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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucas MV View Post
    We don't know yet, it can happen in one of the last 2 episodes. And Charizard will probably fight Reshiram anyway.

    LOL, Dragonite is fighting only 1 Golurk , while Charizard is fighting 2 Golurk, 3 Conkeldurr, 3 Gurdurr and 2 Liepard at the same time xD.

    Looks like a good episode, I haven't seen today's episode yet, gonna see it later today, but why were Crustle and Dragonite falling from the sky in the preview for today's episode? Did Golurk did that to them?
    I know you like Lizardon a lot, but Kairyu and Iwaperesu got used as fodder just so Iris and Dento would be useless and Satoshi could come save the day. It was hardly a battle that was gonna be in their favor from the start.
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