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    Default A Misguided Truth

    Hi everyone, here my second attempt at a fan-fic; A Misguided Truth. It details the story of Ryan(based of me and my playing of the Pokemon games) and his adventure. I will do his Character bio soon once the story is a few chapters in (Or when i have time sorry) because i do not want to give things away. Small warning before you start to read their will be the occasional curse every so often but i will try to limit it as much as possible, hope you enjoy the read every so let's start

    Chapter one: A Normal Day

    The truth is a nice concept isn’t it? Truth is most often used to mean in accord with fact or reality. Well at the moment the truth is pretty bleak. Now what is so good about telling the truth I ask? I have told the truth most of my life (there has been the occasional white lie) and I have had nothing but bad things happen to me so far and if I face the truth right now it would be pretty soul destroying. Maybe I should fill you in; I’m Ryan a Pokémon trainer from new bark town in the Johto region. I’m 19 about 6 ft 3”, black hair, blue eyes and a reasonably nice guy I guess. But in the past few months I’ve had to do a lot of growing up and I’ve seen things that no normal 19 year old should of seen. Hell I should still be studying at PokeTech getting ready to taking my E.E.V.E.E’s, but instead I’m stuck in this small dank room with no windows and which smell like wet Furret oh and did I mention I’m fighting a losing battle against an evil organisations and trying (and failing) to stop them from controlling the world and making everything a misery. Actually that’s an emotion so that may not be accurate actually, but I’m getting ahead of myself I’ll take you back to start of this whole ordeal and it started off like any normal Saturday really.

    The sun was shining and the breeze was crisp and with the weather so nice outside I was doing what any other teenager would be doing on the weekend at 10 in the morning; Sleeping. The sun shone bright on the face of my home in New Bark Town, many Hoothoot and Pidgey cooed in the nests in the trees behind my house, wind blew across the ground outside on which small children and small Pokémon played on. The local postman walked from house to house with a smile on his face as he embraced the weather and smiled at the children playing. Professor Elms lab and house combo stood at the top of a small hill and the path was scattered with bushes and trees in which many people and Pokémon hustled and bustled about getting their jobs done for the day so they could enjoy the rest of it. The town was as calm as ever and all was well for everyone (except Mr Goodrich whose son had just set off on his journey with his Chikorita only a month ago and he had not heard from in a few days).

    The sun shone through a small crack in my window curtains which I had not pulled together all the way due to the ungodly hour I went to bed due to surfing the internet until about 3 o’clock watching videos of Glameows and Meowths doing funny things (don’t judge). A small cat like Pokémon sat on my bed perfectly in line with the ray of sun absorbing its properties. This was Espeon my strongest Pokémon and in fact my starter Pokémon. Now before you say why did you start with an Espeon I didn’t, it was an Eevee in fact and it’s a long story which will be dealt with later on because it’s long and boring and doesn’t really add much at this point in the story. So yeah back to my lazy self, my room was filled with posters of my favourite things, Pokémon, football (not American, real football) and Pokémon. Yeah I said Pokémon twice but I just wanted to emphasis the point if you will. There were posters of many past and present champions on the wall, little plastic toy figures of Pokémon like Nidoqueen, Dragonite and Miltank, plush dolls (which were bought by my mother with my money that could have been used to buy potions or some other useful things) of many cutsie Pokémon like Pichu and Igglybuff and funnily enough actual Pokémon and Pokeballs which I had used on my journey. You see I had already done the normal gym badges run, twice in fact through Kanto and Johto. I had been to two conferences and place in the top 2 in Kanto and won the league championship in Johto, losing out in Kanto to my very good friend Callum but I’ll get to him. So I did have some experience but not enough to deal with the situations I was going to be put in the next few months. But again let’s focus on this day at the moment and move on to the other stuff later.

    “Ryan get up already it’s almost 10:30” shouted my mother up the stairs

    That’s my Mother who I live with at the moment while I’m between journeys as such. She was once a trainer but was not someone who set the world on fire and was that well known, however she did have success in the orange league and is one of only 10 people to beat Drake and be in the hall of fame.

    “I’m up” I said and rose quickly in my bed kicking Espeon off my bed in the process

    “Watch it you big lug” Espeon said staring harshly at me from by the side of my bed

    “Watch it, I feed you so you may wanna change your attitude miss” I sneered back at her

    She glared at me and then proceeded to walk out the door and go downstairs. Now yes I can talk to her and yes that’s weird but it’s like when you have known a friend for so long you start to think in the same way. Well this is similar but instead of thinking the same Es and I have a psychic link meaning we’re able to converse telepathically (cool I know). It’s good for battling and making jokes about people without offending them or knowing, but it also means I can’t hide anything from Es which can be a bummer sometime.

    So yeah normal thing on the weekends, crawl out of bed, stick T-shirt and jeans on, use the bathroom and feed my Pokémon; Feraligatr, Togekiss, Flygon, Noctowl, Ampharos and Espeon. After doing all this I sat at the table in my kitchen and pour myself some cornflakes and started to chow down. From my kitchen table you could see out into the backyard where the family Mightyena was playing with toys throwing them up in the air and my Pokémon sat eating except for Espeon who was allowed to eat inside almost like a domesticated cat. The TV was on some stupid cooking show in which my mother was taking notes from (cooking was and never will be her forte). The post sat on the table in a pile and I noticed one had my name on so I took it and ripped it open. The letter had a stamp on it which had two Pidgeots flying in opposite directions and a golden pokeball in the middle. It read on the bottom K.E.P.T which stood for Kanto’s exhibition of Pokémon and trainers, which was a yearly event in which experienced trainers came and did talks for Youngers trainers who were still in school and was always held at the university in Viridian. I vaguely remember going to one when I still lived in Kanto and the guest speaker were Will and Karen from the Elite Four. I won’t bore you with the details of the letter, it essentially was a plea for me to come and talk at the exhibition as the guest speaker Cynthia had found some interesting ruins in mount coronet and was needed in Sinnho for the immediate future.

    “You’re going I already responded to Charles email he sent me” My mother said looking up from her notes.

    “What!” I said chocking on my flakes “So now you don’t only spend my money but you also make decisions for me too?”

    “It will be good for you” she said as she looked at the cupboard to see if we had any sesame oil which was needed for her recipe “You went when you were younger and it will be good for you to help younger trainers as well”

    I looked at her begrudged however I did agree with what she was saying and hey it would be nice to pass on my expertise to the younger ones like Will and Karen did for me. Also it may be nice to go back to Kanto and see the old stomping ground and see if any of the trainers there had got stronger. So it was decided I packed up my stuff that was needed and set off towards Victory Road, Viridian and Kanto.

    So yeah thats the first chapter, any sort of feedback is welcomed be it good or bad, because i know it's not perfect and there is always room for improvement, so don't be shy . Also i know this chapter is short but don't worry they will get longer in due course. Also on a side note whenever Ryan and Espeon are talking telepathically it will be italics and all over conversations will be normal
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    Chapter 2- One step forward, two step back

    “Why couldn’t we have just flown on Flygon instead of walking?” said Espeon disgruntled from her perch on my shoulder her tail draped over my shoulder

    “You are kidding me right?” I said with a puzzled look on my face “You haven’t even walked you just sat on my shoulder and let me do all the work?”

    “I know but your shoulder is getting rather sweaty and uncomfortable for me”

    “I’ll keep that in mind next time”

    “If you would do so I would be very grateful”

    I looked at Espeon with a stern look and she shot me a small smirk that I was very used to seeing. It had been about a day since we left home and we had stopped at a small compound of cabins just outside of victory road. Yesterday was a nice day actually, traveling through route 27 and 26; seeing all the wild Doduo and Dodrio run through the fields, letting Flygon and Togekiss fly freely for once instead of keeping them cooped up in their balls, meeting old trainers like Blake and Megan on the way and just overall relaxing instead of being stressed and anxious like the last time I was on the route. The sun was bright and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky but there was a pleasant breeze marauding across your face which kept you cool. The trees swayed like metronomes and like in New Bark all sorts of Flying types and Bug types that were able to fly whizzed in and out of the trees busily collecting berries, twigs and leaves for whatever they were needed for. I quietly thought to myself how good it had been and was hoping for more of the same today. We had rested for the night just outside of the Victory road where there were many cabins and sites housing trainers who were on their way through to get to the latest Pokémon league championship that was being held to determine a new challenger of Lance the champion. There cabins were in a circle formation with a pokemon centre which was easily accessible from every cabin. To the left there was a small lake which had many fish spots to try and catch some water pokemon. Also scattered around were many pokemon battlefields which could be used by trainers for sparring and practice with their Pokemon. There was then a road behind the Pokemon centre that led up to victory road which everyone knows leads to the Pokemon League. It was fun looking at all the trainers and compare them to how I was when I made this journey. You could feel the nervous excitement everywhere; many trainers were frantically getting in last minute training with their Pokémon at the many Pokémon battlefields outside. Others sat in the shade of umbrellas and trees’ discussing strategies and what each person thought of the other competitors. I sat with Espeon near the small lake and just watched the trainers remembering back to how I was at this time. Me I was very much frantically running around sorting things out at the last minute like paperwork, registering myself and arranging my best team of Pokémon. But I also remember the excitement that ran through at the time and an overwhelming pride to think that I and my Pokemon had been through so much and had achieved a lot even before the championship. It was nice to think about those memories because I had not felt like that since and it allowed me to reminisce like a grandfather would in his late 70s. I got up to walk back into the Pokemon centre to get something from my room when in the corner of my eye I saw a group of people all shouting and jumping as if some sort of celebrity had just arrived.

    “Come on Es I wanna check that out”

    I walked over with Espeon trudging behind me unwilling to move because of the amount of sun she was not taking in. As I joined the crowd there was a boy about the age of 14 I would guess with black hair geld up into spikes. He wore a red zip up hoodie with G N stitched on the right breast, he had red trainers on and black canvas trousers. The crowd was mainly girls and every so often they would start screaming for no apparent reason.

    “These girls are scary. There scream is worse than Jasmines Steelix using screech”

    “I know what you mean. Anyone would think he’s a league champion or something”

    I patted one of the girls on the shoulder and said “Excuse me? Yeah hi who is that guy?”

    “I’m Gavan, the strongest trainer to come out of Johto since Ethan” The boy said walking towards me “I beat the likes of Pryce, Chuck, Clair and Bugsy. I’m the number one seed for the next pokemon championship and I will destroy any trainer who gets in my way”

    At this point he was stood right in front of me and he was just a little shorter than I so he looked like a small Lillipup yapping at a Herdier.

    “A bit of a big mouth to?” I said chuckling

    “Yeah and who are you? Most properly some washed up trainers working as a cleaner around here” he said and he proceeded to holler loudly

    “Actually I was the last trainer to win the Johto league championship and also came second in Kanto league a year prior” I said to him softly “So if you’re so confident of your abilities how about a battle?”

    He stumbled back on his feet in total shock and spluttered out “A-a-a-a-hh okay?”

    “Was that an answer or a question?” I said staring intently into his eyes

    His crowd murmured as he contemplated my challenge, there was an air of unnerve about his followers until he said “Bring it”.
    I smiled and walked over to the right of the battlefield and had an overwhelming sense of excitement, similar to the feeling I had when on my journey, a feeling that had eluded me in the months prior to this moment. Contrast to me Gavan look anxious and worried about the match ahead. He seemed to be talking to himself quietly and mumbling gibberish which I could understand

    “You okay kid?” I shouted across to him

    He looked up and then darted a stare towards the crowd who were shouting his name “Of course, you going down”

    “Right” I said “Now I’m not up for a full battle to be honest because I need to start moving if I want to get to Kanto tonight. So how about a quick 2 on 2 battle? Means you’ll still have four left for your championship battles”

    He nodded affirming my notion.

    “Okay, I’ll choose first, Togekiss your up girl! “ I said throwing the pokeball to the middle of the field.

    From it emerged the big bird like jubilee pokemon emerged from the white flash caused by the ball, she let out her battle cry and then proceeded to fly up into the air and stare directly at Gavan.

    “O-o-okay I choose you Golem” he said hesitantly

    The megaton pokemon appeared and looked up at Togekiss and shouted towards it with a smug gesture as if to say your nothing.

    “Okay Toge start with aura sphere” I called

    Togekiss darted quickly to the right and let out a blue sphere with incredible pace.

    “Dodge Golem”

    The megaton pokemon did roll out of the way of the sphere at first but suddenly the blue orb flew back and hit Golem in the back causing him to fall down.

    “What?!” Gavan shouted

    “Rookie mistake.” I said as Togekiss circled back round to in front of me “Aura Sphere like Swift is a move that cannot miss so dodging is futile when going up against it. Toge uses water pulse”

    The Jubilee pokemon let out a wave of water that flew towards the megaton pokemon and by the time Gavan told him to dodge it was too late and the rock pokemon to the hit full on. Togekiss flew around in celebration due to its performance and I just stood staring at Gavan and trying to predict what would happen next.

    “Golem get up and use rock blast” he said

    Golem got to his feet steadily and shot 3 rocks out towards Togekiss.

    “Dodge Toge” I commanded

    She complied dodging two perfectly with the last one just clipping her right wing causing minimal damage.

    “Nice but not good enough” I said “End this with Aura sphere and then use Extrasensory”

    Once again she flung a blue orb straight at Golem and hit it head on. She then used extrasensory to lift Golem off the fall and then slam it back down hard on its face. It was clear Golem wasn't going to be getting back up and Gavan solemnly returned the megaton pokemon back to its ball. He looked upset and worried.

    “Wanna end it there kid?” I said “It’s no sign of weakness. I am actually impressed many Pokemon I've faced since the championship have only taken one hit from Togekiss, so for your Golem to survive one is fairly good”

    He shot me a weak smile and grabbed another pokeball

    “Skarmory you my choice” he shouted throwing out the ball.

    The metal bird emerged from the ball and let out a deafening screech as it emerged.

    “Sounds worse than those girls” Espeon chuckled

    “I know. You want in on this?” I asked

    “Alright, be nice to have a battle I guess” she said as she jumped down from my shoulder and took her place on the field opposite to Skarmory.

    “Skarmory use air slash”

    The metal bird span rapidly and small like line of air flew towards Espeon hitting her

    “You okay?”I asked

    She nodded

    “Haha what a stupid choice you made” Gavan said growing in confidence “That weak cat will never be able to take down my Skarmory. I doubt it can even learn anything super effective against it”.

    He and Skarmory both laughed in unison as the crowd clamoured and hollered also.

    “Es use hidden power”

    Espeon emitted three green orbs which all hit Skarmory will it was off its guard. The metal bird fell back in pain and squawked for help

    “Didn’t expect that did you” I said with a smirk on my face

    Gavan looked stunned he had gone from a confident young man to a cowering mass of nerves in seconds.

    “Es end this use iron tail!” I shouted

    Espeon leapt into the air as her tail shone bright white. As she got nearer to Skarmory she did a front somersault and hit the metal bird full on the head with her tail, immediately knocking out the pokemon. As Skarmory led out on the fall, Gavan dropped to his knees in shock. He couldn’t believe he had been beaten in such an easy manner when both his pokemon had had an advantage over there opponent.

    “Great work Es, you were great" I said stroking Espeon on the head

    She acknowledged my congratulation and jumped back up on to her perch on my shoulder. I walked over to Gavan who still hadn’t returned his Skarmory and stood in front of him. He looked up with a blank look on his face

    “Always expected the unexpected” I said calmly “I learnt that from my best friend a long time ago”

    He looked at me confused.

    “You can’t always be sure of the outcome before it’s happened, so don’t get confident before it happens” I said in the same tone “return you Skarmory and get it healed”

    He nodded, jumped to his feet and returned his Skarmory and started to run towards the pokemon centre.

    “Wait” I shouted

    He turned around ball in hand

    “You’ll go far kid just keep practising” I spoke walking towards him “Here’s my number” I said handing him a car “If you ever need advice just give me a call”

    He nodded, shook my hand and ran off into the centre. I turned towards the crowd and nodded. They dispersed off into all directions as I looked down at my watch and saw it was 12 o’clock.

    “Looks like you get your wish Es” I said calling out Flygon “Hey Fly you up to flying to Viridian?”

    “Fly, Flygon” He shouting gesturing towards his back.

    “Thanks” I said climbing on his back with Espeon on my shoulder “Let’s go”

    He let out a shout and then quickly ascended into the air flying off towards the sun. I smiled as the feeling of pride i had felt oh so long ago was once again
    back in my heart.

    So yeah here's the second chapter, i hope everyone enjoys it. Again any comments you have please feel free to leave them. In fact i'd love so feedback if so i know if i'm doing okay and where i need to improve. Thanks for reading and again i hope you enjoy it
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    Chapter 3- Unexpected Meeting

    It had been a short flight to Viridian, the air was thin so Flygon found it easy to pick up pace quickly and slice through the sky very quickly. It gave me an exhilarating feeling riding through the air on Flygon; I guess it would be similar to the feeling of adrenaline just before you do a bungee jump. The wind flying through my hair, seeing all the townspeople below going to work and racing wild flying type Pokémon. Though in the back of my mind I still had my battle with Gavan in my head for some reason, I felt guilty for some reason. I felt bad because I thought that I had destroyed all his confidence. Confidence that would be needed for the upcoming competition, but now he had none. However these thoughts were banished with one call once we had landed. It was Gavan; he said that he thanked me for knocking him out of his cocky mind set. He said that if I hadn’t of done it someone properly would of at the league and he would have suffered more if that was to happen. He said now he had time to prepare properly and it may mean he can progress better in the future and he was thankful that I had made him realise this.

    This cheered me up to no end and made me forget all my worries over the subject and I felt good that I was able to help some young trainers, good practice for the exhibition which was tomorrow. It was now late about 9 pm and I was walking into the city where the lights were bright as Volbeats tails, not many people were about and but for the occasional Rattata scurrying in and out of alleys there wasn’t must sign of life in this city. It was weird thinking back to the last time I was in Viridian. I was only 13 and had just earned my 7th badge at Cinnabar Island from Blaine, my Espeon was still and Eevee and all my friends had 8 badges and were on their way to the Pokémon league championship. But that was three years ago now and I now was more experienced, wise and my Pokémon were much stronger especially Espeon.

    The Pokémon centre was where we rested for the night; once again it was filled with trainers much younger than me yet they were different to those outside of victory road. These were brand new trainers with their young starter Pokémon. Many were talking about their journeys and what they planned to do while traveling, some were talking with Nurse Joy about how they can care for their Pokémon and she happily obliged with many tips and hints. While some were on the phone to parents confirming that they had made from Pallet Town and were safely at the Viridian Pokémon centre. This trip to the exhibition was starting to turn into a nostalgia tour of my younger life. I remember my first night on my journey very fondly as I didn’t make it alone……

    3 year prior

    “Got to get to the lab!” I shouted running frantically down my street

    “Good luck Ryan” My mother shouted after me “Were all proud of you”

    I stuck an affectionate wave behind me as I ran for the lab. Pallet town was same as always quiet and calm, many people stood outside their houses doing chores in the garden as the weather was lovely. Again like in new bark Pidgeys flew in and out of the trees collecting things for their young and their nests. The breeze was cool and was refreshing. Obviously at the time I wasn’t paying much attention to this because I was rushing to Oaks lab to get my starter Pokémon. Also I had an interior motive for getting there first as I wasn’t the only trainer starting that day; my three best friends Tom, Joe and Callum were also starting their journey. Now I told you before I would get to Callum and now I will explain. In the group Callum was the most clued up when it came to Pokemon, he knew most types, moves, abilities and learnable TMs. He was a nice guy with mid length blonde hair and blue eyes. He was about the same height as me as well. My second friend Joe was not into Pokemon in that he wasn’t studying it as hard as us other three. He was more into music but he was excited to go on his journey just like all of us were. He was shorter than the rest of us with short brown hair and hazel eyes. Then there is Tom who I would say is my closest rival; He was the Blue to my Red, the Silver to my Gold. He was more about power based Pokemon his favourite being Rhydon (which he did eventually obtain). He was the same height as me but had very short brown hair and green eyes. The day before we started are journey we all made a pact that depending on what order we turned up at the lab, that would determine what order we all chose are starter Pokemon. Now you understand why I was running so fast now

    “Got to get their first, got to get their first” I quietly said to myself

    I burst through Oaks lab door and look expectantly towards the back of the room

    “Last as always Ryan” Tom s******ed

    I was last to turn up, before me stood my three friends and the old professor with a tray holding 4 pokeballs and 4 pokedexs. The 4 balls had a type signaller on it; one was a water mark, another was a grass mark, the third was a fire mark and the last one was a normal type mark. The first three were obvious that it was Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander. However the last was not so obvious and could be any normal type Pokémon. I silently moved to the side of Callum who shot me a consoling smile and patted me on the back. I acknowledged him and turned to the front contemplating my fate.

    “Well now we are all here. Welcome to my lab” Oak said “We all know why you’re here and you all know who I am so we cut the niceties and move straight to Pokemon picking”

    He thrusted the tray in my face

    “Here my boy, you pick first”

    This was my chance I could be the one to pick my Pokemon first, the ideas of Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur ran through my head but then I could the sight of my friends all looking forward but with obvious signs of objection

    “Uhhh actually sir” I spoke quietly

    “Yes Ryan what is it?” he said gently

    “Well we decided yesterday, the order we arrived at the lab would be the order we pick are Pokemon so the others should pick before me” I said with an edge of regret

    “I see” he said pulling the tray away “Thank you for that Ryan. Now Tom turned up first so you will go first”

    He nodded and silently took the ball with the water mark on it and released his new partner Squirtle. Joe was next and picked Charmander and then Callum went and chose Bulbasaur. All the others were happy with their choices and I was happy for their but I was silently jealous of them because of their new friends.

    “Now Ryan it’s your turn. Not much to pick from now”

    I smiled solemnly at the old man and pick up the ball and took my dex too. I clutched the ball nervously unsure of what was inside it.

    “I choose you” I shouted

    A white flash emerged and after the flash a small brown Pokemon stood before me. It was extremely fluffy and its tail looked much too big for its body. It had large blue eyes and but other than that its features were rather small. It looked towards me and smiled

    “Eeeee” I called moving towards me.

    “This Pokemon is Eevee the Evolution Pokémon” Oak said

    I knelt down and stroke it behind the ear. Eevee rolled on its back in enjoyment.

    “She’s cute” I said quietly “Glad I turned up last now”

    So that was my first day as a Pokemon trainer and I stand by what I said that day. I was glad I chose Eevee because she was now my strongest Espeon but also my greatest ally.

    But that’s in the past now.

    “Hello Mr Rudge” said an old man to my right

    “Oh.. Hello Charles, how are you?” I replied

    Before me was Charles Goodshow the organiser of the exhibition.

    “Fine thank you very much. Ready for your talk tomorrow, it will be a good education for the kids and will allow you to catch up with your friends” he said smiling

    “Friends?” I said puzzled

    “Last as always Ryan” Said a voice from behind Charles

    I looked beyond Charles and saw three familiar faces.

    “Tom, Cal, Joe, what are you doing here….?”

    Hey so here's the 3rd chapter hope you enjoy. Again feedback is welcomed thanks bye.
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    Chapter 4 The Catch-up

    I was stunned and didn’t really know what to say. I really hadn’t expected this turn of events; I hadn’t seen any of my friends since the Pokemon league championship 3 years ago in which we all competed in. Callum had won that particular competition beating me in the finals in a full six on six battle. Are final Pokemon were the starters we had been given by Oak; Espeon V Venasaur. Now to the common eye I should be at an advantage because Venasaur was part poison type however Es was burnt and had just come through a big battle with Callums Ninetales who had hit Es with super effective shadow balls. Now the burn cutting attack power didn’t matter due to Es being more of a special attacker but the constant damage taking was an issue. So I tried to end the match quickly, but it back fired and Es was taken out by a huge flamethrower. I was sad but glad that if anyone beat me it was one of my friends (plus I beat Tom in the semi which was the biggest win for me).

    “Ummmm….how you been?” I said hesitantly

    “Really three years and that’s all you have to say?” Callum said with a smile.

    I laughed and proceeded to shake hands with all

    “Shall we find somewhere to talk?” Joe suggested

    “There is a café in the lobby might be a good place” Tom said pointing towards the main lobby of the Pokemon centre

    “Yeah sounds good” I said

    So we went and settled in the café, we talked first about the young trainers and how we thought each would fair. We were pretty confident that most would get the badges and that Pallet had produced another batch of potentially good trainers who would go far.

    “So how’s things guys?” I asked the three boys around me

    They all proceeded to answer at the same time

    “Wow wow wow” I said “One at a time, Tom since you went first picking starters you can go first today. How’s Hoenn?”

    “Good now we got rid of those weather nuts Magma and Aqua” he said laughing into his coffee “But yeah on the whole it’s good nowadays. Steven back as the wandering champion so he seems to be keeping everything in order. The league was good too managed to get the win with good old Blastosie here” stroking his old pals back

    His Blastosie gave a happy grunt and turned and smiled at his trainer.

    I smiled “How ‘bout you Cal, how’s Sinnoh?”

    “It’s good, Cyrus still hasn’t reappeared after the whole imma take over the world and get rid of all emotions crap” He said sarcastically “The other executives have changed actually and are even helping the league protect the very legendries they sought after not long ago”

    “Wow that’s pretty amazing actually when you think about it” Joe added

    “Yeah how they can change teams so quickly to save their own asses” Tom said sharply

    “People can change Tom” I said with a grimace

    “Well Joe how’s Unova?” Callum said changing the subject before a row began

    “Good we really got some good work done there, we think were close to cracking the connections between the Justice Swords” Joe said “Obviously I took time off to compete in the league and won funnily enough”

    “Well seems like we’ve all won leagues now” I said

    “I got two actually” Callum said with a smile

    “Alright bighead” Tom snapped

    “Jealous Tom?” Callum said smiling like a Meowth with a saucer of milk

    Tom rolled his eyes back and said “Well better get some sleep then, we got a big day tomorrow”

    We all nodded and got up from the table. Tom, Callum and Joe all returned their starters respectively and Espeon jumped onto my shoulder

    “Hey Ryan, you didn't tell us about Johto” Joe questioned

    “Same really as before I guess, not a lot has happened since Ethan cleared Team Rocket outta Goldenrod” I said smiling “Me and the guys got are badges pretty easy and the league wasn’t hard either but I properly was the most experienced there to be honest” I continued trying to be modest

    “I watch your final battle and you totally obliterated your opposition. Didn’t you use three Pokemon?” Callum asked walking up the stair to the rooms

    “Yeah Toge, Gatr and Es really came through for me” I spoke

    “Well you do raise your Pokemon the best out of us” Joe said

    “Really?” I questioned as we came off the stair on to our hall

    “Of course, the relationship between you and Espeon is off the chart” Tom said “It’s the strongest bond I’ve seen between a person and Pokemon”

    “I know married couples who have worse relationships than you and Es” Joe spoke jokily

    I looked at Es and she brushed her head against mine, I smiled and said “Guess so”

    The others smiled and returned to their rooms. I was now stood in the hall on my own in silence alone. Or so I thought, there was someone with me that night and I will never forget their stare, but it was not that night I met them. But that is for later in the story

    “Come on Es we need some sleep” I said looking at Es

    “You’re telling me” she spoke and then she proceeded to yawn loudly

    I smiled and unlocked my room door and walked in. That night before I slept I thought back over my friends and smiled. I then fell soundly asleep looking forward more so to the exhibition tomorrow.

    Hey guys, sorry this is short but i wanted to get a build up out and not delve quite into the exhibition yet. So who do we think the person was then guys? leave your guess but don't expect answers Anyway hope you enjoy the new chapter and again feedback is welcomed
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    Hey guys, the next chapter will be up soon just in the process of writing it. My pace has slowed down do to being back at college, just thought i should update everyone but yes the new chapter should be at the latest Monday
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    Hey everyone here is the next chapter, hope you enjoy
    Back to old ways

    It was early in Viridian city and not many people were about. I had been awake since about 7:30am because it was part of my routine to wake up at this time due to my schedule at home for weekdays. I normally went and helped Prof Elm in New Bark on weekdays, tending to all the Pokemon under his care. It was a hugely rewarding job because it allowed me to gain experience in taking care of Pokemon but also allowed me to pick up tips on caring properly for my own 27 Pokemon. But back to Viridian, the sun was barley up and there was a cold wind whirling around the centre and town alike. There were some Pidgeys washing in the local bird bath while small Rattatas ran into small burrows in the park opposite to the centre retreating before the morning rush hour happened. Down the street there was a huge inflatable dome with many grey fences preventing entry inside. Concealed inside was the stage where the exhibition would take place and the place our talk would be taking place.

    “Ah it nice to be back in Kanto isn’t it” I said sipping from my bottle of water

    “It is indeed” said a voice from behind me.

    It was Callum and his Glaceon with him. Espeon perked up immediately she and Glaceon began to play with one another in the space between the road and the cafe while Callum proceeded to sit down in the seat opposite from me, with what I believed from the smell was herbal tea.

    “Good night sleep?” I questioned

    He nodded and reciprocated the question and I nodded too.

    “Nervous about today?” he added

    “A little, I hope they don’t ask too many question about specific stuff to be honest” I said

    “I know I did some swatting last night to make sure I knew all my basics” he said chuckling

    “I had a quick look on in an old textbook but yeah not like hard core revision when back at school” I said with a s******

    We laughed and joked for about an hour until Joe and Tom joined us. Joe had been changing his team around all morning on the computer so he had lots of Pokemon that the kids at the exhibition could play with if they wanted to. Tom on the other hand had been out to see his grandfather and grandmother who lived in the plains just outside Viridian. He hadn’t seen them in a while and he explained that he keeps most of his non-used Pokémon there instead of keeping them in the PC’s like Joe and Callum or keeping them at a Prof’s house like my non-party Pokemon were at Prof Elm’s lab.

    He said that his grandparents were fine and it was great to see them again after almost 6 months, he said he was upset to leave at the end but his grandparents understood why he had to go. We sat and chatted until 12pm which was about 40 minutes before we were needed to do are talk for the young trainers. We ate and went off to collected are things before reconvening outside the centre at about 12:15pm and we started to walk down to the massive blown up dome where are toughest test waited. We walked into the dome. There were 12 rows of about 8 chairs all facing towards a rather big stage that had an alter as well as 5 chairs all behind the alter; 1 to the left while the other 4 were to the right. There were many lights up on a rail above the stage which protruded down on to the stage which made the markings for a Pokémon field also visible on the floor of the stage

    “Hello gentlemen” Charles said walking up to the four

    We all polity said hello and shook hands with the grey elderly man

    “How are we feeling?” he asked

    “Fine I think, bit nervous I guess” I said and the others concurred with me

    “There’s nothing to fear they’re only kids you taken on worse” he said smiling warmly

    We all nodded and the man walked away calmly. He was complete opposite to the exhibition manager. The balding man ran around frantically shouting at members of staff who were begrudgingly listening to everything he said. He also kept shouting that he hadn’t had his morning coffee yet which was oddly familiar to me if I’m honest.

    We were escorted by a young woman behind the curtains to the right of the stage and were told to wait in a room together until we were called. The room had a TV and a laptop for entertainment needs as well as lots of refreshments. It wasn’t long before we were called towards the stage by the same young women; we were then instructed to not say anything controversial to the young trainers and defiantly not to use any profanity which could cause offense. She then told us we would individually be called up to the alter and would answer 7 questions and then would move back to our seats.

    She then left and we were called on to the stage by Charles as the “Formidable Four of Pallet” which was a huge overstatement in all are young eyes. We waved as we walked out and all the young trainers in the crowd clapped and cheered.

    “Here we have 4 fine young trainers who were all in the same position as you and first to answer your questions is Thomas Quill” announced Charles

    Tom gulped and walked to the alter and took the young trainers questions. He was good and calmly answered them all in a detailed manner. Callum was next and was as good as Tom, then Joe who stuttered sometimes but was still calm and collected. Then it was my go

    “And last but not least is Ryan Rudge, the current champion of Johto” Charles said smiling

    I stood up and smiled at the aging man as he took up his seat once again. I took to the alter with Espeon still on my shoulder.

    “Hello Boys and Girls” I said nervously.

    They all stared back with expectful eyes

    “I’m Ryan as Mr Goodshow just said and this is my partner Espeon” I said stroking Espeon on the neck. She smiled to the boys and girls and many stared awing at my starter Pokémon.

    “Now I believe some of you have questions for me to answer” I said smiling

    A few of the trainers put their arms up and I point towards the young boy at the front and asked him his name.

    “Uhhh may name is Allan and my question is what is the hardest Pokémon you’ve ever trained?”

    “Great question Allan” I said giving time to think “I would say that it was my Flygon due to it being part Dragon type and they are the hardest to train”

    He smiled back at me and sat down happily

    “Okay who’s next?” I asked

    The next few questions were the normal stuff; what’s your favourite type, what’s your favourite Pokémon, who is the strongest Pokémon and my personal favourite what is the funniest looking Pokemon. I was quite comfortable at this point and was relishing my new found confidence, there were two more questions and I pointed to the young girl at the back and she asked possibly the hardest question of the day;

    “What’s the best way to make a bond with your Pokemon?” she asked.

    Some of the boys at the front giggled and poked fun at the girl but were quickly dispelled by their teacher

    “That’s is an excellent question and the answer is I don’t know” I said smiling at the girl

    Everyone in the room was puzzled by my answer even my friends and Charles were

    I continued “The reason I don’t know is because all Pokémon are different. Each one has different likes and dislikes, take Espeon for example. She loves it when she can sit in the sun and relax so I and she have spent many off days just relaxing and bonding together, however my Feraligatr loves to train so I and he spend days just sparring together in the rivers by where I live and again creating a bond. So I guess the key to making a bond is to find out what your Pokemon likes and just do that I guess” I said with a nervous laugh

    “Thank you sir” she said happily

    “Please I’m Ryan not sir” I said

    She nodded and hugged her pokeball to her chest

    “Last question then”

    “I have one for the boys and girls” Charles said rising from his chair
    “Would you like to see who’s the strongest out of these boys?”

    They all shouted yes in unison

    “Well good because they’re going to” He said laughing “Come on boys two on two battles, Ryan, Tom your up first”

    We all looked shocked, we weren’t exactly prepared for battle but we were quickly marched to the different sides of the stage while it was cleared.

    “Okay I’ll ref” said Charles moving to the back of the stage “This will be a two on two double battle with no time limit. The battle will be over when one trainer has no usable Pokemon left. Tom you choose first” He exclaimed

    Tom still in a little bit of shock of our predicament “Go Rhyperior and Blastosie”

    The Drill and Turtle Pokemon emerged from the pokeballs and had a steely gaze on their faces

    “Done some training I see” I said. Tom grunted in reply, “Yeah well so have we ready Es?”

    She nodded and jumped onto the stage and stared back at the her opponents

    “Okay Toge, I need you too” I shouted throwing Togekiss’s ball onto the stage and the Jubilee Pokémon emerged in a gleeful dance.

    “Okay I’ll go first, Rhy rock wrecker, Blast use hydro cannon” Tom shouted

    “Espeon on Toge’s back and fly up” I exclaimed

    Espeon dove onto the back on Togekiss and she soared into the air narrowly avoiding the two attacks

    “They have to recharge so quickly Aura sphere on Rhyperior and Shadow ball on Blastosie”

    The two powered the sphere towards their opponents both hitting with devastating power making both Tom’s Pokemon fall back in pain.

    “Aim for Togekiss, smack down, ice beam” Tom commanded


    Togekiss managed to dodge the ice beam but two of the rocks from smack down hit critically on Toge causing her to fall to the floor wincing in pain

    “Quick Rock wrecker and Blastosie use water pulse to give it some extra power” Tom shouted

    The drill Pokémon charged up and fired the rock with Blastoise’s water ball closely behind causing it to travel quicker all the time.

    “Espeon on my command use iron tail”

    She nodded and jumped in front of Toge as the glowing rock got closer and closer “Now”

    She spun up in the air and with a glowing white tail smashed the rock in half protecting Togekiss

    “Now Toge use air slash on Blastoise and Es use Psychic on Rhyperior”

    Both attacks really hurt Tom’s Pokemon and they had sustained major damage.

    “Blastoise use hydro cannon on Espeon”

    She couldn’t dodge and was hit full on with the water attack and she got up gingerly

    “You good?”

    She grunted and ran back to the side of Togekiss.

    “Right lets end this Aura sphere and shadow ball”

    Es and Toge let out their sphere hitting hard on their targets

    “Es on Toge’s back”

    She obliged “Now use Sky attack and iron tail”

    “Quick move you guys” Tom shouted

    But it was too late, Toge had charged up and Blastoise and Rhyperior were hit head on with the attacks and fell back K.Oed.

    “Both Tom’s Pokemon are unable to battle meaning the win goes to Ryan and his team”

    “Yes way to go you two” I said running out to Toge and Es

    They both smiled and took the plaudits modestly. Tom thanked his Pokemon and returned them to their balls. He walked over with an outstretched hand

    “Great match” he said with a smile

    “You too” I said taking his hand

    We bowed to the crowd and they all clapped. Next up was Joe and
    Callum and Callum won it with his Roserade beating Joe’s Poliwrath with a strong solarbeam in a one on one battle.

    “Next are Joe and Ryan”

    “Bring it Joe” I said

    “With pleasure” He exclaimed throwing out a pokeball

    A Pokemon emerged from the ball I had never seen and it screeched


    So thats it for that chapter, hope you enjoyed and a internet cookie to whoever guess the exhibition manager was a reference to . Again any feedback at all is welcome. Thanks for reading
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    Hi everyone hope you enjoyed the last chapter. I'm in such a good mood about my A-level result i decided to write this and get up as quick as i could . So here we are:
    Chapter 6 Same story, new ending

    “What in Arceus’s name is that scary looking thing” Espeon said

    “No idea going to check it out on the dex” I replied

    I put my hand into my pocket and dug out my old Pokedex, Luckily it had been updated by Prof Oak with the national dex app meaning it had records of all the Pokemon currently known of including Unova Pokemon which I assumed it was due to Joe traveling through the region. I pointed in towards the bipedal which grunted and strutted around the stage, many of the younger trainers look nervously at the huge Pokemon but Joe reassured them it would do no harm to them and it was very docile natured but when in a battle situation it became very intense and focused.

    “Haxorus, the axe jaw Pokemon” the dex read “its tusks are incredibly destructive. They can easily slice through a thick, sturdy steel column every time”

    “So a dragon Pokemon I see?” I queried

    Joe nodded towards me

    “Guess its Feraligatr then?” Espeon questioned

    “Nope” I said to Espeon pulling out a pokeball “Well if you’re going with a dragon Pokemon so will I, let’s go Flygon”

    I threw the ball into the centre stage and the green dragon emerged and it gave out a loud battle cry, but Haxorus did not even flinch at this.

    “Someone’s anxious for a battle” Joe s******ed

    “Fly!” Flygon screeched out in reply

    “Okay this will be a one on one battle between the trainers Ryan and Joe” said Charles “There will be no time limit and the battle will be over when one of Pokemon is unable to continue with the battle, both understand?”

    We both nodded to him

    “Well in that case, let the battle begin”

    “Flygon up into the air” I commanded

    In a flash the green dragon was up in the air high above the other dragon Pokémon

    “Haxorus use dragon pulse”

    The dragon Pokémon powered up the blue beam and fired it towards Flygon and he couldn’t avoid the beam and took it full on causing him to fall from the air and land hard on the ground. But he was up in a flash trying to keep his dignity as a dragon Pokémon

    “You okay?” I questioned

    He grunted back in assurance

    “Good” I said “Then use dragon claw!”

    Flygon screeched and flew in at Haxorus with tremendous pace

    “Block with Dual chop Hax” Joe shouted

    The axe jaw Pokémon took the dragon claw but then delivered two huge blows on the underside of Flygons body. Flygon flew back to the ground again with huge damage and he struggled to get back up.

    “Okay can’t go physical, so attack from afar it is” I thought to myself “Right Flygon use Draco Meteor!” I shouted

    The green dragon rose to its feet and took a huge breath in and released a huge blue ball of aura into the top of the dome and when it reached its peak it exploded with a huge bang and many blue spheres then rained down on Haxorus. The axe jaw Pokemon cried in pain as many of them made contact causing major damage

    “Wow, I must say I didn’t expect that” said Joe

    I winked at him “now use earthquake”

    The ground under us began to shake and Haxorus fell back from the brunt of the hit. It rose to its feet obviously in pain

    “One more hit should do it but Fly has to recharge” I thought to myself once again

    “Dragon pulse” Joe shouted

    The blue beam struck Flygon straight on the head causing critical super effective damage. But again the green dragon stumbled to his feet and started intently at his opposition dragon. Both Pokemon could properly only take one more attack so it was now or never.

    “Right Fly use Dragon Claw” “Hax use Dual Chop”

    The dragon Pokemon sped towards each and their attacks collided causing both Pokemon to fall back onto the ground.

    “Both Pokemon are unable to Battle, meaning that this end as a draw” Charles shouted

    I ran out to Flygon “You okay boy?”

    “Flyyyyy” I gurgled out trying not to show the pain

    “You were great wait to go” I said patting it back and smiling “get some rest” as spoke as I returned it to its pokeball and placed it on my belt

    Joe had done the same with Haxorus and he walked over to me

    “Great match” I said stretching my hand out

    “Yeah” he said taking it “Someone’s been doing intense training I see”

    “That’s mount silver for you” I said laughing

    He smiled and all of our audience clapped and cheered as we bowed to them and walked off to the right. Next up was Tom and Callum and again Callum won with his Glaceon beating Tom’s Hippowdon it a very quick manner, then it was Joe and Tom who battled and Joe won with Charizard beating Tom’s Weavile after a long match. So this meant it was me versus Callum, he was the only trainer I had always failed to beat and more importantly the last time we had battled in a full match it was for the Kanto Championship. We had had a few one on ones the last being at Oaks lab just before my Johto championship matches. So quite obviously I was pretty nervous, I was sweating profusely but luckily I was managing to disguise it under the Hail which was falling due to Tom’s Weavile.

    “Okay next up is Ryan and Callum” Charles said and the entire crowd cheered louder than before like they knew this was a huge match for me. “It will be a two on two with no time yadadada. Let us just get on with I shall we” Charles asked the crowd and they cheered even louder

    “Callum you choose first” Charles said

    He nodded and motioned towards one of the tech boys behind the stage. Suddenly all the lights dimmed with only spotlight on the stage showing it and then a strange music was played as if we were at some sort of festival.

    “Okay Ludicolo your up” he announced throwing out a pokeball

    A huge green and brown striped Pokémon emerged and it started to jig in time with the strange festival music in the background. It had a sort of sombrero on with a brown tufted at the top. It moved its green legs and hands in many directions in a hypnotic dance all in time with the joyful music

    “O-o-okay” I said looking at the strange water Pokémon “ummmm Ampharos I choose you”

    The yellow electric type appeared from the ball and looked puzzled by the situation it was found in

    “Amp?” she asked looking at me

    I shrugged at her and she turned around preparing to engage in battle with her opponent

    “Right shall we start” Callum asked in a mocking fashion

    “Amp use Thunderbolt” I commanded

    She obliged and sent a the electric bolt towards the dancing Pokemon at extreme pace

    “Dodge” Callum said calmly

    And in no time the round water/grass Pokémon calmly span out of the way to a new position just left and continued dancing as if the dodge was just part of the act

    “You’re kidding me?” I said

    Callum laughed “Use Ice Beam”

    The carefree Pokemon released the blue beam and hit Ampharos hard causing her to wince back in pain

    “Now follow up with Surf”

    It then (continuing its dance may I add) conjured up a huge tidal wave of water which then struck Ampharos head on causing major damage once again

    “Amp? You okay?” I said

    She nodded climbing to her feet

    “We’ve got to use the music too. Think of it as a dance not a battle okay?” I questioned

    She again nodded and started moving less rhythmically as Ludicolo but she was still in time

    “Use Thunderbolt”

    This time it flew through the air and struck Ludicolo full on causing some good damage

    “Follow it up with Ice Punch”

    She ran in at full speed smashing her fist into Ludicolo causing the water/grass type to fall back onto its back, but it quickly sprung back up and continued to dance.

    “Ludicolo, Drain Punch”

    “Block with Power Gem”

    Ludicolo sped back in but was forced back by Ampharos’s Power Gem.

    “Stay away from it Ludi, use surf again”

    “Dodge with your tail, but wait till my command”

    Ludicolo conjured up another wave but just as it was about to hit Ampharos used her tail to propel herself up and over the on-coming rush of water

    “Great dodge girl” I said “Now use thunderbolt!”

    She charged up and sent the electric bolt flying towards the water/grass type hitting him before he could use his dance moves to dodge.

    “Okay use Ice Beam” Callum shouted

    But nothing happened. Ludicolo was wincing in pain unable to move a muscle

    “Thunderbolt must have paralysed Ludicolo” I thought “Great that’ll stop it dancing, okay use ice punch”

    Ampharos sped in at pace and smashed Ludicolo around the face causing an instant knock out on the water/grass type.

    “Yes wait to go Amp” I shouted

    She called back but was panting obviously reeling from the previous battle with Ludicolo

    “Okay Venusaur you’re my next choice” Callum shouting throwing another ball into the stage

    The huge grass type appeared

    “You good Amp?”

    She nodded and turned round to facing her huge opponent

    “Venu, use Earthquake!” Callum bellowed

    The ground started to shake similarly to when Flygon used Earthquake and it caused Amp to fly back.

    “Amp!” I shouted

    She was ko’ed with one hit. I returned her to her ball and placed back on my belt thanking her for her commitment and strength

    “I'll go in, Venu part poison” Espeon said getting ready to jump off my shoulder

    I put my hand in front of her to stop her “Okay Feraligatr you’re up!” I shouted releasing the blue alligator onto the field

    “Why him??!” Espeon queried angrily

    “Because he’s got a point to prove” I thought back to Es “Venusaur beat him when me and Callum had that one on one back at Oaks lab before the Johto championship if you remember?”

    She nodded and shouted out to Gatr. He turned round and gave her thumbs up; he then turned again and let out a huge battle cry but Venusaur just moved into position.

    “Well somebody’s hyped I see” said Callum “Well let’s change that Venusaur use energy ball”

    “Gatr use dragon claw to hit it away”

    The green ball flew towards to Feraligatr but he calmly batted away into the sky with his claws.

    “Nice work” I said “Now use Ice Punch”

    He roared and ran in and smashed the Grass type across the face causing critical damage


    The grass type summoned a huge purple blob and sort of threw it up over Feraligatr. Gatr fell back in pain from the poison showered over him

    “Use waterfall!”

    Gatr surrounded himself in water and flung himself against the grass type with little effect.

    “That won’t do a lot “Callum shouted

    “Wasn’t for damage” I s******ed “It was for a quick shower”

    All the poison from Venoshock was gone and was no longer causing him any pain

    “I still got some more tricks if you wanna see them” I said, Feraligatr roared and tensed his muscles

    “You were always one for, interesting battle style” He said awkwardly “Use frenzy plant!”

    Suddenly Venu stomped on the ground and wicked, winding roots appeared and slapped Feraligatr many times causing huge damaged to him. He was slumped on the ground in major pain

    “Okay I call” I started

    Gatr rose to his feet and roared at me to not utter another work. He turned back around to face Venusaur and suddenly a blue shroud emerged around him

    “Torrent! Wow!” I exclaimed

    All the children, even Charles, Tom and Joe were astonished to see this turn of events.

    “Okay then use Hydro Cannon!” I shouted

    Gatr charged a blue ball at his mouth and blew out a huge stream of powerful water at incredible speed. The stream hit Venusaur head on causing huge damage to the grass type and it didn’t get back up.

    “Venusaur is unable to battle meaning Feraligatr is the winner” Charles said “This means the winner of this match is Ryan”

    I ran out to Gatr and congratulated him on his great victory; I then returned him to his ball and placed him on his belt. Finally I had beaten Callum.

    Well there's chapter 6 hope you liked it. The next chapter will be done soon and be up ASAP, again any feedback is welcomed everyone
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    Woah...Slow down a bit. People will feel a little less encouraged to read if you post everything in one shot.

    Okay, so I like the plot a lot. I really don't have time to give a full review, but there was a little punctuation and grammatical errors, nothing major. I loved the beginning (about truth) and the strong connection he had with Espeon. Long story short, I give it a 7.8/10

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    Quote Originally Posted by master3019 View Post
    Woah...Slow down a bit. People will feel a little less encouraged to read if you post everything in one shot.

    Okay, so I like the plot a lot. I really don't have time to give a full review, but there was a little punctuation and grammatical errors, nothing major. I loved the beginning (about truth) and the strong connection he had with Espeon. Long story short, I give it a 7.8/10
    Thankyou very.much for a rating like that and i'm glad you like the plot. I too have noticed the grammatical errors in the chapters but haven't had chance to edit yet. By in one shot I assume you mean one chapter posted so soon after another. If so I'll address, currently looking at having a new chapter out every Monday or Tuesday but due to college work.I haven't been able to commit to this yet. But again thanks and i'm glad you like the bit about truth because it along time to.get that right
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    Quote Originally Posted by mtie123 View Post
    Thankyou very.much for a rating like that and i'm glad you like the plot. I too have noticed the grammatical errors in the chapters but haven't had chance to edit yet. By in one shot I assume you mean one chapter posted so soon after another. If so I'll address, currently looking at having a new chapter out every Monday or Tuesday but due to college work.I haven't been able to commit to this yet. But again thanks and i'm glad you like the bit about truth because it along time to.get that right
    Good luck!

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    Well everyone here is the new chapter of the story. New chapter will now come out every monday or tuesday so keep an eye out. With out further ado here's chapter 7

    Joy in the clouds

    I was absolutely stunned if I’m honest. I had never had this happen before; I had just beaten my good friend Callum for the first time ever and with a Pokemon that had a disadvantage on Callums strongest Pokemon in his arsenal. I stood for a moment after returning Gatr to his ball contemplating what had just happened for a moment. Suddenly a huge bang filled the dome, followed by masses of smoke. Many of the kids spluttered and coughed from the audience. I still in my trance when

    I was grasped by Callum and shaken out of my trans

    “Ryan, get with it mate” He screamed at me “Swallow, use whirlwind to get rid of the smoke”

    His bird appeared from the pokeball in his hand and in seconds had the dome cleared of all smoke. Tom and Joe were helping the kids out the back door along with Charles and their teacher. I looked Callum straight in the eyes and smiled

    “Where there is smoke, there’s a fire” I said calmly looking out towards the entrance

    “Always wanted to be a fire-fighter” I said winking at him “Plus I wanna meet Mr boom-boom”

    I jumped from the 3 foot stage and sprinted out of the dome entrance.

    “Don’t do anything stupid Ryan!” Callum shouted it after me.

    I was met with many screams from women. But they didn’t sound like screams of pain but more as if they were being chased. Just as I thought this all I heard was a buzzing noise all around my person.

    “Scy!” I heard as there was a green flash across my face.
    Then I was surrounded by 4 green mantises

    “Scyther’s, what are they doing here?” Espeon whispered to me “there properly just from the forest aggravated by the explosion”

    “No chance” I replied grasping at my belt for my Pokemon

    “What do you mean?” Es questioned back

    “Look at them” I said “they are way too strong to be in the Scyther colonies that make home in Viridian forest”

    “Where are they from then” she asked

    “I would guess” I said pulling Toge’s ball from my belt “whoever set off that explosion, these Scyther belong to them”

    All the Scyther brandished there claws and rubbed them together menacingly obviously getting ready for their next attack. I realised Toge from her ball to protect us.

    “Who sent you?!” I shouted to them

    They all cried like a group of cackling school girl continuously rubbing their scythes together

    “Not talkers I guess” I said “Well we’ll just have to get rid of you then. Toge air slash, Es shadow ball”

    They both launched their attacks but missed. All the Scyther’s took off into a frenzied rage and flew in all directions hitting the three of us multiple times with great speed.

    “Focus girls, it’s only quick attack, listen for them and repeat your last attacks at the right moment”

    They both nodded and with a flash this time both their attacks hit their targets causing the green mantises to fall back in defeat.

    “Nice one” I said

    I looked down to see only three of them on the floor meaning one was still up

    “SCY!” was all I heard

    I looked up to see the remaining Scyther charging straight for me. I tensed for the full hit of the attack and all I saw was the large scythes coming straight at me. I closed my eyes and saw a flash through my eyelids. But I felt nothing but an intense heat on my face; I opened my eyes and saw the green Pokémon laid out on the floor with a many burn marks on it.

    “Good work Char” I heard from behind

    I turned to see my three friends behind and their starter Pokémon respectively.

    “What did I say?” Callum said with a stern look

    “Who are you? My mother” I said back

    He rolled his eyes “How can you joke at a time like this?” moving forward to take a closer look at the Scyther’s

    “Hey, someone’s got to be the comic relief I guess” Tom said

    “Thank you” I replied gesturing towards Tom

    “Not the time guys” Joe said “We need to find out what that bang was”

    “Think I know” Callum said looking up into the distance. Suddenly he darted off into the distance into the thick smoke

    “And he tells me not to do anything stupid” I said running after him

    “Yeah but Ryan look at your track record” Tom replied who running alongside me as well as Joe

    “You race into a burning building for one time and you get branded as stupid” I cried back

    “For a hat?!” he said

    “Details aren't needed” I said back

    “Shut up you two and concentrate” Joe shouted

    We did and continued to run through the white smoke to find our friend.
    We ran for 5 minutes, no idea which way we were heading. The screams had stopped, so we deduced that whatever was attacking was no longer pursuing townspeople. Joe and Tom filled me in that Charles and Mrs Autumn (the classes’ teacher) had escorted the children to the Pokemon centre where nurse joy had sent up a barricade in quick time where most people were taking refuge from the unknown attackers.

    “Callum!!” I shouted in all directions

    “That’s it tell the bad guys where we are” Tom said sarcastically

    “Pipe down, is the big tough guy scared?” I replied

    “Course not" he said taking a bottle of water from his bag and sipping at it

    Joe was off in the distance where his outline was barely visible. He and I had sent Flygon and Charizard up in the air to see if they could see anything major but they came back with nothing due to the smoke being that thick. He walked back to us

    “I never seen smoke this thick” Joe said

    “There is another weird thing” Tom said

    “It doesn’t smell?” I asked

    “Yeah” Tom replied “How did you know I was going to say that?”

    “Noticed it a while back” I said “Waiting to see if you guys would”

    “Why doesn’t it smell? If there was a fire it would, plus I can’t feel any heat.” He said

    “Joe?” I asked

    “Yeah” he said back turning to face me

    “Clear smog that’s a Unova attack” I said “Does it look like this”

    “Yeah a little bit but there either lots of poison type or one huge Gardobor making this much” he said

    “That’s what I worried about” I said

    “What do you mean?” Tom asked

    “There are three of us. Four if you include are renegade friend” I said pacing around “There’s got be twenty to thirty poison types making this much smog”

    “You are forgetting something though Ryan” Tom said looking into the smoke

    “What’s that?” I asked

    “Were champions” he said winking at me before speeding off to what I think was east

    I rolled my eyes “Come on Joe, were going this way apparently”

    He turned and we both ran after Tom

    “Common sense boys!” he shouted back to

    “What you on about!” Joe and I shouted back to him

    “It blows on the wind” He shouted

    Finally it clicked we should follow the wind and then we would find the source of smoke. As we ran we heard groans of a person from what we could tell. As we kept going an outline of a figure slumped on the floor came into view, it was Callum; whatever had hit him had hit hard and obviously caused him a lot of damage. His Roserade and Swellow were also on the floor groaning.

    I knelt next to him “You okay buddy?”

    “Got hit by a Venoshock” He said groaning

    “Don’t move, try and stay still it won’t hurt as much”

    “They are over there” He said before passing out with his arm stretch out to the right of him

    “Look after these” I said to Joe and Tom “I got this”

    I walked off in the direction Callum arm was pointing. I heard a few voices and I tried to be a stealthy as I could

    “What’s the plan?” Es asked

    “No idea” I said with a grimace “Just be ready to attack if needed okay?”

    She nodded

    “Good girl”

    The voices got louder. I was sure we weren’t in viridian anymore but just outside of it at the opening of the forest. Three figures were now visible, all of them about as tall as me but I couldn’t make out there features because of the thick white smoke.

    “This will be a good warning for the fools” said one

    “They’ll know not to mess with us” there middle one chuckled

    They all laughed with joy but there was a sinister turn in the laughs

    I stepped out of the smoke “Yeah? And what would happen if someone was to mess with you” I said to them

    They all turned in shock but they had no Pokemon with them

    “No Pokemon?” I asked “Well then this should be easy “

    “Silly boy with his silly creatures” the one on the left said. He stepped forward and caught a glimpse of his long white hair that emerged from his black mask headband combo

    “You will soon be punished” the middle one said emerging from the smoke

    “For both your emotions and your partners” the one on the right said

    As soon as he finished they all disappeared into the air. I was astonished by this but brushed it off quicker than my victory over Callum. Behind them was a machine that was emitting the white smoke which was causing havoc in the city. I quickly disabled it and ran back to my friends.

    I didn’t talk of the three men; instead I decided it was more important to get to the Pokémon centre with Callum and his Pokemon so they could get some treatment for their injuries. By the time we the smoke was lifting due to the natural wind in the air. We got Callum treatment which didn’t take more than half an hour. We sat together were we had been that morning, Callum told us he hadn’t seen the men because he had already been ambushed by many Weezing’s and Koffings’s which is why he had been hit by Venoshock. He had tried to take them on but there had been too many of them.

    I explained what I had seen to the other. Tom, Callum and I spouted off ideas as to who they could be before Joe stood up with an obvious rage inside him.

    “You alright Joe?” Tom asked looking up at him

    He replied with two words “Shadow Triad……”

    Well there chapter 7, hope you enjoy and again any feedback is welcomed 
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    Well here the next chapter everyone

    Chapter 8
    A new found knowledge

    “Who?” Tom queried with Joe looking up at him

    Joe was now stood up with one hand leaning onto the window of the café

    “The Shadow Triad is a trio of ninja like people. I don’t know their names or what their motives are but I know that they are loyal to Ghetsis and in turn Team Plasma.” He said with anger in his voice

    “What the crazy liberation nut?” I asked

    “This isn’t a joke” Joe spat “These guys are dangerous and if Ghetsis is involved this is bad, like really bad”

    “So let’s get this straight” Callum said gesturing for Joe to sit down

    He turned and sat in the seat next to me

    Callum continued “Some weird ninja guys attacked viridian with lots of smoke and a few poison and bug type Pokemon. Pretty low key for everything else Plasma have done if I’m honest”

    “Yeah they attacked last time with a huge flying pirate ship that had Kyurem captured inside it” I said

    “And before that they made a 50ft castle appear from under the ground behind the Unovan Pokemon league” Tom added

    “That’s what’s worrying me” Joe said looking down

    “What do you mean?” Callum asked

    “These are totally different tactics which Plasma would never use,” he spoke with a stammer in his voice “Last time I saw Ghetsis he’d lost everything even his mind. So he may not be the mastermind behind all this”

    “Well who then?” Callum asked

    “No idea” Joe replied sadly

    We sat for 5 minutes in silence all contemplating what we should do next

    “Right then lads” I said rising from my seat “We obviously need to tell someone what we know and I don’t really think Officer Jenny is going to cut it if I’m honest”

    “Well who do you suppose we tell?” Tom asked me

    “Who’s the most respected and famous person we know?” I replied

    “Don’t know” they all said back

    “Oak” I replied “We go tell Oak, he’ll be able to get it around to all region Prof’s and they can take it from there”

    “Quite a good idea actually” Tom said

    “Do we tell him in person or phone him?” Callum asked

    “In person, anyone could be listening to phone calls around here” Joe said sharply

    “Okay then it’s decided, off to Oak’s in the morning, better get some sleep guys it’s been a long day” Callum said getting up and walking towards the exit

    “Yes mum” Tom said chuckling as he got up and walked towards the exit too

    “Shut up you idiot!” he called back from out in the hall

    “Seeya in the morning Ry” Tom said walking

    “Yeah seeya Tom” I said back

    Joe was again leaning against the window looking out on the dark city now

    “Hey Joe” I said getting up towards him, I put my hand on his back and I could feel him shaking ever so slightly “Don’t get yourself work up, we’ll stop them” I said with a smile

    He turned smiled at me and then walked out the café without a word.

    you've seen them before haven’t you?” Espeon said

    “They were in the hall by are room the first night we stayed here” I said back walking out of the café “I remember seeing one of them at the end of the hallway. They had been listening to us all night I think”

    “Why didn’t you tell them” she asked

    “Didn’t want to worry them” I said walking up the centre stairs “Especially Joe”

    “But you didn’t know who they were then” she said back

    “I remember Joe saying about the Triad before and how they stayed in the shadows and stalked people” I said with a slight worry “My fear is that maybe they’ve been following Joe for a while now”

    “Surely they can’t do that” she said with a slight bit of worry too

    “Apparently they followed Hilbert for nearly two months during his journey through Unova, so they properly could” I said as I turned onto the same hallway which the incident had occurred on

    “What do they want?” she asked

    “I don’t know Es” I said coming to a stop at are room door “But I’m sure as hell not gonna let them do it without a fight”

    I entered my room and it was dark except for the light from the bedside lamp. I climbed into bed with Espeon jumping up onto the bed too

    “Night Ryan” she said

    “Night Fuzz ball” I said back stroking her neck

    She smiled and fell asleep. I lay back on the bed and stared at the ceiling thinking about everything that had happened. With a mind heavy with worry I fell asleep with more questions than answers

    I awoke about 7:30 like I normally did, I showered and wash that morning and ventured out of my room with Espeon in company about 8:15. I arrived to the main hall of the Pokemon centre where it was no very much empty unlike how it had been about 12 hours prior when it had been filled with people and Pokemon alike all sheltering themselves from the smoke and any danger that might have come with it. But now only a few starting trainers who hadn’t left yet and a couple of veteran trainers with their older Pokemon who required regular check-ups on their health were occupying the centre. Nurse Joy and her Chansey’s all busily hurried around trying to help as many people they could as quickly as they could, but they always went about with a smile on their face which reassured everyone. I smiled and asked if there was anything I could do be I was pleasantly rebuffed by Joy who said they had everything under control. She then proceeded to thank me for everything me and my friends had done the previous day. I blushed and said it was no problem; she smiled and ran off to help a young trainer who had accidently stood on their Sandshrews tail.

    I walked into the café and there were my friends all sat around one table. Callum was sipping again herbal tea while reading about the events in the local newspaper, Tom sat eating a full English breakfast while seemingly racing his Swalot to see who could eat their breakfast the quickest. Joe was sat calmly with his one headphone in listening to some very calm music while stroking his Zorua who was asleep on his lap

    “Morning all” I said as I walked by

    Tom grunted while trying to fit varies pieces of food in his mouth all at the same time, Callum nodded to acknowledge me but didn’t take his eyes of the article he was reading. Joe was the only one to actually respond with words calmly saying hi as to try not to wake the small sleeping fox on his lap. I smiled and walked over to the counter asking for a small tea and some toast. I placed the money required in the gentleman behind the counters hand and took my food. I sat in the seat opposite Callum as far away from Tom because I didn’t wish to get hit by his flying salvia.

    “So how is everyone okay this fine morning?” I said taking a bite of my toast

    They all nodded

    “See this” Callum said placing the paper on the table so we could all see the article. It read like this

    The fog that intruded upon Viridian yesterday was down to multiple Magmars and Poliwraths fighting in the routes near victory road. The fog was actually smoke created by the water and fire attacks clashing together; the wind then cascading down off of Mt Silver then caused thus smoke to protrude into the city causing all sorts of havoc. Many believed the event to be down to a mysterious group of people trying to make a statement to certain high power people but this was quickly rebuffed by the mayor of Viridian city as ridiculous and anyone reporting signs of mysterious people was just hallucinating due to the smoke.

    The article then carried on with many eyewitness testimonies and there was an extended interview with the mayor

    “Why are they covering it up?” asked Callum “Shouldn’t they be warning the people?”

    “They don’t want to scare the” Joe said “If the public found out Plasma was branching out we’d have some problems”

    Joe looked down with concern; Tom pushed his plate forward after finishing his meal and belched loudly

    “You’re disgusting” Callum said

    “No actually Callum, I don’t know if you know that’s Tom” I said sipping my team

    “You are hilarious” He said

    “No I’m Ryan, Arceus I know you got hit by that Venoshock but I didn’t think it would give you amnesia” I said smiling

    The other two chuckled and Callum just stared at me

    “Here’s my question” Tom said wiping his mouth with a tissue “Why did they use smoke? It’s not like it was hurting anyone”

    “Wasn’t about the smoke, it was about sending a message” I said calmly sipping my tea

    “Deep” Tom said I reply

    I nodded in acknowledgement

    Tom smiled taking a sip of his energy drink; the other two just sat smiling nervously and tried to ignore what I had said

    “Hey cheer up guys” I said “we get to see Oak today”

    “That’s true haven’t seen the old guy in forever” Joe said

    “I saw him just before the Johto championship but that was nearly 9 months ago” I said

    “Haven’t been back to see him since I went to Sinnho” Callum said

    “Same. Haven’t been back since Hoenn” Tom said throwing his can in the bin

    “Well shall we get going then?”

    They all nodded, stood up and grab their backpacks and proceeded to walk out of the café. I quickly stuffed a bottle of water into my bag and ran out after them.

    The walk down to Pallet was great, lots of Pidgeys flew around our heads, and Rattattas darted in and out of burrows going about all their jobs. Fearows flew through the air looking menacingly down at all the small Rattattas but were quickly put of the idea of darting down when two male Raticates emerged and started them down silently. As we walked Espeon would dart of every so often into the distance with Callums Glaceon, Joe’s Vaporeon and Toms Jolteon right behind her. No idea what they were doing but it was the first time they had all been together at once and were properly equating themselves with each other sort of like what dogs do when they meet each other but with less butt sniffing.

    “There having fun” Callum said

    “Yeah, Jolts has never met another eeveelution I don’t think” Tom said

    “Where did you get him from by the way” Joe asked

    “I found him in Veilstone” he said “He was just left out on his own in a little cardboard box as an Eevee”

    “You sent him to me first” I said jumping over one of the many ledges on the route

    “Yeah I thought you would know if he was in good condition or not seeing as you’ve had an Eevee for longest” Tom replied

    “Was he?” Callum asked

    “Not really.” I said “He hadn’t eaten in a while and was pretty dehydrated, but those problems were easily fixed. It was his ears I was worried about”

    “Why” Joe asked taking a berry from Vaporeon she was giving him as a gift. He took it and stroked her and she purred then ran after Glaceon

    “He’d been living near a construction site where lots of work with hard-core tools so his ear were damaged by the sound” I said

    “Yeah doesn’t help that multiple magnemites belonging to the workers kept attacking him with sonicboom” Tom said with an angry look on his face

    I grimaced “So yeah he is hard of hearing now but Toms dealt with it well in my opinion”

    “It easy, I’m in the process of developing hand movements for him so he knows exactly what I want him to do” He replied

    “That’s pretty cool actually” Joe said

    “Very” Callum said

    “Thanks guys” Tom said a little red faced

    We were just coming to the entrance of Pallet town where there were many signs showing the ways in which people could take. It smelt the same; agriculture and crops with the slightest hint of the sea water. We entered the main road and many people were outside working in the garden due to the pleasant weather with it not being too cold and not too hot. Many of the people said hello to us as we walked by and we reciprocated the greeting to them. We then came to a long winding path that led up to Oaks new lab which had been built atop one of the few hills in the town. The path was littered with trees and bushes which I guess marked where the path was placed exactly. We ran to top of the path and knocked loudly on the large brown doors at the front of the lab

    “Just a minute” We heard from behind the doors “Oh Muk please move, Nidoran get down from that shelf, for the last time Jynx stop kissing the mirror we all need to use that. That’s it cover your ears whoever is out there Wigglytuff use sing”

    We immediately covered are ears to stop us falling asleep, we uncovered them after about a minute and the singing had ceased

    “That’s better” We heard from behind the doors, the door then opened slowly revelling the old grey haired Prof “Oh hello boys, how are you”

    “We are fine Prof may we come in” Callum asked

    “Of course, head up to the living room” We all stepped in to the main room where there were many sleeping pokemon on the floor. The tables were scattered with flashing digital monitors, pieces of paper and diagrams of pokemon anatomy

    “Someone needs a clean-up” Tom said

    I smacked him on the head “Shut up idiot”

    “Alright calm down” He said starting to walk up the stair to the living room trying to avoid standing on a small Bellsprout

    I rolled my eyes and followed my four friends up the stairs with Espeon now on my shoulder. This room was a lot calmer with a few arm chairs and a sofa. It had a counter with assortments of food for humans and Pokemon alike, there were also jugs of orange juice and even a coffee machine. Towards the back was a computer with a video phone attached obviously so Prof Oak could make calls to people, next to the computer was a pair of double doors which opened out on to a balcony where most the huge ranch Oak owned was visible. Many Pokemon stormed around the ranch all playing, sparring and relaxing alike. Many Tauros stormed through the ranch causing lots of dust to been chucked up, Lots of different water types bobbed in and out of the water while the rocks adjacent to the pools was home to many rocks and ground types. I sat in the armchair to the right of the sofa which Tom and Joe sat in while Callum stood behind the sofa taking in all the surroundings. Oak then walked in and took his mug from the side and sat in the other armchair opposite me.

    “Please Callum sit” he said

    “No I’m fine thanks Prof” he said turning towards the older man “There is a reason we are here today”

    “Oh I know why you’re here” he said sipping his tea “You’re here about what happened in Viridian yesterday”

    “How did you know that?” Tom asked

    “Charles said you were present to the attack on Viridian” he said looking up at us “I figured it would be a matter of time before you showed up here wanting to talk” he said placing his mug down on the coffee table separating all of us.

    “So you’re saying it was an attack” Joe asked

    “Most defiantly” He said with a concerned look

    “Are you aware of whom Ryan saw?” Joe asked again

    “No” he said looking towards me “Whom did you see?”

    “The Shadow Triad” I said “I saw them twice if I’m honest”

    “What?” All four said in unison

    “I saw them with the smoke machine just outside Viridian, but I also saw them in the centre the night before I think” I said nervously

    “Why didn’t you say?!” Joe said

    “Because I didn't know what it was I thought it was just my imagination” I replied

    “What were they doing?” Tom asked

    “Just watching us, or I suspect watching Joe” I answered

    “What do you mean? Callum asked

    “Joe you said this Triad followed Hilbert for nearly three months yeah?” I asked

    “Yeah” he replied

    “Well maybe they have followed you and that’s why they are now in Kanto” I said

    He looked down in concern “Maybe, but why me?” he asked

    “No idea” I answered

    “I have an idea as to why” Oak interjected

    “Enlighten us” Callum said

    “Think about it other than Red and Blue you four are possibly the strongest trainers out of Pallet in years, having one of you on side would be very beneficial for their cause” he said sipping his tea

    “You think they were trying to recruit us?” I asked

    “If I was them I would rather you four as allies rather than enemies” he replied

    We took a moment to ponder this

    “But that still doesn’t explain the fog” Tom said

    “Maybe they listened to what we said at the exhibition and decided we were lost causes” Callum replied

    “Best way to break your enemies is to do it with fear” I said

    “But we aren’t scared are we guys?” Joe said trying to lift the mood “It’s them who should be scared of us”

    We all nodded in agreement

    “Good I’m glad you are thinking like that because I need you to go somewhere for me” Prof Oak said

    “What do you mean Prof?” Tom asked

    “Well Red, Blue and I have been to attend the emergency meeting in Goldenrod to discuss what this attack signals” he said “Now with my age I’m unable to make the journey, Blue can’t just up and leave his gym and no one has seen Red since he battled Ryan”

    “Beat him with one Pokemon spare, oh yeah” I said winking to the others

    They laughed “So I’m guessing you want us to attend yes?” Callum asked

    “If you would be so kind” Oak replied

    “Great more traveling” Tom groaned

    “It will be good for you Tom you are starting to look a little bit like a Snorlax” Joe said laughing

    Tom darted him a glaring look

    “Here Tom you need this” I said handing him a Full Heal from my bag “because you just got burned”

    “Shut up the pair of you” Tom said

    “Prof me and my gang of idiots would love to attend for you” Callum said taking control

    “Thank you boys” He said raising from his seat “Now you may stay here tonight now and travel again tomorrow” He said walking out of the room and down the stairs

    We spent that night in the room all pondering what waited for us in Goldenrod


    “Masters we have returned from your mission” The man in black said

    Three men stood before a tall man with blue hair and a shorter man with green hair just in the trees on the outskirts of Pastoria. Their faces were not visible due to the poor lighting but the aura they gave off was sinister and mysterious

    “Good what are there statuses?” the shorter man asked

    “They are still unaware of their roles but it is only a matter of time” The one in the middle of the trio said

    The tall man moved towards them

    “Well we better get started then” he said with a dark twisted smile

    Well everyone i hope you enjoyed it, the next chapter may not be out for a couple of weeks now as i'm going on holiday for 3 weeks but i have my phone so if you leave any feedback i will be able to check it
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    Well everyone here chapter 9 and from now on there will be the occasional profanity so sorry if it offends anyone
    Chapter 9 Serving up

    “I blooming hate trains” Tom said “They smell of crap, no Wi-Fi and they’re expensive” he continued grizzling like a two year old

    In the morning we had flown to Saffron about 9 am and arrived about 9:30 am. We then waited till 10:02 train to Goldenrod, which we had now been on for about 15 minutes.

    “And next time on Tom’s moaning hour we will discuss Tom’s hatred of broccoli” Joe said

    “Pipe down” Tom said

    “The moaning became a little lackluster towards the end but I do believe this is one of Tom’s better moans so I would give it a 6.5 out of ten” I said

    “I disagree, I believe it was one of his lesser moans when compared to his classics like I hate the cold and why do people breathe so loud” Callum answered

    Me, Callum and Joe laughed at our humor while Tom starred with a blank look at us

    “Come on cheer up” Callum said “we could be doing worse things today”

    “Yeah like what?” Tom asked

    “Well for one if you lot had been slower you could have been burying me today” He answered

    We sat stunned at the thought of what Callum just said

    “Don’t think like that” Joe said

    “I’m not but it’s the truth” He replied “It’s not a bad thing, now I know you lot have always got my back even when I run off on my own”

    “Always” Tom said

    Just after Tom had said this the announcer said that we would be arriving in Goldenrod soon and that we gather our stuff ready for departure

    “And no too sooner” Tom said

    “Be nice to be back in Johto” Joe said stretching up

    “Ryan, you know where were going right?” Callum asked me

    “Fairly sure I do. Oak said it was the Mark Davidson building on Ragwort
    Road yeah?” I asked back

    “Yeah that’s what he wrote down” he confirmed

    “Well yeah then” I answered waking Espeon up who was asleep on my lap “You go past Whitney’s Gym over the railway tracks turn left and it’s between the radio station and the GTS building”

    “Alright, just making sure” Callum answered

    “Isn’t there a station right next to it then?” Tom asked

    “Yeah but it’s out of order currently” I said “Some trainer let his Magneton out of its ball on the station and it fried all the electrics there”

    Tom rolled his eyes in disgust while lifting his sleeping Jolteon from the table we had been sitting at

    “Where are we going to stay tonight then?” Joe asked

    “Not sure” Callum replied

    “We have a couple of friends in Goldenrod; we could ask if we could crash with them tonight? It’ll be too late to fly back to mine I would guess”

    “Yeah properly” Callum said

    The train arrived in the station and we got off quickly and proceeded to the exit of the station

    “Right follow me” I said walking towards Whitney’s gym

    “Who do you thinks going to be at this meeting then?” Joe asked

    “Oak seemed to think that not many Gym leaders will turn up and mostly it will be for experienced trainers” Tom answered

    “Why are we going then?” I replied jokingly

    “Hey” Callum squawked “I’m experienced I’ve won two Pokemon championships and you’ve all won one”

    “You just love getting that in every chapter don’t you?” I said

    “Huh?” He replied perplexed

    “Nothing, I reckon Lance and a couple elite four members will be there just to determine exactly what happened” I replied

    “Properly, were going by the way because we are the only ones who saw what actually happened” Joe said

    “Ryan how are you not obese? All I see in this city is fast food restaurants and bars so far in this city” Tom asked

    “I don’t come that much to Goldenrod” I said putting a few coins into a tramps hat “I prefer Ecruteak, must quieter and as you know I love history”

    “Oh please don’t start; I don’t want to hear the complete lowdown on the last 100 years again” Said Tom

    “Tell you what though Tom” I said turning to face him while walking backwards “Those years almost span as far as your trousers nowadays”

    “Piss off” He replied

    I laughed and turned to face the right way “Turn left here now”
    We turned left and walk over the tracks and hit the main part of Goldenrod which was filled with various People, stalls and Pokemon. On the left hand side there were various shops such as cafes for both humans and pokemon, salons were you could get your Pontya a perm, accessories shops which were occupied mainly by contest coordinators all trying to get props which made their Pokemon shine the most and book shops with many book with varying genres. My favourite was Matthews a friend of mines book shop where I had spent many a day looking through all sorts of books and clearing out my bank account. Next to that was a restaurant which was owned by another friend of all of ours called Olly.
    We had gone to school with Olly back in Kanto, but he was never interested in becoming a Pokemon trainer like us. His goal was to become a successful chef and own a restaurant in major cities. He now owned one and it was starting to get a good reputation in the city as well having a growing reputation outside of Johto.

    “Forgot about Olly” Callum said “Maybe we could stay with him tonight”

    “We’d end up sleeping on the floor though” Joe said

    “Nawww does princess need a soft mattress to sleep on every night?” I said

    “Shut up” he replied flicking his index and middle finger at me
    Tom and I laughed

    “So we try Olly’s then?” Callum asked

    “Yeah, it’s the best shot we have so far” I replied

    “Better than sleeping in the park I guess” Tom said

    We proceeded towards our old friend’s restaurant. We got to the door and heard lots of shouting from inside. Through the doors we could see one man standing with his back to the door confronted by a group of other people

    “You never appreciate us at all” the group said in unison

    “I do, look just stay we can work it out” The man said in desperation

    “That’s what you said last time” One woman said at the front “This time were done, good luck with your VIPs tonight” She continued as the whole group stormed past the man and out of the doors and down the street past us.

    After the group left the man just fell to his knees in the middle of his restaurant and began to weep. The man had very short black brushed forward. He was rather tall and stocky and had a large tattoo down his right arm

    “Ummm okay?” I said

    “Were closed today as you can see” the weeping man said “Please come back tomorrow I can’t deal with complaints today”

    “That’s no way to treat your old friends Olly” Callum replied

    The man turned around

    “Guys, oh man am I glad to see you” he exclaimed running forward and hugging Callum

    “Okay buddy calm down, what the hell was that” Callum asked

    He relinquished Callum from his grasp

    “All my front of house left at once and I have to serve 4 VIPS tonight, the only other member of staff I have is Fredrick” He said pointing to the small window to the kitchen at the back where a Huge hulk of a man stood with the biggest cleaver you have ever seen

    “Note to all, don’t mess with Fredrick” I said making everyone but Olly chuckle

    “This is no time for jokes, what am I going to do?” He said

    “Well why did they leave?” Joe asked

    “Uhhh because maybe and I’m only guessing here because they haven’t been paid in two months” He said with a nervous smile

    “And why haven’t they been paid Ol?” Callum asked

    “I may have blown a couple of dollars at the slots” He replied “and when

    I say couple I mean tonnes and when I say dollars I mean hundreds”

    “What have we told you about gambling?!” Joe shouted at him

    “I know but with it across the road there it’s so inviting” he replied

    “Well you’re screwed then” Tom said

    “That’s it Tom don’t sugar-coat it” I replied hitting him over the head

    “Alright, well we would help but we have an important conference to attend at the Mark Davidson building” Tom said rubbing the back of his head

    “About what happened in Viridian? That meeting is tomorrow, we had flyers about it” Olly said giving us a flyer

    “You’re kidding me right? Oak gave us the wrong day” Tom said

    “But that’s good because now you are free to help an old friend out” Olly said eyes glistening

    “I’ll call Oak see if this is right” Joe said pulling out his mobile

    “Alright, Ol sorry there is no way were being your waiters for the night” Tom said

    “Wellllll” I said

    “Ryan no!” Tom said

    “Ol if we help you out would you put us up for the night and feed us?” I asked

    “You kidding I’ll pay for you all to go to Orre on holiday if you help me tonight” he said eyes getting brighter

    “Let’s see what Oak says first okay?” Callum said

    About 5 minutes later Joe returned “Yep its tomorrow” he said

    “Told you, sooooooo about my front of house?” Olly asked

    “We’ll do it as long as we can crash here tonight?” Callum replied

    “Deal, I’ll go get your uniforms, Large for all of you I would say will be fine” He said running off up some stairs

    “Great, now we go from being VIPS to serving them” Tom said shaking his head

    “If you keep moaning we’ll send you to play with Fredrick and his friend” Callum replied

    We turned to look through the window just as Fredrick decapitated another chicken

    “I’m good, I will say out and play waiter with you” Tom replied

    We all laughed as Olly ran back through and threw four plastic bags onto the table with black trousers and red button up shirts in them

    “Quickly put these on, its 12 which means in 6 hours we open and we need to get you four trained up” He said

    The next four hours past fairly slowly with Olly barking orders at us like “Stand up straight” and “Don’t breathe on the food”. We joked that if we hadn’t been paid in two hours we would have been out of this place like a Monferno running from a tidal wave. Finally 6 o’clock came, Espeon was in the window of the kitchen and was to help move the finished dishes between the kitchen to the window giving us easy access and making the time between order and eating as short as possible. Joe’s Zorua was also sat at the window for he was to relay the orders to Olly, so he and Fredrickstein monster as he was dubbed by Tom could prepare the food. Callums Ludicolo stood at the kitchen sink ready to was all the equipment clean so it could be used to again for other orders. Olly and Fredrick stood prepared for all orders and then Olly gave us the thumbs up to let the customers in to the restaurant. Callum walked to the doors and le the esteemed guests come in. There was no one of interest in the first hour except some guy who was a huge critic in the Johto restaurant business but Callum took that one with him and who we assumed was his wife left looking very pleased and even asked Callum to give his compliments to the chef. About 7:10pm though some celebrities we knew did arrive, in walked as a group Alder, Cynthia, Lance and Steven.

    “Hello everyone” I said “I will be your waiter tonight do you have a reservation?”

    “Hey Ryan, what you doing in here?” Lance asked me shaking my hand

    “Uh helping out an old friend” I replied with a smile “I assume yours is the table under dragon master Lance”

    He nodded with a smile

    “This way then” I said beckoning for them to follow as I walked through the tables. They obliged and I escorted them to their table in the middle of the restaurant.

    “Here we are” I said to the four Champions “Now here are your menus and what drinks would you like?”

    “Ummm bring us the Château du Eterna and four glasses please Ryan” Lance said

    “Of course Sir” I said nodding

    “Please Ryan, I know it’s properly protocol but it’s Lance”

    I winked at him spinning on my heels and walking to get their wine, Espeon had the wine ready by the time I got to the window

    “Thanks girl, you’re doing great” I said ruffling her hair “you too Zorua” I said smiling at the small black fox. He smiled with a wide mouth “I’ll be back with an order in a minute okay you two” they both nodded affirming my notion, I smiled and walked back to the champions table with their wine

    “Here we are then” I said placing the glasses and bottle on the table with a smile

    “Thank you young man, Lance has been telling us that you’re the current Johto league champion” Alder said

    “Uhhh yeah I am and now I’m a waiter” I said laughing

    “I love the way your Espeon and Zorua is helping out here too” Steven said turning to look at the window

    “The Zorua is actually my friend the other waiter over there” I said pointing to Joe

    “That’s Joe, the Unova league champion” Alder exclaimed

    “Ah yeah it is and we have Tom the current league champion of Sinnho who you may know Cynthia and Callum the league champion of Hoenn who you may know Steven” I said pointing to my other two friends

    “Any reason you acting waiters tonight?” Cynthia asked

    “It’s our friend’s restaurant and he was struggling for front of house so we said we would help out”

    “That’s very nice of you” She replied smiling

    “Thanks” I said blushing “Now what will your orders be?”

    It was 8:30 now and most people were fed and joyously enjoying the entertainment of Joe and his guitar after Olly realized he had forgotten to book any.

    “Hey Ol how many more people” Tom asked from his seat in the kitchen

    “One, under the name Robinson” he replied dicing some onions

    “I’ll take it, you two go get changed and relax” I said to Callum and Tom

    “If you go to the bar you can have some free drinks on me” Olly said to them. They nodded and walked into the main hall

    “Robinsons are here I’ll show them to the table but you’ll take orders yeah?” Callum asked

    “Yeah” I answered

    “Ryan when this Robinson table has been served you go and join them okay?” Olly said looking up from his wok

    I nodded and walked out to the main hall, I saw Callum ushering a man about twenty and a girl around eighteen to the table. The man was very tall about 6ft 5 with very short blonde hair. I couldn’t see his eyes due to his large black sunglasses which matched his black suit and trousers. The girl however had long wavy brown hair and hazel eyes to match. She wore a lovely red dress which had the pattern of a Cherrim leaf down the sides. As I looked more closely I felt my body go numb. The girl was an old friend of mine let’s say of whom I hadn’t talked to in a while and the last time we had it hadn’t go so well. Callum stopped talking to the couple and proceeded towards the stairs to get changed. I ran after him almost flattening Fredrickstein who was clearing a nearby table. I grasped Callum by the arm

    “Dude, that’s Liv there is no way I’m serving her” I said

    “Unlucky, have fun” He said slinking his way up stairs after Tom

    “Dickhead” I said under breathe so the customers couldn't hear my profanity over Joe’s music. I took a deep breathe, composed myself and walked over to their table

    “Hello, I’ll be your waiter tonight” I said avoid eye contact with her “What would you like to drink?”

    She hadn’t recognised me so far which was good.

    “Finally some service, I’ll have a rose wine, while my lady friend with have a lemonade” the man said abruptly

    I chocked on my breathe

    “What is it kid?” he said sharply

    Liv was allergic to citrus and she obviously wasn’t paying attention to what the man had said but if I served her she would be considerably ill and Olly’s restaurant reputation may become tarnished. So unfortunately

    I had to break my cover

    “Ummm it’s just I do believe that you lovely lady friend is allergic to citrus” I said calmly to the man

    Liv looked up at me perplexed as to how some random waiter knew that

    “Ryan?” she said

    “You know this stupid waiter” The man asked

    “Uhhh yeah” she replied looking just as confused as before
    I smiled at her

    “Kid is their anyone else available to take our order?” the man asked

    “Unfortunately not” I replied

    “It’s fine Rick don’t worry” she said to the man obviously named Rick

    He starred begrudgingly “What do you suggest the lady has then?”

    “Uhhh for her I suggest the tropical punch?” I asked looking to her

    “Yes thank you Ryan” she replied

    “Okay I’ll get that for you” I said “I’ll give you some time to work out your orders”

    I walked away from the table and exhaled loudly

    “I see Liv is here” Espeon said to me as I picked up the tray of drinks again

    “Don’t start” I replied

    “The guy she is with looks like a douche” she continued ignoring my comment “Want me to plant the memories of all the good times you had so she’ll want you back”

    “No, now shut up okay?” I replied

    “Fine spoilsport” she said

    I shot her a stern look like the one a teacher does when you pass notes in class. She smirked as I turned back towards the hall of tables. I arrived at their table again and placed their drinks down.

    The other orders went fine and the fact that her ex was serving her and her current date Liv was actually dealing with it quite well. Rick had only made two degrading comments about me while walking away from their table so I think he sort of like me. I likened to how a Zangoose likes a Seviper. I only had to give them their bill and take their money and I was done. I walked to their table

    “Here’s your bill and have a good night” I said quickly turning trying to
    get out of their as quickly as I could

    “So who are you kid?” Rick asked

    “Excuse me?” I replied turning to face him

    “Who are you? You seem to know my lady quite well” he asked

    “Her names Olivia and yes we are old friends” I replied turning again

    “More than friends from what I can guess” He replied putting the money on the bill

    “Rick, please don’t” Liv said trying to calm him

    “Ummmm yes me and Liv were a couple a long time ago but that doesn't matter” I said looking into his eyes “Now as I said goodnight”

    I turned and walked away from the table as quickly as I could with the money in hand

    “Hey are you okay Ryan?” Espeon asked

    “Yeah girl I’m fine thanks” I said smiling at her “Good job, take Zorua into the bar where the guys are okay?”

    She nodded and ushered Zorua towards the bar entrance. I place the money in the registar and sat for a minute trying to forget about what had just happened

    “You take trash out” I heard a very gruff voice say

    It was Fredrick before me with two large black bin liners

    “Yeah sure Fredrickstein” I replied not thinking

    “What?” he said loudly in my ear

    “Fredrick, defiantly Fredrick” I said wide eyed and multiple times hoping not to be attacked by his cleaver. He grunted and left through the back door. I sighed picking up the bags and walked through the door to the alleyway. I threw the trash into the alley and turned to go back in when I heard screams from the main strip. I ran up the alley to see what was happening. To my horror I saw Rick stood above Liv who was on the floor huddled with her arms across her face. Without even knowing I ran and tackled the big man from behind pinning him to the ground

    “Scumbag aye? You know how to pick them Liv” I said holding the man to the floor

    He flung his head back smack my face. I flew back off him and landed about a foot back. I put my hand to my nose and felt blood pouring from my nose; I get up staring at the man

    “You wanna fight little boy?” he asked

    “Not really but I won’t let you hurt her” I replied

    He ran at me but was smashed back by blue flash

    “I suggest you leave” a voice said from behind

    I looked and saw Lance and his Dragonair

    “Go now and nothing will happen” Lance said moving to my side

    Rick looked at us for about 30 seconds and grunted “Fine”

    He disappeared up the strip and into the night

    “Thanks Lance” I said

    “No problem, you need that looked at and she need looking after” he said pointing at Liv who was now stood up.

    I nodded and ran up to Liv to help her

    “Hey” I said to her “you okay?”

    “Why you? Any other waiter in Johto but no it had to be you” she replied

    “Yeah she’s fine” I said to Lance “I’ll take it from here, see you tomorrow at the conference” I continued

    He nodded and waved walking the opposite direction to the scumbag

    “Come on let’s get you inside” I said picking Liv up

    “You Ryan, you!” she said loudly

    “I could say the same about you” I said walking into the restaurant

    I proceeded to the bar where my friends were

    “What happened to you two?!” Callum exclaimed

    “Been picking flowers?” I said helping Liv on to a seat in the bar “Hey guys, look it’s Liv”

    Well guys thats chapter nine, sorry it took long but like i said i'm on holiday currently on the island of skye so it may be a while for the next chapter but i hope you enjoy reading this chapter. Again any feedback is welcome
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    Hey everyone here is the next chapter

    Chapter 10 Past doesn't define Future

    “What happened then dude?” Callum asked standing behind Liv who was wiping down the cuts on my face

    “Liv’s friend decided he wanted to hit her and I stopped him” I answered

    “Thanks by the way” Liv said smiling weakly at me

    “Don’t mention it” I said while she dabbed my cut on my forehead “AHH! That stings” I squealed

    “Oh shush baby” Joe said sitting at the bar still with Tom and Olly

    “How bout I give you a cut and I put some of this on it then?” I said back sharply

    “Sit down and shut up Ryan” Liv said grabbing more tissue from the table

    “Yes mam” I said jokingly saluting at her

    She gave me a sharp look and I slowly lowered my hand to my side.

    “So Liv, why Ryan?” Tom asked sipping at his drink

    “No, were not going there” I said

    “Lips are sealed apparently” She said turning towards the others

    “Fine, well I’m hungry you guys wanna go get some food?” Tom asked

    “Yeah, you guys want anything?” Callum asked

    “Nah I’m good” I answered and Liv shook her head

    “Alright call me if you need us” He replied as the four walked towards the door

    “Alright, in a bit” I said

    He nodded as they all left, it was quiet again Liv busily walked about the empty bar and kept applying wet tissues to my forehead

    “You know, I am capable to do this myself” I said

    “Yeah but you’d properly mess it up” she said grabbing a bandage from the first aid kit Olly had grabbed from the kitchen

    “Oooo that’s cold” I replied “like your heart I guess”

    “Really? You really wanna do this now?” She answered back

    I stayed silent and just stared into her eyes

    “Thought not” she said wrapping the bandage round my head

    “I need a plaster not a full head dress” I said

    “Yeah but there aren’t any so deal with it princess” she said wrapping it tightly to make sure it didn’t come off

    “You look lovely tonight” I said to Liv

    “Shut up” she said I reply

    “Wow no change to your attitude then?” I said back

    She didn’t reply instead she just pulled tighter on the bandage. Once she had wrapped it all the way round my head she pulled a small strip of tape off the roll and taped down the bandage down so it didn’t fall off my head once she had let go of it. She walked to her bag and grabbed a small mirror out of out.

    “Here does it look okay?” She said holding the mirror up so I could see the bandage

    “Yeah, thanks by the way Liv” I said standing up from the seat I had been told to sit on while my treatment was administered

    “It’s fine” she said putting her mirror back in her bag “Well I better go find myself a hotel”

    “You’re in one?” I answered back I said grapping a bottle of water from behind the bar

    “I know, but things may be weird between me and you, so I think it’s best I go” She said back picking her bag up

    “No” I said sharply “Seriously I want you to stay here, y-y-you don’t know who might be out there” I said spluttering my words out

    “Fine but there can’t be that many rooms left” she said smiling at my stammering

    “There are four not including mine” Olly said

    “Well look like someone’s bunking” Tom said

    “Shotgun not” Tom, Callum and Joe said in unison

    Liv stared at me with a grim look at the outcome of what they guys had said

    “Well I guess me and” She said before I interrupted saying “I’ll sleep in the main hall”

    I walked out of the bar into the main hall leaving the group in the bar to decide what rooms they wanted

    “Why don’t you bunk with Liv?” Espeon asked as I moved the sofa from the waiting room

    “Why do you think?” I said lying down on the sofa in the waiting room of the restaurant and I closed my eyes. She didn’t reply but instead jumped up and my chest settled down and fell asleep

    The next morning I woke very early about 7Am, no one else was up as they were still fast asleep in their rooms. Not even Espeon had awoken yet so I carefully slipped her off my chest trying not to wake her; I carefully placed her back on the sofa and walked towards the exit. I left the restaurant to go walking around National Park to try and clear my mind of all the events of yesterday. I bought a drink for myself from a small vending machine in the southern entrance of the park and spent a bit more time just relaxing in the park, watching all the wild Pokemon arise from their slumber as the sun rose above the tree barrier of the park. I then returned back to restaurant at around 9Am and still none of my friends had awakened so I had to wash in the kitchen with the sink hose which is still one of the worst showers I’ve ever had in my life. After that I had just woken Espeon from her sleep and was in the process of feeding my party when Callum appeared in the hall.

    “Morning” he said sending out Glaceon

    “Morning” I replied, placing a bowl on the floor for Flygon

    “How did you sleep?” he asked me pouring Pokemon food into a bowl for Glaceon

    “Alright, seeing as I was sleeping on a sofa” I replied placing bowls for Togekiss and Feraligatr to eat from

    He chuckled “Yeah sorry about that”

    I stared at him with a blank look and then placed a bowl down for Espeon to eat from

    “What time do we have to be at the centre?” He said trying to change the subject

    “11 I think or maybe Oak got that wrong too” I replied sitting on the sofa I had slept on last night

    “No he was right about that” Joe said walking down the stairs

    “And a good morning to you too” I replied

    He smiled and walked over to the counter and took a bottle of water to drink

    “Where’s Tom?” Callum asked

    “In the shower” Joe replied taking a swig from the bottle

    “Ah right, well I’ll go deal with the Liv and we go get some food and stuff I guess” I said getting up from the sofa

    “Alright, have fun lover boy” Callum said, but he was quickly struck on the back of the head by Flygons tail

    “Cheers Fly” I said walking up the stairs

    I came out on to a long hall with six doors all leading to rooms three on the left side and three on the right. The first on the right had FREDRICK chipped into the front of it which I guess Fredrick had done with his cleaver, two of the room doors on the left were left open which I assumed was Callums and Joe. I could hear a shower running in the third one on the left and the middle on the left I could hear Olly talking on the phone to someone loudly. So with my amazing powers of deduction I walked towards the last door on the right and knocked on it loud.

    “Come in, it’s open” I heard from the other side

    “Alright it’s me, Ryan” I said opening the door

    “Hey” Liv said putting her socks on

    “You okay?” I asked

    “Yeah I’m fine thanks” she replied getting up and pulling her phone out of her jeans pocket

    “Where did you get those clothes from?” I asked sitting down on the bed

    “My bag?” she replied

    “Why did you have spare cloth, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh” I said

    “No what you’re thinking was not happening, I always keep spare clothes in my bag idiot” she replied

    “If you say so dear” I said smiling to myself

    “Thanks for last night by the way, I could of got really hurt if not for your help” she said

    “Don’t mention it, always there to help a pretty girl” I replied

    “Shut up idiot” she said back throwing a pillow at me

    “Really? That’s how you take a compliment?” I said

    “Yep, especially when they crappy like yours” She replied picking her bag up

    “Ouch, you used to blush all the time when we were together” I said rolling her necklace through my fingers

    “Emphasise on the were” she said taken the necklace from me

    “Well you’re the one still wearing the necklace I got you “I said smiling

    She stayed silent

    “Anyway, come on I’ll walk you to the station” I said changing the subject

    “I’m a capable girl, I can walk to a train station” she replied

    “I have to get a train timetable for when we want to get home tomorrow, not because of you” I replied

    “Oh” she said looking down in embarrassment

    “Come on, when is your train” I asked her jumping up from the bed

    “Ten to ten” she replied opening the door

    “Right well its nine twenty five now so we better get going” I said

    The walk to the train station was interesting, there wasn’t a lot of talking instead we just walked together looking in the opposite direction as one another. Luckily we were in Goldenrod so there were lots of performers, stores and pokemon to keep us occupied. We arrived at the station at twenty to ten.

    “So I guess this is bye then?” I said to Liv turning to her

    “You want to go out sometime” she asked paying for her ticket at one of the machines

    “Excuse me?” I said in shock

    “Would you like to go out sometime?” she asked again

    “Uh” I stood stunned for a moment considering the option “I guess”

    “Guess?” she said raising one of her eyebrows

    “Uh yeah sure” I replied

    “Okay, I’ll call you and we can set it up” she said stepping through the barriers to the train and boarded it silently

    “Oooo Ryan’s got a date” Espeon said mockingly as she jumped on my shoulder

    I blushed as I turned and walked towards the exit

    “By the way, don’t you have the timetable on your phone” Espeon asked

    “Yep” I said

    “Thought so” She said rubbing her head against mine as we both laughed

    Once I returned to the restaurant the guys had all their stuff backed up ready to go, we said bye to Olly who had persuaded his employees to return with the promise on pay on time and a bonus for the money they had not received and we also made a quick stop at the Game Corner to make sure they didn’t allow Olly back in before we venture off to the Mark Davidson convention centre.

    “So we know the champions are here, who else do you think will be there?” Callum asked

    “I would say a gym leader from each region because if we decide to take action the champion will inform the Elite Four and the gym leader will alert the other gym leaders of their regions” Joe answered

    “Then there’s us, the four novices caught in the crossfire” Tom said laughing

    We all laughed but I think this was nervous laughing instead of happy laughing. We picked up some food at one of the stalls on the main road and ate it at one of the benches at the crossroads in Goldenrod.

    “Right quarter to 11, better get to the centre” Callum said throwing his wrapper in the bin

    Tom, Joe and I all nodded, I took the lead walking southerly down the road towards the centre. In about 5 minutes we saw signs for the centre and then the centre itself. We walked towards the entrance and were stopped by two burly men asking for passes, Joe presented on pass he had be intrusted with at Oaks lab and the note from oak explaining why four young boys were attending instead of the former champions of Kanto and the Professor and his number if they wished to confirm it. They rang the number and the Prof quickly told them that it was true and we were granted access to the building after a routine security check.

    We were quickly diverted into a room by two young women who looked like sectaries. The room had two small tables and was very dim lighted; the colour scheme wasn’t much lighter; a very dark red. We were told to write down are names and addresses on a sheet and then to walk through the big doors at the back of the room which was very hard to spot due to the very dark lighting. We all wrote our names down and proceeded through the door. Through the door was a huge room with a huge round table in the middle of it, the wall were bright red very much the opposite of the smaller room, there were many blue ribbon streamers hanging across the room. The room was had an odd vibe about it, there was an anxiousness in the room as is something was pondering the minds of all inside the room. Within the room were as expected the four champions Alder, Cynthia, Lance and Steven. They were all mingling about the room talking to various people, Cynthia was conversing in the corner by the right of the table, she was accompanied by two others who I was unsure who they were, a man who must have been in his mid-twenties with spikey blonde hair wearing a blue jacket and black jeans and a young girl not much older than myself with huge dark purple hair wearing a bright pink shirt, white shorts and white leggings. Lance sat at the table with Clair and they seemed to be deep in discussion about something, Alder was taking fruit from the refreshments table while talking to a young boy with black hair and glasses that couldn’t have been much older than me and my friends. Steven was sat with his back to the door typing fast at his laptop while a young man stood behind him looking over his shoulder at everything he was typing. There were a couple of Pokemon present in the room too, Steven’s Skarmory sat on the table next to his laptop and every so often it would flick its head back and prune its many metal feathers. A Luxray slept near the man who was in conversation with Alder, Cynthia and the other lady. Next to the lady were a small Deino and Axew who both playfully ran after each other. I assumed that they belonged to her meaning she was from the Unova region and had accompanied Alder, while the Luxray at a guess belonged to the blonde haired man who I then assumed was from the Sinnho region and was a gym leader. The boy with Alder had a Stoutland a pokemon native to Unova following in tow behind him so I assumed he must have been either a Gym leader from the region or the great Hilbert we had heard so much about from Joe. Clair and Lance’s Dragonair’s both sat near there trainers exquisitely listening to everything their masters said.

    “Alright I guess we mingle then” I said to my three friends

    “Yeah, I guess we won’t be discussing things till we are all acquainted” Callum answered

    “Alright, I’m going to go talk to Alder then” Joe said turning to walk off

    “I’ll join you I think” I said walking behind him

    We approached the orange head man

    “Joe my boy how are you?” Alder said in a huge booming voice grasping Joe’s hand and shaking it

    “I’m fine Alder thank you, this is my friend Ryan” Joe said pointing towards me

    “I know, you’re the man who served us last night aren’t you?” He said holding his hand out

    “Yes I was sir” I said laughing and taking his hand

    “Oh please don’t call me sir, makes me feel old hahahaha” he said throwing his hands behind his head

    The young man with glasses stepped out from behind Alder and fixed his glasses

    “Always the same” he said with a sigh “Hello my name is Cheren, nice to meet you both”

    We shook hands with the Cheren

    “Wait aren’t you one of Hilbert’s friends?” Joe asked him

    “Yes, how did you know that?” Cheren asked fixing his orange tie which I assumed was a twitch of his

    “I battled him a few months back; he mentioned you and a girl named Bianca?” Joe said protruding for an answer

    “Yes, she’s another one of our friends, we all set off on our journey the same day about 5 years ago” he said “I’m now a gym leader in Aspertia city, Bianca is now Professor Juniper’s assistant and Hilbert well Hilbert is just Hilbert. So you are again?”

    “I’m Joe, current champion of the Unovan league and this is my friend Ryan who is the current champion of the Johto League” Joe said smiling

    “Nice too meet you” I said

    “Were here with our two friends Tom and Callum who are champions of their respective region and like you and your friends we also started our journey all on the same day”

    “Really where did you start?” he asked

    “We started in Kanto, or as I hear it’s called the boonies in Unova?” I asked sarcastically

    “Uh yeah, not that I’m one of those who says it” Cheren said fixing his tie again

    “Haha don’t worry were not accusing you” Joe said jokingly

    “I have a question” Alder asked

    The three of us turned to him

    “If the four of you set off on the same day how did you share three starter pokemon?” he said taking a bite from the apple he’d picked up

    “Well you see Joe got a Charmander, Tom got a Squirtle and Callum got a Bulbasaur because they were the first three to turn up. I was left then but Oak gave me an Eevee instead of the regular starter” I said as

    Espeon jumped to my shoulder “And this is that Eevee now” I said stroking her head

    “Wow an Espeon; you don’t see many of them in Unova, may I?” Cheren asked holding his hand out to stroke her

    “Of course, she won’t bite” I said holding her out in front of me

    He stepped forward and stroke Espeon on the head. She gleefully rubbed her head back against his hand

    “Fascinating” he said pulling his hand back

    “That’s a new one, never been called that before” Espeon said

    I managed to keep my laughter on the inside

    “I must say young man, your Espeon has a very shiny coat, you must have raised her well” Alder said

    “Thank you” I said trying to hide my delight at such a compliment

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, if you will sit we shall start the discussion” Lance said standing up upon the table

    “Guess that’s our cue then” Alder said moving towards the table

    We followed suit, there were fourteen chairs at the round table, I sat next to Callum and Joe and was opposite the spiky blonde haired person

    “There is one chair spare though” Cheren said “who is that for?”

    “Now I don’t want you or Joe to panic about the next person, they are totally under control” Alder said looking towards the boys

    “What do you mean?” Joe asked

    Alder signaled towards a man stood at the big doors, he nodded and opened them. Behind were three men, two were in all black and stood behind the other with their arms locked tightly in the middle ones. The middle man was fairly old with long grey hair, he wore a long purple cloak and his hands were cuffed. The two burly men behind pushed him forward, as they got closer Joe and Cheren both rose from their seats.

    “No, why is he here?” Joe shouted at Alder

    “He can help” the man said softly not looking at the two young boys

    “He helped Ghetsis, we can’t trust him” Cheren replied

    “He also helped enslave Kyurem and hurt the poor thing” Joe bellowed after

    “Who is this guy?” the blonde haired man said placing his feet on the table and lying back in his seat

    “Volkner of Sunyshore city, electric master, I am Zinzolin and I’m one of the great seven sages of Team Plasma”

    Well guys that was chapter 10, let me now what you think of it and again any feedback is appreciated it really helps
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    Hey everyone, it's just a notice to say thankyou so much for reading, to get to 1000 views in a day over 2 months is amazing and i thankyou all so much for taking the time to read this. I have to say though soon my exams will be coming round so the chapters may not come out regularly over this period but i will try my best
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    Hey guys i know it's been a while but with exams and coursework i've been a bit caught up lately, well with out any further ado here is the eleventh chapter

    A deal with the Devil

    “Right okay so I’m done seeya guys” Joe said standing and walking quickly towards the exit

    “Es use Psychic” I said standing up from my seat, she obliged and brought Joe back to his seat

    “Ryan stop! You can’t make me stay!” He said trying to struggle

    “I won’t, but it is common curtseys to hear what someone has to say and you will listen to him” I said sternly to him. He sat back in his seat like a sulking child avoid my eyes

    “Oka” Alder started

    “And you” I said interrupting Alder turning to Zinzolin “You’re going to explain your intentions and why you are here, not Alder I want to hear it from your mouth” I said staring him down “because from what I hear your as bad as the guys were chasing”

    “Fine, young one” he said from his seat which was still guarded by the two men just in case he tried to escape “but I can assure you there are many worse than me” He hissed at me

    I sat down and only realising all the trainers around the table were staring at me other than Joe

    “As I have said I am Zinzolin, one of the seven sages of Team Plasma” he started

    “Former” Joe spat under his breath

    “Maybe” he said quickly in response “Anyway, I believe your idea of the Ghetsis being behind the odd occurrences may be right”

    “If I may” Callum said “Occurrences? I thought there were only oddities at Viridian?”

    “No quite” Volkner said “In Sunyshore, pokemon have been going missing and in Castelia as well”

    “Also many wild Pokemon have been fighting in peculiar ways all over the world” Cheren said

    “And you think Ghetsis is to do with this?” Tom asked

    “Almost defiantly, I believe he is liberating Pokemon again possibly or just stealing them for his own personal greed” Zinzolin said

    “Here’s my question, could it not just be a coincidence?” Cynthia asked

    “Not when this was found in Sunyshore” Alder said throwing a small silver box with an antenna on to the table

    “That is?” Steven asked

    “A Colress machine” Cheren said

    “Correct” Alder said subdued “It used to control Pokemon and bring out their pure strength at all costs.”

    “This was like the prototype that was given to Nate by Colress himself during the ice situation in Unova” Cheren said

    “The basis that almost let me save Unova” Zinzolin scoffed

    “SAVE!” Joe shouted standing “You think what you were doing would of saved Unova?! You ruined people and Pokémon’s lives you decrepit creep!”

    “Silly boy doesn’t understand” Zinzolin said brushing off Joes comment


    I grabbed Joe to stop him from doing anything more

    “So don’t say I don’t understand. You are a villain and that all you will ever be” Joe said

    Zinzolin looked down at the Zorua who sat on the table

    “Zor” He said cowering from the man

    He lent out to touch him but was stopped by Espeon who darted in front of the small black fox. Zinzolin flinched as Espeon starred into his eyes almost daring him to make a move at her. Instead the man just hunched forward, head in hands and cried.

    “I’m sorry” He said weeping “I’m……sorry”

    “Yeah well sorry won’t bring them back will it” Joe said turning walking out of the room with Zorua quickly in tow

    “I didn’t think abo” The old man started

    “Stop because you summed it up then” Cheren said abruptly “You didn’t think”

    The man looked down again “Ghetsis is seeking the help of another; they wish to create a new world in which he is the leader and controls all who inhabit it”

    “Who is the other?” Alder said

    “I do not know, but the Triad mentioned that he had previous ventures in this area and that they had the help of others too” he continued “They from what I am told are following a prophecy called the shards of the world”

    “Shards of the world?” Tom asked perplexed

    “It was found in the Summerland relic temple 5 years ago. When the shards of the guardians are aligned, the creator will come forth and create once again” Cynthia said

    “Go on?” Alder asked

    “From what I know of it, it proclaims that there are certain shards which are guarded by the shard guardians who were put in place by the creator to protect the power of creation so that nothing evil could come of it” She continued “However there is other text found in the ruins stating that the shards will be pursued by the great evil throughout time but will always be prevent by the four powers”

    “Wow, sounds complicated” Volkner said

    “It’s not as cool as Zekrom and Reshiram story” said the purple haired girl

    “Not now Iris” said Alder

    “Why does Ghetsis want a new world though?” said Lance

    “Maybe he doesn’t” I said starring at the machine

    “What do you mean?” Said Tom

    “This machine, yeah it controls Pokemon?” I asked

    “Indeed” Alder answered

    “And Ghetsis properly still has the blueprints for this Zinny?” I asked the old man

    “Yes but I don’t understand” he said ignoring his new name

    “Well my guess would be assuming this creator is Arceus like were all thinking that if Arceus can create a new world it must have a lot of power, more than Kyurem, maybe he wants to use that power to take over the world therefore creating a new one and fulfilling the prophecy” I said

    “Wow your good” Clair said

    “Why thank you” I said bowing sarcastically

    “You are?” Iris asked

    “Ryan, Johto league champion” I replied

    “Right okay but the shards what are they then smartass?” Tom asked me fidgeting uncomfortably in his seat

    “Not sure but my guess would be that they are protected by other legendary pokemon” I said sitting back in my seat

    “Hmmmmm, what else do you know then?” Volkner asked turning his head towards Zinzolin

    “That is all” He replied with a stern face

    “He’s lying” Espeon whispered to me

    “Really Zinny?” I said “because that’s not what my friend says”

    “…………” He didn’t look up

    “Well?” Alder said

    “When the Triad asked for me to join, I was presented with a map, it detailed where the first shard is held” He said

    “And you weren’t going to tell us that?” A voice said from the big doors, it was Joe returning to the room after his outburst

    “I didn’t believe it was needed, as they are unable to read the map anyway” he answered not moving from his position

    “What do you mean?” Lance asked

    “They must acquire a decipher book, before they are able to read the map” the old man replied leaning back in his seat

    “And this decipher book is where?” Volkner asked

    “How should I know?” He replied

    “Well that’s helpful” Joe said rolling his eyes pacing behind the old man so he didn’t have to look at him

    “Okay, you will be escorted back to your home and be under supervision like before” Alder said looking at the old man

    “Fine” he said rising from his seat and his bodyguards grab an arm each pulling him towards the exit

    “Oh but before I go, always remember keep your emotions in check” He shouted being pulled out of the room

    We all ignored his last comment and continued our discussion long into the night, there was many things to talk about. Who was helping Ghetsis? What is this map they have? Where is the decipher book? And most importantly what are they planning on doing?

    After The lengthy discussion it was decided that the champions would pursue the decipher book alongside the help of Cedric Juniper who had an in depth knowledge of the myths surrounding pokemon and was properly the best candidate to help find the decipher book. The gym leaders would return to their gyms and explain the meeting to them as a group, once this had been done each was to keep an eye out for any more suspicious behaviour by people and pokemon alike.

    “And know you boys” Alder said turning to the four of us

    “Yes?” Callum asked standing up from his seat, I spun around from my position on the table to face the orange hair man while Tom and Joe bolted up right in their seats

    “We believe it would be best for you to stick together as due to Triad knowing who you are we believe that you could be targeted” He said sternly

    “Good to know” Tom said sarcastically chuckling

    “We have a job for you” He said ignoring Toms comment “Do you know of the Summerland relic?”

    “Yeah it’s in the deep olive jungle, what about it?” I asked

    “Well they need help clearing it up after the recent explosion there” Alder answered

    “Explosion? I heard the volcano erupted?” Joe asked perplexed

    “Well the media cover up worked then” Alder said “We’ve prepared a boat to take you from Olivine to Summerland, once their report to the ranger base and you should meet a guy named Cameron, he’s a bit relaxed in nature but he will guide you on what he wants from you and how you can help”

    “Right okay” Callum said “When does the boat leave?”

    “Tomorrow morning 11am, we’ve arranged for you to stay at the hotel on the sea front for the night so you better get going” Alder said, he then turned around walk away and started talking to Cynthia

    “Right okay then lads, last one to Olivine pays for food” I said running away from the table

    My three friends took a quick look at each other and then bolted out of the door after me. I got to the main street.

    “Flygon come on out” I said throwing Fly’s ball into the air

    The green dragon emerged and flapped it’s wings to get ready

    “Get to Olivine in 20 minutes?” I asked him

    “FLY!!!” he replied roaring

    “Good boy” I said jumping on his back as my friends burst through the doors “Well boys looks like one of you will be paying, seeya!” I shouted and with a quick burst Flygon was almost out of sight

    “He’s a nutter” Tom said shaking his head

    “Sure is, but a laugh too” Joe said chuckling

    “Alder said we should stick together, he could be hurt” Callum said calling his Swellow out

    “He’s a big boy, he can handle it” Tom said throwing out his Staraptor with Joe also releasing Unfezant

    “Okay boys, see you in Olivine” Callum said flying off into the distance

    Right so that was Chapter eleven, yes i know it was short but i just wanted to get something out hope you enjoy and like i've said any feedback is welcomed
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    Well hello guys it feels like a lifetime since i was last here well my exams have now finished meaning i can continue this story finally so here is chapter 11

    Chapter 12 A Revitalised Paradise

    “Tom what the hell are you wearing?!!!!” I said looking at my friend who had emerged from the Olivine pokemon centre wearing florescent pink shorts, bright blue t-shirt and a white baseball cap

    “Clothes” He replied

    “Dude, that’s not clothes that’s a crime” Joe said laughing

    “Here you are boys” Callum said coming from a nearby stall, he handed out sunglasses to all of us

    “What are these for?” Tom asked

    He looked at him for a second and smiled “Well they were to keep the sun out of our eyes when we get to Summerland but I guess we are gonna need them to look at those shorts”
    Joe and I laughed

    “Wow is this gonna be bash Tom day” he said pushing his way past us towards the harbour

    “I thought that was every day?” I said laughing along with the other two

    He flicked the V sign towards me and carried on towards the Harbour

    “Tom did they laugh?” Joe asked

    “Laugh?” He asked back turning with a perplexed face

    “Yeah laugh” I said

    “What do you mean?” he said as we passed him

    “Did they laugh when you took those shorts to the registar to pay” Callum said

    The three of us all erupted like a Camerupt with laughter

    “Oh piss off” He said running to catch up with us

    This verbal attack continued on till we came upon the harbour

    “Right which boat was it?” I asked turning to Joe who had called for the details from Alder due to us leaving Goldenrod in the manner we did.

    “The White Skidder” He replied

    “Glad it’s not brown, am I right?” Tom said looking at the three of us pleading us to laugh

    “Nice try Pinky” I said as I turned to start to walk down the wooden walkway

    “Great” He said sadly and slumping over as Callum and Joe followed me

    “So who are you guys bring with you?” Callum asked

    “Well the jungle relic is atop a volcano so I brought Jellicent, Gigalith, and Charizard to help with the clean up as well as Zorua because he’s young and I can’t really leave him on his own” Joe said patting the balls on his belt

    “I’ve got Vena, Golem, Milotic and Glaceon with me, but I’m sure there is a PC box in Summerland if we want to get anyone out” Callum said continuing down the wooden path “Hey here’s the boat” he said stopping in front of the small boat.

    It was white and had a small compartment area in the middle where an older man in his late fifties to earlier sixties stood at the controls of the boat polishing the ships wheel. At the front it came to a point and had “White” down the one edge of the point and “Skidder” on the other. It was much smaller than all the other boats in the harbour and look much older which could be a little unsettling

    “Don’t worry guys, if this thing starts to sink, Blast can always give us a tow” Tom said under his breath

    “Shut up Pinky” I said jabbing him in the ribs

    “Well hello there lads, I assuming you must be the one’s Alder sent?” The old man said emerging from the cabin.

    He was just a bit taller than all of us, had bright grey hair which was brushed back into a long ponytail and his sharp green eyes stuck out from the boat white background. His clothes were slightly dirty where he had been cleaning his machine all the morning from what I could tell

    “Yes we are” Joe said shaking the man’s hand

    “Splendid” He said after shaking all of our hand “If you are fully equipped I would like to leave now if that’s okay”

    “Yeah, I believe we are all ready” Callum said with the rest of us nodding affirming the notion

    “Well then shall we?” He said

    The four of us nodded even Tom who was still unsure of our new mode of transport. We stepped of the stable footing of the wooden path and onto the wobbly floor of the boat.

    “It may take you a few moments to get your sea legs but I’m sure you will be fine” He said and then walking back into his small cabin

    I took a seat on of the benches station on the right side of the boat while Joe sat down next to me. The boat slowly pulled away from the dock making Tom feel especially dizzy, the rocking of the boat in my opinion was actually pretty relaxing but obviously Tom did not share my thinking. Espeon jumped from my shoulder onto the boats floor and tiredly stretched herself out trying to wake her body up. Tom was on the other side of the boat trying to steady against the side but looking at the rocking water would most properly make him feel worse. He look very pale and was trying very hard to stop himself from spewing (Granted it may have improve his clothes colour scheme). Callum quietly sat reading a book on the bench opposite me and Joe. He was obviously trying to block out Tom’s repulsive gagging but was failing due to consistent sighing and shifting of position. His Glaceon led on the bench next to him curled up in a ball asleep.

    “Well Ryan you’re bringing Espeon as we can see, but whom else?” Joe asked placing a bowl of food down for his Zorua, who immediately started digging in

    “Gatr, Fly, Toge, Es, Heracross and Lucario” I replied as Espeon brushed against my legs obviously requesting some food

    “Lucario? Since when did you catch one of them?” Joe asked quizzically

    “Prof Elm asked me to go to Sinnho for him to find out about baby Pokemon in the region, I collected eggs of Mr. Mime, Blissey, Roserade, Sudowoodo, Mantine, Snorlax, Chimecho and Lucario” I said while rum-edging through my bag for Espeon’s bowl and food “I took the eggs back to Elm and he gave me the choice of which egg I would like to look after. I chose the Riolu egg and thus Lucario joined my team”

    “That’s pretty cool actually, I’ve always thought Lucario were pretty interesting Pokemon” He replied leaning back

    “He’s actually pretty relaxed for the species, normally Lucario’s are intense trainers but whenever I try train with him he normally ends up taking a nap” I said finally finding Espeon’s bowl placing it on the floor and tipping some food in it for her

    “Every Pokemon is different, they all have personalities” Callum said not even looking up from his book

    “Y-*gulp*-es they do” Tom said sitting down on the other side of the bench opposite gulping to try and calm his stomach

    “I would say put your head between your knees Tom but looking at those shorts may make you feel equally sick” I said chuckling as I pulled my phone out of my pocket

    “I’m dying here and you make jokes” Tom said looking hurt

    “Well if you’re dying have the curtsey of doing it quietly so I can concentrate on my book please” Callum said flicking over a page

    “What are you reading anyway?” I asked Callum

    “Life of Pi” he replied sharply obviously not wanting to be disturbed

    “You’re reading a book which is about a boat wreckage whilst on a boat?” Joe said with a confused look

    “It’s not about the wreckage, it’s about a journey” He said in the same manner

    “Don’t Joe, we’ll get a four hour speech on the underlying reasons the author wrote the book if you probe any further” I said looking at Joe

    “I can hear you” Callum said

    “You were meant to” I said back

    “Anyway Tom whom are you bringing?” Joe asked trying to change the subject

    “Blast, Rhyperior, Whiscash and Golem” he replied still trying to adjust to the rocking

    “No flyer?” Joe replied

    “Nope, not sure we’ll need one to be honest” He said taking a gulp of water from his bottle

    “You do get we may be sent up Summerland mountain? You’re gonna have to walk if we do” Callum said

    “Really? Hmmm well I can always catch something” He replied

    At that moment the boat’s captain (I guess that’s what you would call him) emerged from his cabin

    “Okay lads it will be around two and a half hours till we hit Summerland so make yourselves comfortable” He said then disappearing back into the cabin

    “Well then anyway for a game of cards” I said pulling a pack from my bag and sitting on the floor of the boat making room for Espeon to take a nap on the bench I had just vacated

    “Sure” Joe said

    “Alright” Tom added obviously acclimatising to the water

    Callum silence I took as a pass so I shuffled the deck removing the unneeded cards

    “What we playing?” Tom asked sitting on the floor of the boat

    “21’s?” Joe suggested joining Tom on the floor

    “Sounds good to me” I said dealing the cards out

    “Prepare to lose” Tom proclaimed

    The next couple of hours passed relatively quickly, we passed it playing cards and other games. Tom confidence was miscounted as he lost most of the money he had on him and we had to stop betting things before he started throwing his pokemon into the pot. Callum all the time sat quietly next to Glaceon reading his book every so often stretching out and taking a walk around the boat as to not seize up. Me and Joe laughed continually as we made jokes mainly at the expense of Tom, Joe out of the three of my friends was the one I hadn’t seen in the longest time due to him going off to Unova which was pretty far away when compared to Hoenn and Sinnho so it was nice to catch up with him, something I hadn’t been able to do previously. As we bored of cards we talked about our journeys and the sort of things we had encountered while on them. Joe stories of Plasma were interesting and gave all of us a gentle reminder of the reason we had been sent out to Summerland in the first place. Just as Tom was recounting the story of his battle with Liza and Tate a loud shout was heard from the cabin

    “LAND HO!!!!” The captain called from his wheel

    I stood up and leaned out to the side of the boat to see what he could see, in the not so far distance was a small wooden harbour a lot less modern than the one’s I had seen before. There were many small wooden shacks on the wooden panels which were place sporadically. Off into the distance at the right of the boat there were many people sprawled out across the white sandy beaches that spread all the way round the island.

    “Guess that’s Summerland then” I said softly as Espeon jumped onto my shoulder to look at our destination

    We docked and paid our thanks to the Captain who waved us off, Joe said that Alder had requested we report to the Summerland ranger base and take instructions from Cameron the ranger leader of this area.
    We continued up the wooden path which spanned of into the distance, many of the houses that were built in this area stood on huge pillars of wood which I assumed kept them out of the water. There were many paths of from what I could see going off into every single direction possible. On the backdrop of the city however was a huge display of greenery, with massive trees poking out behind many buildings. However as we came to the shoreline as such and the harbour ended we met a seemingly normal industrial town with shops, café, arcades and even a Pokemon centre.

    “Oh beautiful stable ground” Tom said jumping up and down on the pavement we had just stepped on

    “Hmmmmm” Callum said perplexed looking at his phone

    “What is it?” Joe said turning to Callum

    “Well I have only ever come here once before, however it looked nothing like this” He said looking around our new environment “When I came here the whole town was made up of the same structure the harbour was” he said pointing back to where we had came

    “Well then guessing I should fill you in” a voice said from the distance

    We turned around to see a husky red head man stand before us with a towel around his neck

    “I guessing you’re the lads Alder sent?” He said

    “Umm yes and you are?” I said

    “How rude of me, I’m Cameron ranger leader of Summerland, nice to meet you” he said stretching his hand out.

    We all shook it and introduced ourselves individually

    “Well shall we go to the base and I can explain further, I will explain the change in scenery while we walk if you would like?” He said turning to the streets in front of us

    We nodded and followed his lead

    “You see while out on a mission one of my rangers reported a strange glare from inside one of the caves in Olive jungle” He said as we passed through the main streets “Obviously with something like this I went to investigate such odd occurrences and what I found was a very welcomed discovery”

    “What was it?” Joe asked as we passed through a small carnival

    “Forte diamonds” he said quietly while waving to some locals

    “What?!” I said loudly like I’d been shot

    “What’s a Forte diamond” Tom asked while looking at the varying stalls

    “There diamonds that are highly valuable and extremely rare, correct me if I’m wrong Cameron but the only other place they have been found in large quantities was in Almia?” I said looking at our portly companion

    “Yes, they were found in caves surrounding Boyle volcano” he said

    “That’s incre” I began before I ploughed into by something and fell to the ground

    “Ryan, are you alright?” Cameron asked

    “Yeah” I said getting back to my feet looking down to see what had hit me. On the floor in front of me led a girl about the same age as me. She had very pale brown hair that fell down the back of her head and neck as well as having a short fringe which was swept across to the right of her face; she had bright blue eyes and very dainty facial features. She looked okay but was holding the back of her head.

    “What do you think you are doing?!” Tom said looking down at the girl

    “Cool down Pinky” I said pushing Tom back and offering the girl my hand “You go on ahead guys I’ll catch up”

    “Alright Ryan, the ranger base is that tall building on the next street we’ll be there” Cameron said continuing down the street

    “Okay” I waited for them to be out of hearing distance before turning to the girl

    “Are you okay?” I said lowering myself to her level as she was a lot shorter than I

    “Uh yeah I think so, look I’m really sorry I” she said before I cut her off

    “Don’t worry these things happen” I said calmly dusting myself off “I’m Ryan by the way”

    “Emily” she said softly

    “Nice to meet you, next time try looking where you going before sprinting through a crowded street” I said picking her bag up

    “Thanks I’ll keep it in mind” She said taking the bag from her

    “Good, well it look like you were in a hurry so I’ll let you get going” I said stepping away from her

    “Uh yeah I was, umm again I’m sorry” she said with a very guilty looking face

    “It’s fine really, now go on” I said waving her away

    She smiled and ran off into the crowd of people

    “If that had been a rough looking guy you would of crucified them” Espeon said brushing against my legs

    “But it wasn't a rough guy, it was a cute girl who was very attractive” I said picking her up and putting her on my shoulder

    “Ever the gentleman Ryan” she said looking up at the bright sun

    “You know me dear” I said laughing

    The walk to the base was a lot more uneventful with no more unexpected tackles; I walked through the base doors into a large open hall, with many machines and computers. There was what I think was a stylus recharging station and pokemon catching simulator. Cameron was stood still explaining the major redevelopment of the town

    “So when Clay asked if he could take the mine, I requested that if he was to take over half of the money made would have to be put to re-developing the town and making it more modern” He said with huge beaming smile on his face

    “So that explains the expansions then I guess” I said sitting down on the couch where my friends were

    “Correct, also due to thriving economy and added facilities to the city many people who were coming for holidays ended up staying” he said taking a seat

    “That’s pretty cool actually” Tom said leaning back on the couch

    “That’s sort of why we’ve called you here” Cameron said becoming more serious in tone

    The four of us stiffed immediately at the huge turn in atmosphere and lent in 1

    “The volcano as you know in the jungle relic is very much unstable at the moment, we had a few earthquakes back as well as the explosion that happened which I will come to. We need you four to go into the volcano and sort out the inside as well as evacuating the pokemon inside” he said with a stern face

    “Right that sounds easy enough” Tom said standing up

    Cameron face didn't change so Tom slowly sat back down realizing that there was more to the leader’s story.

    He continued “The only problem is; our scientists believe that today the volcano is most properly going to blow”

    “So let me get this straight, you want us to go into a volcano which could possibly blow up round up all the Pokemon then run back to the city?” I said while the others all looked stunned

    “Not exactly, you won’t be able to return to the city as the safe dome will have been set up to block any oncoming lava” Cameron said laughing nervously

    “Oh well that makes it fine then” I said sarcastically

    “We can assure you that if you are in the volcano caves when it erupts you should be fine, the caves have been mined extensively and are very well supported by steel girding’s and won’t cave in at all” Cameron

    “Well then” Callum said standing up “I guess we better get to it”

    “Wait, why don’t you do it Cameron?” Joe asked

    “Rangers are useless in this situation, trainers with Pokemon who are dependable are needed at a time like this and obviously Alder trusts you to take this on” he replied

    “Fair enough” Tom said standing up

    “Guess we better get to it then” I said contemplating our new mission and all the possible problems that may occur

    “Good luck boys, try not to get burned” Cameron said laughing while walking away from the table and ourselves

    Well that was chapter 12, i will try to get back to a more consistent output over the summer but i will be leaving to go to uni soon so yeah that could complicated things once again, hope you guys enjoy this chapter and again feedback is welcomed
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    It's been a while, sorry I've wrote and re-wrote this multiple times because i just haven't been able to get it right. I guess 13 really is an unlucky number . Well anyway he's the next chapter

    Chapter 13, Jungle exploring

    “So right let me get this straight; we four young lads are going to an active volcano which could blow at any minute to save some Pokemon who can most properly protect themselves” Tom said begrudged as we trudged out of the city towards the opening of the jungle.

    There was a police blockade stopping anyone from wandering off into the forest so as they weren’t stuck in any life threating situations during the impending volcanic eruption. Not that you would think that a natural disaster could happen at any moment because nearly all the citizens of Summerland all carried on as normal, Cameron obviously isn’t the only one who was laid back. Even the police didn’t actively check to see if we were meant to be going out into the jungle we just handed over a crudely scrawled note from Cameron and we were passed through the blockade. About 5 minutes after we had left the city a huge clear screen started to emerge

    “Oh is Tom scared?” Callum joked

    “Hell yes I’m scared, we’ve all seen what happens when a volcano erupts just look at Cinnabar Island, that place got totally destroyed by lava” He said angrily

    “I must admit I’m a little worried about venturing towards a live volcano and we don’t actually know for sure that the mines below will be safe” I said

    “If Cameron says it will be fine it will be fine” Callum said stoutly

    “I guess” I said back fiddling with my bag straps, I look across at Joe who has been even more quiet than usual; he was looking down at his phone with unbreakable concentration

    “You okay Joe?” I asked tapping him on the shoulder

    “Hmm, ah yeah I’m fine” He said startled slipping his phone into his pocket

    “Worried about Zorua?” I asked

    “It’s the first time I left him on his own and worried something bad gonna happen to him” He said pulling his phone back out

    “We’re heading towards the a live volcano and you’re worrying about Zorua” Tom said ushering some wild bug pokemon towards the volcano

    “You would be worrying if it was little Squirts” I said giving Tom a passing gaze

    Tom looked down pondering this for a moment and then thought it best not to reply and shuffled around in his bag

    “We left Zorua in the best possible hands, he’ll be fine Joe don’t worry” I said trying to reassure my friend.

    He shoots me an appreciative glance and we carry onto the jungle ushering as many wild pokemon as we can towards the mines. We recruit a few Pidgeots to fly over and warn as many pokemon as they can to get to a safe place. Though we find a few dwindling packs of pokemon most have already made their way to safe places or have vacated the area obviously sensing the impending danger of eruption. We reconvene at the entrance to the mines and decide our next course of action.

    “Well two of us need to go into the relic and get the pokemon out of there” Joe said looking up at the huge ruin.

    It was draped in long almost hair like vines and patches of moss were growing all around the outside surface. Some flying type pokemon had made their nest atop but at this moment in time said nests were bare which in an odd way pleased me.

    “Well Tom will have to go in” Callum said crouching over his bag searching it to find something

    “WHAT! Why me?” Tom said startled looking at the three of us

    “All of your pokemon will be best equipped to deal with the heat and any problems we may run into” I said looking deep into the forest

    “Well you’ve got Feraligatr you should go to” He said

    “What Gatr gonna do? Waterfall the lava? Yeah sure that will work” I said turning back to him

    “Fine but I’m not going alone” He said

    “Don’t worry, I’ll be there to hold your hand” Callum said pulling his bag on to his back

    Callum throws two walkie-talkies to me and Joe

    “This will help us keep in touch, you two should properly split up and do one more search of the forest to make sure nothing out there can get hurt” Callum continued putting the last remaining talkie on the clip of his belt

    “Sure and if you two get into any trouble just buzz us okay?” Joe said putting the talkie in his pocket as far as it would go

    He nodded and turned to Tom “Well come on them Tom, it’s not gonna get any colder in there”

    Tom sighed accepting his fate and glumly followed Callum off up the large stone stair of the relic leaving Joe and I to survey the jungle one more time

    “Right we best not go too far into this jungle as I don’t think that volcano is gonna wait much longer” I said to Joe

    He nodded in reply

    “Okay well of go off to the left and turn back at the small waterfall we passed a while back, you go right and loop back round when you get to the same waterfall, if we are lucky we may meet in the middle”

    “Alright Ryan, just buzz if you get in any trouble and I’ll be there ASAP” He said touching the walkie-talkie in his pocket

    “Same goes for you buddy” I said in reply

    He nodded and walked off into the undergrowth of the jungle

    “Hrmmmm this is going to be boring” Espeon scowled jumping on my shoulder

    “Shall I tell you a story then, might make the time go quicker?” I asked her setting off in the opposite direction of Joe

    “Okay” She replied rubbing her hose against my cheek

    “Right this is the story of three brothers who journeyed through this jungle a very long time ago” I started “This was even before anyone had settled here on Summerland and the terrain was very much unexplored. The three brothers were called Tymos, Henin and Frodes Kenditz. Tymos the eldest was a strong battler who had one many tournaments back in the region they were from, Henin the middle child was very intelligent possessing the ability to memorise multiple facts and figures with ease while the youngest Frodes was a pure soul who had the ability to see into the hearts of all who he met. While searching this jungle they came upon an open fissure which went very deep into the earth to the point at which lava was visible. To return to their camp before nightfall fell the brothers would need to pass over this fissure and with their help of their assorted pokemon they were able to. However upon arriving at the other side they were greeted by a figure in a black hood who claimed the brothers had cheated him but instead of them being punished he would reward them with one wish for anything they desired. The eldest Tymos went first, as a battler he was always seeking way in which to become stronger so he asked the figure for a Pokeball which would not only not fail to capture any pokemon but would also access the captured monster full potential and make it as strong as possible. So the figure took a purple Apricorn from a nearby tree and fashioned it into the Celes ball and presented it to the brother, Tymos took the ball ignoring the figure quiet laughter. Next was Henin and he asked for a pokemon which would be able to dissipate the awful nightmares of his mother’s death which plagued him every single night so as he could memorise more information and become even smarter than he already was. The figure nodded and took a shadow from the same tree as the Apricorn and manipulated it into a dark ball and he said to Henin “This ball contains the pokemon Darkrai the controller of nightmares he will help you succeed in your goal” and he placed the ball in the brothers hand we a devious smile. Last was the youngest Frodes and he pondered his wish for some time, he then stood in front of the figure and asked for a Pokemon that would keep the figure from knowing where he was as well as enabling the him to create what his friends heart sought the most. The figure grudgingly took the boys pokeball containing his Vulpix and combined it with a strand of his cloak. The ball shined with like Frodes’s eyes, the figured placed the ball in his hands and said “This ball contains the pokemon Zoroak; it has the ability to create visions and illusions of anything you so wish”. Frodes bowed to the figure and the three brothers set off towards their camp leaving the hooded figure at the edge of the fissure. Once their expedition the three brothers journeyed back to their hometown and upon arrival they all sought to test their gifts. Tymos went straight to the canyon near their town, where an unbeatable Salamence resided. He found the said pokemon and quickly captured it with the Celes ball. He then returned to the town and fought all the men with his new pokemon defeating all of them with Salamence barley taking a scratch. After this he gloated before returning back to his house for the night; however that night a thief broke into Tymos room and stole the Salamence and slit his throat for good measure while a hushed laugh could be heard. Henin returned to the town and immediately returned to his study to memorise more books and with the help of Darkrai his nightmares subsided for a few nights, but after a few days the nightmares return but with more haunting visions not only of his mother but his other family members as well as the hooded figure who sported the same devious smile he had in the jungle. The nightmares drove Henin insane and led to him taking his life so as he could join his mother and be at peace. The last brother Frodes returned to his father’s side, who was the sole reason as to why the men had ventured to the jungle in the first place, so they could find him a cure for the disease that plagued him and had also taken his wife from him. Though they were unable to find a cure Frodes with the help of Zoroak was able to give his farther the only thing he wanted to see his wife one last time. His farther passed away happy and Frodes was alone. He decided to venture from the town and settle elsewhere possibly trying to escape the hooded figure which had taken his brothers. Many years later Frodes returned to the fissure with Zoroak and the figure stood before him waiting to welcome him. Frodes greeted him like an old friend but before he went with him he turned to a young boy in his presence, his son Gywthien. He gave to him a pokeball which contained a Zorua so as the gift his farther had could be utilised by him. After this Frodes, Zoroak and the hooded figure journeyed off into the depths of the jungle not saying a word”

    “Who was the hooded figure Ryan?” Espeon said

    “You couldn’t work it out” I said pausing to look at her “You’ve heard it before, Granddad used to always tell us it when we were younger” I said to her stroking her head

    “I know but I’ve never been able to figure it out” she said jumping from my shoulder as we arrived at the waterfall

    “The hooded figure is a death, he felt cheated because normally the fissure would kill travellers but the managed to brothers cross it with ease” I said stretching “Well we better venture back towards the ruin, you didn’t hear anything did you?”

    She nods to me then jumps on my shoulder for the walk back

    “Do you think he is here?” She asks me looking very skittish

    “Who?” I ask stroking to reassure her

    “The hooded figure” she replies with a whimper

    “Of course not, it’s just an old story that properly never happened” I whisper to her

    Suddenly there is a noise from behind a nearby bush which makes Espeon jump out of her skin

    “Calm down” I say picking her up and placing on the floor “Better take a look to see what it is”

    “Be careful” she chirps

    I don’t acknowledge the last remark and move slowly towards the bush trying to be aware just in case something jumps out at me. I slowly pull back the bush branches and in a small opening is a girl with light brown hair.

    “What in the hell do you think you are doing?!” I shout at the girl

    “WHAA” she turns quickly on her knees, as she turns it becomes apparent that she is holding a small yellow reptile

    “That volcano is going to blow in what could be seconds and you’re out here in the forest!” I continue shouting

    “Ryan calm down, that pokemon needs help” Espeon say to me bounding over to the girl

    “What do you mean blow?” the girl asks me

    “Wait, I know you” I say “Your what was it…..Emily the girl who ran into me earlier”

    “Oh hey” She says still looking worried about what I had just said

    “How did you get through the police blockade” I ask her

    “I just walked by it” she says softly

    I fall back with shock, I quickly regain my composure

    “Didn’t you think that it may be a bad idea to leave the town if the police are stopping people from going into the jungle” I ask

    “You’re out here aren’t you” she replies harshly

    “Yeah but I got sent here by Cameron, I got asked to risk my life, you’re doing it for no reason” I reply equally as harsh

    She looks down clearly scared

    “Look don’t worry, I’ll get you some where safe” I say to her “First let me have a look at this little guy” I continue pointing towards the pokemon in her arms

    “Okay” she says placing the yellow pokemon flat on the floor

    “I’ve never seen a pokemon like this before, do you know what it is?” I ask Emily

    “It’s a Helioptile” she says with a worried face

    “Ever heard of it Es” I ask her

    She shakes her head

    “Guess I’ll buzz the guys then, hey little guy I know you’ve got a fever and it’s hurting but I need to know more about you before I can help okay so just hang on” I say putting my hand on the reptiles body

    “Why can’t you just give it a potion?” Emily asks me

    “That wouldn't help all that much, he's got a huge fever and he needs medicine but I need to know it’s type before I can give it any” I reply

    “Why?” she asks again

    “Because if I give it something designed for another type it could do more damage than help”

    “Oh, can I do anything to help?” she askes

    “Ummm yeah go get some water from the river please” I say

    “Okay” she says getting up and running to the river

    “You're gonna be okay little guy don’t worry” I say trying to reassure it

    It stays quiet which concerns me even more

    “I could try to use telepathy to find out it’s type” Espeon suggests

    “That would freak it out and I don’t want to make it any more uncomfortable than it already is” I say fumbling for my walkie-talkie “Good idea though dear”

    She smile but with a grimace

    I pull the talkie to me head and click the button

    “Hey guys it’s Ryan can you hear me” I speak trying to be as calm as possible

    There is a small pause before a small robotic voice emerges

    “Yeah it Callum what’s up?”

    Good Callum is the most knowledgeable out of the group he’ll know

    “I’ve got a Helioptile here running a huge fever, I don’t know its type so I have no clue what to give it”

    “A what?” He replies

    My heart sinks with that reply

    “You don’t know of it then” I say exasperated

    “Never heard of it, Tom do you know of a pokemon called Helioptile?” He says obviously talking to Tom

    Espeon and I patiently wait for a reply

    “Right Tom says it primary type is electric but it has another type but he can’t remember what it is” Callum says quickly

    “Okay thanks, I’ll buzz Joe and see if he knows” I reply

    “In a bit” He responds before the line goes dead

    “Right Joe next” I speak pressing the other button

    “Hello?” a voice responds

    “Joe, its Ryan” I say back to him

    “Oh hey, what’s up?” asks sounding a lot calmer now he know who he is talking to

    “I don’t suppose you know what a Helioptile is” I ask not expecting the answer I want

    “Yeah, yellow reptile” he says back very calm

    “Really? Do you know what type it is?” I ask

    “Yeah Electric/Normal type, why?” He answers

    “I got one here with a huge fever and I need to know what medicine to give it” I reply

    “Mix 3 quarters Electric and 1 quarter Normal together” he affirms

    “Thanks you’re a literal life saver” I say

    “Okay. Where are you?” He asks

    “About 15 minutes away from the mines, you?” I answer

    “At the mines” he replies

    “Go on in, I’ll be back as quickly as I can” I assert

    “Alright, good luck” he says cutting the line

    “Okay Es, can you get the Electric and Normal medicine from my bag” I ask my partner as Emily returns with a bowl of water

    “Here” she says placing the bowl on the floor

    “Where did you get a bowl?” I ask

    “Does it matter” she bellows at me

    Ignoring the previous comment I call out Feraligatr

    “Gatr use ice punch on the water”

    Gatr swings at the water immediately freezing and crushing the water into little pieces

    “Do you have a plastic bag?” I ask Emily

    “Uh yeah” She says tipping a few pencils from a small plastic bag “Will this be okay?” she asks me

    “Perfect” I say taking the bag and stuffing some ice into it “Right Helioptile I’m gonna put this bag on you, but I need to warn you it’s very cold okay?”

    “He” it whimpers in reply

    I place the bag on its body softly

    “Here the medicine Ryan” Espeon says pushing two plastic containers towards me

    “Thanks girl” I say taking the containers “Can I use your Ditto to mix this?”

    “What do you mean?” Emily asks

    “Well I see a lot of bowls but never ones with eyes” I reply

    “Oh uh is that okay Dit?”

    “Dittoooo” The bowl replies

    “Thanks” I say picking it up and pour the contents of the plastic containers in the Ditto bowl

    After mix some water in to I turn to Helioptile

    “Right little guy, this is properly going to taste horrible but it’ll make you feel better” I say putting my hand on the reptile’s body

    It squirms obviously still feeling the effects of the fever as I tip the gooey mixture into its mouth. It mumbles a little I’m guessing due to the horrible taste or at least I’m hoping it’s the horrible taste/ He lets out a
    small cry and the opens its eyes wide

    “Feeling better?” I ask it

    “He he” it nods

    “Good I want to keep an eye on you so you better come with us” I say “And you Emily”

    “Can’t I just head back to the city?” she asks

    “It’s been cordoned off by the volcano protection dome unless you planning on climbing on top of it you better come with me” I say to her returning Gatr to his ball

    “So that’s why you were shouting at me” she says with a sad look on her face

    I nod and offer her my hand to help her up

    She returns her Ditto and then takes my hand, there a clink that catches my ears but I think nothing of it

    “Come on we need to get to the mines” I said picking up the little reptile

    “WHAT! Why the mine?” Emily says in shock

    “Apparently it’s the safest place to be if the volcano goes off and you’re not under the dome” I reply grabbing her hand

    “And who says that” She asserts while I pull her towards the mines

    “Cameron” I say back to her

    I turn back around but stop in my track suddenly

    “Wha” Emily starts but I grab her mouth and pull her down to the floor behind the bushes

    In the opening in front of us stand two men dressed in all black, the stand before a small machine that spouting of smoke at an alarming rate

    “Who are they?” Emily says in hushed tone

    “I have no idea but they don’t look friendly” I reply

    So that's chapter 13, hope everyone likes it. If anyone could give me advice on how to space the "story" Ryan tell i would very much appreciate it, at the moment it's just one block of font and it hard to read
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    Well it's been a while, after a very busy mouth i finally found time to finish up the chapter, so here it is

    Chapter 14 First shots

    “Wh-who are they Ryan?” Emily whispers to me

    I stay silent, quietly thinking to myself. They look nothing like the trio that were in Viridian, they seem to be fumbling around the machine which to mean shows that they aren’t really adept at using it as the triad were.

    “Es scan them, see what they are thinking” I think to Es who I would guess will be listening to my thoughts

    “Sure” She replies closing her eyes and concentrating

    After a few moments she opens them

    “Well?” I ask her mentally of course

    “Their names are Gordy and Brett, from a place called Pastoria City. They are both very nervous but not about what they are doing, there is something else that is causing more worry to them” She replies

    “Right, so a surprise from some kid would freak them out even more. Did you find out anything about that machine?” I ask in reply

    “It’s dangerous but that’s about it” She calls back with a glum looking face

    “Good work Es” I say out loud in a hushed tone

    I turn to Emily who has a totally perplexed face. Obviously she’s never seen a person and Pokemon have a telepathic conversation before

    “I’ll explain later. Firstly we’ve got to deal with these guys, what your party at this moment?” I ask her hoping for like a Dragonite or Hydreigon

    “I have Ditto, Azurill, Skitty and something else” She replies with a grimace

    “Uhhh okay, Huge power Azurill?” I ask hopefully

    “No, Sap Sipper” She retorts

    “Great” I say in a sarcastic tone turning round to look at the two men

    “Wait you want to fight them?” She speaks in a worried voice

    “No, I’m going to invite them to a tea party” I whisper back with a stern face

    “Shut up dick, how are we going to you know engage them?” She asks

    “Easy like this” I say with a broad smile standing up

    I jump the bushes and the two men turn around in an instant surprised by the new person in their presence

    “Hello boys, what are you too up to?” I ask rolling my finger over the pokeballs on my belt, Espeon stands beside me staring them down

    “W-w-w-why should we tell you” The taller one shouts “Anyway who are you?”

    “Names Ryan, nice to meet you Brett and Gordy. By the way what kind of name is Gordy did you parents hate you or something? Anyway I’d really like to know what that machine is and why it has an incredible amount of smoke coming out of it” I answer moving towards them

    “This here is an explosion in a can so to speak. Once we press this little red button BIG BOOM lots of fire and debris” Gordy snarls, I assume its Gordy as he’s the one who looked most hurt by my previous comment

    “Wait how the hell do you know are names?” Brett asks with a very confused face

    “I’m very clever” I reply “So let me guess you’re the guys also responsible for the huge explosion in the Jungle Relic yes?”

    “Maybe” Brett replies with a devious smile

    “Why? What did it accomplice?” I ask

    They both look at each other and then reply simultaneously


    I amazed by this, there must be something bigger here. Two random guys wouldn’t just have a couple of explosions and roam a jungle with them. They obviously not going to tell me anything so I guess it’s a fight them

    “Well if you’re not going to tell me, I’ll just have to stop you won’t I” I say with a seriousness in my voice

    They laugh

    “What you and your pet cat, don’t make us laugh. Dusknoir teach this kid a lesson” Gordy shouts

    “And you Tangrowth” Brett shouts

    The Vine Pokémon and the Gripper Pokemon both emerge from their pokeballs looking very sinister

    “That’s meant to scare me?” I ask them

    They look perplexed at my comment

    “A come to life kids scribble and a sinister looking Stay Puft Marshmallow Man with a smile on its stomach. I saw scarier things in Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory” I snort back to them

    A hear a laugh from behind and Emily comes into my mind. I then remember Helioptile

    “Es tell Emily to head towards the mine with Helioptile, Joe should be back by now” I say telepathically to Espeon

    “Okay but them I’m staying; no one calls me a cat” She replies

    I smile and my concentration comes back to the two men

    “Well then, guess it’s my turn” I say grabbing two balls from my belt “Flygon, Lucario I need you”

    Flygon and Lucario both emerge. Flygon roars loudly into the air, while Lucario just stares at the opponents ahead. The two men look less confident now, properly assuming I would have some un-evolved Sentret and Rattatta combo

    “Flygon Dragon Claw on Marshmallow, Lucario Aura Sphere on the scribble” I call

    Flygon roars again and charges straight at the chunky ghost claw gleaming blue, while Lucario charges a small blue ball forming in its hands. Flygons claws collide with Dusknoirs real face causing it to fall back in pain. Just as this happens Lucario releases the blue sphere which flies towards Tangrowth

    “Block with Energy Ball” Brett calls

    “Tan” it retorts throwing a green sphere towards the speeding blue one

    The sphere collide and it’s a stalemate neither stronger than the other

    “Fly grab Dusknoir and fly up, Lucario in close use ice punch” I command

    Flygon grabs the Ghost pokemon and ascends high into the sky. While Lucario speeds in towards the lumbering Grass pokemon and strikes it hard with Ice Punch. The green pokemon stumbles back

    “Grab it with Vine Whip” Brett calls

    “Use Thunderbolt” Gordy shouts to his Pokemon

    They both oblige with the Thunderbolt doing nothing due to Flygon ground typing however Lucario becomes incapacitated due to its upper arms being grabbed

    “Pull it towards you Lucario, Fly throw it down”

    Flygon stops quickly disorientating the Gripper pokemon and then throws it back down towards the earth quickly surging back down following its path, while Lucario slowly pulls the Tangrowth towards him using the vines like a rope in a match of tug of war

    “Tangrowth use Earthquake” Brett calls

    “Lucario jump, Fly use Flamethrower on Dusknoir when it lands” I shout quickly

    Tangrowth jumps in the air causing huge surges on the ground but Lucario jumps and rolls in the air dodging the attack and landing just before Tangrowth

    “Force Palm” I say as Dusknoir lands and Flygon pummels it with a powerful Flamethrower

    Lucario launches it hands forward and causes a huge blow to Tangrowth whose vines release Lucario as it flies back to where Dusknoir is.

    “Get up the pair of you” The two men shout

    The pair get back to their feet slowly obviously feeling the pain

    “Use Hyper Beam on him and his pokemon!” The men shout in unison

    The two charge up and fire two huge red beams at the group of us, I throw my arms over my face waiting for impact but nothing. I slowly lower my arms and look forward to see Espeon has caught the beams with her psychic abilities. She stands about an inch away from the beam and stares intently at the two men and their pokemon who stunned to the stop

    “Okay Es return to sender, Flygon Dragon Claw on Dusknoir and Lucario Blaze Kick!” I shout

    Espeon raises her head and sends the two red beams flying back towards Tangrowth while Flygon and Lucario smash into Dusknoir. The two fly back in pain, landing just before the two men. They don’t move and neither do their trainers who are stunned and unable to move.

    “Well let’s find out what this things doing then” I retort stepping towards the smoking machine.

    It is bright red in colour and rather hot to the touch. There is a small rumble inside the small circular part that sits atop a triangular prism, with legs protruding down into the ground from each of the points of the triangle. I circle around a few times trying not to disturb it too much hoping that it won’t go off. I take a step back to ponder my thoughts when a purple ball flies straight for me, I notice it at the last second and I’m only just able to avoid it.

    “What the hell do you think you are doing?” A voice shouts from above

    I look to see a woman with long blonde hair riding atop what looks like a Yanmega. A Lilligant and Froslass emerge from the shrubbery near me and look extremely aggravated

    “These two yours?” I ask looking up at the blonde women

    “Yes and you are?” She replies with a menacing voice

    “Talk normally; the gruff voice doesn’t suit you. I’m Ryan and you are?” I shout cockily back to her

    “You don’t need to know” She replies “Brett, Gordy; you let this little pip squeak beat you?” She asks looking at the two men who have now managed to return their fainted Pokemon

    “He’s stronger than he looks” Brett grunts

    “Looks like a mouse, roars like a lion” Gordy adds

    “Rawr” I say miming a swipe like a lion

    She looks at me un-amused

    “Oh smile beautiful, pretty face like that shouldn’t have a frown on it” I shout to her

    “Lilligant use energy ball on this joker, Froslass you use shadow ball” she commands

    I stunned, once again I’m being targeted by some evil person’s pokemon. Again I cover my face ready to take the hit, but again nothing. I hear two small cries; I open my eyes slowly to see an Azurill and Skitty standing between me and the blonde ladies pokemon. I turn around to see Emily stood behind me with piercing look

    “Uhhhhhhhhhhh” I splutter out looking stun at my saviour

    “Hey” Emily says coming to stand beside me

    “Well is this your girlfriend come to save you with a pink cat and a blue puff ball” The blonde women cackles

    “No, I thought I’d destroy you with this guy” Emily says throwing another pokeball

    The ball splits with a white flash and a sinister growl comes from the ball but nothing appears

    “Ha looks like it’s a dud” The woman laughs

    As the insult ends her Froslass is struck done with blinding speed and Lilligant soon follows. The women looks stunned at her pokemon

    “I suggest you leave” Emily shouts at her

    The women growls in discontent and returns her two fainted pokemon

    “You haven’t seen the last of us; you two I’m leaving find your own way back” She say looking down at the two men before turning back to Emily and I

    “Bye children” The blonde women shouts as see speeds away on her Yanmega

    “Wait for us boss!” The two men shouted in unison running after their female mistress

    Emily starts to run after them before I grab her hand to stop her.

    “Leave it, they’re not worth the trouble” I say looking towards the alcove where the men had ran

    She looks at me with concern before signing and returning her Skitty and Azurill to their pokeballs, she then looks around the surrounding area puzzled. I do the same and return Lucario and Flygon while Espeon jumps on my shoulder.

    “Nice one Espeon, you were great” I say scratching her head

    “Alright you can come out now, the bad guys are gone” She shouts to no one in particular.

    “Who the hell are you talking to?” I ask her looking perplexed at her

    Suddenly a looming black fox wolf appears next to her, materialising in a second. Myself and Espeon are taken aback at first by this sudden appearance but I soon realise what it is.

    “Wow a Zoroark, there pretty rare” I say moving forward cautiously.

    “He’s a good guy Zor, so be nice” She says quietly to the Black fox

    It moves forward towards me staring intently at Espeon. She jumps from my shoulder to the ground in front of me staring just as intently as Zoroark.

    “Zor” Emily starts before I interrupt

    “Es let it see” I say calmly lowering myself to knee level behind Espeon

    She nods before closing her eyes, Zoroark does the same. After a few seconds the both open their eyes and smile at each other. Espeon turns and lifts her tail to Zoroark hand almost to shake hands; the Illusion Fox takes it and shakes laughing while it does

    “Anyone wants to tell what just happened that be nice” Emily says looking at the three of us

    “Memory share if I’m not mistaken?” I ask looking at the two Pokemon

    They nod in unison to my answer

    “I thought so” I say with a smile “Essentially Emily, Zoroark and Espeon just shared all their memories with each other, why tell someone about yourself when you can just show them”

    “Uhhhhhh, o-okay” She says to me

    “Thanks by the way” I say moving towards her

    “What?” She answers looking up at me due to me being considerably taller than her

    “You saved me back then, if you hadn’t turned up not really sure what would have happened so thanks” I say

    “I-I-It’s okay” she says giggling a little

    “Do you have a stutter or something” I ask

    “NO” she says punching me in the arm

    “Alright, calm down it was only a joke” I reply

    “Better of been, so what do we do now?” she asks returning Zoroark back to its ball

    “Well back to the mines, wait it out for this thing to blow” I say to her as Espeon jumps back to my shoulder

    “Okay, your friends were there when I left Helioptile” she replied

    After a lengthy walk back to the mines we meet back up with my three friends at the mines.

    “Hey look who’s back” Callum says waving to the two of us

    “Alright, let’s get in here and close the door yeah?” I say walking past the three into the mine

    “Hi” Emily says waving and following after me

    “Come on guys get in here before you get fried” I shout back to the three boys who quickly follow us in

    After we manage to get the steel door closed firmly we convene in the small workers room which was in a little alcove of the mines wall, where I assume the workers would go on their breaks. It had been crudely carved out from the looks of the walls, and its entrance. The room had a dozen chairs stacked on top of each in the left corner of the room; a small coffee table was in the middle of the room placed perpendicular to a very small TV set. In the right corner were a small sink and a tap with running water, the sink was connected to a small counter which had a kettle, coffee machine and a very small refrigerator atop it. There were three small cabinets above the counter hinged to the wall, which contained things like teabags, coffee beans etc. Some wild Pokemon had settled in here seeing it as safer than further down in the mine, from first view I see a pair of Wurmples, a Treecko, a Phanpy, a Bayleef, a Heracross who looked to me like the leader of the group and Helioptile who had seemed to recover from his fever

    “Well this is homely” Tom says grabbing a seat and placing next to the small table

    “Oh that’s it don’t get chairs for anyone else Pinky” Joe says

    “Don’t worry I got it” I say pulling 4 seats from the stack and dragging them over

    I place them all in a semi-circle around the coffee table

    “Thanks” Joe and Callum say taking a seat

    “It’s alright, turn the TV on see if you can find anything out” I say to the three boys

    “Alright” Joe replies picking up the remote and pressing the on button

    With a slow flicker the TV kicks into action, it shows the local news station which is covering the volcanic activities

    “We are pleased to say that the volcano eruption is not due to happen today according to scientists monitoring its activities and its activity has fallen dramatically” The lady on the television reports

    “Strange they don’t think it’s gonna blow now” Tom says leaning forward

    “Yeah and I think I know why” I say looking towards the TV

    “What do you mean?” Callum askes

    “I’ll explain in a minute, first tea?” I say to the three boys

    They all nod to affirm my notion; I turn towards the counter when I spot Emily out of the corner of my eye who is still stood at the door looking nervous. I walk over towards her

    “Emily are you okay?” I ask

    “Huh uh yeah I’m fine” She replies

    “Sure? There not going to bite you know” I retort

    “I know but they’re pretty famous” She replies looking at me with a glum look

    Famous? Us? She must be joking right? I know Callum is pretty well known due to winning the two tournaments but I sure wouldn’t consider any of us famous. People like Lance, Alder and Steven are famous not a couple of kids like us

    “Believe me were not famous Emily, but if you that concerned about talking to them you can help me make the tea” I say trying to look as reassuring as I can

    She nods and moves over towards the counter with me close behind. She flicks the switch on the small kettle and it begins to boil, I grab 5 small mugs from the cabinet above the counter and sink combo along with the tea bags.

    “I got the milk Ryan” Espeon says to me

    I turn to see a medium sized carton floating in the air behind myself and Emily, I quickly grab it out of the air

    “Why thank you Espeon” I say to my companion

    She smiles and brushes up against my legs like common cats do when they’re hungry

    “She something else” Emily says while pouring the boiled water into the 5 mugs

    “Don’t say that, she’s got a big enough head already” I say jokily grabbing a small bag of sugar from the other cabinet
    Espeon whips her tail against my legs as if to say shut up

    Emily smiles “I read somewhere that she was your starter pokemon”

    “Read? Where did you read about me” I ask taken back a bit

    “Magazines, you know young trainers who will be on the grand stage soon, it’s why I said your famous stupid” she says budging me with her hips making me spill some sugar

    “Hey! Watch it, anyway like I said were not famous” I say pouring in Tom’s fourth sugar

    “You’re all pretty successful trainers” she retorts pouring milk into the first mug

    I pull my mug away

    “Oh is the big trainer man scared of a bit of milk” she says waving the carton in my face

    “No but I’m lactose intolerant so I’d prefer to not end up sick thanks” I reply

    “Oh sorry I didn’t know” She says with a concerned face

    “Don’t worry, you were only joking anyway” I say lowering into a crouched position trying to find a tray to carry the mugs on

    “Ah here we go, this will do nicely” I say pulling out a long blue tray

    Emily places the 5 mugs on the tray I’m holding and we move over to the three other boys with Espeon in tow behind. I place the tray down on the small coffee table, Emily takes the seat furthest away from the other three boys and I take the seat next to her.

    “Sweet thanks guys” Tom says picking up his mug

    “Yeah cheers” Joe says lifting his mug in acknowledgement before taking a sip

    “So why is the volcano not going to blow now Ryan” Callum askes getting straight to the point

    “I’m fine by the way thanks for asking Cal, I’m glad you’re so concerned about my well-being” I say sarcastically while Espeon jumps to me lap

    Emily chuckles at this a little but not too much that it would draw attention to her presence
    Callum just stares at me while the other two chuckle as well

    “By the way guys, this is Emily I found her in the jungle you just chilling even though there was supposed to be a live volcano about to blow” I say gesturing towards Emily “ She’s also the one who ploughed into me in the city earlier”

    “Hi” she says quietly shrieking into herself

    “Hey, sorry about exploding at you earlier” Tom say with an apologetic face

    “It’s fine don’t worry” She’s says with a small smile

    “Can we now get to why the volcano isn’t going boom right now?” Joe askes

    “Oh right, yeah” I say turning back in my seat “Quick question to Callum and Tom, when you were in the Relic did it look at all like it was a bubbling explosion waiting to happen?”

    “No, not really” Callum answers

    “Thought not, you see we found a couple of guys with some wacky machine out in the forest” I say “One of them called it an explosion waiting to happen, then we’d dealt with them a blonde woman showed up and left pretty quickly once Emily’s Zoroark had it’s fun”

    “What was the machine then?” Joe askes sipping from his mug

    “No idea, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they were taking it up into the volcano to make a nice mess” I reply

    “But why?” Emily says abruptly

    I turn to her and say a weak smile “Shits and giggles I guess”

    “Seriously at a time like this that is all you can come up with” Callum says to me sharply

    “Well I don’t see you coming up with any other ideas Mr I’ve won two leagues” I hiss back

    “Alright calm it you two” Joe says jumping in before Callum and I start ranting

    “Sorry” Callum says weakly

    “Same” I reply back

    “Now isn’t that better?” Joe says “Right first off we need to wait till Cameron turns up so we know it’s safe, that thing could still go off for all we know, from there we need to notify Alder of this, he may be able to shed some light on this matter okay guys and girl?”

    We all nod in agreement

    “Good, but until then cards?” he asks pulling the same deck out of his bag that we had used on the boat

    Hope everyone enjoyed, again any feedback good or bad is welcomed
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    Well hello there everyone, been a while hasn't it. Haha i joke but i finally have the next chapter done, sorry it's taken so long getting back to uni has been pretty hectic and then with the release of X and Y my time has been even more preoccupied. But i have finally finished so here we are everyone.

    Chapter 15 Unexpected Attack

    “Two kings, boom” Tom say throwing his cards down onto the table

    “I’m Bust” Callum adds throwing himself back into his seat

    “Same here” I say throwing my 4 cards of 3,7,10 and 2 onto the table too

    “Me too” Joe says looking towards Emily

    “What you got Emily?” I ask looking towards her

    “What’s the A worth?” She inquires looking at me

    “1 or 11” I reply

    “What I can pick?” she asks

    “Yes, what is your other card?” I ponder

    “It has a J on it” She responds

    “What?!!” Tom shouts in shock

    “If you pick 11 you win” I declare to her

    “Really? Okay 11, I win” She says all in quick succession with a happy grin on her face

    “I don’t believe it, I lose again” Tom states in a sad tone, hanging his head in the process

    “Oh come on Tom, it was just a game of cards why you have to be so serious” Joe say gently pushing him

    He turns his head up and gives Joe a stern stare

    “Well if looks could kill, I’d say you’d be dead now Joe” I joke

    Tom turns his attention to me now giving me the same look

    “He looks like his Blastoise, when your Kingler beat it at the Kanto championship Ryan” Callum adds to the mocking

    “Jeez, why have enemies when you have friends like this” Emily retorts in a hushed tone

    “Thank you, finally someone is on my side” Tom expresses

    “Were only joking and he knows it” Callum replies to Emily statement

    “Yeah he makes plenty of jokes at the expense of us three so it’s just karma” Joe adds

    “Plus when he can beat us in battles maybe we’ll stop” I retort

    “Hey I’ve beat Joe” Tom objects

    “Once, plus only official matches count” I reply

    “There’s been what 4 official matches between us 4” He hisses back

    “4?” Emily asks with a perplexed look

    “Kanto championship, we all made it to the semi-finals” Joe starts

    “I battled Joe in the one and made it to the final” Callum adds

    “I beat Tom, then lost to Callum in the final” I continue

    “And Joe beat me in the third place playoff” Tom reveals

    “Oh so like if it was a league table, Callum would be top with two wins, Ryan second with one win but above Joe because he beat him so Joe in third with one win and then Tom bottom with zero wins” Emily declares

    “I’ve never thought of it like that” Joe says

    “How’s it feel at the bottom Tom” I remark

    Callum, Joe and I burst into laughter at this point with Emily finding it hard to keep the giggling in, while Toms head drops again and he sighs loudly

    “Another game?” Joe ask shuffling the cards in his hands

    “You three go ahead, I’m going to see if Helioptile is okay” I say picking Espeon up from my lap and standing

    “Okay” Joe replies dealing out the cards to the others

    I pull away from the table, with Espeon now on my shoulder yawning quietly. I wander over to the small group of pokemon that are sat together trying to occupy themselves. The Wurmples had spun a very small net from it String Shot attack, while Heracross had managed to find an orange ball which was about the size of a football and the group were using these to play a make shift game of volleyball, they seemed to be having fun and it took their minds away from the predicament they were in. I stand just watching them for a while, it’s nice to watch them having fun, after a few minutes Helioptile comes up to me for some reason, I crouch down to come down to his level

    “Hi Helioptile, how you feeling now?” I ask the small yellow pokemon scratching his head at the same time

    “Hel,He” I hums back to me

    “He says he feels much better now” Espeon translates

    “Good I’m glad” I say looking down at him

    “He, Heliop, He” it adds waving its small arms around

    “He says thank you for helping him and can you tell the nice lady thanks for saving me” Espeon translates again

    “It’s no problem and I’ll make sure I do tell her” I say smiling

    He does a little spin and smiles at me before letting out a small sigh

    “Can I ask how you got here Helioptile? Your species isn’t native here so how come you got here”

    “He, he, liop, he, liop” it whimpers

    “He says that he came on a strange car that could drive on water, I think he means boat” Espeon says now standing next to the small reptile

    “He, He, He” it continues waving it small arms around again

    “He says that once he arrived many people chased him so he ran into the jungle” Espeon says looking up at me

    “Why were they chasing you?” I ask him

    He squirms

    “Heli, he” it says in a hushed tone

    Espeon jolts back abit and then continues

    “The people chased him because they wanted to display him”

    “Display? I don’t understand” I say

    “The hunters” I hear from behind

    I turn to see Emily stood just behind me with a concerned look. She pushes past me and picks up Helioptile

    “You poor thing, taken away from your home” She say stroking the little Pokemon

    “Hunters, I don’t get it, am I missing something?” I say as Espeon jumps back to my shoulder

    “Hunters have this machine that turns pokemon to stone; it changes their molecules or something. Obviously someone in Summerland requested a Helioptile to one of these hunters and that’s why Helioptile was brought here” she says in a downbeat tone

    “That’s horrible” I say disgusted at the idea

    “Here!” Emily says thrusting Helioptile towards me

    “Huh? What?” I say in shock at her actions

    “You have to take Helioptile, catch him and make sure he’s safe” Emily continues

    “Ahhh I can’t just take him” I respond

    “Why?” she asks

    “Well Helioptile has to agree to it you know” I answer

    I look down at the small Pokemon in her arms

    “Well how about that little guy, would you like to join my team?” I ask the small retile

    He ponders it for a moment before leaping for Emily arms to the top of my head

    “He He!” I crys out

    “Do I take that as a yes Es?” I ask my partner

    “I would think so Ryan” She replies jumping down to the floor

    “So go ahead, catch him” Emily says

    “I can’t yet” I reply

    “What do you mean?” She asks with a confused look

    “Well I have six Pokemon with me at this moment in time, so if I was to put Helioptile in a pokeball he would be sent back to New Bark Town and to my mother’s house” I say and then some suddenly hits me

    “Ah crap” I say hitting my head with my palm

    “What?” Emily says shocked at my reaction

    I quick walk over to my three friends

    “Did you guys call home to tell your folks where we were going?” I say in a hopeful tone

    “Yeah course” Tom replies

    “First thing I did when I got to Olivine” Joe adds

    “You forgot to call your Mum didn’t you?” Callum questions with a smug face

    I sigh with Helioptile still on my head; Emily sits back in her seat while Espeon has taken occupancy of my seat

    “Es why didn’t you remind me?” I ask turning towards her

    “Hey! Don’t turn this on me, she’s your mother not mine” She replies sticking her tongue out after

    “He He” Helioptile chirps in a delight tone copying exactly what Espeon just did

    “She is going to kill me” I say picking Espeon and taking place back in my seat

    “There is one positive thing though” Callum says

    “And what’s that?” I ask letting Espeon sit back down on my lap

    “From what my Mother told me, she knows we all told our parents” He replies with an even more smug face

    “Even better” I respond slumping in my seat

    They all laugh, including Helioptile and Espeon as well as the other wild pokemon in the room

    A sudden buzz breaks the laughter

    “Hello BZZT can you hear me? BZZT” echoes from Callums belt

    He slowly picks up unclips his walkie-talkie and speaks back but into it

    “Hello, this is Callum, who is this” he calls into the walkie-talkie

    “Oh Callum my boy how are you?” The man voice screeches through the talkie

    “I’m fine, again who is this?” Callum replies

    “Oh sorry my boy, the talkie must make my voice unrecognisable. It’s Samuel” The voice calls back

    “Oh hello, Professor how are you?” Callum say back with a relieved tone, walking off so he can hear exactly what he saying

    “Who is Samuel?” Emily asks leaning over to me

    “Really? You can’t work it out?” I reply to her

    She shakes her head in reply. I sigh leaning forward now with Espeon taking a seat on the coffee table opposite me

    “Professor Samuel Oak, leading Pokemon Professor and also the man who gave all of us our starter Pokemon” I answer rubbing my face with my hands

    “Samuel Oak, like the really famous and world acclaimed Samuel Oak” She says with a stunned face

    “Do you know another?” I reply in a sarcastic tone

    She punches me in the arm again

    “Ow! Physical violence is the lowest form of retaliation” I retort

    “That is so cool, you guys are personal friends of Professor Oak” she says looking all fan girly

    “I wouldn’t call him a personal friend, more of a role model” Tom says sipping from his mug

    “Surely you knew we got are Pokemon from him seeing as were from Pallet Town and all” I say looking towards Emily

    “Yeah I knew that, but I didn’t know he just phones you up at any time now did I?” she replies

    I am spared answering that question due to Callum walking back over

    “Right so the volcano doesn’t look like it’s going to blow, Oak said its safe for us to come out and we are to immediately report to the ranger base” Callum barks in authority

    “Does all of us include me?” Emily asks

    “Uhhh I don’t” Callums starts

    “Yes, we need to tell Oak about what happened in the jungle so I need your point of view too” I say leaning back in my seat

    “Oh, ah okay” Emily stutters in a nervous tone

    “Right, now that’s sorted we better get going” Tom says rising from his seat and stretching

    After opening up the steel doors of the mine and making sure the volcano was actually safe and not going to turn us all to ash; we escorted all the wild Pokemon out of the mine and back into the Jungle. Helioptile waved the group of Pokemon who he’d made friends with, off back into the jungle. Once all the wild Pokemon were all back out of the mine, we shut the huge steel doors so as no accidents could happen and then set off back for the city. The protective dome that was covering the city had now open and reverted back down into the ground for future use. The city was much quieter than it had been before, only a few people were outside walking the city roads. Most of the stalls had disappeared from the streets and only a few stores remained open, it was almost like walking into a new city

    “Why is there no one around?” questions Tom

    “Well if a volcano was about to erupt next to your city, you wouldn’t exactly feel like going shopping would you?” Callum answers

    “Guess not” replies Tom

    “Right, to the ranger base I guess” states Joe walking in the direction of the base; Callum and Tom follow on after him

    “You better go see your parents Emily and tell them about what happened” I say turning to her

    “Well I’ll have to do it by phone, there in Fall City on business” She replies in a hushed tone

    “Are you okay?” I ask putting my hand on her shoulder

    “Huh, yeah I’m fine why?” She responds

    “I just wondered, a lot has happened in such a short time I wonder if it had had an adverse effect on you” I reply walking towards the ranger base

    “You use too many big words” She retorts following on after me

    I chuckle to myself

    “Hey Es” I think hoping my companion isn’t occupied

    “Yes Ryan?” She responds

    “Do me a favor, keep an eye on Emily thoughts make sure she doesn't freak out or anything” I think

    “Of course” She says rubbing her head against my cheek

    “Thank you” I reply walking through the doors of the ranger base

    “Ladies first” I say holding the door open for Emily

    “Uh, thank you” She responds a little flustered by the gesture

    “Quite alright” I answer back

    “She liked that” Espeon whispers into my ear

    “Alright, I don’t need to know everything dear” I retort ruffling her head

    Emily and I then proceed to the same room where Cameron had briefed my friends and I on what we were to do at the jungle relic
    Sat on the sofa were my three friends all looking rather peculiar for some reason, on the chair opposite sat Cameron who looked rather deflated. Across the room at a video phone sat Professor Oak, he seemed to be in deep conversation with someone.

    “Okay, well keep me posted” He says in a down trodden tone, slowly putting the phone down. He turn in his chair and sits in silence holding his hand in a prayer like position to his mouth

    “Okay, what’s happened” I say looking at my friends

    My voice ripples through the air like when a stone hits the water of a lake, none of the boys look towards me. Joe sits with Zorua on his lap just staring down at the young fox, Callum sit with his head in hands and Tom has his phone up to his ear trying to listen to something.

    “Well, then I guess you’ll have to tell me Professor” I say looking towards my elder

    He gulps and then in a hushed tone starts to speak

    “The legendary birds are attacking, we don’t know why. They are destroying Kanto.” He says looking towards me

    “Attacking? Attacking what?” I say confused by the Professors tone

    “Cities Ryan, anything that gets in their way” Callum says perking up from his hunched position

    “Where have they attacked?” I say in a louder tone

    “Celadon, Fuchsia, Lavender, Vermilion have been hit so far. Saffron is their next target we believe” Tom says putting his phone down on the table

    “Right, Professor I need to use that phone” I say darting towards the phone

    “What? What for?” Oak askes jumping from his seat

    “To call people” I say hitting the buttons of the phone

    It dials, RING RING

    “Pick up you idiot” I hiss

    “Hello?” A face appears on the screen of the phone, it’s a man about middle age with a balding head

    “Dad? Are you okay? Where are you?” I say frantically into the phone

    “Wow, I’m fine don’t worry and I’m in Saffron” He says trying to calm me down

    “Right, you need to stay by the phone okay for 5 minutes, I’ll call you right back okay?” I splutter down the phone

    “Okay, why do I need to stay by the phone?” he asks back with a bewildered face

    “I’m getting you some help okay” I say frantically

    “Okay” he says

    “Five minutes and I’ll be back” I say looking for his confirmation

    He nods and hangs the phone up

    “Right, next one” I say pushing more buttons into the phone

    “What are you doing?” Joe says looking towards me

    “Getting them help” I reply


    “Please pick up please” I think to myself

    “Uh, yes I’m here who is it?” Another man is on the other end, this one has brown hair into a sort of quiff with circular glasses

    “Professor, I need your help, I need you to send my Pokemon to my father they are needed in Saffron” I shout down the phone to him

    “Oh Ryan, uh I would be happy to but I would need approval” He says

    “I approve Professor” Oak says standing up behind looking into the webcam

    “Oh Samuel, well that’s fine, but there’s another problem” he says with a quizzed look

    “My mother came and got them, thought she would of, I’m ringing her now and she will be with you A.S.A.P” I call back to Elm

    “Oh ok” he starts but is cut off when I hang the phone up

    “What are you planning then Ryan?” Oak asks me

    “I’m assuming the Gym leaders are heading to Saffron to try and protect it?” Question looking at my Elder

    “Well yes” He responds

    “Well then, my Pokemon can cover are absence until we get there” I respond hitting the buttons once more




    “Oh answer mum answer you stupid” I shout just as she answers

    “Oh charming, doesn’t even tell me he’s leaving and then starts his phone call like that” she starts to lecture

    “Mum there isn’t time, I’m sorry I forgot to ring, I’m sorry I ran off to Summerland, sorry for everything I’ve ever done wrong in my bloody life, but right now there are more important things okay?” I shout to her

    “What’s wrong?” she questions looking towards me

    “First of all, I’m sending you a Pokemon, it’s called Helioptile please make sure he settles in and is safe okay” I say hitting a pokeball against Helioptile who is still stationed atop my head. It flashes and disappears and then reappears on the video screen in a small grey machine

    “Right okay” She says puzzled picking the ball up

    “Second, Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos are attacking Kanto for some reason, I sending Gatr and Ampharos to you, I need you to take them as well as Lickilicky and Donphan to Elm’s lab, he’ll know what to do from there okay?” I splutter down the phone as quickly as I can

    “Ah right, okay I’m going now, whatever your planning on doing stay safe okay” She says grabbing her jacket

    “Also, ring Ceri and tell her to get to Dad’s as quickly as she can” I shout hoping she catches it before I hang up

    I quickly push the buttons of my father’s number into the phone again

    The pickup is almost instantaneous

    “Back again” he answers

    “Right, Elm is going to ring in a few minutes, he will transfer Gatr, Licky, Amp and Donphan to you, I wouldn’t ask this of you Dad but I have no alternative” I say with a desperate tone

    “You need me to use them until you get here” He answers

    “Do not put yourself in danger though, let my guys do the work” I reply trying to be stern

    “You asking me to head on against rouge legendries, yeah no danger there” he replies laughing nervously

    “Ring me once you get me guys” I reply ignoring his past comment

    “Okay son” he replies hanging up the phone

    I stand from the chair take a moment to breathe and then turn to my friends.

    “I hoping you got a flyer out of the box you two” I say directing my speech towards Callum and Tom

    “I have Staraptor” Callum replies

    “I’ve got Fearow too” Tom answers

    “Right, go get ready we have to get to Saffron as quick as we can” I say turning back to the phone

    “And do what Ryan?” Callum ask standing from the sofa

    “What do you mean?” I answer back looking towards my friend

    “What can we realistically do? Were just kids sent out on a stupid mission no one else wanted to do, were not some crack squad” he shouts back to me waving his arms around

    “We are from Pallet Callum, our hometown could be next and I don’t know about you but I’m not exactly going to sit here and listen to the destruction on the tv, yeah maybe we won’t be able to do a lot but we can try. I would never be able to go back there if I knew I could have helped them and I didn’t try too.” I shout back

    “Ryan’s right” Tom says

    “So what do we do then?” Joe ask standing from the sofa

    “We go to Saffron, hope the Gym leaders are holding them off and help as much as we can” I say

    “I’ll join you, I may be old but I’m sure Dragonite can still pack a punch” Oak says climbing from his seat

    “Are you sure Professor?” Callum ask looking worryingly at the old man

    “Of course my boy, I flew here on Dragonite, I’m sure I can make the return trip too” He replies smiling for the first time today


    I dart to the phone

    “Hello” I answer the phone holding it to my face

    “They have arrived” Dad says down the phone

    “Right send them out” I answer back

    My father backs away and throws the four balls releasing my Pokemon. Donphan and Lickilicky emerges and shake vigorously showing they were a bit stiff but Ampharos and Feraligatr are more intense on emergences and stare intently towards the video phones screen.

    “Right, Lickilicky, Donphan I know it’s been a while but I need you to help out okay” I say into the phone

    “Don!” Donphan shouts back flailing his truck and front feet in the air

    “Lickicky!” Lickilicky bellows in a sort of war cry

    “Glad you’re up to it guys, right Gatr I want you to focus on Moltres okay help out whoever is dealing with it, Amp I want you to focus on Articuno, get to Lt. Surge okay he’ll be glad of your help, Donphan I want you to help with Zapdos I’m sure Brock will be around find him and he’ll guide you and finally Dad, Lickilicky”

    “Yes” my Father answers moving into view

    “I want you and Licky to help get people to a safe area, have the designated one yet?” I ask

    “There moving people into Silph Co. building as we speak” He answers

    “Right, go round to houses and make sure they are heading for Silph and help anyone you can, Lickilicky have his back in case things get hairy” I continue

    “Okay son, I’ll do my best” he says back with a smile

    “Stay safe” I say before hanging the phone up

    I turn around to look at the others in the room with me; Tom and Joe are filling their bags with random things in panic, Oak stands talking into a small cell phone, Emily stands still in the doorway looking very somber, while Callum still sits motionless on the small couch

    I move towards Emily first

    “Are you okay?” I ask putting my hand on her shoulder

    “Huh, Uh yeah I think so” She responds jolting back at my touch

    “You need to stay here okay, I know I said you needed to come and speak to the Professor but with these circumstances you really can’t come with us” I reply trying to be as calm

    Emily moves to object my statement but refrains at the last minute; she takes a minute to consider what I had said before calmly saying


    “Go to Fall City, go see your parents or something, and try not to get into trouble again because I won’t be around to save you this time” I say moving my hand away

    She push a small piece of paper towards me, I take it and unravel it. It has her name and what I presume is her phone number

    “You call me when you’re safe” she says looking up at me through her fringe

    “Uh okay sure” I respond

    Just as I finish she thrusts her arms around my pulling me into a tight hug, my arms stay static at my sides shocked at the embrace, after a few seconds I pull my arms up from sides and reciprocate the embrace

    “Nice meeting you Ryan” She says

    “And you Emily” I reply with a smile

    She smiles back before walking out of the room

    “Ready?” I hear from behind

    I turn to see Oak and my three friends all staring intently at me

    “Yeah let’s get going” I say walking out of the same door, Emily had just exited from

    “This is crazy” Callum shouts wind flying past his face “How can three Pokemon cause so much damage”

    We're flying over vast acres of devastated land, just south of Saffron, Vermillion city was a ghost town with many of the roads and buildings being torn to pieces by the power of the legendary birds. Only a few with strong structures still stood upright, rubble lining many of the streets which only hours ago would have been occupied by people and Pokemon. Just as we were flying into the dock of Vermillion, main bright lights could be seen shining up from the sea below, Oak said it was the people of Vermillion who had been evacuated from their houses into boats so to keep them safe as the birds would be less likely to attack people if they were in the sea than if they were on land. I didn’t really understand that idea but I wasn’t exactly focused on it at the time.

    “Right what’s the plan when we get to Saffron” Joe shouts

    “Do what we can” I shout back in reply

    After a few minutes a bright light appears on the horizon, as we get closer smoke ascending from the light is clearly visible off into the distance. The smell of burning is pungent in the air and many noises fill the air. Suddenly three shadows swoop over the city coming from the left; three massive beams fly towards the city shattering the buildings and roads below. The shadows then fly off towards to the right of the city where a barrage of attacks comes up from the city below. Our group flew towards the left city trying to stay out of the newest waves of attacks, as we land were met by gym trainers of various gyms in Kanto.

    “Who’s in charge then?” Oak ask jumping nimbly from his Dragonite

    “That will be me Sam” a voice exclaims from behind the trainers

    A man will spiky blonde hair emerges from the group

    “Ah Surge I thought you would be here” Oak replies

    “I see you brought some more fodder then” He retorts waving his hand towards Tom, Joe, Callum and I

    “Not a nice way to talk about league champions Surge” Oak replies

    Lt Surge now does a retake and recognises who he’s talking too

    “Well I’ll be, you four, god you look so much older” He says with a stunned look

    “Isn’t the time for reunions Surge, do you know where my father is?” I say walking up to the man

    “In the streets somewhere, helping evacuate people” He replies pointing off down a street

    “Right, where are my pokemon?” I ask

    Suddenly from behind him I hear a roar of GATRRRRRR!

    I look past him to see my Feraligatr sending a huge Hydro Cannon up towards a fire on the large building next to the pokemon center

    “Well there’s one, the others Ampharos and Donphan?” He asks in reply

    “Yeah, why?” I respond

    “They are with B company lending them some fire power” He replies

    “B company? This isn’t a war you know Surge” I respond

    “Well it sure looks like one to me” he replies

    “Gatr!” I shout beyond Surge

    The large blue reptile turns towards me and smiles spotting me out of the crowd, he runs towards me in greeting, high fiving Flygon in the process

    “Your with me, we need to find dad” I shout running off down the street Surge had pointed down

    “Wait Ryan!” Surge shouts after me and my pokemon

    “You won’t stop him now, where are we needed?” Oak states

    “There he goes, rushing into action like normal” Callum sighs

    “Wouldn’t have him any other way though would we” Joe answers

    “Hmmph, nope we wouldn’t, right where do you want us?” Tom askes

    “DAD!” I shout looking down as many avenues as I can at once

    “Anything Fly!?” I shout up to my green dragon

    “Fly” It responds shaking it’s head

    “Es, can you sense him anywhere?” I ask Espeon aloud

    “Somewhere towards the west” She responds

    “Okay, come on” I say running off down the street to the south looking for any path towards the west

    We come to a large industrial area which by the looks of things had been hit multiple times; many of the large scaffoldings were alight and looked very shaky. The building the scaffolding had almost enclosed looked in early development, it would have that stable foundations. Suddenly a large part of the upper building starts to fall straight for myself and my three pokemon all of which have no time to attack. As it descends towards us two yellow beams fly towards the debris knocking it away from are spot and off into a distance behind us. By this time I had fallen to the floor in fear of being flattened, I give a huge sigh of relief

    “Well lucky we were here” I hear a feminine voice say off to the left of myself

    I turn but before I see my saviour I’m incapacitated by a large pink tongue and pulled towards a large pink body

    “LICKY LICKY LICKY” My Lickilicky gleefully cries hugging me

    “Hey Licky, I’m happy to see you too big guy” I say embrace the pink pokemon back

    “Since when did you get soppy” The feminine voice says again

    I peer round the corner of my pokemon to see a black hair women stand at a front of a small group of people. She’s short in stature and she has a tanned complexion though that may be due to the soot covering her from the fire

    “Ceri, what are you doing!? I told Dad to make sure you were in Silph Co.” I shout at my older sister

    “I think me and Kingdra can handle ourselves Ryan” She answers placing her hand on her blue dragon who coos in response

    “Still you should be somewhere safe” I respond

    Espeon runs over to Ceri and start brushing against her legs

    “Well at least someone is grateful aye Licky” She says picking Espeon up and stroking her head

    “Oh yeah….. Thanks for saving me” I respond brushing the back of my head with my hand

    “It’s fine, what are you doing anyway, not safe for you to be out here either” she answers placing Espeon back on the ground

    “Looking for Dad” I respond

    “Dad left with another group just before me, I would assume he’s back at Silph co by now, come with us and will see if we can find him” she replies moving past me

    “Alright, hello everyone by the way, the names Ryan, this is my sister I hope she’s been treating you all alright” I announce to the group of people; mostly middle aged families with small children, then my eyes hit upon an older man and women who I assume are a couple. I move towards the, the lady looks fairly frail and is having to walk with a stick

    “Hello, would you care for a lift, I’m sure my friend would be happy to obliged” I say releasing Togekiss from her ball

    “Umm are you quite sure” She quietly breathes

    “Of course, we’re here to help” I say resting my arm on her back

    Togekiss hops forward and turns for the old women to sit on her back. I and her husband then help her into a comfortable position atop Togekiss’s back

    “There you go now you take it easy okay” I say smiling

    “Thank you son” her husband whispers to me

    “No problem sir” I reply patting him on the shoulder

    He smiles before taking his wife’s hand

    “Well then without further ado, shall we get you guys to safety?”

    The families nod to this question. Ceri and I then lead on ahead of the group towards the large tower in the center of Saffron

    “So Ryan, I heard some rumours that you ran off to Summerland” Ceri jokes walking beside me

    “So how badly did Mum moan then?” I question

    “Not too badly actually, I think she was just a little worried more than annoyed” She replies

    I turn my head down

    “And now we’re both out here” She sighs

    “We’re both old enough to look after ourselves” I bark back

    “You’re still a kid Ryan” she replies

    “A kid who travelled alone through two regions and is regional champion of one said region” I answer back

    “You weren’t alone though were you” She sighs

    I turn my head to the ground and ponder this. I always thought i was strong but I guess it’s not really me who is the strong one, it’s just my pokemon that are strong. If it wasn’t for them I would never act how I do, I wouldn’t be half the person I am without my Pokemon.

    “Well here’s Silph” Ceri says pointing down the street

    I look up, groups of people are streaming into the large building which from my eyes seems to have a metallic covering over the outside with a tiny gap at the bottom of the building for people to funnel in through the main doors of the huge building. Outside stands a small group of people and pokemon, I spot my friends in the group.

    “Can you take it from here” I say turning to Ceri

    “Of course, I see if I can find Dad too” She responds

    “Okay” I turn to Togekiss “Once this lady is safely in the building meet me outside okay”

    “Toge” I responds nodding

    “Good girl” I say sprinting of towards my friends, with Feraligatr, Flygon and Espeon in close vicinity behind me. I come to a stop just before my friends as a huge thunderbolt shoots down somewhere on the south of the city.

    “There tearing the city apart” Surge curses

    “Is there any plans on how to subdue them?” Callum asks the blonde haired man

    “We got a big pit on top of the rock tunnel; if we can get them over there then we can enclose them” He replies

    “Pit? Where did that come from?” Tom questions

    “Been there a while it has” He replies wiping his brow

    “Ever since Mewtwo was created” I say stepping towards the group

    “How’d you know that?” Surge splutters

    “Thought it was common knowledge, maybe I should be asking why you know then Surge” I continue

    Surge squirms at this question but the others ignore further probing

    “So you think this pit could hold the birds then?” Joe asks

    “Properly” Surge stammers trying to change the subject as quickly as possible “Has an outer steel casing all the way round the walls and the steel roof can be closed at any time at the flick of a switch”

    “Just need bait then” Tom says turning to the sky

    Suddenly from behind the buildings ahead the legendary bird Articuno rises to the sky just in front of the Silph building. It huge blue body sparkles against the dark night sky, its wingspan is incredible. Its shrill cry pierces the night air like a rock through glass

    “CUNOOOOOOOOO!” It cries as it winds up an ice beam, which is aimed straight at the huge Silph building, the civilians and ourselves.

    Well there it is everyone, once again i hope you all enjoyed the new chapter. Again if you have an suggestions on how i can improve the story just note it down as a reply, don't worry i won't bite
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    Uh hi eveyone, uh so i'm back yay! Here's the next chapter, sorry i've been gone so long (Not that anyone is really reading this haha) Uni work has really been dragging all my time. But i've finished uni for the year so i'll be able to write more yay!. So finally here's chapter 16

    A Reckless Mission

    “CUUUUUUNOOOOOO” The giant bird screeched as it released a huge blue beam down towards the base of the building. The beam whirled and span, speeding straight for the people who had frozen at the sight the beam.

    “Espeon Psychic!” I scream in desperation

    Suddenly the beam is halts and hangs in position stuck in time and motion. I turn to Espeon who has obviously responded to my call, but due to the psychic link I have with her I know that there is little to no chance of her having enough power to stop a huge attack like that from a legendary pokemon no less.

    “Charizard Blast Burn” Joe shouts to his trusty red dragon

    The Red Dragon darts into the sky release a huge inferno of fire towards the large blue bird; it quickly dodges the attack and then flies off into the horizon planning for its next attack

    “Well that could have gone worse” A very feminine voice says

    A youngish woman now walks into the middle of the group, followed by an older looking man. The woman has very short purple hair and green eyes. She wears a purple t-shirt with a pink over coat, she has a small necklace with a pokeball attached to the end of it. The man with her wears a black cloak all around his body guarding his body and clothes underneath, he has medium black spiky hair and piercing black eyes

    “Koga and Sabrina, your timing is impeccable” I say shaking Koga’s hand before pulling Sabrina into an embrace

    “Yes it’s nice to see you too Ryan” Sabrina says returning the embrace reluctantly due to embarrassment

    Koga’s Venomoth, Sabrina’s Espeon and Alakazam now join the group along with Togekiss who greets me warmly

    “Thanks you to you three by the way” I continue returning Togekiss to her ball

    “How do you know we helped?” Koga questions

    “I know Es is strong, but there’s no way she could hold such a powerful attack on her own” I reply

    “How do you know if you never try?” He retorts

    I smile at him, pondering whether I should take that as a compliment

    “Okay if we could stop the pleasantries and get down to how were going to get the birds to rock tunnel?” Callum asks pacing

    After a brief part of silence, I take a step back and look at my pokemon and smile to myself

    “We bait them” I say half under my breath before jumping on Flygons back

    “Whatever you have concocted in that insane little mind of yours Ryan, I’m sure it’s a bad idea, let’s just stop and think” Lt Surge says with a stern voice

    “Shut up” I spit down towards the man

    He balks at this, before Callum begins stepping to the front of the group

    “Ryan, you can’t be hasty in this sort of situation” He says softly

    “I’m not being hasty, why does everyone think I’m an idiot who just rushes in to things. Go to the Rock Tunnel, set up whatever needs to be set up and I will bring the birds now” I reply

    Callum moves to talk before being stop by Sabrina who throws me a small little metallic object

    “Well if you going to do this, we’ll need to keep in touch with you won’t we, it’s an ear piece” She says smoothly before turning around and walking away

    “Wait what?” Tom askes staring at the young Gym leader

    “Well let’s see what he can do, come off to Rock Tunnel you lot” Koga answers him following on after Sabrina

    “Well looks like you’ve got your chance, don’t mess it up” Surge says sternly before running after the other Gym leaders. He stops and turns “By the way here comes Ampharos and Donphan, I’m sure you’ll want to be risking their lives to” while an older man pushes past him and towards our group along with Donphan and Ampharos in close tow behind, they all pause just in front of myself and Flygon

    I breathe as I ready to put my plan into action, before I’m struck by a familiar voice

    “Try not to get yourself killed up there aye lad” A deep voice says coming to the front of the group

    I smile to myself before replying

    “I won’t Granddad” I call back looking at the old man who has taken place next to the Professor

    Before me stood an elderly man, with a balding head, he wears white jumper with the navy collar of his shirt protruding through the neck hole and flatten down over the neck of the jumper, and he has a black belt on it which holds his grey suit trousers up, with 4 pokeballs attached to it. This man was my grandfather David, my mother’s father. Now the thing you need to know about my grandfather was that when he was my age he was already the champion of Kanto and by the time he had retired from training and moved on to being a pokemon historian he had competed in almost every league; winning multiple tournaments, gaining accolades and overall etching his name into history of pokemon battling. Yeah tough act to follow I know, it’s properly the reason I’m the only one out of my family who gone on to be a trainer since, I normally try not to bring it up that he’s my grandfather as it quite easy for comparisons to crop up then and I prefer to avoid them. Though it’s not always a bad thing as whenever I get any problems he always there if I need him seeing as my Dad wasn’t.

    “And you three” he says turning towards my three friends

    “Uh yes sir” Callum stammers

    “Go help those Gym leaders with their preparations your stronger than them even though they don’t believe it, myself and Samuel can handle all these people” he continues

    “Uhh okay sir, don’t do anything to dangerous Ryan” Joe responds before the three run off in the direct that Surge, Sabrina and Koga had gone

    “I’m going to lead three legendary pokemon which could kill me with one attack towards a mountain that supposedly can encase them, yeah I don’t see anything dangerous about that” I think to myself while returning Ampharos and Donphan to their balls respectively

    “Pidgeot out you come” My grandfather shouts throwing one of his four balls into the air

    A majestic bird emerges and calls loudly “PIDGEOTTTTTTTTTTT”

    “Pidgeot, I need you to give some aerial support to Ryan, listen to what he says okay girl?” Grandfather says stroking her back feathers

    “Pidg” it nods in confirmation

    “Well good luck Ryan, by the way let’s try to keep this a secret from your mother” My grandfather laughs

    I stir on Flygons back, try to reassure myself that what I’m about to do, won’t in the end get me killed or worse. I look back towards the Silph Co. entrance, I see small children with their parents being bundled into the temporary safety of the building, the panic on their faces, the worry and fear that strikes all those people. It makes me contemplate the people I know in that building. My grandfather, sister and father all in that building which is the focal point of fear right now but I’m fairly certain all three will be rushing around helping as many people as I can

    I quietly whisper to myself “When darkness takes hold of all those around, a few brave souls emerge and guide them all back to the comfort of the light”

    I smirk before saying “Let’s go Fly” before my party raise into the dark sky above

    “It’s sooooooo cold” Espeon whimpers flinching in the strong wind

    I unzip my coat

    “Come here, I’ll zip you in girl” I say holding my coat open

    She dashes into my stomach and I zip her in with her head poking out the collar

    “Thanks Ryan” she whispers

    I pet her head rather than responding verbal or mentally

    “Ryan, do you actually have a plan for what we’re going to do?” Espeon asks a little nervous

    “No clue, just gonna wing it, ha get it? Wing it, you because we’re flying” I say smiling to myself

    “Were about to fly towards 3 legendries and your making awful puns” she says back with a mixture of nerves and anger

    “Well you never know this may be the last thing we ever do so may as well go out on a high aye?” I reply looking straight forward

    “Ryan I sense them” She says in a concerned tone

    “Where?” I ask back instantly

    “North” She replies

    “The old abandoned Power Plant is just north of here, maybe their hiding there” I ponder

    “Old Power Plant?” Espeon questions me

    “Yeah there used to be a power plant that was between Route 4 and 5 it also connected to Route 7 too, loads of people from Saffron, Cerulean and Vermilion all used to work there, it was built around the time of Silph co. used to power the whole of Kanto and the eastern parts of Johto, it got shut down though due to renewable energy sources being found and well it wasn’t the most ethical place in the world” I answer back

    “What do you mean?” She responds

    “Some of the scientists at the plant were looking for ways to use Pokemon as a fuel source, evolution particles, electric pokemon anything that Pokemon produced they would try to harness it” I say with concern

    “And?” Espeon replies quizzically

    “They succeeded, electric pokemon and fire pokemon were used to created electrical energy, worked a treat. Kept millions with power and well-made Kanto pretty rich. Only problem was the outbursts” I respond

    “Outbursts?” she questions once again

    “You see, at the start there was no power at night, the pokemon got tired and needed to rest so they could well work the next day. But then people got accustom to having electrical goods, more power was needed meaning more stress on the pokemon. Then the extraborlator belt came about” I respond as adjust on Flygons back.

    “What’s that?” Espeon asks as Togekiss and Pidgeot fly in a bit closer to hear what we are saying, with Flygon perking up almost as if he was trying to hear what I was saying

    “The extraborlator belt was sort of like a brace that would allow a Pokemon to release more energy, they were created by Professor Foxton around 40 years ago and the belt would force all the energy of a Pokemon into one area of their body, for instance electric Pokémon’s energy would become concentrated in the electrical sacs of its body allowing them to produce far more electrical energy than they could normally. However even for some of the stronger Pokemon, the life force they had was much more powerful, so in the end the extraborlator belt was designed to extract the life force of pokemon and convert it into energy usable to power the region’s electrical needs” I explain with a sorrow filled voice

    “That’s horrible!” Espeon whimpers

    “What’s worse was they threatened the other Pokemon that if they didn’t produce enough energy the belt would be used on them” I say softly

    Suddenly something clicks in my head

    “I AM SO THICK, TOO MUCH CRAP UP HERE OH I NEED A BIGGER HEAD!” I shout causing Flygon to drop in trajectory due to the shock of my outburst

    “What!? What is it!?” Espeon cries out painfully

    “The belts they make pokemon act strangely and have outbursts all the time” I say before pressing on my ear piece

    “Oi you lot, can you hear me!?” I shout down the small microphone

    “Barley, what is it Ryan?” Says a feminine voice

    “Emily?” I say back perplexed

    “No it’s Sabrina” She replies

    “Oh sorry, you sounded like someone familiar” I respond

    “Oh do I know” She says s******ing “Anyway what is it?”

    “I think I know where the birds are and why they are acting this way, tell everyone they need electric pokemon, I can’t explain now but the guys need to assemble as many electric pokemon at Rock Tunnel as the can” I say quickly down the tiny mic

    “Whatever you say, Surge will be amused I’m sure, over and out” She says quickly before the line cuts to silence

    “Right Es, let’s go bait some legendries shall we?” I say with a slight tone of arrogance

    “You may not have to wait long” She says moving up onto the highest point of Flygons neck, the dark clouds look even more monstrous when compared to Espeon’s light purple skin

    “You can sense them?” I ask in a hushed voice motioning Pidgeot and Togekiss to come in closer to Flygon

    “Yeah vaguely, it’s like something is stopping me getting in” She calmly says

    Just as she finishes a huge stream of red hot flames burst through the clouds only just missing Pidgeot who dodges at the last second spinning out over the top of Myself, Flygon and Es, disappearing into the clouds below on her descent

    I pull in Espeon to my chest before Flygon drops almost vertically downwards below the clouds after Pidgeot. We quickly descend through the clouds too, to see Pidgeot launching a powerful Hyper Beam towards the large red bird that is Moltres, it wing flaming red lighting up the dark sky, the only reason we had not spotted it before was due to it being cloaked by the veil of clouds that were thick above us.

    “Where are the other two?” I shout looking all around to see if the other birds we in the vicinity

    A massive gust of wind blows from behind Flygon, He turns and allows us to see the legendary bird Zapdos descend down from the clouds above, crackles of electricity surface on its wings every so often, it wings span double its body height. My breaths becomes stuttered as I nervously stare at the bird. Not because I’m daunted by the bird itself, but because of the metal collar that entangles its neck affirms my suspicions that the extraborlator is to blame for these outbursts.

    “Who did this to you Zapdos?” I say shouting through the gust of wind which perpetuate from the large birds wings

    “DOSSSSSSSSSSSS” The bird screeches back at our small group, as Pidgeot fires another Hyper Beam off at Moltres who is now simply dodging the attacks rather than retaliating

    “Any ideas what to said Es?” I say looking down at Espeon who is still inside my jacket

    “It said you” she replies looking up at me cautiously

    “Me?” I say looking up at the massive thunderbird who is now joined by Moltres at its side

    The two birds screech back in reply

    “They say you did this to them and have forsaken Pokemon kind” Espeon says coldly

    So like before leave your comments and feedback in the replies, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks for reading and next chapter will be soon
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    Chapter 17. Drawing your battle line

    “Zapdos I have not done anything to you or your brethren” I shout up at the lightning bird

    “Lies, you have forsaken us and we shall take your kind with us” He says after consulting Espeon for translation

    “Forsaken? What do you mean?” I shout back

    The electric bird rears its head back in anger before releasing a large bolt of electricity towards us

    “Togekiss block it with Extrasensory” I shout

    The white bird spins to the front of us before propelling a multi-coloured beam of psychic energy towards the bolt, they collide in the air. Residual energy from both the attacks fly off in all directions

    Both pokemon flinch after almost trying to recover from the power of the others attack

    “You disgust me, you side you selves with the humans, you nothing more than pets barking at the whim of your masters command” Zapdos snarls at my party

    “ENOUGH!” Espeon says sending a flurry of Shadow Balls towards the legendary pokemon, which it skilfully and nimbly dodges

    Zapdos stares down at the small purple cat as she moves to atop Flygons head with some delicate jumps

    “Come” The large bird says before gently gliding down below the cloud line followed closely by Moltres

    Flygon rears its head back to me to look for guidance on what to do, I nod to affirm that he should follow after it

    He slowly descends after the legendary pokemon, while being closely followed by Togekiss and Pidgeot.

    The valley below is so narrow that the legendary birds cannot fly in between the two ridges, so they ominously fly above us as we fly towards our unknown destination, I look at our surroundings, be it dark you can still make out large rocks at the bottom of the valley as well as huge crevices that are in the sides of the cliff faces, the occasional small tree (Normally slowly burning or blackened from fire) is visible. Small pockets of ice can also be seen plastered to the sides of the valley

    “One hell of a fight happened here from the looks of things” Flygon whispers as translated by Espeon

    “Ryan, do you think they want to hurt us?” Togekiss murmurs in a frightened tone

    “Don’t worry, I won’t let anything bad happen to you, you can go back in your ball if you like” I reply stroking the young Pokémon’s back

    “No, I’ll be brave” it says in the same tone but nodding affirmably to me

    “Okay” I say nodding

    As I finish the valley starts to widen and Espeon says “He’s says we will arrive soon”

    The valley opens up into a large open, there is a small lake in the far right of the opening which appears to go very deep and looks to be home to multiple water Pokemon from the looks of things, the middle of the populated by a fairly dense berry forest, which seems to have an opening in the center of it

    “What is this?” I say shouting up to Zapdos

    “This is the Berry Sanctuary” a small quiet voice says

    Two women emerge from the dense forest, holding baskets full of assorted berries

    “Okay, nice too meet you, I’m Ryan. May I ask who you are” I say moving towards the two women

    “We are the Goddesses Anthea and Concordia, we protect the Pokemon of this earth from heartless humans who seek to cause them pain” The one girl with blonde hair, while the other with pink hair stands behind her nodding affirmably

    “Well I guess I should be honoured but I don’t believe in Gods so I’m not that overwhelmed” I snap back at them
    Zapdos electricity stirs

    “Watch your tongue boy” he snarls

    “But what I do know is” I say ignoring what Zapdos had said “from my reputable source (A.k.a Joe) Team Plasma had two girls in their organization going by the names of Anthea and Concordia, now this may just be a coincidence or you are those two girls” I say looking towards the girls

    They stay very silent and their head fall to stare at the floor

    “Thought so” I say moving pass them

    “Well then Zapdos what else do you want to show me” I say turning the bird walking backwards into the forest

    “Have you brought him to see the little ones?” The pink hair girl askes who if I remember correctly is Anthea

    “Yes” The great yellow bird nods

    “They have weakened” Concordia says with a saddened voice

    “This will show the boy his kinds wrong doing” Zapdos growls

    I ignore him and continue you too walk toward the opening, it’s a short walk and it opens out into a massive clearing, bits of trees and rocks all over the surrounding ground. The middle has a small campfire of sorts, which is surrounded by many groups of differing Pokemon ranging from Marowak’s to Cherubi’s.

    A Growlithe darts out in front of myself trying to defend its group by growling and baring its teeth. Espeon jumps down from my shoulder to defend myself, Togekiss, Pidgeot and Flygon.

    “Don’t worry” I say walking past Espeon and crouching before the small dog

    “Come check me out, I won’t harm you or your friends don’t worry” I say holding my arms out wide trying to show my whole body to the young pup

    He scurries up to myself and sniffs all around my person before returning to his pack and allowing me into the circle of pokemon. In the centre of the group is a blanket, which is occupied by two very small pokemon, one which is a blue frog like Pokemon while the other is a small dark yellow mouse with a white belly

    I walk up to the two Pokemon who are led down adjacent to each other

    “These are the two I was referring to earlier, young one” Anthea says walking up behind me with her sister in tow

    “I’ve never seen these kind of Pokemon before in my life, what are they?” I ask looking up at the two girls

    “The blue one is called Froakie and is the standard water starter for trainers in the Kalos region and the other is called Dedenne which is also from the Kalos region and is Electric/Fairy type” Concordia answers

    I put my hand on both of the small Pokemon head

    “They’ve got a horrible fever, we need to bring that down. You said Water for Froakie and Electric/Fairy for Dedenne yes?” I ask dropping my bag to the floor

    “Yes” Anthea answers

    “Right, Espeon can you get those assorted medicines out of the bag” I say turning to the basket of berries which the women have collected “Lum and Sitrus should help bring their energy back up and cure any status affects they may be suffering”

    I place the berries into to pestles and add the medicine that each Pokemon requires before crushing it into a pasty form before feeding it to the two Pokemon

    “This damage was done by your kind” Zapdos snarls at me “The men in the dark came and beat the young ones until me and my brothers allowed them to put the belts on me. The strong ones lived and these weak ones shall die”

    “Well not if I can help it they won’t” I shout back

    “You cannot defy nature boy, these two are weak and sickly. They will perish and it will strengthen the pokemon race” He growls back in response

    “Are you listening to yourself right now?!” I shout back once again standing

    “These Pokemon are gravely sick and all the great legendary Zapdos can do is stand by and sneer them as they suffer. You talk of me as the same as Team Plasma who I assume is the cause of this, but I think
    you are more like them than I” I continue

    “Don’t compare me too those filthy humans” He bellows electricity crackling on his wings as he widens them

    “Well who’s the one saying that these pokemon deserve to die; you while the filthy human tries to save their lives” I shout up at the bird

    He stays silent and ponders this

    “Furthermore who’s the one who allowed Goddesses “I say with air quotes “Who have already once aligned themselves with Team Plasma, who’s to say these two didn’t give them a tip off to your whereabouts and help them plot your capture”

    As I finish the two girls head fall and one of them begins to weep slightly As soon as I hear the tears I turn to them.

    “No, I’m sorry I wasn’t accusing you of that not at all” I say

    “But it’s true” Anthea mumbles out through tears

    “WHAT!!!” the bird screeches “You led them here! Look at the damage you have caused”

    “Please Lord Zapdos, forgive us they have our brother captive” Concordia says as the two girl drop to their knees begging “They said if we helped them capture you, N would be returned to us”

    “So you thought you would allow them to destroy me, in an attempt to get back your pitiful brother. Give me one reason why I shouldn’t destroy you both right here like you planned to me” He hisses charging the electricity in his body

    “Because I won’t let you” I say moving between the great bird and the two girls, along with Flygon and Espeon

    “Why do you protect these people? From what you have said you despise all that they stand for” He says while the charging begins to stop in his body

    “They do not stand for what Plasma do, they are simply a pawn who have been blackmailed into doing their bidding. I understand your anger Zapdos as well as your brother’s rage, but you cannot punish all of humans for what a small fraction have done. Plasma will be stopped mark my words and with the cooperation of you and your brothers they can be stopped ever so much quicker by the good people.” I say

    The large bird ponders for a moment

    “The words you speak, I can tell they are meaningful young one” he replies

    “You have enlightened me to the fact that not all trainers are bad and the way you look after not only your own Pokemon but those in danger and in need of help. Even I had passed beyond the realm of caring for these two but under your care their symptoms seem to be improving” He says before turning his head to the girls

    “For you two, I forgive you. If I was in the same position I would have done the same thing and I pray that you find your brother in a safe manner”

    “Thank you Lord Zapdos” they say in unison rising to their feet

    They step back and move towards the group of pokemon handing out berries relived with the outcome of the situation

    “I have one more favour to ask you young man” the bird say moving to hover over the two injured Pokemon “I want you to take these two with you, now they have been touch by a human I feel their families will no longer take them back, the pokemon of this area are still scarred by the actions of other long ago” He continues supposedly referring to the work of the scientists and the extraborlator belts

    “Understood, where will you go now?” I ask the large bird as Articuno and Moltres fly over top and perch themselves on parallel cliff faces

    “We will go into hiding, who knows the evil men could return with stronger machines which we may not be able to repel, we will go to one of the islands, understand I cannot tell you where we will go” he says

    “I understand” I say “Well stay safe and don’t worry we will tackle the problem of Team Plasma”

    “So you just let them leave, after all the damage they have done to our towns and cities!!!!” Surge shouts as I land back in front of the Silph building, carrying my two new Pokemon in my arms

    “They were scared Surge, attacked in their natural habitat” I say returning my weary group of Pokemon still holding Froakie and Dedenne

    “Did they say who attacked them?” Sabrina asks taking the white earpiece from my hand

    “Men in dark apparently, I can only guess it was Plasma again” I reply

    “They have destroyed our cities” Surge shouts in a rage

    “Yeah and if I had brought them to the trap we were setting up, it would of only escalated the problem further” I shout back

    He stays silent

    “Look, I know you are mourning losses tonight Surge but Zapdos and the others are protectors of the Pokemon of this region, when they feel attacked they will rebel. They understand now that we had nothing to do with their attack, if I had brought them and trapped them it would of gone back on everything I had said to convince them we were the good guys” I say trying to convince him

    “He’s right you know” Koga says putting his hand on Surges shoulder

    He nods and walks away from the building into the distance

    “Sorry I didn’t mean to shout at him” I say cautiously

    “He’ll be fine, he’s seen a lot in his life, this whole event probably brought back bad memories” Sabrina says “We’ll go after him, make sure he’s okay, you get inside I’m sure your friends and family will be glad
    to see that you are okay

    “Okay, thanks guys” I say before the two of them take off after Surge

    I sigh loudly before walking into the building with Pidgeot and Espeon in close tow behind

    I first walk up to Nurse Joy who has made a temporary healing station at the Silph front desk, I give her the two Pokemon before taking a form and signing it saying the Pokemon belonged to me. I thank her and ask if she needs any help, she rebuffs my offer saying that she has it under control.

    I move away from the desk and exhale trying to calm myself before a hand hits my shoulder

    “Back in one piece I see” Says a low voice

    I turn to see my Grandfather, with Pidgeot now at his side

    “I hoping she was a help” he says looking down at his flying type

    “Yeah she was, still as good a flyer as any” I reply

    “Good, no injuries to yourself our your party I hope” He asks picking up Espeon and stroking her head

    “No, but I think I have managed to acquire two new guys, a Froakie and Dedenne were hurt during the melee Zapdos intrusted me with them as he didn’t think they could return to their packs” I say looking over at Joy who was examining a Raticate with broken front teeth

    “Kalos Pokemon, that’s rare for here in Kanto” I replies sitting on the small bench

    I take a seat next to him “That’s’ what I thought, the group they were with seemed a bit of a rag-tag bunch too, I think they may have been imported and escaped from their trainers”

    “Most likely, being touch by a human would be much more of a problem then, less accepted by the group if they smell of human”

    “Granddad, do you remember the stories at the extraborlator belts?” I ask letting Espeon perch on my lap

    “Yes, evil things created by evil men why do you ask?” He ponders

    “I’m pretty sure the reason the birds attacked, was because Team Plasma tried to take control of them with an upgraded version of the belts” I say worryingly, rubbing my face after to wake myself up

    “That is very worrying, you will need to tell someone, Samuel said Alder and Steven were flying in tomorrow for an emergency meeting, perhaps you should tell them?” he said putting his arm on my back

    “I will, I’ll go find Professor now” I reply standing up

    “Leave it for tonight son, you can talk to him in the morning, you’ve done a lot tonight see your Friends and I’m sure Ceri would like to see you” he say catching my arm

    “Yeah, how is Nan? Have you rung to see how she is?” I ask taking a seat again

    “Oh she is fine, told me I needed to get here to lend a hand” He replies leaning back in his seat

    I laugh

    “She had Ninetales and Gyrados to protect her so I’m sure she is fine, plus out near Pewter it’s pretty secluded” He continues

    “Yeah, I’ll give Ceri a call and ask her to come down” I say

    He nods to my suggestion

    I pull out my phone of my jeans pocket to find it already vibrating

    The screen is lit up and in bright black words it reads “MUM I.C.E”

    “Well that can’t be good” I say rejecting the call

    “You are going to regret that” My granddad says chuckling to himself

    I laugh before clicking on Ceri’s name in my phone

    It rings a couple of times before she answers

    “Hello?” she says

    “Hi Ceri, it’s me” I reply cheerfully

    “What in Arceus’s name were you thinking?” she shouts

    “Oh I’m guessing you saw then” I say laughing nervously

    “The whole of bloody Kanto saw, if not the world” She shouts back in reply

    “What do you mean?” I ask confused

    “The news filmed you flying off on Flygon, before being closely followed by Moltres and Zapdos, then Professor Oak appears explaining that it was you going off to reason with the birds” she explains

    “Thanks Samuel, really put me in it there, I guess that’s why Mum has called me 7 times” I say back “Me and Granddad are at the front desk if you are able to come down

    “Yeah, I can see you” she replies

    I look up to see her across the room, Meganium and Kingdra following close behind her

    She approaches and sits between us, before smacking me across the back of the head

    “Ow” I shout

    “Idiot” she says with my Granddad laughing behind her

    “You could have got yourself killed” She say furiously

    “Yes but I didn’t did I?” I reply sarcastically

    “Not yet” she says smiling looking in front of her

    My stomach turns as a small yellow Pokemon jumps into my arms

    “Helioptile” I say with joy “how are you little guy”

    Suddenly it clicks in my head, I look up to see a short stature women with black hair and a red face obviously from the cold air outside

    I stand still holding Helioptile

    “Oh, hey Mum did you see I was on TV?” I ask nervously before being whacked around the head

    “What the hell were you thinking!!” She shouts causing many people to look

    “Uhh not a lot really” I answer before being smacked again to the amusement of my sister and Granddad

    “And you” she says moving in front of my Granddad “I saw you talking to him before he left, didn’t you think it would be a good idea to I don’t know try and stop him!” she shouts

    “And it’s lovely to see you too Paula” He says hugging her “To answer your question, it was Ryan’s choice to risk himself and I think we should focus more on the fact that he and Ceri have saved multiple people this night rather than the fact that he is an idiot” he says releasing her and sitting back down

    My mother looks at both me and my Sister who is now stood beside me before pulling us before into an embrace with her eyes tearing up

    “Honestly Mum, you do cry at anything” Ceri says

    “You’re also kind of squishing Helioptile” I say still holding the small Lizard Pokemon in my arms

    She releases after that and sits down to composes herself

    “I’m fine really and I know what I did was stupid but I couldn’t ask anyone else to risk their lives now could I, plus I had Es, Togekiss, and Fly out at all times plus Donphan, Gatr and Amp in their balls ready to come out and protect us, so I was never in any real danger

    “I know Ryan, but it was still reckless” She replies wiping her eyes

    “So was it for you to fly out on Tropius, but you still did it” I reply

    “I suppose you are right, but promise me next time you will at least ring before doing something stupid?” She askes

    “I promise” I say

    She nods before turning to talk to my Granddad about how he is and her mother my Nan

    I turn and exhale loudly again placing Helioptile on the floor, I stand with my eyes close stretching out my tired body. I spot my friends all coming down out of the elevator, I shout and wave them to come over and they do all embracing me as they pass. I turn to look at them once Joe has past, but out of the corner of my eye a spot a familiar face.

    Emily was stood in the middle of the hall alone looking around rather sheepishly

    Well i hope you enjoyed chapter 17 anyone who has read this, over the next few days i was be going through my past chaptars and correcting any grammatical mistakes as i have re-proof read them all and there are quite a few. Also now that i have finished university for this year i'm looking to have a chapter out every mouth untill January when exams start back up again so i do hope you will look forward to that. Any feedback is welcome and i hope you enjoy the read
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    Chapter 18, A gift from a friend

    I walk up and tap Emily on the shoulder who turns rather sharpish, she has a worried expression on her face before wrapping her arms around me

    “Uh hi, uh what are you doing here?” I say stunned at her reaction Helioptile now atop my head and Espeon by my side

    She stops embracing me and then slaps me across the face causing Helioptile to fall from my head, I hear the faint laughter of my Grandfather in the background

    “Okay, is it slap Ryan day today?!” I shout loudly alerting most of the surrounding people in the hall, Helioptile jumping back to my shoulder

    “It is when you act like a total and complete idiot!” She shouts back

    “Right, perhaps we should take this outside maybe, so I don’t the whole of Kanto can hear you” I shout grabbing her arm and pulling her out the big doors

    I pull her into the open street

    “Why the hell are you so angry?!” I shout at her

    She punches me in the arm

    “Again, violence is the lowest form of retaliation” I shout

    She then embraces me again

    “Okay, do you have god damn bi-polar or something?!” I shout while some clean-up workers walk past. She then releases me from her grip and then takes Helioptile from my shoulder

    “You could have got yourself killed” she spits back at me stroking Helioptiles head who is clearly loving the TLC

    “Oh not another one” I say sigh exasperated

    “What about poor Helioptile?” She says thrusting the small lizard towards my face “What would have happened to him if you had gotten yourself hurt?”

    “He was with my Mum, he would have been fine” I say before Helioptile friendly licks my face which makes me stagger back

    “Anyway, I had my best guys with me, I never would of got hurt” I say trying to explain my reasoning

    “Yeah they would be help to you when you were being fried by Zapdos’s thunder” She says under her breath

    “I had to do something Emily, I could just let Kanto burn” I glaring into her eyes

    “But was the best idea really to confront them head on, by yourself” She says back her eyes welling up

    “Are you crying?” I ask moving towards her

    She pushes me away

    “YOU COULD HAVE DIED!” She screams at me

    I look up at the wreckage caused by the legendary birds and think back to the people I saw running scared through the city during the attacks. I then look down to Espeon and Helioptile and think about what may have happened to them if I had of perished. I smile to myself before saying

    “I would rather die a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life. If you gave me the choice to do what I did again I would, I will always choose the lives of the masses over myself. I would prefer I perish trying to save my home, than watch it burn cowering in the corner.”

    We stand in silence for a few seconds, me just staring down at the ground before Emily breaks the silence

    “You remind me of my dad” She says with a laugh

    “Talking of your parents, I pretty sure I specifically told you to go to them in Fall City” I reply

    “I did and then I came straight here after” She says quickly

    “So, your parents just let you fly into what is essentially a war zone, anyway how did you get here, there is no planes?” I ask pondering

    “My Altaria” she replies

    I slump down “I think the first question was more important if I’m honest”

    “Maybe we should go back inside?” She asks trying to change the subject

    “Look, you’ve just berated me for risking my life, I think I’m allowed the answer to this question; so I’ll ask again, why did you parents allow you to come here” I say to her sternly

    “They can’t tell me what to do, anyway there always in Fall City” She replies

    “So I’m assuming there some petty argument between at the moment?” I reply jokingly

    “No, they are dead” She says with a blank expression

    I just stare at her for a bit “Excuse me?”

    “They died a few months ago in a car accident, I’m was their only child so I got left everything” She continues

    “So you’ve been on your own all this time?” I ask

    “No, I had my Pokemon” she says releasing her six Pokemon, Azurill and Skitty bound up to Helioptile who they had been equated with before in Summerland jungle, her Zoroak, Ditto and Altaria stretch out to get rid of stiffness, while a green humanoid flower stands next to Emily, staring towards myself

    “Hello, I haven’t met you before” I say moving towards it

    It cowers behind Emily so I back off

    “This is Lilligant, she’s quite nervous of new people” Emily replies

    “Okay, well it’s lovely to meet you” I say smiling

    She nods as Emily returns her to her ball

    “How many months?” I ask changing the subject back

    “8” she replies quickly “Look I don’t really want to talk about it, my parents were pretty well off I have two house with no payments to be made on either, I can get myself a job as a Pokemon carer so I don’t need help, ”

    “I didn’t say you did” I reply

    She goes to object before Callum comes to the door of building

    “They are letting most people return to their homes now, Professor Oak wants to talk to us before we leave” He says

    “Okay, give me five minutes” I say to him

    “Sure, I and the other two are going to go on up, conference room D floor 5 okay?” he replies

    “Okay, see you up there” I nod as he strolls back into the room

    “Right you with me” I say turning to Emily and grabbing her arm who had just finished returning her Pokemon except Azurill who was now perched on her shoulder

    “Where are we going?” She say perplexed as I pull her through the doors

    I pull her all the way across the hall, till we are in front of my Mother, Sister and Grandfather

    “Where are you guys staying tonight?” I ask releasing Emily from my grip

    “Well Mum and I are going back to my apartment, Granddad is going to be staying with Professor Oak, once you are done discussing things with him, why do you ask?” Ceri replies

    “Great, Emily this is my mum Paula and my sister Ceri, they will be you chaperones tonight and I will see you in the morning” I say running off after finishing

    “What?!” Ceri and Emily say at the same time

    By this time Espeon, Helioptile and I are already in the elevator on our way to the fifth floor

    “I could kill him sometimes” Ceri say under her breath

    “Me too” Emily replies giggling slightly

    “Oh” Ceri say happily “I think I’ll like this one”

    “Sorry about that” I say walking into the conference room

    The clock on the wall shows the time of 10:45 pm, Oak is sat on the desk at the front of the room with my three friends just before him, Callum stood with Joe and Tom sat in chairs. Behind Oak is a huge whiteboard, a projector hangs out of the celling, there are three large windows that look out over the city and the route to the south of Saffron.

    “Take a seat” Oak says gesturing to the seat next to Joe

    “I’m fine, I’ll stand” I say taking a position behind Tom and Joe

    “Okay” He says getting up from the desk “Well first of all I should say thank you, your actions both here and in Summerland has kept many people and pokemon safe”

    We all stay silent not knowing what to say

    “Modest as well” He says chuckling “Well, I have decided that you four deserve a gift” He continues picking up a small grey tray similar to the ones that had held our starter Pokemon all those years ago

    The tray has four small black like bands which held 4 small round multi coloured almost glass looking stones inside of them

    “What are they?” Tom askes standing up from his chair

    “They’re mega rings, if I’m not mistaken?” Callums askes aloud

    “Very astute Callum, yes these are mega rings” Oak replies

    “What do they do?” Joe says picking one up as the tray is thrusted in front of him by Oak

    “They will allow you to unlock a new level of power for some of your Pokemon” Oak replies allowing myself, Callum and Tom to pick up our bands

    “In order to Mega Evolve, the Pokémon must be holding the appropriate Mega Stone and its Trainer must have a Key Stone. Professor Sycamore from the Kalos region has theorized that even with the Mega Stone and the respective item to resonate with the stone, Mega Evolution cannot be achieved if there is not a strong bond between Trainer and Pokémon. In addition to far greater strength, Mega-Evolved Pokémon may also see their Ability change, or even their type, also when a Pokemon mega evolves their appearance will also change for the period of their mega evolution.” Oak continues saying as we adjust to our new accessory

    “So what Pokemon are applicable with this?” I ask Espeon sniffing my new band

    “Well all the starter Pokemon except for Espeon have the ability to Mega evolve” He answers

    “Great” I say rolling my eyes before Espeon smacks my legs with her tail

    Oak smiles “However Ryan does possess the most Pokemon with the ability to mega evolve with four, whereas the rest of you only possess one”

    “There you go, you can have 4 megas in one battle and by the sounds of it you will wreck your opponents

    “Actually, you can only use one mega per battle as part of regulations rule agreed upon by the league associations” Oak answers taking a seat back down on the desk

    “Well there goes that idea then” Callum says laughing

    “So can we just send them out now and use them then?” Tom askes

    “No, you need something called a mega stone for your Pokemon to be able to take on the transformation, these stones are extremely rare and will take much scouring to do, however as the professor of Kanto I do have the megas stones for Charizard, Blastoise and Venasaur” He says pulling four stones out of his pocket

    “Charizard has two mega stones so you will get two Joe, while the others only have one” He continues handing the stones to my three friends

    “Sorry Ryan” Callum says reassuringly to me

    “It’s fine, it will just give you guys chance to catch up to me” I say with a smile

    “Actually Ryan, I was going to suggest you visit someone who I know for sure has at least one of the mega stones applicable with your Heracross” Oak say moving in front of me

    “Really? Who would that be?” I ask inquisitively

    “Professor Spencer Hale” He replies

    “Oh Uncle Spencer, I haven’t seen him in ages I will have to pay him a visit then” I reply

    Professor Spencer Hale, wasn’t actually my uncle but my godfather like how my mother was his daughter Molly’s godmother. My Mother and Spencer had study together at the University of Pewter where Professor Oak had taught for so long, they both had studied origins and history of the Pokemon world and had become good friends over their four years of study.

    Oak smiles at me before petting Espeon

    “You have a few days before you will be needed back here, so perhaps you can visit him in that time” He says calmly

    “What do you mean Professor? Needed?” Callum question putting the newly acquired Venasaurite in his bag

    “On Monday representatives of all the leagues on the current federation will be meeting in Saffron to discuss the situation at hand, as you three were witnesses to the problems especially Ryan, you will all need to be present at these meetings” He answers

    “Okay, so what do we do for the week?” Tom askes

    “Relax, go see your family, perhaps try out you newly gained power it will take some getting used to” He responds

    “Well, I’ll properly go see my grandparents and get some training in with Blatoise” Tom says looking to the rest of us

    “Hmmm I guess I’ll head back home for now and travel back on Sunday, what about you Joe?” Callum askes

    “I’ll do the same, we can go back on the train to Pallet together with Tom who needs to go to Viridian I guess” He replies

    “Sounds like a plan, what about you Ryan?” Callum says calmly before turning to me

    “Depends, I think my Mother and Sister are going to stay with my Grandparents for a bit so I’ll properly head there and transfer all my Pokemon there for the time being. I’ll then see if I can head up to see Spencer about that mega stone” I reply “I guess I’ll have to take Emily with me too”

    “Why?” Tom askes

    “Has some taken a liking to her?” Callum says all googly eyed

    “No, she has no one else and Plasma has seen her face which means she is as in much danger as we are” I respond sharply

    “Alright, it was only a joke” He spits back

    “Alright you lot we’d best get some sleep” Joe says trying to stop a fight

    “Yes you should, go on I just need to speak to Ryan about something else” Oak says

    “Okay, uh we’ll see you in the morning Ryan” Tom says as my three friends get up from their respective perches and walk out the door

    A few seconds pass before Professor Oak hands me a small laminate piece of paper

    “What is this?” I say looking down at the paper before Espeon gives it a sniff

    “Special dispensation from myself that allows you to carry up to ten Pokemon” He replies

    “Why though?” I ask looking up at the old man

    “That Dedenne and Froakie you have required will need to with you at all times for a while and I think having your other new acquisition (Helioptile) in your party would help so I’m allowing you to have a full team as well as those three” He responds with a smile on his face

    “Thank you Professor, I was worrying about what to do with them. I didn’t really want to leave them with my other guys back at my grandparents in case they’re seen as outcasts” I say shaking the hand of the Professor

    “You are more than welcome, my boy now go on you better go find a place to stay at the Pokemon center” He chuckles

    “Okay, I’ll tell Spencer that you said hi” I respond walking out the door

    “All healed up and ready to travel with you” The nurse says with a smile, pushing out a small cart with Froakie and Dedenne on it

    “Thank you Nurse, is it okay if you give us a few minutes?” I ask

    “Of course, just tell Chansey when you are done with the cart and she will take it from you” She says smiling before walking over to two boys who have managed to get a Voltorb stuck inside a Weepinbell’s mouth

    I release Helioptile from his ball and the short yellow lizard appears on the table next to Dedenne. The two share electrical jolts to allow them to communicate and seem to get along, while Espeon descends from my shoulder and sticks her tail out as a way to shake hands with Froakie, the small blue frog takes it and laughs nervously as it does so

    “Hello, I’m Ryan. I don’t know if you remember but I gave you that medicine back at the sanctuary that made you feel better” I say crouching down to eye level with the two Pokemon

    They both nod and cry out in thanks

    “I glad you are feeling a lot better now, but I need to ask you two something” I say a little hesitant

    They both look a little scared at my notion but I’m quick to dispel any fear of wrong doing on their part

    “You aren’t in trouble don’t worry, I was just going to say that Zapdos asked me if I would take you two into my care as my Pokemon and I was just wondering whether you feel like joining my team, along with Espeon and Helioptile?” I ask the two Pokemon petting and stroking them as I do

    They both look at each other before jumping onto one of my shoulder respectively

    “I think you can take that as a yes” Espeon whispers to me before Helioptile jumps to take a perch atop my head

    I laugh before tapping each of them with their own Poke ball, a few shakes and they are caught. I release them back out and they take perch back upon my shoulders with Espeon walking next to me and Helioptile upon my head. I told Chansey that she was fine to take the cart before retiring to my room for the night after a long day of work.

    So here's the next chapter, i know not much happens but it was more for background on Emily and setting up for the next couple of chapters mainly, already working on the next one which should be up pretty soon. Hope everyone is enjoying the story so far and I will see you guys soon
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    Chapter 19 Reunion

    “So is Emily now like your intern or slave or maid or what now?” Tom askes tipping his fourth pack of sugar into his tea which he had gotten from the train trolley.

    Tom, Emily and I had left for Pewter city at 11 from the Saffron train station, we had said goodbye to Joe and Callum who had head towards Pallet on a train about 30 minutes before our train. My Mother, Sister and Grandfather had left for my Grandfather and Grandmothers house about 10 by car but I decided to go on the train so I could say bye to Callum and Joe properly. Plus it would have been rather cramped in my Mothers small car with me and Emily in it too, plus I’ve always preferred the train to cars journeys myself. Emily at this moment had chased after the drinks trolley to get some milk for her Skitty, which is why Tom had brought her appearance at Silph up for discussion.

    I stare blackly at him unamused by his remark and dietary needs

    “What?” He asks looking straight at me

    “One, I invited her to come I didn’t make her and two how are the diabetes?” I respond sarcastically

    “I was only joking and I only put four in” He says

    I move to object his comment but stop myself not bothering, I place a large bowl on the table with three small divots in them, each individually divot containing pokemon food which Froakie, Dedenne and Helioptile begin to eat while Espeon sleeps on my lap, I pick up my phone as Emily returns to the table and take a seat next to me, I read a text from my Mother telling me they had arrived at the house and that my grandmother had spent most of the morning transferring all of my Pokemon over from Elms laboratory and they we currently sitting in a bag on the kitchen table

    “Okay you three, you get to meet the rest of my Pokemon today” I say placing my phone down on the table, addressing Helioptile, Dedenne and Froakie

    They all jump in excitement before returning to eating their brunch

    “So, why are you transferring all your Pokemon to your grandfathers?” Emily asks laying a saucer of milk on the already crowded table for Skitty

    “More accessible I guess, my Grandparents have a large area of land in which most of my Pokemon have been raised on, think of it as returning them home” I answer

    “So they have lived there before” She responds sipping her coffee

    “Oh yes, before Ryan went all crazy and started denying who his family were” Tom say sipping his tea

    I stare angrily at him

    “It wasn’t like that” I spit at him

    “Really? Well it sure looked that way” He responds looking up from his paper

    “What does he mean?” Emily asks

    I stare down at Espeon stroking her while she is fast asleep, I think back to our journey through Johto and how silly and naďve I was about my reputation

    “I pretend I was someone else, blatantly ignored my grandfather, transferred all my spare Pokemon out of his care and essentially block him out of my life” I say begrudge

    “Wait, I don’t get why you would do that?” She responds

    “I was a young trainer, just come second in the Kanto league, I was already being compared to my Grandfather, the great David Rudge and how soon I would surpass him and it all got a little much for me. I felt like I had this immense pressure on my back to succeed from my family and this overwhelming feeling that the media wanted me to fail” I answer back

    “Nope, still don’t get it, I don’t see why you would just block your family out” She replies rather smugly

    “Because I didn’t want to be known as his grandson okay?!” I snap back at her

    She bolts at this, while Tom just shakes his paper and tuts

    “And you can piss off and all, it was okay for you lot, you all went off hundreds of miles away where no one knows who you are” I say harshly to Tom

    “You are the one who choose to go to Johto” He responds

    “Still, you have no right to judge what I did” I spit back

    “I do because you also cut me, Joe and Callum all out of your life, we haven’t seen you in years Ryan, we were friends since we were kids and then all of a sudden nothing. We all sent you letters, emails, texts but no nothing from you” he says back defiantly putting his paper down

    “I know and I shouldn’t have, but it’s in the past now can’t we just let it go, these past few days have shown me how much I’ve missed you guy” I say pleading with Tom

    “No I can’t” He responds bluntly

    “And why not?” I say back

    “Because you never said sorry” He says rather harshly back

    His words almost fell like daggers through my chest that then infect me with poison which spreads all over my body which makes every part of me hurt. I slump back in my seat to try and subdue it

    “Well, I guess there’s no time like the present, I’m sorry Tom” I say putting my hand out to shake my hand

    He sits back in his seat and pulls his paper up in front of his face

    “It won’t be that easy, but it’s a start” he says calmly

    “Dually noted” I say taking a sip of my water still stroking Espeon who luckily had not woken from her slumber

    “Wait I still don’t get why you didn’t acknowledge you Granddad, surely it would have help you gain recognition?” Emily asks again still not getting my hesitation

    “But I wanted to earn the recognition on my own right, I didn’t want to be the grandson of someone before being known as a trainer, I want to be known as a trainer who happens to have a famous granddad, it why I evolved Espeon and left all my Kanto pokemon with Elm, fresh trainer, fresh start” I respond

    “Oh I get it, so if you had acknowledged you were David’s grandson, you would have gain un-earnt recognition from some people” She says back

    “Yes as well as the pressure to succeed, there’s a reason why none of my family have become trainers” I say back to her

    “How many of people are in your family?” Emily ask taking another sip of her drink

    “Well, I have 10 cousins and a sister so 12 grandchildren and my mother has a brother and 3 sisters so in total out of the 17 of us only myself have become a trainer” I respond back

    “Wow, that would come with a lot of pressure I guess” She says looking rather shocked

    “Add to that that I’m the youngest, so really I’m the last throw of the dice in a manner of speaking, there was a lot riding on me being successful” I continue returning Dedenne, Helioptile and Froakie to their balls since they were done eating

    “So, you seem pretty close to your grandfather, when did you start talking again?” Emily asks

    “We never stopped, I talked to him about how I felt and he agreed that it would be good for me to do it, but I invited him to my opening match at the Johto championship and people started putting two and two together and now most know he’s my grandfather” I calmly say back

    “So you didn’t completely cut him out of your life then” She says back taking the empty dish from in front of Skitty who was now asleep on the table

    “No, I used to call him up every so often to say how I was, plus people knew like Professor Oak and Elm, also I’m fairly certain all the Gym Leaders knew except for Whitney but she doesn’t really pay attention to who she is fighting at the best of times” I respond picking Espeon off my lap and placing her on the table, still sound asleep

    “So in reality, he was a massive part of your life” Emily says looking towards me

    “Of course, he always has been and always will be” I reply as Espeon wakes up and stares out the train window as we pass by Lavender Town and pull into the station

    “God I hate Kanto train lines, we need to get to the west of the region but no we have to take a which goes the complete opposite direction for the first hour” Tom says smacking his paper down on the table

    “So ignoring Mr Sensitive over there, with all the pressure when did you decide to become a trainer?” Emily asks taking another sip of her drink

    I smile and laugh for a moment and stroke Espeon’s head

    “What’s funny?” Emily asks looking slightly perplexed

    “I remember being brought up on the stories of my Granddad, not just from him but from other in the community and when my parents split up I didn’t have much of a male role model in my pre-teen life other than my Granddad add to that before my parents’ divorce I didn’t really know much about the exploits of my Granddad or even really what Pokemon training or battling was, so when I was about eight my Mum asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up; now this was around the time I was just starting to get an interest in trainers and battles so I said I wanted be like my Granddad . I always remember the day I decided I wanted to be a trainer for sure, I was 12 and I was having to decide what path in school I wanted to take, so I don’t know what the Fiore education system is like but here you had 4 sectors; Academic, Athletic, Musical or Pokemon Studies and then you had to choose two sectors which you wanted to study in, right now no one else in my family had taken Pokemon Studies ever since my Granddad” I say placing a bowl from my bag down on the table and filling it with food for Espeon

    “What did you take Tom?” Emily asks looking across the table

    “Athletic and Pokemon Studies” He replies nonchalantly sipping his tea

    “What did you take then?” Emily asked me, ignoring Tom slight coldness

    “Pokemon studies and Academic, I was fairly good at Maths, Science and History and didn’t really want to stop learning them” I reply as Espeon starts to begin eating

    “Were you family shocked?” She askes

    “Uh my Granddad wasn’t, I remember telling him and he hugged me saying he knew I would be the one, which I guess felt weird” I reply with a slight laugh

    “What about your parents?” She further probes

    “My Dad didn’t care all that much, he was pleased I was doing well but didn’t take too big an interest, my Mum was happy if not a little bit concerned about the pressure but I had told her a long time ago that I was going to do to take it, the big shock was my Grandmother” I reply scratching my head

    “Why? What did she do?” Emily askes stroking her Skitty who after her meal was falling asleep

    “She cried when I told her, said she was proud of me and stuff, she said she was happy that we would finally get another trainer in the family” I say back smiling as I do

    “Aww, that’s sweet” Emily says

    “I guess they kind of felt responsible for restricting the family ventures by their acclaim because my Grandmother was fairly good trainer in her day, not on my Granddads level but she was above average. So I think they got it in their heads that it was their fault when that wasn’t the case. But yeah so that’s how I came to the decision to become a trainer” I reply smiling at Emily who smiles back before taking another sip of her drink

    We spend the next hour of the trip with Emily asking question and myself and Tom answering. It became apparent fairly quickly that Emily was a fan of ourselves asking so many questions in such a small amount of time. We talked about victories, defeat and capture. Emily was fairly shocked to find out that the first Pokemon I technically owned was my Aipom which had been hatched from my Mums Ambipom which had been given to me when I was 6 however until you are 15 now you can’t own a Pokemon so Espeon was still my first official Pokemon. Tom talks about his travels in Sinnho, he talk a lot about the battles but there were a few titbits of historical background he had picked up along the way. Emily talk about how she had first gotten her Zoroak, apparently it was a gift from her mother and father on her sixth birthday making Zoroak her first ever Pokemon.


    “Right this is our stop” I say standing up and pulling my backpack onto my back

    “Okay, well I’ll see you in a few days” Tom replies putting his paper down and putting his hand out to shake mine

    “Rather formal isn’t it?” I question taking his hand and shaking it

    “Well who knows, with your track record I might not see you for another few years” Tom says with a smirk

    I smile hoping that is a sign that I may be forgiven

    It takes us about 5 minutes to get off the train as to the amount of people who are getting off the train at the same time

    We walk out of the station, side by side Espeon walks slightly ahead of us

    “Ryan, I forgot to ask, what is that on your wrist?” Emily askes grabbing my hand and moving in front of her face

    I pull my hand away, not liking the way she pulled my arm

    “It’s a mega ring, it allows me to utilize mega evolution apparently” I respond

    “What’s mega evolution?” She asks looking at me confused

    “It’s a new level of power, certain Pokemon can awaken a new power inside themselves resulting in a new form, abilities and types” I respond putting my phone away

    “Did you just read that of Bulbapedia?” She asks raising her eyebrows

    I stare at her guiltily


    It takes about a 25 minute to walk up a country lane to get to my Grandparents house, the path to the house took us through a small section of Viridian forest.
    The path was very was very rough and uneven, it had many divots and holes which made it hard to walk on, it was fairly wet and muddy too as the weather in the recent weeks had been fairly wet. The path was surrounded by trees which were all red, golden and yellow due to the autumn season, there were massive upturns of turf at the sides of the path were Phanphy’s and Donphan’s had rutted up the ground in search of food. In the distance a few Stantler could be seen off in the distance, as myself and Emily moved closer towards them they dart off further into the forest to the South West.

    “They will most likely end up in Mt Silver” I whisper to Emily, hitching my backpack up on to my back better

    “It must be nice for them he in the forest, there can’t be many natural predators of them here” She replies taking a sip from her bottle of water

    “Well, there is talk that either a Liepard or Female Pyroar were released into the surrounding forest as a sort of a natural cull to keep the Stantler and Sawsbuck population down but it has now turned into an urban myth of sorts” I say back with a smirk

    “Are you just trying to scare me?” She says back

    “Not at all, it was something I thought applied to the conversation” I say moving on in front of her

    “Oh right” she say looking sheepishly around the woods

    “Anyway, even if they were here I’m sure my Pokemon could take them on” I say trying to reassure her

    “Have you ever seen them?” She askes

    “Nope, but my Mother swears blind that she did once” I reply

    “Do you believe her?” She asks moving slightly closer to me

    “Don’t know, these forests between Johto and Kanto are huge and all connected so there is plenty of places for them to hide, it’s fairly remote there aren’t many houses or humans in general in these parts, anyway it doesn’t matter that much” I say back to her

    “Why?” Shes ask still slightly worried

    “Remember Helioptile, he was in a different environment and no one knew about him, he didn’t caused any problems, I’m sure if there were a Liepard or Pyroar in the forest it would rather stay away from humans than get near them” I say back

    “I guess, anyway if we were attacked Espeon would protect us” She says stroking her as she sits on my shoulder

    Espeon purrs in response to the affection

    “So did you grow up round here then Ryan?” She asks

    “No I was born in Pallet, but my Grandparents have lived here all my life so we’d visit regularly when I was younger, especially after the divorce” I respond

    “Oh sorry” She replies looking down at the ground

    “For what?” I ask back slightly confused

    “I didn’t want to bring up anything about your parents” She says back looking up at me

    I laugh at her nervousness of the subject

    “It happened ten years ago, I don’t remember it happening and to top it all of I can’t ever remember a time when my parents weren’t together so don’t worry about hurt my feelings by bringing it up, it’s not an issue to me” I continue still slightly chuckling

    “Oh I didn’t know” She responds staring straight forward not making eye contact

    “Well now you do” I say back calmly, looking at her

    The walk goes rather quickly, the air is cold due to the season. We stop every so often for Emily to take picture of the environment, I laughed at the start because it doesn’t feel that special to me but I guess if it’s the first time you’ve seen it you would appreciate the beauty more than someone who has grown up with it

    “How many have you taken now? Your camera must be getting full by now” I respond slightly annoyed that a twenty-five minute walk has taken us almost over an hour

    “I’ve taken fifty-four and this camera can hold five-hundred so I can take more if you would like me too” She replies sarcastically

    “Well seeing as I can finally see my Grandparents home, I’d rather get there sooner than later” I say looking on further up the path with a smile on my face

    Emily runs up to catch up with me and stops at my side and looks out towards where I am pointing

    In the distance through a break in the trees you can see a house which looks almost miniaturized by the surrounding grounds. We walk up to the break in the trees and we get a better look of the house. It’s two stories high and a bright white which stands out to its backdrop of green trees and fields, the house front faces towards you as you walk out of the trees, it has four large windows which look out onto the forest, to the right of the house there is a small patio with a table and few chairs which from the looks of it are currently occupied by my Mother and Sister. Further to the right is a large open area which has a long brown 3 foot fence spanning from the edge of the patio all the way to the forest edge. There is almost a small long building further into the distance but it is very hard to make out from our viewpoint

    “So what do you think?” I ask Emily allowing Espeon off my shoulder so she can bound towards the house

    “It looks absolutely beautiful from here” She respond very wide eyed trying to take in the surroundings

    I laugh to myself and walk on a bit before stopping

    “Well seeing as they know we’re here, come on out everyone” I shout throwing all nine of my Pokémon’s pokeballs into the air

    After multiple flashes Feraligatr, Ampharos, Flygon, Togekiss, Lickilicky, Donphan, Dedenne, Helioptile and Froakie all emerge from their balls. The six fully evolved Pokemon notice almost instantly where we are and rush off towards the house after Espeon, while the three youngest and newest members all run to myself and Emily, Helioptile climbs up my body and perches himself in his favourite spot atop my head, Dedenne jumps and take perch were Espeon had just been on my shoulder while Froakie jumps into Emily’s arms who carries him up the path. The path to the house is rather short and instead of going to front door I open a large gate and we walk round the back and are greeted by my Mother and Sister

    “Well, nice of you to join us” My Mother says sitting down her mug of tea presumably

    “Sorry Mrs Rudge, it was my fault I wanted to take some photos of the forest” Emily responds with a nervous tone

    “I told you last night Emily, it’s Paula and it was only a joke, it’s a beautiful place I understand your excitement” She chuckles

    “Well they certainly seem to be enjoying it” My sister says pointing out to my team who are enjoying the wide open area

    “Yeah, it’s nice to see them back here where the rest of them are?” I ask looking around for my other twenty Pokemon

    “Right here my boy” My Grandfather says walking out with a large grey tray with nineteen Pokeballs on them

    “Oh, thanks Granddad” I say pulling him into an embrace after he has set the tray down

    “You are welcome, it is also lovely to see you again Miss Emily please take a seat” he says pointing to the chair beside my Mother

    “Oh thank you sir” Emily says still nervous as she takes the seat

    I look down at the tray and count them

    “Wait, there only nineteen here, which one is missing?” I say looking up at my Grandfather

    As I do so, I’m launched backwards onto the floor after a high speed projectile flies at me. Helioptile jumps from my head as does Dedenne from my shoulder onto the table just in front of Emily. I open my eyes after my fall and I’m greet by a small purple monkey with a large purple tail with a yellow hand like end, he jumps up and down on my chest very excitedly
    “Ai, Aip, Aipom” it screeches as it does so

    I laugh “It lovely to see you to Aipom”

    He stops jumping and allows me to stand before wrapping its tail over my neck like a scarf and pulls me in for an embrace before bounce off quickly towards the rest of my Pokemon

    “You alright?” Emily asks concerned

    “Yeah I’m fine, he’s done worse to me, took me off a pier with him once, 40 foot drop into the ocean” I chuckle dusting myself off

    “He’s excitable at the best of times, but he hasn’t seen Ryan for so long that he even more so” My Grandfather says taking a seat opposite my Mother

    “Right well I better let the other out” I say pulling six balls from the tray

    “I’m so excited, I always wanted to know what kind of Pokemon you have” Emily says letting her inner fan out a bit

    “Well, I’ll do it in order then” I saying putting some of the balls back and picking up others

    I hold seven balls in my hand and throw them all into the air and they burst open with a white flash, first of all are the Pokemon I caught in Kanto; Nidoking, Kingler, Aerodactyl, Magnezone, Magmar, Tauros and Dragonair. They all shake and shiver trying to rid the stiffness of being in their Pokeballs for too long

    “Wow” Emily says getting up from her seat and moving in to get a better look

    “Hey guys, great to see you” I say moving past Emily towards them all, they crowd around and all vie for affection except Magnezone who just floats in the behind the group

    “Go on then, go and join in with the others” I say pointing off in the distance towards the other and they run off to join in the fun apart from Dragonair who stays close

    “Not up for a reunion then Drags” I say petting her head, she moves her head into mine

    “Yes I know, it lovely to see you again too” I say as she wraps her tail round my abdomen and hugs me

    She then moves towards Emily and sniffs her to reassure herself

    “Uh what do I do?” Emily says looking at me as her body stiffens

    “Relax, she won’t hurt you, she’s just trying to figure out you” I respond I say moving towards the both of them

    “Drags, this is my friend Emily” I say pulling Emily’s hand and placing it on Dragonair’s head

    “Hi, you are beautiful” Emily stutters out stroking down her forehead

    Dragonair cries out in content and brushes against Emily

    “She likes you clearly” I say

    Emily smiles still petting her as I take three more Pokeballs from the tray and throw them into the air

    This time, Heracross appears along with my other Pokemon caught in Johto; Butterfree and Azumarill.

    Heracross stands smiling at me while Azumarill hugs my right leg and Butterfree flies frantically around my head in excitement

    “Hello you two, how are we doing?” I ask stroking both Butterfree and Azumarill

    They cry back to answer my question before spotting my other Pokemon and racing off to join them

    “Hera, before you go off to see the other I need to talk to you later okay?” I say to the big blue beetle

    He nods to affirm before chasing after the other two

    I walk back towards the table

    “So, if those are you Pokemon from Kanto and Johto how come you have others?” Emily queries Dragonair head now on her lap

    “Because he’s an explorer like his Grandmother” A feminine voice says from inside the house

    Then appears the owner of said voice my Grandmother. She a shorter lady with black straight hair with a few strands of grey, she wears frameless bifocal glasses which sit on the end of her nose, she wears a black cardigan unbuttoned and a white t-shirt underneath and blue denim jeans. She wears a small silver neck lace which has a small round stone in the end of it. Her dark green eyes are radiant behind her glasses

    “Hello Nan” I say moving from the table towards her, hugging her as I reach her.

    She kisses my cheek in greeting

    “Hello dear, how are you?” She asks moving and taking the seat next to my Grandfather

    “Very well, all things considered” I reply gesturing in my speech towards my recklessness the night before

    “Oh don’t worry about that, I’m sure we would of all done the same if we had been in your position” She says looking round the table

    She is met with concerning look from my Mother and Sister while Emily and my Grandfather don’t look at her at all trying to stave away from the conversation topic

    “Well then, I would of at least then” she laughs looking towards me

    I smile “To answer your question Emily, after I won the Johto championship a few months ago I decided to do some traveling in Hoenn and Sinnho so I’ve acquired some other Pokemon, one of which is Flygon”

    “Wait, so you’ve only had Flygon a few months, but you seem so close” She says back

    “That’s why he’s called the Devoter, Emily I presume” My Grandmother say looking towards Emily and sticking out a hand to shake

    “Yes Mam” She responds taking the hand

    “Oh good Arceus, its Margret you aren’t at school my dear” She responds offering her a cup of tea which Emily refutes showing her the bottle of water in her possession

    “The Devoter? What’s that?” Emily askes after she releases my Grandmothers hand

    “It’s Ryan’s title given to him by Professor Oak” My sister replies looking out to her own Pokemon to see how they are doing

    “Title?” Emily asks further

    “Professor Oak at the end of their journey through Kanto or whatever region evaluates the trainers performance and gives them a title to fit their training style, for example Red is the Fighter while Blue is the Trainer. I got the title of Devoter after how quickly I form a bond with my Pokemon and the hours that I used to spend with them” I respond picking up three more pokeballs and throwing them in the air

    Gallade, Masquerain and Breloom all appear from their balls, Breloom and Masquerain come in close and show their excitement at seeing myself before I tell them to go see the other, while Gallade tries his best to show no emotion at all and succeeds

    “Not excited to see me then Gallade” I say looking at him

    “Gallade” He says moving into a battle position

    “Hold your horse, go have some fun, we’ll do some training later okay” I say pointing off toward the group of Pokemon who are now congregated into a circle all reconciling with each other

    He drops his stance and spurts off towards the other

    “Intense guy” Emily says

    “You wait” I say moving back to the other tray and picking up the rest of the balls throwing them into the air; Torterra, Gliscor, Mamoswine, Honchkrow and Lucario appear. They greet me warmly and all move off towards the rest of the group except Torterra he opts to stick around to sit near myself after so long of not seeing me

    “Well there you are Emily, all 30 of my Pokemon spanning across five regions” I say to Emily stroking Torterra’s back as I take the seat between my Grandmother and her

    “They’re amazing, do you have one of every type then?” She asks

    “No I don’t have a Ghost type but that’s it” I respond scratching my forehead as Froakie takes residence on my lap while Helioptile and Dedenne move to my head and shoulder respectively

    “And who might these be then” My Grandmother asks stroking Dedenne’s head

    “My latest members, all native to the Kalos region, this Froakie” I say pointing to the blue frog in my lap

    “Froakie” he says in response looking at my Grandmother

    “This is Dedenne” I say pointing to the small yellow mouse upon my shoulder

    “Ded” she’s says waving its stubby arms at my Grandmother

    “And this is Helioptile” I say putting a hand on the back on the lizard atop my head

    “Heliop” He chirps at her

    “Ah well aren’t they all adorable and very exotic, I’ve always wanted to go to Kalos” She says smiling and looking at them all

    “Don’t look like much of battlers though” Ceri says still looking out on her own Pokemon who have now joined my group and socialising

    “They can be with some training though, I’m sure Ryan is up to the job aren’t you son” My grandfather chirps into the discussion

    “Well, it’s their choice at the end of the day but they are welcome to battle on my team anytime” I say smiling down at Froakie

    “Talking of battle” My grandfather says rising from his seat

    “Would you perhaps be interested in one with myself?” he asks looking at me

    “Of course” I respond “What type?”

    “I was thinking, I haven’t had a full six on six battle in years, would that be okay for you?” I further questions

    “Well that is an offer I cannot refuse” I say smiling up at him

    Well there is Chapter 19, i hope you all enjoyed it. This was fairly speech heavy but i needed to transition from Saffron to Pewter and i really didn't want to just have them arriving without having some dialogue on the journey, the same with the journey to the Grandparents. Next episode will be fairly description heavy with the chapter being largely taken up by the battle, so i hope you look forward to that. Once again i thank you each and everyone of you who reads these chapters and i hope you are enjoying the story. Again any tips or critiques are welcomed
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    Chapter 20, Battle through the ages

    I jump up from my seat and begin to walk over to my group of Pokemon, Espeon and Froakie on my shoulders while Torterra follows closely after me

    “Wait for us” Emily shouts rising from her seat with Helioptile, Dedenne and Dragonair in tow

    “Ten minutes, give you chance to build your team, we’ll be out back by the battle field” My Grandfather shouts as he goes to walk to towards the long building at the back of the house along with the rest of my family

    “Alright” I shout back putting my thumb up

    I move into my group of Pokemon, Ceri’s pokemon by now have sped off in pursuit of their trainer so it is only my Pokemon left

    “Okay everyone, gather around” I say moving into the middle of the group with Emily as my Pokemon form a circle around us

    “Right, first Froakie, Dedenne, Helioptile” I say looking to the young Pokemon

    They all cry out looking up at me

    “I want to welcome to the group everyone say hi” I say to the others

    They all cry in unison welcoming the new Pokemon

    The young ones look nervous but reply with their respective cries

    “I want you three to sit with Emily okay? Watch how the others battle and soon enough with training you’ll get your chance” I say to them

    They all look at Emily, then nod in agreement

    “Right then, Torterra” I say looking at the large green tortoise

    “Tor” He replies

    “I’m going to lead with you, we’ll use that defensive tactic we practice okay?” I query

    “Torterra!” He cries out in response

    “Good lad, Lucario and Gallade you going into aswell Grandad has some speedy guys and I’ll need you to combat that” I say to the two fighting types

    Gallade strikes a battle pose while Lucario just nods at me

    “Heracross, your brute power will come in handy so I’ll use you too” I say looking at the large blue beetle

    “Hera, Heracross” He shouts at in a sort of battle cry

    I laugh before looking towards Dragonair

    “It’s been a while Drags, but if you are up for it I’d like you to battle” I say kneeling and stroking her head

    She looks down nervously before looking into my eyes

    “I believe in you girl, I know you can do it” I say reassuringly

    She rubs her face against me before nodding

    “Good girl and finally Espeon” I say looking towards my starter

    “Yes” She says leaping to my shoulder

    “I want you to be the anchor okay?” I say stroking her head

    “Of course” She responds

    “Right then, even if you aren’t battling today I want you all to be at the side lines cheering the guys on okay?” I say looking around the circle

    They all cry out in agreement before racing off towards the battleground behind the house leaving the six pokemon I’m using, Emily and the three young Pokemon

    “What family has a battle ground in their backyard?” Emily asks as I return my newly built team to their pokeballs

    “One that has two former gym leaders in the family” I respond with a smile

    “Your grandparents were gym leaders?” She asks

    “Yeah, Granddad took over Brock for six months after he went off with that Ash kid and Nan was Viridian Gym leader for 10 years before Giovanni” I respond

    “Oh wow, I didn’t know that, so are you nervous?” She asks further as we begin to walk towards the battle ground

    “Not really, it’s only a practice battle” I respond as Es, Froakie and Dedenne run on further while Helioptile sits in Emily’s arms

    “Against your Granddad though, surely you really want to beat him” She replies

    “I guess, it’s more about having fun when we battle rather than intensity, I never expect to beat him because he’s so good, so really there’s no pressure” I respond pushing the brown gate that connects the house and the long building

    “Have you ever beaten him?” She asks walking through the gate

    “Nope, got close a few times but never got a win” I respond walking after her

    “Oh, can I ask what is this place?” She asks trying to change the subject I assume

    “This is my Granddads and mine’s training center, it has a battlefield inside and loads of training faculties in it, he used it when he and Nan used it when they were still battling and I’ve used it ever since, they also let some of the local trainers who want to train for league championships come here and they make money from it, they do a bit of coaching to younger trainers too” I respond

    “That’s so cool, it’s like its own Pokemon center” She replies looking at the long brown building. It has a long plastic window about as long as the build itself, inside a pool, battlefield and all kinds of training equipment can be seen

    “It even has a guest house attached to it, I stay there when I train here for long periods of time, though it’s been about a year since I last did that” I say pointing to the small cottage like building attacked to the east end of the long building

    “Wow, that’s amazing” She replies

    I smile as we come nearer to the eastern gate which looks out onto a large field which has a sandy brown battlefield in it. We emerge through the gate, there is a small bench on the left of the field which my Sister, mother and Grandmother all sit at. Ceri’s Meganium, Kingdra and Scizor all stand/Sit next to her, while to the right of the field the rest of my Pokemon are all sat on the field waiting patiently for the battle to start, they all cheer and cry as I walk through the gates

    “Alright, you better go join the ladies over there, you three be good for Emily and I hope you enjoy” I smile looking to the three young Pokemon

    “Okay, good luck” Emily says walking towards the bench Helioptile still in her arms with Dedenne and Froakie in tow

    I sigh loudly before walking towards my Granddad

    “Right, want to flip a coin to see who goes first?” I say to him

    “No my boy, you can have first move but I’ll send my Pokemon out first, first I must go into the training center, I have a new toy I want to show you” He smiles winking at me before sprinting off into the training center

    “Okay” I say walking over to the far side of the field with Espeon I tow before trying to come up with a good strategy

    “So Emily, where are you from?” My grandmother asks, she sits in a small wooden chair with spongey back support

    “Fall City in Fiore” Emily responds placing a small bowl of water down for the Pokemon in her care

    “Very exotic, how did you meet Ryan?” She further questions

    “He actually found me in the jungle, I was out there when the volcano was meant to erupt and he guided me back to a safe spot, it’s also where Ryan caught Helioptile” She say stroking the small lizards head

    “I have never seen anything like it before” Ceri says stroking the Lizard too, Helioptile jumps to her lap while Froakie takes up the spot on Emily lap

    “It’s from the Kalos region, so are Froakie and Dedenne like Ryan said earlier” Emily responds, patting Froakie

    “Yes, he does seem to be going very Kalos, he’s even got a mega ring now” My mother say looking over towards me and Espeon

    “Wow, that’s a good eye you have Mrs Rudge” Emily says looking at my Mother

    She laughs

    “I’m a teacher, it’s my job to know those things” she responds looking to Emily before picking up Dedenne and looking at her

    “I must approve of his newer Pokemon, they are much cuter than some of his others” She says letting Dedenne into her lap

    “Pssh, Ryan doesn’t need cute Pokemon he needs strong ones, I’m sure with his training these three will all become fine battlers” My grandmother calls out proudly

    “Well, Espeon is one of his cuter Pokemon but she’s also one of his strongest” Emily pipes up

    “Dragonair too” Ceri says in agreement

    “Also, when Ryan found Froakie, Dedenne and Helioptile they were all very ill, he nursed them back to health before adding them to his team

    “While that’s true, Ryan looks for strong Pokemon and he wouldn’t take them unless he thought they were up for battling, you only have to look at his group, Kingler, Nidoking, Feraligatr, Tauros, Magmar and the list goes on, not exactly lookers but extremely strong and skilled battlers” My grandmother continues

    “Maybe two years ago I would agree with you Mother, but now I think Ryan is more about the Pokémon’s personality rather than its power, when he was younger he packed his team full of powerful Pokemon not even giving defence a thought but after he lost in the Kanto league that all changed, he’s a much more well-rounded battler these days” My mother says as my Grandfather emerges from the training center, with what appears to be a small white robot with on singular eye like circle on its front and a green and red flag on a pole which protrudes either side

    Ceri and Emily nod in agreement

    “Well, we shall see won’t we” My grandmother replies looking towards her husband

    “State of the art refereeing robot, able to keep track of number, HP, Status effect and call whether a Pokemon is able to continue or not” My Grandfather calls out flicking a switch on the side of the robot

    A yellow pokeball shaped light flashes and shines out of the circle on its front

    “WILL THE TRAINER IN THE RED CORNER STATE THEIR NAME” It calls out in a robotic voice

    “Ryan” I shout back to it

    It whirls and beeps before calling out again


    “David” My grandfather says calmly taking up his position the opposite side of the field to me


    “Right, Machamp time to battle” My grandfather calls throwing his Pokeball into the air

    The ball opens with a white flash and what emerges is a humanoid figure, it is extremely tall with skin that is bluish grey, and it has red eyes and pale yellow lips. On its head, there are three, brown ridges right above its eyes. It has two arms on each side of its body, a pair in the normal position, and another pair directly above that attaches on the top of the shoulders. It wears legless black tights along with a golden belt. Its legs, arm and body have considerable muscle tone due to intense training and battling

    “MACHAMP!” It shouts out

    “Okay, Torterra I choose you” I shout throwing Torterra ball into the air

    Like Machamp, the ball splits and with a white flash Torterra appears. The green and brown tortoise cries out in response to Machamp preparing itself for battle

    “BATTLE BEGIN” The robot screeches

    “Torterra, use Earthquake” I say pointing out into the field

    The green tortoise rises onto its hind legs before slamming down into the ground, a white flash appears before the ground begins to rock furiously, Machamp tries to stay staple but gets thrown back towards its trainer

    “Get up Machamp and use Ice Punch” My grandfather commands

    The Pokemon rises from its fall and charges in towards Torterra, it stop just before and draw backs its lower right hand which has begun to glow a bright white colour

    “Block it Torterra” I shout to my pokemon

    Torterra suddenly drops its front legs and blocks the fighting types punch with the tree on its back, the tree leaves cushion the blow making the damage taken by Torterra minimal

    “Now, Energy Ball to send it flying” I shout

    Torterra rises to its feet again before shooting of a powerful Energy Ball into the abdomen of Machamp which sends the fighting type flying backwards once again like Earthquake

    “Wow, that was amazing” Emily says aloud accidently while Dedenne and Helioptile holler and cheer for Torterra, while Froakie just stares wide eyed taking everything in

    “Ryan’s Torterra defences are high, but that monouver is taking it to a whole new level” Ceri says in response

    “Machamp up, and use Cross Chop” My Grandfather shouts

    Machamp rises quickly, before speeding in before jumping and smashing down on Torterra neck in a forceful manner. It lands just in front of Torterra as he cries out at the force of the hit

    “Force it back with Energy Ball again” I shout

    Torterra build a green ball again perpeling it into Machamps knee forcing Machamp to the floor before butting its head into Machamps abdomen again sending it flying back. As Machamp rises again Torterra moves in towards it and lets out a loud battle cry as I smile behind it

    “Machamp, Ice Punch” My Grandfather says

    “Block it again” I command

    The same action happens as before, Torterra drops its front legs to its knee before blocking the punch with its tree and quickly rises back up again

    “Gottcha you, Machamp Low Kick” My grandfather shout

    The fighting type eyes glint as its long right leg forcefully kicks Torterra legs from underneath it causing huge damage

    “Now Ice Punch” He continues

    Machamp grins before forcefully punching its bright blue glowing fist into the front of Torterra which send it fly back towards myself

    Torterra lands on its side before slowing clambering back to its quadruped position, it grits its teeth from the damage it has just taken

    “Can you go on?” I ask the Grass type

    “Tor, Torterra” It cries back in reassurance

    “Okay, Energy Ball” I cry

    It forms a large green ball and spits it out towards Machamp

    “Bullet Punch” My grandfather says calmly

    It punches throw the attack, before landing multiple hits on Torterra

    “Now Low Kick” He continues

    “Bite its leg Torterra” I shout

    Before Machamp can attack, Torterra bites down on its lower leg stopping it in its tracks

    “Now Earthquake” I shout

    Torterra rises on its hind legs again dropping Machamp in the process before slamming down on the ground, Machamp has no time to recover and is sent flying taking the full brunt of the ground type attack

    “Now finish it with Frenzy Plant” I shout pointing out towards Machamp who is now sprawled on the ground

    Torterra cries and summons three huge thorny root like whips from the ground, they appear and then speed through the ground towards Machamp who is slowly rising to its feet. They emerge from the ground beginning to whip and smack Machamps body, the fighting type hollers in pain before the vines smack across its chest making it fall to the ground once again

    “MACHAMP IS UNABLE TO BATTLE, TORTERRA IS THE VICTOR” the robot say holding the red flag up in my direction

    Torterra cries out and starts to stamp on the ground in victory while my group of Pokemon all clamour and cry in congratulation of Torterra

    “YES! Way to go Torterra!” Emily shouts out rising from her seat on the bench

    “I know why Ryan’s keeping you around now, to feed his ego” Ceri chuckles clapping Torterra’s victory

    “See what I mean about a change in his style, much more rounded rather than just power based” My Mother says looking towards her Mother

    “I have to agree with you, even though Torterra demonstrated huge power, the reason it managed to win was due to that defensive blocking, very good” She says happily clapping Torterra efforts

    I walk out to the huge grass type, he breathes heavily after sustaining massive damage during the fight

    “Way to go Torterra, you were fantastic as usual” I say patting his head

    “Tor, Tor, Tor” He responds warmly rubbing his head into my hand

    “Your Torterra has come a long way since you got it as a Turtwig, let’s see how it fares against Pidgeot” my Grandfather shouts summoning the large brown bird from its ball

    It emerges and spiral around the battle field before hover in front of Torterra

    I back away back to the small trainer box pondering my next move

    “Torterra use Stone Edge” I shout

    Small rocks appear around the body of Torterra and whirl around him in a circular motion, he cries out releasing then at some speed, they fly towards Pidgeot

    “Dodge” My grandfather says calmly

    Pidgeot spins calmly and speedily away from the oncoming stones

    “Now use Air Slash” My grandfather says

    The bird twirls and ascend in the sky before stopping itself with large wings, it then propels it two wings towards Torterra creating two large white slash of air, they descend fast and crash into Torterra who has no chance to dodge

    “Tor” He cries through gritted teeth

    “Now follow up with Brave Bird” My grandfather continues

    The brown bird glows white and then descends fast towards Torterra, she makes a huge impact with the Grass type sending Torterra flying as well as kicking up lots of dust from the battle field. I shield my eyes from the dust and open them just as it settles. I see Torterra flat out on its back out cold


    “Torterra didn’t even get an attack to hit” Emily says stunned at Pidgeots power

    “David has had that Pidgeot since he was ten, it’s power is unfathomable” My grandmother replies

    I run out to my fainted Pokemon as he slumps down onto his front and into an upright position

    “Hey, you okay? You were great out there” I say kneeling to be at face level

    “Tor, Tor Terra” He cries in response

    I smile at him “Take a nice rest”

    I stand and return him to his Pokeball, I return to my side and brush my hand over my belt deciding who I should use next

    “Lucario, you’re my choice” I shout throwing a ball into the field

    The Aura Pokemon emerges and cheers go up from my Pokemon on the side, Lucario bows to them to acknowledge

    “A fighting type versus a flying type, what is Ryan thinking?” Emily says aloud

    “Pidgeot is extremely fast, he’s combating that with Lucario who is also extremely fast” My Sister replies

    “Lucario, Aura Sphere” I shout

    Lucario pulls his hands to his side forming a large blue ball between his palms before firing it off toward the Flying type who hovers just before her trainer

    “Block with Air Slash and then use Brave Bird” my Grandfather commands

    Pidgeot stretches it wings to as far its wings will allow it, before firing a large slash of air towards the blue ball, they collide causing huge amount of smoke and dust to kick up and disguise Pidgeot, she burst out of the smoke shining white at a huge speed, smashing into Lucario sending the Aura Pokemon flying, he crashes to the floor after the super effective attack, Pidgeot cringes at the recoil damage before spinning upwards and back down before hovering the opposite side of the battle field. Lucario lies flat on his front, he slowly pushes himself up and stands holding his left shoulder in pain.

    “Can you go on, Lucario?” I shout out to the Aura Pokemon

    He grunts back in affirmation

    “Okay, Use Flash Cannon” I shout out

    A white glowing ball appears at Lucario’s mouth, he veers his head backwards before grunting and firing a small silvery shot towards Pidgeot, the white bird attempts to circle out of the way but the beam manages to make contact with its left wing which sends it spiralling towards the floor

    “Quickly Aura Sphere” I shout pointing to the bird lying on the floor

    Lucario quickly forms a ball of aura and fires it off

    “Block it with Air Slash” Grandad shouts

    Pidgeot flails it one wing forming a slash of air which connects with the ball causing it to dissipate into thin air and it quickly takes of into the air again

    “Okay Pidgeot, time to end this Giga Impact” Grandad commands

    “Lucario, Ice Punch” I shout

    The two Pokemon take off, Pidgeot begins to climb while it’s body begin to glow a vibrant white, it then starts to descend which cause a purple spiralling aura to form while Lucario begins to run at pace right fist glowing bright blue, he jumps into the air. Both Pokemon collide in the air, Lucario takes the whole brunt of Pidgeots force while Pidgeot takes a blow to the face from the Ice Punch

    The both fall to the ground, Pidgeot slowly clambers to its feet while Lucario lies motionless on the floor

    “LUCARIO IS UNABLE TO BATTLE, PIDGEOT IS THE VICTOR” the robot says holding the flag up to correspond with Pidgeots victory

    I ran out to my Pokemon, I prop his back up against myself

    “You were great, take a good rest” I say returning him to his ball before returning to my corner

    I catch a glimpse of Emily and my family who look worryingly over towards me

    “Right then, Dragonair I choose you!” I shout throwing my third Pokemon into battle

    The ball pops open and flash white once more and the slender snake-like dragon emerges

    “Okay, Dragonair time for the comeback” I say

    She calls out loudly in response

    “Pidgeot Air Slash” Grandad shouts

    “Block with Thunderbolt” I shout

    The two attacks collide and burst till they dissipate

    “Okay, go physical Brave Bird” He shouts

    “Dodge” I shout

    Pidgeot charges in but Dragonair nimbly moves out of the way

    “Aqua Tail” I shout

    Dragonairs tail glows blue and she smacks it down onto the back of Pidgeot scoring what looked like a critical hit, Pidgeot now really injured spins out and into the air

    “Giga Impact” He shouts out

    Pidgeot glows bright white again before tucking in its wings and descends causing the purple aura again, she descends fast down toward Dragonair who has no hope off dodging

    “Draco Meteor” I bellow out

    Dragonair stands completely still and focuses all of her dragon energy into her sphere on her chin, she then releases a bright yellow ball which collides with Pidgeot causing her to stop in her tracks, the sphere keeps climbing and then suddenly bursts causing multiple blue rocks to hurtle to the ground striking Pidgeot before they hit the ground, Pidgeot then falls to the floor with a thud

    “PIDEGEOT IS UNABLE TO BATTLE, DRAGONAIR IS THE VICTOR” The robot shouts lifting up the flag on my side of the field

    “Way to go Drags” I shout out as Dragonair celebrates with the rest of my Pokemon before returning to the battlefield

    “I’m impressed; Dragonair is still as strong as ever, Raichu I choose you!” Granddad shouts throwing Raichu’s ball onto the field

    The dark yellow mouse emerges, electricity crinkles and crackles all over its body, it swings its large tail back and forth

    “Raichu, Thunderbolt” He shouts

    “Use your Thunderbolt” I shout to Dragonair

    Both Pokemon charge up and release their respective bolts, they collide, crackle and then explode into a thick black smoke

    “Now Iron Tail” Granddad shouts

    Raichu bursts through the black smoke spins in the air before smack Dragonair with its tail. Dragonair is flung backwards who then slowly stands tall once more

    “Raichu Hidden Power” Granddad shouts

    Raichu charges up and fires several white glistening spherical objects which collide with Dragonair full on and sends her flying, she slowly regains her posture and composure

    “Dragonair, dragon dance” I shout

    Dragonair has a dark blue aura develop around her and she cries out with power

    “Quickly end this Raichu, use Iron Tail” Granddad shots

    Raichu jump and spins in the air falling in fast on Dragonair

    “Block with Aqua Tail” I shout in desperation

    Dragonair reacts and curls her tail and the two attacks collide and results in a stalemate, causing Raichu to fall just in front of Dragonair

    “Now Draco Meteor” I shout

    Dragonair once again focuses all its dragon energy and fires it forcefully into Raichu’s abdomen, the yellow mouse falls to the ground before the sphere launches multiple meteors into the air which then crash down upon it

    After the dust settles the yellow mouse lies motionless on the floor

    “RAICHU IS UNABLE TO BATTLE, DRAGONAIR IS THE VICTOR” The robot blurts out as Granddad returns his fallen Pokemon

    “Great job Drags” I shout out to Dragonair, who is breathing heavily after sustaining so much damage

    “Alakazam I choose you” My Granddad says throwing out his pokeball

    Alakazam appears and stands still almost with a calm assurance of itself

    “Alakazam use Dazzling Gleam” Shout my Grandfather

    Alakazam summons multiple white shards before itself and spreads its arm wide releasing them, they collide with Dragonair hard causing huge damage. The dragon Pokemon can take no more and falls to the ground beaten


    “What was that? I’ve never even heard of that move” Emily hollers as I return Dragonair

    “Dazzling Gleam is a special Fairy type move, it’s only recently in the last few years been mastered” Replies my sister

    “Gallade, you’re up” I shout throwing Gallade into battle

    Gallade emerges and slash out his arm blades in the arm before him trying to intimidate Alakazam

    “Same again, Ala” My grandfather shouts

    Alakazam goes through the same motion and fires the attack off, Gallade tries to block but is sent flying

    “You okay?” I shout out

    He grunts back and roars in reply

    “Okay, use Night Slash” I shout

    Gallade steams in towards Alakazam elbow blades glowing a dark blue, he slashes at Alakazam’s body and chest multiple times causing damage

    “Now change to Leaf Blade” I continue

    His right blade glows a bright green and he upper cuts Alakazam sending the Psychic type flying off into the distance

    “Great work Gallade” I shout

    He raises his arms into the air triumpently while Alakazam slowly gets to his feet

    “Calm Mind” Granddad says

    Alakazam puts his spoons together closes his eyes and concentrates

    “Quick, before he powers up, use Night Slash!” I shout

    Again Gallade speeds towards him

    “Dazzling Gleam” He continues

    The attack hits Gallade with huge power and instead of flying back he simply just falls to his knees and then flat out on the floor


    I run out into the battlefield and kneel over Gallade

    “Hey, are you okay buddy” I say looking down at him concerning

    “Gallade” He groans back, trying to sit up

    “Relax, you did great” I say standing and returning him to his ball

    I return back to my area with a frown on my face, I turn and look back onto the field before throwing out my next Pokemon

    “Heracross, you’re up!” I shout throwing his ball out

    “HERA” He shouts as he bursts from his ball

    “Let’s end this quickly, Alakazam Psybeam” Granddad shouts

    “Fly up to dodge then use Pin Missile” I shout

    Heracross flies up high into the air narrowly dodging the red beam summoned by Alakazam, He spins in the air the end of his horn glowing bright white, he stops in the air and then fires off five white arrows towards Alakazam, Alakazam manages to dodge the first two but is struck by the last causing him to fall to the ground

    “Now close in and use Megahorn” I shout

    Heracross descends, he lands just in front of Alakazam who is struggling to his feet, Heracross horn glows bright green before slamming it into the psychic Pokémon’s abdomen throwing him backwards and KOing him


    I jump and fist pump the air

    “Yes, way to go Heracross” I shout out

    He hears my compliment and lets out a war cry in reply

    “Lapras I choose you” My grandfather shouts throwing a pokeball onto the field

    The dinosaur like Pokemon emerges onto the field and cries out

    “Lapras use Scald” commands my Grandfather

    “Fly up” I shout

    Heracross attempts to fly up but is struck by the hot water full on, he falls to the ground and is then engulfed in a fiery flame

    “Gottcha” I shout

    “Now Perish Song” shouts my Grandfather

    “Wait what?” Emily says

    “That is an odd move” My grandmother comments

    “He’s clearly got something planned” Ceri continues

    “Okay Hera, use Close Combat” I shout

    Heracross grimacing speeds in and slams its horn, legs and fists into Lapras’s body and neck. The hit is enormous; Lapras is sent backwards it tries to come to terms with the attack

    “Now finish with Megahorn” I shout

    He charges towards Lapras, draws its horn back and smashes it into Lapras’s head. Lapras falls to the ground unable to move


    “YES!” shouts Emily jumping from her seat Froakie in her arms who also cheers the victory

    The other ladies on the sidelines look up at her smiling at her intensity; she takes her seat back on the bench

    “Sorry about that” she chuckles

    “Its fine, Ryan has taken the lead for the first time, it understandable that you’re excited” answers my Grandmother

    I take a huge sigh, trying to focus myself

    I close my eyes and begin to think to myself

    “Even with guts Heracross goes down in one turn due to perish song, I know that Venasaur is next, I have Espeon left so she has an advantage, Venusaurs move set is normally; Sunny day, Sludge Bomb, Frenzy Plant and Leech Seed. Right one last with Heracross, do as much damage as we can then bring Espeon in”

    I open them just as my Grandfather is releasing his last Pokemon; Venusaur

    Here's Chapter 20, sorry it took so long returning to university really took up alot of my time, as before any feedback is welcomed
    If you want to follow me on twitter i would very much appreciate it

    Friend code = 1246 9647 9334

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