion Stone Edge. Sub Toxic Gliscor basically 6-0ed if it played smart.

    Try Choice Band on Tyranitar. Running Choice Band allows you to do 95% minimum to those stupid Deoxys D, OHKOing them with sandstorm. It also steps up the pressure on things like Sub Toxic Gliscor, Skarmory, Ferrothorn, and Heatran all of whom are good to weaken or kill before Salamence sweeps. TTar also guarantees the elimination of Lati@s, Jellicent, and helps against Venusaur so Keldeo has an easier time wrecking. If you are careful CB TTar can even shred a Jolteon or Scarf Rotom W which really helps Keldeo.

    Choice Band Terrakion is fine and can stay if you want. Another option is Life Orb + Swords Dance / Taunt. Taunt prevents Deoxys D, Skarmory, Forretress etc from setting up Spikes on you while you keep Skarm / Hippowdon from Recovering. You can also keep that ****ing dickhole Sub Toxic Gliscor from beating you too by Taunting his Sub, or just overpowering it with LO Stone Edges. Life Orb lets you take Ferrothorn out in one shot and punishes basically everything you hit. For example Keldeo and Latios are both OHKOed with rocks and sandstorm. Swords Dance puts pressure on defensive teams and flat out sweeps if TTar preys upon Lati@s and the scarfer is dead. You can also run Protect to scout scarfers and Band Scizor.

    Salamence is fine, but run Naughty. You miss out on the speed tie with Scarf Jirachi but you beat pretty much the same things otherwise. Naughty gets the KO on Gyarados and Rotom W after Stealth Rocks along with other things. Also Dragon Claw > Stone Edge. Your team doesn't particularly fear Dragonite, Gyarados, or Volcarona and Outrage smashes them all anyway. I kept wishing I had Dragon Claw when I needed Salamence to get a kill but had to Outrage instead too early and was revenge killed. This team works very well with Scarf Salamence, though I had some trouble bringing down opposing Scarf Keldeo and Terrakion.

    Keldeo works but run HP Ice > HP Ghost. You lose out on beating Jellicent and Starmie but this doesn't matter because Tyranitar smashes them so hard. No-switch Pursuit does around 75% to Jellicent and OHKOs Starmie so they die pretty much regardless. HP Ice hits everything else HP Ghost does but it also helps beat Salamence (you survive Scarfmence Outrage), Dragonite, Venusaur, and Garchomp. It also lets you beat Gliscor / Landorus without resorting to Hydro Pump (it will miss).

    Landorus T is a fun Scarfer but it doesn't cover too much that you can't otherwise handle. A more defensive Leftovers spread gives you Stealth Rocks and more bulk so Terrakion can't blast its way through you. Try Stealth Rock / Earthquake / U-turn / Hidden Power Ice Naive with 252 HP / 100 Def / 156 Spd. This lets you outrun Lucario and Heatran while having enough defense to counter most physical attackers. HP Ice does JUST enough damage that Gliscor can't set up a Sub so if it switches in on SR or EQ you can ruin it. By HP Ice-ing Gliscor or other Landorus you can further help Salamence sweep.

    Rotom W is fine but run Calm. You can run speed if you want but don't bother with Modest. Gliscor outruns you and Subs until Hydro Pump misses. If you absolutely need the OHKO 28 SP Attack EVs will do that, but you do not need Modest.

    Another thing you can try is Scarfing Terrakion and running LO Intimidate mixmence. The reason for this is that there are many Scarf Terrakion and Scarf Keldeo around now and they both make a Salamence sweep very difficult. I actually suggest running those two sets but I didn't want to take away from the Scarfmence sweep thing you have.
    All pokes replaced by

    Metapod @ Choice Specs
    Trait: Snow Warning
    EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 Spd
    Modest Nature
    - Roar of Time
    - Spacial Rend
    - Tackle
    - Splash

    All are things I've tried, just never in unison. I like the way these sets play off one another though. Cheers =)
    Thanks for being so thorough.
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