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Thread: Walkthrough Fics?

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    Default Walkthrough Fics?

    Okay, so I was wondering, would adventure fics be allowed to be posted here as genre? Or the contents?

    For example of what it would include: I would write what area it is the player has entered (in a style like the official guides), some info about the area, the Pokémon availbale in the area and their rarity, and (this I find sketchy) a Spoiler with a general rsting of the species and moves, where there are items and how to get to them, what HMs are needed, where you need to go after this, parties of battleable Pokémon Trainers, and (possibly) a "My Team+General Help" section for major battles.

    So, uh, yeah, I was just wondering if this kind of fic would be allowed here, and what you people think of the kind.

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    In exactly what sense is this a "walkthrough fic" and not just "a walkthrough"? From your description it doesn't sound any different than a regular walkthrough, which would not go here because it's not a narrative work of fiction.

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    It might qualify as a fan-fic if the narrator was an in universe entity. An older trainer writing a guide for younger trainers, for example.
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