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Thread: Dialga vs Rayquaza!!!(who is better in a battle?)

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    Angry Dialga vs Rayquaza!!!(who is better in a battle?)

    alright i got my point,dialga will beat kyogre easily but this time RAYQUAZA.with 150 atk and sp.atk + v-create(180 power) rayquaza can make dialga cry.just wondering if everyone else is thinking like me.IF any one gives dialga a vote,please tell me why and is there any pokemon who can beat dialga.

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    I'd say Dialga is much more useful than Rayquaza in battle, due to it possessing the best defensive type combination of all Pokémon, and this, combined with its myriad of support moves, makes it a Pokémon that can easily fit into just about any team, and can excellently fulfill a myriad of roles, from being a great supporter to a devastating wall-breaker with Choice Specs or mixed attacking Life Orb movesets, to the best recipient of Shell Smash in the game.
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    Dialga, after all, it can learn Ice Beam and screw Rayquaza.

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