I'm looking for a carrying case for my 3DS XL (or other DS systems). I want something with a few compartments (not a ton) and a shoulder strap, but that isn't too big. I want the DS system to be easy to remove, rather than having to undo a zipper and remove it from a velcro compartment like with some cases. Slots for DS game cards are not a requirement since I have game card case that I can just put in one of the compartments (in fact, I'd probably do it this way even with the slots).

I know of the Messenger Bag for Nintendo 3DS and the Universal Transporter Carrying Case for 3DS, DS Lite, DSi and DSi XL, but those are both a bit big for my liking and have too many compartments. The system almost gets "buried" inside them, and I don't see myself needing or using all that space.

I have this case and have gotten got great use out of for years. It's a bit bigger than a fanny pack, it has 2 zippered compartments, and inside the bigger one are 2 "nets" in which DS systems can be placed (it can hold 2 systems, which was a plus for me), along with a velcro "page" with slots for GBA games. I've always just kept my game card case inside the smaller compartment. (I obviously removed the hard blue accessory tray that's visible in the open case in the right-hand side of the image.) I want a new case, but I'd like to find something similar if possible.

I haven't been able to find anything that's quite what I'm looking for yet, but there's got to be something like it somewhere online that I can order. It doesn't even have to be something that's designed for a DS system.

Any suggestions?