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Thread: DPP OU first team, all advice welcome!!!!

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    Default DPP OU first team, all advice welcome!!!!

    A few weeks ago my friend introduced me into the world of competitive pokemon because I was getting tired of regularly playing. Ive spent a lot of time on smogon, serebii and other such forums along with youtube and have gotten somewhat of a grasp on what it takes to compete in the metagame. I havent gotten much experience with my team so far, and the few battles Ive fought I couldnt really tell if there was something that needed to be fixed or replaced. Id like all advice on what to change before I build this team in the real game. Here's the lineup.


    Ambipom @ life orb
    Evs: 252atk 252spe 4hp
    -U turn
    -Pursuit/low kick

    I know that ambipom is a fairly predictable lead and not super popular in OU, but I really like his ability to scout and Ive noticed that if you throw in low-kick or pursuit you can catch an opponent off gaurd, who thinks theyve walled you. Obviously I sart off with fake-out then go for the taunt to prevent stealth rocks for a few turns and finally u-turn out to a more suitable pokemon.

    Vaporeon @ Leftovers
    Water Absorb
    Evs: 252hp 130def 126spD

    I decided I needed a wish passer to help keep my team alive, and i didnt really like Blissey because i'd like to have some resistances i could switch in to. Its a pretty basic moveset that involves wish protecting and toxic to cripple pokemon for later sweeps. Surf is my STAB move that can keep a few pokemon in check.

    Swampert @ leftovers
    EVs: 252hp 252spD 4def
    -Stealth Rock
    -Ice Beam

    Swampert would be the ideal pokemon for my ambipom to switch into so that I could set up stealth rock and deal out some damage with STAB earthquake and Ice Beam to cover weaknesses. Roar is to get stealth rocks going by switching the opponents pokemon out if its not what you want.

    Dragonite @ Life Orb
    Inner Focus
    EVs: 252atk 252spe 4hp
    -Dragon Dance
    -Dragon Claw
    -Fire punch

    This is my special sweeper. He runs a pretty normal set, dragon dance to raise stats the sweep with the wide moveset. Dragon Claw is STAB and not many pokemon resist dragon type moves. Earthquake is to get rid of the steels that do resist dragon claw and fire puch takes care of grass pokemon that try to take out swampert and Vaporeon.

    Magnezone @ Life Orb
    Magnet Pull
    EVs: 252spA 252spe 4hp
    -Magnet Rise

    Magnezone is a check to many of dragonites weaknesses. He can switch in on any steel and trap them and set up with substitute and magnet rise (to prevent EQ) then deal some damage with STAB thunderbolt and possibly explode when threatened.

    Scizor @ Life Orb
    Evs: 252atk 252spe 4hp
    -Bullet Punch
    -Swords Dance
    -Brick Break

    Scizor is my physical sweeper with his amazing atk and many resistances. Bullet punch is STAB and technician plus priority, all very good things. Brick Break takes care of many pokemon. Roost can keep this guy alive longer and swords dance... well thats for the sweep


    Please tell me what changes to make. One option I was debating was changing magnezone for a starmie spinner seeing as my two sweepers are hindered by stealth rocks, but Im not sure if having that much weakness to grass is ok. All advice and critisiscim is appreciated!

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    How successful at wishpassing are you? As i find it loses momentum when i do it. Starmie can be worth a try in that slot. The only poke's i would expect to be low on hp would be scizor and swampert, possibly some damage to your magnezone.

    Does that magnezone "really" work? i presume mostly to take down metagross, skarmony and forrettress. Still, i dont really see much point in magnet rise. I would expect the metagross to outspeed you usually?! The other 2 wouldn't really be using EQ anyway. The rest about the magnezone is fine.

    Something to also try for fun, is to replace your lead ambi with a tyranitar/hippowdon. I would go for some form of choice scarf on him as you lack any form of choice builds. If you haven't noticed, with that 1 change, you get only 2 poke's which can get damaged by sand. Vaporeon will mostly shrug it off and whilst dragonite will hate you, it will still be a surprise package to try and finish off with, although perhaps something else instead might be more effective.

    Can i also note your dragonite certainly is not a special sweeper
    If you want a special sweeper give togekiss a go. Weak to SR again and lacks a lot of resistances, so possibly not. Not many other poke's have a decent boost though.

    How often are you switching in the dragonite? For with SR up you may find him difficult to play, especially if you decide to forgo the spinner.
    If i was to replace anything, it would be the dragonite for some form of flygon:

    Special Attacker
    Life Orb Rash / Naive
    Moveset EVs
    ~ Draco Meteor
    ~ Earthquake
    ~ Fire Blast
    ~ Roost / U-turn
    80 Atk / 252 SpA / 176 Spe
    This is what smogon suggests. I'd "really" want to choice scarf it though, this will give you some form of revenge killer. It makes your grass weakness stand out a little more by removing one of your switches, but often big ol dragonite will whack into a SR anyway. This gives you a handy switch for quite a few moves without taking much from SR, but taking a bit more from an opponents attack. Not quite sure about those EV's if you do decide to choice scarf it. Not really sure how much extra firepower the quake and U-Turn "really" need.

    As a whole, i think your wish seems overrated in this instance and you're more lacking in a spinner. I'd also "really" try and fit in u-turn on another poke somewhere so you can sneak in some more residual damage. I dont see the point in magnet rise, unless you are expecting something to switch into magnezone to try and EQ it, still, if you guess wrong it's a waste of a turn. With the current dragonite it's very much lacking on the special side and i also don't see how often this dragonite would be switching in. It looks to me like the dragonite is basically a late game sweeper to finish up, which i'm fairly sure scizor will be around to do anyway, which is why i suggested a change, to get another poke to sneak a ohko in sometimes and get some extra residual damage in, also gives you something else to kill skarmony with if you lost magnezone.
    Other than that i can see why this team works. You have a lot of resistances to basically everything with not that many weaknesses. The only problem that i foresaw was the lack of switching you are able to do with a SR up. If your scizor gets burned bad things will happen quickly.
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