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Thread: Who's *SPOILERS* do you think is going to appear?

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    Default Who's *SPOILERS* do you think is going to appear?

    The question would be regarding the Charizard confirmed to appear roughly a month from now in episode 8 of episode N. I have made a small informal poll in the thread but it got overrun by other posts so I think its a good thing for us to all know where we stand concerning the tremendous amount of controversy and never ending debate that has clogged up the entire thread.

    The options are

    Ash's: Reason being this is an important episode done by important people, also the opening.
    Oak's: He is going to show up to do something about Kanto and since Ash does not have a Monopoly on Charizards it is possible Oak could bring his own.
    COTD's: Always a possiblity considering he also has charmander.
    Wild: Self Explanatory
    Other: Iris' Cilan's, N's, Misty's, zombie whatever if you think none of the above pick this and say what you picked.

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    Why Ash's of course *waits for Kira to argue against it*
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    Umm.....this Yeah its Ash's. Why wouldn't it be?
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    Definitely Clark.
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    It's Ash's Charizard and I'm actually pretty excited to see him come back.
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