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Thread: My First Competitive team.

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    Default My First Competitive team.

    Any suggestions for alternate moves for anyone? All pokemon are hatched and EVed already except Chandelure so there's still room to replace it if need be.

    Nature: Jolly
    EVs: 252 Attack
    252 Speed
    4 HP

    Swords Dance
    Leaf Blade

    Trait: Super Luck
    EVs: 252 Attack
    252 Speed
    4 HP

    Sucker Punch
    Psycho Cut
    Swords Dance

    Trait: Swift Swim
    Nature: Timid
    EVs: 4 Defense
    252 Special Attack
    252 Speed

    Ice Beam
    Shell Smash
    Baton Pass

    Nature: Adamant
    EVs: 252 HP
    252 Attack
    4 Defense

    Stone Edge
    Fire Fang
    Seed Bomb

    Trait: Volt Absorb
    Nature: Timid
    EVs: 244 HP
    132 Special Attack
    4 Special Defense
    128 Speed

    Volt Switch
    Hidden Power (Ice)

    Nature: Modest

    Shadow Ball
    Energy Ball
    Hidden Power (Fighting)

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    What tier?
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    on absol i think is best to put dark pulse instead of substitute

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    Absol @ Choice Band
    Super Luck
    252 Atk / 252 Spd
    -Sucker Punch / Night Slash
    -Psycho Cut
    -Stone Edge

    Absol is a bit too frail to be using a SubSD set, nor does he get good enough coverage between just 2 moves. Superpower goes very well with your Dark STAB of choice and Stone Edge goes well with Superpower.

    You could use X-scissor over Synthesis on Leafeon to get some extra coverage, stopping you from being walled by the likes of Cradily. Besides you have Jolteon's Wish.

    Vaporeon would probably be a better Wishpasser than Jolteon. Despite the investment you're still not passing on very large amounts of HP.
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    I WILL WARN YOU NOW! this post contains a lot of suggesting that your team needs a huge amount of work and/or thought.
    Seeing this is clearly "hyper offense" as it's called i will give you a guide to it:
    Your team lacks a LOT of what hyper offense is all about though.
    I think you will find huge difficulties against teams which are designed for competitive play and will find yourself unable to damage all sorts.
    From the looks of your team, my guess is you've gone for a "no legendaries" nintendo style team? i.e where they ban legendaries even if they're actually quite weak.

    As an example, your Donphan will deal basically nothing against a skarmony, even with fire fang, who will set up multiple layers of spikes roost up to heal then whirlwind you out. This means you either hope for a burn to annoy him slightly or switch out and get whacked by stealth rock, seeing you decided to not get the main move on donphan of rapid spin.

    So a summary of what's wrong:
    No suggested items, they are CRUCIAL.
    Lack of any form of entry hazards, Weather, reflect/light screen, phazers, walls, Synergy (an offense starmie will be able to kill everything here), spinners (well you have a donphan, but no rapid spin ^^ )
    I'm not quite sure why you have a shell smash gorebyss, they will see this in the team preview and seeing gorebyss is known for smashpassing, they will be ready with a mach punch when you send it out, seeing you lack all entry hazards.
    The pokemon selected arn't actually very strong in most cases.
    As examples, leafeon is easily countered by skarmony/any physically defensive steel.
    Absol is a lot weaker than a great deal of other pokes such as dragonite, and has poor coverage. Also, in a game where fighting types are currently being used a lot, he is weak to it.

    I did apologise in advance, but i decided the best way would be to be brutal about it. I hope this helps and you didn't think i was aggressive here. I simply wanted to give you an idea how complex pokemon is now.

    Not all players are that good, but you will find people will learn and use what is working on other teams.
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