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Thread: [RP] Islands of Origin

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    “And with a single toss of His mighty head, the universe was born anew, and a never ending expanse of time and space was at His command...”

    Sign-Up Thread || Discussion Thread

        Spoiler:- Plot:

    RP Rules

    1. No bunnying, godmodding, having less than 200 words in a post, etc. The usual stuff.
    2. No creating your own NPCs to use in posts unless you message me about it first.
    3. No deciding to evolve your Pokemon unless you message me about it first.
    4. No making any extremely important twists/changes to the plot unless you message me about it first.
    5. If you’re going to be inactive, let me know beforehand. I will consider you inactive if it’s been a week since you last posted.
    6. There is a small chance there may be a time I will temporarily close the RP if I am extremely busy. During this time, no one is allowed to make posts in the RP thread. (This will probably only happen if I am on vacation.)
    7. If you break the rules, you’ll get a strike. Three strikes, you’re out.

    Inactive players are colored red.

    1. Littna the Aipom - Feulis-Dweller - Epic-Inferno
    2. Ryuka the Riolu - Feulis-Dweller - Andydemon
    3. Diana the Kirlia - Feulis-Dweller - Jonah the Slaking

    (Oh, and also, that awesome banner at the top was made by kyogreblue3, in case you were wondering.)
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    Littna the Aipom || Feulis-Dweller || Almina Forest

    Swinging from branch-to-branch had never felt so good. The sun shining down seemed to speckle the shadowed ground with tiny drops of light, and the very same sunlight perked me up, pushing me forward faster and faster. I couldn’t help but let a sly grin make its way onto my face. My plan this time was the best one yet.

    The forest was just beginning to wake up. The trees seemed to be stretching out their branches to the sky, and the leaves were starting to rock gently in the crisp morning breeze, bobbing their sun-dappled heads up and down. It almost felt like everything was urging me on, and as the wind whistled quietly, it almost felt like it was calling my name.

    That is, until I realized something really was calling my name.

    “Hey! Boss! Hey! Down here!”

    I stopped in mid-swing, just before I was about to reach the next branch. And that smile was off my face in two shakes of a Mareep’s tail. I looked to the ground to see who could possibly be interrupting me and frowned when I saw it was a familiar face.

    “Benji...” I growled. “What are you DOING down there?! You’re supposed to be getting into place!”

    Standing on the ground, looking nervously up at me was a Linoone. His wide, blue eyes were shining with curiosity, and he looked like he had about a million and a half questions ready to fly out of his mouth. But, I could see a hint of nervousness in his stance. The way his eyes kept darting from side to side didn’t exactly make him seem confident. “Well, uh,” he said, swallowing a big gulp of air before continuing. “I just wanted to ask about th’... you know...”

    “The ceremony?” I replied, trying to conceal my anger. He should’ve been down at the ceremony grounds ages ago. I couldn’t get over how hard it was for this buffoon to follow orders. Is it really so difficult to just sit down and shut up?

    “Yeah, yeah, that...” he laughed nervously and averted his eyes. I could tell that he didn’t want to face me head on. How cute. “I, well. I just wanted to ask a few questions, y’see...”

    “Go ahead,” I spat, urging him to ask them all the more. These had better be worthwhile.

    Benji was getting even more nervous now. The end of his tail was beginning to twitch, and his ears were doing the same. I swear I saw a few beads of sweat roll down his forehead. Gross. “Well, I was wonderin’. Isn’t this whole ceremony thing a little... rude?”

    Rude? What did he mean by that? I was beyond confused. Nothing about this was any ruder than what we’d done before. I raised an eyebrow incredulously, staring right at him. “What do you mean by that?” I asked.

    “Isn’t it wrong to get into th’ others’ business?” Benji murmured, as if he was trying not to be heard. “I, I mean, the other stuff was jus’ for good fun, but this is a little different, don'tcha think?”

    I was still having trouble hiding my confusion. He’d followed me so obediently in the past, so what was so different now? Oh well. I figured a little manipulation would keep him quiet.

    I let out a short chuckle. “Ah, Benji, Benji, Benji... It’s not rude at all!”

    And then I saw just what I’d been waiting for. He stopped twitching, stopped jittering, and raised his eyebrows in confusion. That’s it. It’s all going well so far.

    “All these ceremonies... who are they for, again?” I asked.

    “Well, boss,” he said, still taken aback by what I said. “They’re for that Celebi guy, right?”

    “Exactly!” I said, giving him a big smile. “But, tell me, Benji, is Celebi real?”

    Benji had to think about his answer for a second. He bit his lip and stared at the ground, racking his brains for an answer. And then he nodded hesitantly. “Of course he’s real, boss!”

    Of course he’d say that. How could I expect anything otherwise? I shook my head in denial, confounding him once again. “You may think so, Benji, but he’s not.”

    “...What?” Benji asked. “But, then, why would they be celebratin’ him?”

    “Do you think I know?” I said, snapping back to my usual self. “I don’t know! He’s not real, no one’s ever seen him, and the idea of him is just preposterous anyways! We’re gonna show those villagers the truth!”

    He thought about it for a second, almost as if he was processing the thought at the speed of molasses, a breakneck pace for his standards. And suddenly, it hit him. He nodded, a wide smile on his face. “I get it!”

    About time. “Alright, then, go where I told you. And make it snappy!”

    “Okay!” he shouted, as he ran into the undergrowth.

    ...But then he popped his head back in, just to say “Wow, you sure are a good guy, boss!”

    I couldn’t help but show off my widest, proudest smile at his compliment. He sure knew what he was talking about. “I know,” I said, raising my head high. “And don’t you forget it.”

    Without another word, I dashed right after him, leaping through the undergrowth.

    10 Minutes Later || Almina Falls

    I looked out towards the crowd, adrenaline pumping through my veins. And how could I not be excited? Everyone from the village was here, and the mob of Pokemon seemed to stretch on forever. Noises passed through the swarm, whether they were the chatter of excited Pokemon, or the roaring of the massive waterfall behind them. Something about all the noise, the energized atmosphere, just perked me up. I knew I was ready to show them my best. But, just to be sure, I shot a glance across the clearing, focusing on a massive tree. And in return, Benji poked his head out from behind the tree branch, flashing a wide smile, one that was almost too big for his face. He was ready, too. Good. He couldn’t screw this up. This was my last chance to get off of this hellhole, and I wasn’t going to let it go to waste. As I saw a duo of figures push their way through the crowd, I scurried farther up the tree I’d been clinging to, almost as if on cue. I sat atop the highest branch, staring down at the scene, with my heart pounding so loudly I swore I could almost hear it. Though my hands were shaking with anticipation, I managed to hastily wrap a stray vine around my waist. I fastened my bag just a bit tighter, taking a few last looks to make sure my tools were resting safely inside. “It’s all set,” I muttered to no one in particular. “They’ll never know what hit ‘em.”

    One of the figures managed to climb out of the mob, and as soon as he stood in front of the massive crowd, each and every Pokemon fell silent, as if they were almost afraid to speak in his presence. A few knelt down, or bowed their heads. But he just waved a clawed hand at them, as if to tell them the gesture was unnecessary. I couldn’t help but let out an annoyed sigh when he climbed his way to the top of the stone slab that hung over the audience, and they clapped and cheered in reply. But if I was in their place, I wouldn’t show even a sliver of respect for that fool. Yes, Bullet, that smartass of a Sceptile, was practically having them all swooning at his feet. If only they’d realize he isn’t really all that great. He was the definition of bossy, uptight, and overall, he just really needed to take a chill pill. I couldn’t see how everyone else can stand the guy, let alone practically worship him.

    The next figure slowly lumbered behind, and he was sure taking his sweet time to climb to the top of the rock. But, when he finally did make it to the top, I soon saw that he looked the same as ever. His eyes were closed tight, he was hunched over quite a bit, and he had that same old stupid, carefree smile plastered to his face. I hadn’t even been here for that long, but even I could tell that Glenn the Venusaur wasn’t getting any younger. Even though everyone said he was the leader, I could never believe it. He never did anything! Just lie around, take in the sunlight, and smile. And don’t give me that ‘he’s old’ excuse - I’d hardly ever seen him move his gigantic warty behind, and I was pretty sure that’s not a quality a leader wants to have.

    As the two stood, taking in the hooting and hollering, Bullet cleared his throat to speak, rendering everyone silent but the rumbling waterfall.

    “Thank you all for being here with us today,” he began, being sure to enunciate each word precisely. “Though we’ve had to endure hardship after hardship yet again, we have our dear Lord to thank for being gathered here today.”

    His statement, as completely ungracious as it sounded, was met with another round of applause. But he held up a hand to silence the crowd, before they got too out of hand.

    “It is during these difficult times when it is most important to give thanks to our Lord, who has never failed to our deepest desires, to guide us through the darkest of times, and to bestow His blessings upon us.”

    Ugh. I swear, it was all making me feel sick. How could these villagers blindly follow such obvious lies? I rolled my eyes in annoyance as he brought his speech to a close.

    “All I ask of you is to give your utmost appreciation to our Lord, as we have never failed to do for the centuries that he has blessed our soil.” He turned to Glenn. “Leader?”

    Glenn smiled and stepped forward, sweeping a kindly gaze across the audience before nodding slowly. “You may begin.”

    The crowd turned their heads to the sky, with a small group slowly beginning their prayer.

    For the dear, sweet emperor who alone embraces time...

    A few voices joined in, as their words grew steadily louder.

    For the humble traveler who lives a thousand lives...

    One by one, each bird Pokemon took to the sky, circling above, filling the air with their harmonious song.

    The pure-hearted being who lets us live out our days...

    And finally, everyone was praying, speaking in unison as if they were all but a single being.

    Who lets not a single moment escape his gaze.

    They reached their arms up to the sky, as if they were calling out to the sun.

    You have given us the power, to love and to dream...

    And for you, the holy one, all we can say is-


    Each and every Pokemon fell silent as the sound echoed through the clearing. The bird Pokemon ceased their melodic cries, the praying stopped just as quickly as it had started, and the eyes of the Pokemon sitting in front widened in shock.

    And then it came again. THWACK! A massive tree branch slammed into the back of Bullet’s head, taking him completely by surprise. And when he stood back up, rubbing the back of his head, he was glaring intensely at the ground, his hands clenching into tight fists.

    “Alright...” he said through gritted teeth, quivering with rage. “Who’s fault is this...?”

    It took all my willpower to not burst out laughing. Bullet, who had held himself in such high regard, was shaking with fury. Even though he was probably the downright stupidest Pokemon I’d ever met, having Benji around really did come in handy sometimes. He’d gotten everything just right - the timing, the angle of the branch, and, as I saw the bushes off to the side shake, I noted that he’d gotten down the getaway, too. Step 1 had gone completely as planned. But they hadn’t seen anything yet.

    Bullet was growing angrier by the second, looking around furiously. And, to no one in particular, he shouted the same question as before.

    “Who did this?! Show yourself!”

    Not a single Pokemon said a word. They were too busy shaking in their skins, startled by his sudden burst of rage. And yet, they all seemed to know who it was. They all had a single name pursed on their lips, and yet, they knew better than to say it. Bullet stomped one foot to the ground.

    “Alright, I’ve had enough!” He was shouting at the top of his lungs, the sheer wrath in his voice ringing loud and clear. “Littna, where are you?!”

    “I’m right HERE!”

    I dove out of the cover of leaves, dipping down into the crowd and then whizzing right back into the open air. And believe me, everyone’s expressions were priceless. A few jaws were dropped, a few exchanged confused glances, but everyone’s eyes were wide open in shock. The only one who wasn’t astonished was Bullet, who shot a glare at me. “Littna, you get down here this INSTANT!”

    And immediately, my comeback was ready. “Now, now, Bullet,” I said, coating my voice in sugary-sweet sarcasm. “Do you really think I’m going to do that?”

    Bullet muttered something incomprehensible under his breath. Probably some curse words that were too delicate for my sweet, precious ears. But then, he decided to strike. At a speed that shocked even me, he leapt towards me, ready to tear up the vine keeping me suspended above the ground.

    ...But, he was immediately given a faceful of sticky sap.

    Okay, I’ll admit it. As he fell to the ground, face covered in the stuff, I couldn’t help but giggle a little. Fine, it was more than a little. First, it was a throaty snicker , then it became a hearty chuckle, and soon enough, I was laughing so loudly that my sides started to ache. Oh, how I crack myself up sometimes. But my moment of glory came to a complete stop when I felt a clawed hand grab me by the scruff of my neck.

    I knew full well it was Bullet, and he sure as hell wasn’t going to get me this time, too. I thrashed around, hoping to wiggle myself free, but his iron grip only strengthened. Finally, I looked straight at him, and shouted. “Hey! Let me go!”

    “Littna,” he whispered through gritted teeth. “We need to talk.” He spat out the last word, and it sent shivers up my spine. And as he dragged me away, I was powerless to resist.
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    Uzi the Umbreon l l Arceus Soldier l l Uzi's Bunker

    Electricity shot through my very core, for once in my life, I felt truly alive. The sand beneath my feet felt solid, and my paws felt light as air. I was a true soldier, about to charge into battle, my heart began to beat faster, and the air around me seemed alight with determination. The enemy charged first, turning a spark of adrenaline into a roaring fire as they began to attack. There was no time to think, only to act, I launched myself forward, sparks of electricity radiating from my fur. I wasn’t as running, as much as I was gliding. I was a Jolteon and I was ali-

    “Wake up, sleeping is only for ninnies!” A voice I knew all too well broke into my dream, sending me crashing back to the cold hard stones I was sleeping on. “You are ON duty, not off sleeping!” Tahki bellowed, poking me with her claws.

    I groaned as Tahki started pecking at the tips of my ears. “Can’t I call in sick?” I asked with a cracked voice, I swallowed so my throat wasn’t so dry anymore. “They shouldn’t complain since I haven’t been sick in at least a month now.”

    “But before that you were sick at least once a week! And all of them were fake!” Tahki pointed out, “You’re not going to have any vacations if you start doing it again.”

    “They probably weren’t going give me any vacations in the first place,” I grabbed my pillow and jammed it into my face. “I bet my father didn’t have to go through this!”

    “You can’t get good things until you go through the bad things.” Tahki quoted from a book she read not too long ago. “Besides, you barely knew your father, so how exactly would you know if he didn’t go through something similar to this?”

    “I just kinda expected it,” I sighed getting up, my legs were stiff at first, but walking around loosened them up. “Geez, standing around in a tower is so bad for my legs, I feel like I stood in place for a whole week without moving!”

    “My wings are a little sore from flying around, but you don’t see me complaining,” Tahki lifted up her wing and stretched it, “We’ll get used to it eventually.”

    “I guess, a lot of the other newbies seem to have as much trouble as us,” I glanced outside; the sun had just barely dipped below the horizon and there were plenty of Pokemon doing nightly routines or their own jobs around the compound. “What time is it?”

    “Almost your shift! Now hurry up!” She disappeared out the window. I stood for a second before bolting my room and down the hall. For a second I thought I was a Jolteon until a Doduo ran right past me, leaving me in the dust.

    Finally reaching my station after doing some “Wake Up” exercises and relieving the last Pokemon of watch, I began my shift standing in a tower. If only things could get more exciting. I started drifting off from reality wondering when I could go to a different island, maybe Quartzir. From my post I could see the tip of something off in the distance. Was it an island? Or some big water Pokemon? I couldn’t tell.

    I yawned, taking out a few knickknacks, I began to entertain myself. Around midnight Tahki came by saying she found a cool looking coin. She gave it to me and left. The coin was covered in gunk that was covered in mold.

    Where did she find this? Should keep me busy for the next ten or so minutes.

    Degunking it was a lot more difficult than I expected. By the time the sun peeked over the sunrise I finally figured out what it was. It was just an ordinary coin that someone must’ve dropped in a swamp or seaweed. I stashed it into my bag so I wouldn’t lose it, I wanted to give it back to Tahki the next time I see her, she found it after all.

    When I’m relieved of my first shift I have dinner, or breakfast for non nocturnal soldiers. It’s a bit confusing when you think about it. I met Tahki at our usual table and took out the coin. “This thing was covered in gunk! Where did you find it?”

    “Over by the docks.” She replied, “I spotted it on the ground and snatched it up.” She looked at her plate. Today, for the nocturnal Pokemon, was mashed potatoes and gravy with a side of corn and peas. I momentarily felt bad for Pokemon who didn’t get these luxuries.

    “Hm, I guess a traveler dropped it,” I said. I put it down on the table and slid it to her before eating my own food. She grabbed it with her beak and put it into her bag.

    “Woo, one coin richer.” She joked before eating her food.
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    Ryuka the Riolu || Feulis Dweller || Ryuka's House

    In the midst of sleep, Ryuka found himself having a nightmare. It was a vivid recollection of the day he lost his parents. As he watched Lithulia disappear in his dream taking his parents with it he started stirring in his bed crying out "Mother...Father..."

    Shortly afterwards Ryuka heard a voice calling out "Ryuka, are you okay? Wake up Ryuka!"

    "Ahh!" Ryuka cried out as he woke up from hearing the voice. He then looked to see his best friend, Richard the Mienfoo, standing next to him.

    Richard sighed with relief and told Ryuka "You looked like you were having a nightmare." He then asked him "Was it that day again?"

    Ryuka nodded to Richard and started having tears form in his eyes as he hugged Richard while pressing his face against his chest telling him "Richard, I...I miss them so much..."

    As he watched Ryuka crying Richard simply placed a paw on Ryuka's head in a comforting manner while replying "I know Ryuka...I miss my parents too."

    They both waited until Ryuka finally calmed down before going outside. Once they did so both Ryuka and Richard noticed other Pokemon all heading in the same direction as if gathering somewhere.

    That is when Ryuka remembered something and said "Oh ya, there's a worshiping ceremony taking place today."

    Richard gave an anxious sigh and crossed his arms while replying "All right, my first time in one of those ceremonies you've been telling me about."

    "I was surprised when you said you wanted to be a part of the ceremony. I was hesitant my first time." Ryuka told Richard happily.

    Richard placed his paw on Ryuka's shoulder telling him "The Pokemon in this village have been kind to me even though I was an outsider, I thought I had to offer my gratitude to them somehow. Besides we're friends, I would've wanted to be a part of it with you anyway."

    "Okay then, let's go to Almina Falls!" Ryuka replied excitedly. Both Ryuka and Richard then started as fast as they could towards where the ceremony was being held.

    Almina Falls

    When they reached Almina Falls Richard stopped and looked on awestruck at the crowd stating "Wow, everyone from the village is here!" he looked at Ryuka and told him "Let's go up to the front of the crowd!"

    Ryuka nodded to Richard and started towards the crowd behind him until he stopped for a moment feeling like something was wrong "Wait Richard, I feel like we're being watched."

    Richard stopped after hearing him say this and scanned their surroundings, when he saw nothing he told Ryuka "I don't see anyone looking at us. If you're worried then just stay close to me."

    Ryuka simply nodded in response as he followed Richard through the crowd until they made it to the front.

    Ryuka and Richard both made it to the front just in time for Bullet the Sceptile and Glenn the Venusuar to take their places in front of everyone. As Ryuka looked at Bullet he couldn't help but feel intimidated by him. Ryuka and Bullet had only met a couple times back when Ryuka's father helped protect the village, and while they never talked to each other directly Ryuka knew that Bullet at least knows him by name.

    After Bullet gave his speech he turned to Glenn, who said that the prayer may begin. At first only a small group recited the prayer. Then after the first line several more Pokemon, including Ryuka, began to pray as well.

    After the next couple lines, Richard gave an anxious sigh before joining in the prayer as Ryuka had taught him before the ceremony.

    Just as everyone was reciting the line 'And for you, the holy one, all we can say is-' the prayer was interrupted by a sudden THWACK! sound. Then when Bullet was struck in the back of the head by a tree branch Ryuka was about to head up to see if he was all right but was stopped by Richard, who set Ryuka back next to him saying "Hold on, I don't want you getting in trouble."

    As Bullet demanded to know who was responsible for the interruption, Ryuka became visibly frightened by Bullet's anger as he turned away from him shaking and whimpering.

    Richard noticed this and held Ryuka close to him while he watched as Bullet raged.

    They both watched as the culprit, Littna the Aipom, revealed herself. While they've never spoken to Littna and have barely seen her, Ryuka and Richard both heard of her as being a reoccurring trouble maker in the village, so it was no surprise she'd be the one responsible for this.

    After the short scrap that followed ended in Littna being caught and dragged off by Bullet, Ryuka calmed down and told Richard "I'm sorry this happened Richard, I wanted this ceremony to go perfectly since it was your first time."

    "Don't worry about it. This wasn't your fault, it was Littna's. We can try again whenever there's another ceremony." Richard reassured Ryuka, he then paused for a moment to think before wordlessly walking in the direction Bullet had dragged Littna.

    Curious about what Richard was doing Ryuka started to follow him saying "Wait Richard, where are you going?"
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    Littna the Aipom || Feulis-Dweller || Neldrich Village

    As Bullet stormed off into the forest, with me in tow, his long, strong strides soon brought us away from the scene. The astonished faces of the crowd grew farther and farther away, until they all disappeared into the undergrowth. Even the melodic roar of the waterfall, which had before overpowered the heavy silence, was beginning to fade against the sound of Bullet’s footsteps. Even though I knew in the back of my mind that it would have been so easy to get away, to race back into the forest and begin scheming again, I just couldn’t. Something, some unknown voice invading my thoughts urged me to face my trouble this time. And I knew that if I tried to make a getaway, I would just end up in more of it.

    Seeing the forest path begin to end just made the weight of hopelessness sink further onto my shoulders, because I could just tell this wasn’t going to get me kicked off the island. And if this didn’t work, I didn’t think anything would.

    He finally set me down once we’d reached the center of the village, the place where all the action normally seemed to happen. It was where all the huts stood and stared stoically out at the villagers, where the laughter and joy seemed to stem from. But this time, it wasn’t so cheery. The only sound I could hear was the melancholy whistle of the wind through the leaves, its somber tune playing like a broken record in the deepest reaches of my mind. But that silence shattered as soon as Bullet opened his mouth to speak.

    “Littna, do you understand what you’ve done?!” The volume and strength of his voice rang out like a gunshot, and it almost made me feel a bit guilty. Almost.

    “Not really,” I said, looking him straight in the face, trying out my signature mocking tone again. That was usually what got to him most. “There’s no point to your stupid ceremonies!”

    “No point...?” Bullet leaned in closer, until our noses were nearly touching. And even though his next words weren’t loud and in my face, they were probably even more effective.

    “Littna, let me tell you what you’ve done,” he began, taking on a grave monotone. “You’ve stomped all over our beliefs, ruined are dearest special occasion, and you don’t feel the least bit guilty. Celebi has saved us more times than I can even count. Is it really so hard to appreciate him?”

    “But Celebi isn’t real!” I countered. “Nothing about him is real! The time-travel, the forest stuff, none of it is actually true! Don’t you get it?!”

    He took a few steps back, a bit startled by my counterattack. He let out a deep sigh, and leaned down to meet me. But this time, he was speaking gently, his voice becoming a soothing whisper. “It’s alright for you to think that,” he said. “But, can you please just at least try to respect our beliefs?”

    The words struck me in a way I didn’t expect. I was almost considering the possibility. But I knew I couldn’t. Respecting the villagers was just going to be counterproductive in the worst possible way. I shot a glare straight at Bullet, and shouted as loudly as I possibly could.

    “I can’t do that! Not if I have to stay HERE!”

    And, not knowing what else to do, I ran into the forest, with a few stray shouts of “Littna! Wait!” following me.

    I was fuming with anger, even if I didn’t know exactly why. Even though it was only for an instant, he’d made me doubt my plans. That smartass actually won. And I couldn’t take that. Weavile was the only home I had to return to, and I wasn’t going to let him slip away. And as my few lasting memories of him bubbled to the surface, I swear I felt a little something in my eye. I brushed it away, trying to pretend it hadn’t been there, and I ran faster, before a yellow flash darted towards me.


    The impact left me a bit dazed, and as I rubbed my head, I looked up to see a Mienfoo doing the same, with a Riolu close behind.

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    Ryuka the Riolu || Feulis-Dweller || Between Almina Falls and Neldrich Village

    As he followed Richard down the path in which Bullet took Littna, Ryuka asked him "Why are we following them Richard?"

    Richard stopped and turned to Ryuka telling him "Now that I think about it I'm not sure myself. I guess I'm just curious about what's going to happen."

    Ryuka looked at him worriedly as he replied "But what Mr. Bullet says to Littna about this has nothing to do with us. Besides, you saw how angry he was, what if we get in trouble?"

    Upon hearing this Richard gave a puzzled look as he asked "I don't know about me but how would you of all Pokemon get in trouble, doesn't Bullet know you?"

    "Mr. Bullet knows me by name I know that much for sure, I've met him once or twice while I was with my father, but we've never actually talked before." Ryuka explained "He only knows about me because my father helped protect the village." As he said this Ryuka started looking towards the ground lost in though "Back before he..." he trailed off as a tear started forming in his eye.

    Richard noticed this prompting him to quickly walk up to Ryuka and place his paws on his shoulders telling him "Hey, we've already been through this earlier today. Can we try to keep the crying to once a day?" Richard immediately regretted saying that, knowing how sensitive Ryuka is on the subject, and started scratching the back of his head saying "I mean I know it's hard. I'll be the first to admit that since I'm in the same boat as you. But we need to stay strong for each other, it's what our parents would want."

    Knowing he was trying his best to calm him down, Ryuka wiped the tear from his eye before raising his head to look at Richard with a weak smile telling him "Alright Richard, I'll...I'll try my best."

    "I know it's hard for you so try to handle it at your own pace." Richard told him before turning around saying "Alright then, let's get moving." before make a quick dash towards the direction Bullet went with Littna.

    Right when Richard started running Ryuka noticed someone heading in their direction and called out "Wait! Richard, look out!"

    Richard had noticed this too late and ended up crashing into whoever it was, sending him stumbling backwards and falling over. "Oww." Richard groaned as he rubbed his head for a moment before seeing that the one who crashed into him was Littna.

    "Richard, are you all right?" Ryuka cried out as he rushed to Richard's side.

    Richard stood up and brushed himself off telling Ryuka "I'll be okay, I just fell over that's all."

    Ryuka gave a quick smile before looking in Littna's direction. With his shyness kicking in Ryuka gave a somewhat frightened look as he quickly got behind Richard as if to hide from her.

    Feeling Ryuka's paws against his back Richard sighed with mild frustration and looked at Littna. When he did so however he noticed Bullet wasn't around prompting him to ask her "Where's Bullet? You trying to run away from him after what you did?"
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    Littna the Aipom || Feulis-Dweller || Forest Path

    As I stood up, still rubbing my aching skull, I thought I might as well look those two chumps over. But as soon as I did, the Riolu leapt to the Mienfoo’s side almost instantly.“Richard!” It cried out, in an irritating high squeak of a voice. “Are you alright?” And suddenly, something clicked in my mind. I recognised those two - just some scamps off the street who seemed to be all buddy-buddy. Fantastic, I thought to myself, rolling my eyes. Just what I needed.

    The Mienfoo stood up, brushing the thin layer of dust off his shoulders. He gave the Riolu a confident smile, and an equally self-assured reply. “I’ll be okay,” he said. “I just fell over, that’s all.”

    The Riolu smiled shyly at the Mienfoo, before noticing me. And I swear, the poor kid’s eyes must’ve grown to the size of dinner plates. He looked at me like I was some terrifying monster, some weird thing with 5 eyes or something. And I couldn’t help but raise an incredulous eyebrow at him as he leapt back with another one of those delightful squeaks, like I was carrying some disease. He was definitely strange, that’s for sure.

    His friend, though, that Richard guy, seemed to be the exact opposite. He sighed at his friend’s fearful freakout, before stepping forward to face me head on. “So,” he said, his voice oozing with confidence. “Where’s Bullet, huh? You trying to run away from him after what you did?”

    A bold one, huh? I thought to myself. This should be interesting. “Really?” I replied, in a tone similar to his. “You really think I’d do that? C’mon, give me a little more credit than that.”

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    Ryuka the Riolu || Feulis-Dweller || Forest Path

    As Richard looked at Littna he noticed her giving off odd looks at Ryuka's actions. He was about to say something about it but left it alone, it was possible that she had never met someone as timid as Ryuka was. Granted, Richard didn't understand why Ryuka was so scared of him at first either until he learned of an incident where Ryuka was almost attacked by someone. Luckily Richard was able to get Ryuka to open up to him and they've been best friends ever since. Based on what Richard was seeing of Littna he concluded that she wouldn't be as friendly to him.

    Ryuka was still hiding behind Richard as the two exchanged words. Though he was afraid of Littna he managed to fight his fear enough to look over Richard's shoulder and glanced at her briefly before ducking back behind him. It wasn't so much that Ryuka had never met Littna before as much as it is what he was expecting of her. This is a Pokemon that not only interrupted the worshiping ceremony but she also bold enough to strike and humiliate Bullet in the process. If Littna did all that then one could only imagine what she could do to Ryuka and Richard.

    "Really?" Littna replied to Richard's question. "You really think I'd do that? C'mon, give me a little more credit than that."

    Richard merely raised an eyebrow at this remark and told her "So I'm supposed to believe that Bullet just let you go after you disrupted the ceremony and humiliated him in front of everyone, is that it?"

    As Richard said this Ryuka couldn't help but be amazed at how brave Richard was acting towards Littna despite what he had seen of her earlier. It made Ryuka feel envious that he couldn't muster up that kind of courage, but he hoped one day he could.

    Richard then crossed his arms and asked Littna "What made you want to do that anyway? Was it just some kind of prank to you because that was far from harmless."
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    Littna the Aipom || Feulis-Dweller || Forest Path

    Not taking even a second to take my words in, Richard rose a skeptical eyebrow and gave me a playful smirk, before countering my words. “So I'm supposed to believe that Bullet just let you go after you disrupted the ceremony and humiliated him in front of everyone,” he said, his words poking and prodding my nerves in a way that took me completely off guard. “Is that right?”

    Okay, I’ll admit it. That comment stung. Maybe not because of the words themselves, but the surprise of hearing them from Richard. Never in a million years would I have guessed he could find weak spots this easily. But I stood my ground, eyeing him confidently, waiting for what he would say next. A plan was already starting to brew in the back of my mind - all I needed was something to trigger it.

    “What made you want to do that anyway?” Richard asked, standing off to the side and crossing his arms indignantly. “Was it just some kind of prank to you? Because that was far from harmless.”

    There it was. That was my trigger. I smirked at him, before unfolding my arms into a shrug. “Well, I dunno if I really have a good reason to just leak that kind of info to chumps like you,” I said. “But how about a little game?” I lengthened that last word, letting it peak his interest. “I’ll fight one of you. If you win, maybe I’ll tell you some juicy tidbits.” I stepped forward, locking eyes with Richard. “How’s that sound?”

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    Ryuka the Riolu || Feulis-Dweller || Forest Path

    Richard smirked when he saw Littna apparently caught off guard by his counter words. She was clearly surprised that he would catch on to her act so easily, either she thought Richard was stupid or she was just very arrogant. Whatever the case he was wise to her act and she knew it.

    She was still staring him down confidently when he asked her why she disrupted the ceremony the way she did and it was apparent she had thought of something when he did as she smirked at him saying "Well, I dunno if I really have a good reason to just leak that kind of info to chumps like you,"

    Richard appeared discontent with Littna calling him and Ryuka 'chumps' as she continued "But how about a little game?"

    Both Richard and even Ryuka looked at her curiously as she continued "I'll fight one of you. If you win, maybe I'll tell you some juicy tidbits." Littna then stepped forward and looked Richard in the eyes saying "How's that sound?"

    Richard brought a paw up to his chin and thought it over as he told her "That's bold of you, you really wanna take one of us on? You're gonna be at a disadvantage you know." he then stepped towards her.

    Ryuka grabbed Richard by the arm telling him "Wa-Wait Richard, if one of us has to fight her it should be me, I'd have a better chance than you do." It was true, Richard didn't know any actual Fighting Type moves like Ryuka did, which would be very helpful against an opponent like Littna.

    Richard looked at Ryuka and replied "Come on Ryuka, she only said one of us, you don't have to fight her so let me do it. Besides I'm stronger than you remember?"

    Ryuka looked Richard in the eyes worriedly telling him "But you don't know what she can do. You saw what she did to Mr. Bullet, she'll have more than just moves."

    Richard place a paw on Ryuka's shoulder and told him "All the more reason why I should fight her, I don't want you getting caught up in one of her little tricks."

    Ryuka looked down and gave a reluctant whimper before letting go of Richard's arm and saying "Just be careful Richard."

    "Don't worry, I can take care of myself." Richard replied as he stepped up to Littna and got into his usual fighting stance telling her "Let your little game begin Littna!"

    With Richard about to fight Littna Ryuka decided to take cover behind a nearby tree, as he watched to battle about to unfold he thought out loud "I don't like this one bit..."

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    Littna the Aipom || Feulis-Dweller || Forest Path

    Richard brought a contemplative paw to his chin at my suggestion, his eyes flickering from one side to the other. And, finally, he came to a conclusion. “That’s bold of you,” he said, his compliment making me grin. “You really wanna take us on? You’re gonna be a disadvantage, you know.”

    Yeah right, I wanted to say out loud, but I kept my mouth shut. But before I could let the fight commence, that pansy of a Riolu decided he would cut in, with his annoying little squeak in tow. “W-Wait, Richard,” he cried out, making my ears ring even more than before. “If one of us has to fight her, it should be me! I’d have a better chance than you!”

    A better chance? That definitely piqued my interest. Looks like that little **** can’t keep his mouth shut, I thought. But what could possibly give him an advantage? And, instantly, it dawned on me. That Mienfoo must not know any Fighting moves, I decided. Looks like today’s going better than I thought.

    Meanwhile, the two continued their squabbling. “Come on, Ryuka,” said Richard. “She said only one of us. You don’t have to fight her, so let me do it! And I’m stronger than you, remember?”

    Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, Ryuka’s voice grew even higher, and he started to stumble over his words even more than before. I’m not exaggerating when I say it took all my willpower to not deck him in the face. “But you don’t know what she can do,” he said, gesturing to me as if I wasn’t there. “You saw what she did to Mr. Bullet! She’ll have more than just moves!”

    But Richard wouldn’t give up, and bless him for it. If I had to fight that whiny little git, I’d beat him so hard that I’d probably end up in even more trouble. “All the more reason why I should fight her,” Richard said. “I don’t want you getting caught up in one of her little tricks.”

    And finally, Ryuka reluctantly stopped persisting, looking down nervously at his paws. “Just be careful, Richard,” he murmured, before rushing off to go cower behind some tree. Good riddance, I thought.

    “Don’t worry,” Richard shouted back at him. “I can take care of myself!” He then narrowed his eyes at me, leaping into a fighting stance. “Let your little game begin, Littna!”

    I grinned right back at him, before immediately leaping into action. I raced towards him, aiming for the Mienfoo’s head. But as he reached up to block it, I took a leap back and punched him square in the gut. He took a few steps back and flinched, cringing from my surprise attack. Fake Out really did come in handy sometimes. Before he could recover, I scaled a tree, hiding myself behind a cover of leaves, eagerly waiting to see how he’d react.

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    Ryuka the Riolu || Feulis-Dweller || Forest Path

    As Richard argued with Ryuka he noticed Littna appeared to be getting irritated whenever Ryuka spoke. It's true being a kid Ryuka's voice had sort of a high pitch to it but it wasn't that annoying to hear. So Richard came to believe that Littna was very irritable, which gave him something to consider. It also relieved Richard a bit, in the back of his mind he was thinking she was gonna try to take Ryuka hostage in some way, but if she can't even stand his voice then he has nothing to worry about.

    Seeing how relieved she was to see she was fighting Richard instead, he decided to tell her "You look a little relieved, maybe I should let Ryuka fight you after all." and snickered at his own joke.

    When they started fighting Littna looked like she was about to go for Richard's head prompting him to raise his arms, however she turned out to be aiming for his side instead. This caught Richard off guard as he took the hit and stumbled back, cringing in pain as he held his side.

    When he saw this Ryuka immediately covered his eyes for a moment, he couldn't stand seeing Richard get hurt. He would've gone to help him right then and there if this wasn't strictly a one-on-one fight.

    As Richard recovered from Littna's Fake Out attack he heard the sound of leaves ruffling, when he looked around and noticed she wasn't there he concluded she must be hiding in the trees.

    "I thought this was supposed to be a fight, but if you wanna play Hide and Seek too that's fine with me!" Richard called out to Littna as he thought out his next move. He then closed his eyes, placed his paws together, and took a deep breath. As he stood quietly where he was he appeared to be in a deep state of focus.

    As Ryuka watched Richard doing this he recognized this action as Calm Mind prompting him to give a hopeful smile.

    Soon Richard opened his eyes and jumped into the air with his arms spread wide. As he began to spin around in midair a series of stars began to emerge from his body in all directions.

    Having finished preparing his Swift attack Richard stopped spinning and called out to Littna once more "Ready or not, here they come!" as he waved his arms in front of him sending all the stars he created flying into every nearby tree in all directions of where he was standing.

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    (OOC: Things that happen in the past are in third person, things that happen in the present are in first person.)

    Lysander||Soldier (Runark)|| 6;30pm, Thursday, Spring, Week 1, Month 1 (Past)||Outside his room

    Training schedule: Year 2 soldiers in training, Month 1, Spring
    Mondays: Meet Griff in the northern training tunnel after Lunch
    Tuesdays: Meet Griff above ground at sundown
    Wednesdays: Day of rest and prayer, no training.
    Thursdays: Meet Griff in the east garrison at dawn
    Fridays: Harvest day, No training
    Saturdays: Navigation test in the deep southern tunnels (Optional), Speak to Griff if interested. Tunnel tactics in the southern war tunnel after breakfast.
    Sundays: Griff is off work today, Train with each other

    Lysander read the yellowed sheet of paper, which had been delivered at his door just that morning; stepping out into the dusty hallway, which was lit by candles strung across the walls, flickering softly, they cast a warm light throughout the tunnel, which was long and scattered with doors of many shapes and sizes. Closing his own circular mint colored door behind him, Lysander trotted towards the main hall, clutching the now creased paper tightly to his chest, kicking up dust behind him and sending an unfortunate Furret into a coughing fit.

    “I’m terribly sorry ma’am!” He apologized, looking back momentarily to shoot a sympathetic glance at the poor soul. “I’m late to meet someone, I didn’t at all mean to cause a disturbance.”

    Scurrying around a corner, Lysander entered a cave with Mew painted on the ceiling, which was much higher than the hallway he had just exited. The cave was ornately decorated with skins and paintings along the walls. Stopping only to look briefly at the painting on the ceiling, Lysander hurried on, albeit more carefully, as he did not wish to make anyone else hack up a lung, even if it was an accident. Taking a left at the fork that ended the cave, Lysander skidded to a halt in front of a tall scarlet door, which was located in a tunnel that looked quite similar to the one his home was located in, although it was less dusty, and instead of candles on the walls, there were oil lamps, which cast a slightly harsher light into the tunnel. Rapping sharply on the door, Lysander tapped his foot impatiently, fiddling with the training schedule, which was still clutched in his other hand.

    After about a minute, the door creaked open, and with a bellow a tiny Cubone launched herself at him, tackling him to the ground. Lillian, a Pokemon Lysander regretfully called his friend, looked like any average Cubone, albeit smaller, but there was just one thing, she was lacking the skull most of her kind wore, revealing a face that looked eerily similar to a young Kangaskhan’s, with two short, blunt horns protruding just below her jaw line, and two longer sharper ones, which protruded at an angle from higher on her head.

    Lysander bellowed up at her from his spot on the floor, already exasperated, “L-LILLIAN! GET OFF RIGHT N-NOW!”

    With a smirk that almost split her face in half, Lillian complied, leaping off of Lysander and landing with a loud thud on the floor. Before going to lean casually on some poor Pokemon’s door, leaving dirty scuff marks.

    “Heeeey Lys’, yer late, as usual, have ya’ got anythang ta’ say fer yerself?” She said, smirk turning a bit more scathing by the second.

    “I have quite a lot to say to you.” Lysander gritted out, standing up gingerly, and brushing himself off.

    “Do ya’ now, what’tisit ah’ve not got all day ya’know.”

    Eye twitching slightly, Lysander tried to refrain from grabbing Lillian, tossing the little sinner back into her room, and glueing the door shut, then putting a spirit ward on it to get rid of the pesky demon, who was obviously residing within Lillian.

    “Forget it, I obviously can’t talk to you right now without blowing a gasket.” He growled at Lillian, who was giggled like the offending creature that she was.

    “Ah’m the great Lysander, an’ Ah’ can’t stand anywhoozit who is ah ‘sinner’, or summthin’, an’ Ah’ve got no sense a’ humor.” Lillian mocked, causing Lysander to grit his teeth and growl, before dissolving into a fit of laughter.

    “Awwh- hahahahahah- Lys’ yer-ahahahaha- a HOOT!- ahhaahahaha”, she managed through her maniacal laughing, laughing so hard that she had to lean against the wall to hold herself up.

    Although he did manage to refrain from throwing his friend back into her room, Lysander also couldn’t stand to be around her a moment longer, stomping off down the hall, he didn’t even bother to look back. He returned to the cave with Mew on the ceiling, going down the right fork, instead of the left, still fuming.

    I’ll ask Griff if I can take the test today.- He thought, dragging his feet along the sand of the tunnel, which looked almost exactly the same as the tunnel that Lillian resided in, although it was longer, and had more traffic in it, stopping at the largest door in the hall, a rectangular black door that had long gouges on the side, probably from either Griff’s or Rufus’s claws. Swallowing nervously, he knocked quietly on the door, nervousness making the sound seem much louder than it really was. In his first year of training, Lysander had barely spoken to Griff, and he definitely hadn’t ever spoken to him outside of training. Shuffling his feet nervously, he knocked again, louder this time, faintly praying that neither Griff nor Rufus were at home.

    Alas, Lysander’s prayers were not answered, Griff opened the door soon after he knocked the second time, Griff was tall for a Sandslash, and looked very formidable, at least he usually did. Lysander did a double take when he saw his laid back mentor, who was displaying quite a shocking case of bedhead, his spikes were sticking out in every direction, and the fur of top of his head was sticking straight up. Lysander momentarily considered running away as fast as he could,; but decided against it, he couldn’t embarrass himself in front of Runark’s second in command, now could he?

    Griff rubbed his eye with one paw, beckoning the young Kecleon into his room with the other, “I’m sorry about the mess, I was going to clean it up after I took a nap, training all of Runark is pretty hard ya’ know.” He yawned, sitting down on a tattered looking skin, nodding to tell Lysander that it was okay to sit down.
    Griff’s side of the room was a huge mess, there were things strewn everywhere, a pile of slashed up wood was sitting on the table, and there were tattered items spilling out of a chest and onto the floor, there was also an oil lamp on the table, which seemed to be the only neat looking thing on Griff’s side of the room, until he saw a crack in it. One of the blankets that Lysander assumed belonged on the bed was somehow draped across two shelves, which barely had anything else on them.

    Lysander didn’t bother looking at Rufus’s side of the room, he didn’t want to seem like a snoop. Finally sitting down, Lysander mustered up the courage to speak.

    “I was wondering if I could take this tunnel test tonight, I believe that it will help me prove my worth as a soldier.” He explained, showing Griff the crumpled schedule that had been shoved underneath his door that morning.

    “I wouldn’t recommend taking the test yet, it’s actually pretty hard.” Griff said, looking mildly concerned, “But if you reeeaaally want to, sure.”

    “What do I need to do?”

    Griff sighed, “If you fail, you can try again, but you might not live to try again, even Rufus can’t navigate the deep tunnels completely. Basically, you need to navigate the deep tunnels and make it out by sunrise tomorrow, otherwise you will fail. If you are gone for more than two days, I will send a search party, but I really can’t promise anything, sometimes we never find the Pokemon that was testing.”

    “The chance is worth it, I’ll do whatever it takes!” Lysander informed, pumping a fist in the air to signify his determination.

    “Alright, go to the deep southern tunnels, and don’t say I didn’t warn you, I’ll have a Pokemon waiting at every exit, I urge you to start in an hour or less.”

    “Thank you sir!” Lysander thanked Griff, a smile lighting up his face, before heading to his destination.

    Lysander|| Soldier (Runark) || 9:45pm, Thursday, Month 1, Week 1, Spring || Deep southern tunnels

    Night turned the caves black, so dark that it was hard to tell if your eyes were closed or open. Blind in the dark, I could only feel the ground under my feet, and the walls, more narrow than I would've liked. The sand here was deeper than it was in the living caves; my feet were almost covered. I moved slowly, careful not to make much noise. Listening for any disturbances, I navigated as best I could through the pitch darkness, running my hand across the dusty wall. Making a conscious effort to be as silent as possible, I treaded lightly, making sure that I was unheard, as well as unseen. As I navigated further, the air began to smell stagnant, a sign of an old, unused tunnel.

    Not here, I have treaded too far.

    Turning back as best I could, I felt my way along a narrow tunnel, before realizing that I had taken a wrong turn. This tunnel was much narrower than the other one; I had to crouch down to fit.

    Lost, lost, I can’t be lost. I must return as soon as possible, otherwise this test will be pointless.

    I began to panic, turning around was impossible in such a small space, my only option was to move forward, crawling was the only way to fit as the tunnel became narrower, almost pressing against my sides. I pressed forward, determined to prove my worth as a soldier of Mew.

    Mew will light the way to victory, but right now, I must prove my own strengths. I decided to take the test because I wanted to prove my worth to Griff. I must get out by sunrise, or I will not pass, although I can always take it again, I fear that each time I retake it, I will lose respect from my peers. I must finish it the first time!

    The tunnel began to widen out, just enough for me to stand up without brushing my head against the ceiling. Although it was still too dark to see, I knew that Mew had helped me.

    Thank you, you have helped me yet again. I will repay you with my eternal loyalty.
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    Credit: Sworn Metalhead

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    (OOC: Andydemon, keep in mind that that Swift attack will take a lot out of him in terms of energy, seeing as he sent it everywhere.)

    Littna the Aipom || Feulis-Dweller || Forest Path

    “I thought this was supposed to be a fight,” Richard scoffed. “But, if you want to play Hide and Seek, that’s fine with me!”

    Huh, I thought. He’s getting cocky. He’s got to be trying something. I poked my head out of the bushes when I spotted a soft pink glow filling the air, and I soon saw where it came from. Richard’s eyes were shut tight, and his paws were pressed tightly together. Emanating from him was a delicate pick aura that wrapped around his paws, causing them to glow in their own mystic light. I scurried down the branch and into another bush, panicking when I realized it was a Calm Mind. I had to watch out for what came next, or I was toast.

    “Ready or not, here I come!”

    Before I could even think, a barrage of stars shot everywhere, whizzing through the trees and slicing their fragile leaf curtains into shreds. While one whooshed past my head, another would narrowly miss my shoulder, racing through the air like little shards of light. A few even did make their mark - I flinched as one dug into my arm, and winced as another sliced the side of my cheek, staining my dusty yellow fur a deep red. But not many did hit - he had no aim. He seemed to be sending them in random directions, like he was really that desperate to hit me. Little did he know that desperation would get him nowhere.

    I raced up another tree, and sat in a branch, just waiting. Watching. And then, I saw my cue. The stars depleted in number, firing slower and slower, until the last pathetic little shot faded away. I smirked as he began to pant heavily - the attack had taken a lot out of him, and as far as I was concerned, it was a total waste of energy. Without letting another second fly by, I grabbed onto the branch, and flung myself as far as I could.

    Racing through the air towards him, I whirled my tail forward, and frost began to form around it, before it curled into a crystalline, sub-zero fist. I slammed it into his front paws, and before long, they were frozen together in blocks of ice, with no hope of moving any time soon. I then leaned even closer, raking sharp claws across his face and smirking as the ruby red blood slowly dribbled down his cheeks. “So,” I said, looking him straight in the eye. “You give up yet?”

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    (OOC: Fair enough.)

    Ryuka the Riolu || Feulis-Dweller || Forest Path

    Ryuka watched in amazement as the stars Richard created shot off in every direction, tearing tree leaves to shreds. As he saw all this Ryuka knew there was no way Littna was gonna be able to dodge all that.

    Richard admired his handiwork know Littna was gonna take some kind of damage from all that. Any hiding spot she might've had would likely have been torn apart. But it was when the stars began to lessen in numbers that Richard started to realize his mistake. Using Swift like that took a lot out of him and before he knew it he was panting heavily.

    It was then that Richard heard a noise that prompted him to look up and see Littna falling towards him with her tail glowing a frigid white aura. He instinctively raised both his paws up to block the attack, but before he knew it his paws started freezing up until he soon found them literally frozen together like icy handcuffs, rendering his paws completely useless.

    "Richard!" Ryuka cried out when he saw this, he then flinched when Littna proceeded to scratch Richard across the face. As he watched this Ryuka started to fight off his fears as he couldn't stand watching his best friend fight tired and almost helpless like this.

    After Littna scratched Richard she leaned up to him and looked him in the eye saying "So, you give up yet?"

    In the midst of his panting Richard told her "You...wish!" then moved his frozen paws to the side before lifting up his foot and kicking her, sending her away from him. But he then dropped down to one knee as his exhaustion started getting the better of him.

    Ryuka ran up to Richard telling him "That's enough Richard, it's not worth it."

    "It is to me. I may not give gods or legends much thought, but I went to that ceremony anyway just for you and she ruined it. I have to know why she did that." Richard explained to Ryuka, trying his best to stand up.

    Ryuka shook his head at Richard and replied "I don't care about that, I'm happy enough that you went to the ceremony with me." Ryuka looked down at the ground and told him "I hate watching you get hurt like this. You're my best friend, you're all I have left."

    Ryuka then got between Richard and Littna with a determined look on his face. Though he was still scared and mildly shivering with fear Ryuka mustered up whatever courage he could and told Littna "If you want to hurt Richard any more you'll have to go through me!"
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    Littna the Aipom || Feulis-Dweller || Forest Path

    Through his intense bouts of panting, I caught a pitiful murmur of “You... wish...” He rose up a leg to kick me, but it may as well have done nothing at all. He fell to the ground, frozen paws and all, with a few measly beads of sweat running down his neck, and a grimace that contorted his face I stepped forward and chucked, giving him a sardonic smile, before finally readying myself for the finishing blow. But before I could, a familiar blue shape bounded into sight.

    Great, I thought as Ryuka dashed towards his friend with all the wild energy of a scared Rattata. He’s back. “Richard!” He fell to his knees and knelt by Richard’s side. “That’s enough, Richard,” he said. “It’s not worth it.”

    Richard craned his neck to look into Ryuka’s eyes, shaking his head in denial. “It is to me,” he said. “I may not give gods or legends much thought, but I went to the ceremony just for you and she ruined it. I have to know why she did that.” He tried desperately to stand up, heaving and pushing, but his weighted paws just pulled him back downwards, a truly pitiable display.

    “I don’t care about that,” murmured Ryuka. “I’m happy enough that you went to the ceremony with me.” Ugh. The sappiness was almost too much to bear. “I hate watching you get hurt like this! You’re my best friend, you’re all I have left.”

    Ryuka stood up and faced me. “If you want to hurt Richard any more, you’ll have to go through me!”

    It was almost as if he really thought he was intimidating. He was glaring at me, trying to stare me down, but he couldn’t hide the fact that he was quivering with fear, or the apprehension he had to actually stand up for himself for once. It was almost enough to make me snicker, but I held it in, staying cool. “You’re defying the rules this early in the game, huh?” I said. “I said I’d fight one of you, and it’s already too late to change players. Step aside and let your little friend come into the ring, will ya?”

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    Quartzir offensive forward camp on Runark

    It's worth noting that my post is a bit darker than the lightheartedness in previous posts.

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, Its time for the daily address," Skaro boomed through an impromptu megaphone.

    "It's day 64 of the Runark offensive, the temperature is-"

    The squad of just over 30 replied in a unified shout

    "Hotter than the center of the sun!"

    "We've made absolutely zero progress toward the capital and have faced-"

    Again the squad sounded

    "More resistance than there is dirt!"

    "And our expected withdraw date is the next time it rains,"

    The squad burst into laughter, It was a fairly hopeless situation, stuck between the Runark capital forces guarding the entrances to the only place on the island capable of supporting life for extend periods of time, and the ocean with no way out except back to Quartzir, to face execution. All of the men in the offensive camp were criminals and conscripts the lowest of the low in Quartzirian society and military. Skaro had heard about the "Runark Offensive," before he arrived, he knew that it was less of a military operation, more of a death camp, where Sepres could keep a foot hold on the island without fully committing herself to an invasion, unfortunately no solider in there right mind would choose to come here, it had the most one sided fighting since the war began, with Quartzirian soldiers dieing of both there wounds from consistent raids and the lack of supplies being sent to the island.

    "Hmmph, you're not sent to the Runark offensive to serve, you're sent here to die..."

    Skaro pondered, he was one of the oldest here, coming on the second wave of new recruits, and that was putting it lightly. The men that came were not worthy of the term "Recruit," and any real soldiers had been pulled out as soon as the camp was created. This is why Skaro had the pleasure of doing the Daily address, a bit of a moral booster to the men who were faced between death on one side, and death on the other. But Skaro felt at home here among the low-lives and scrappy militia, The men here didn't care for his past, they were taking each day as it came and trying harder each day to survive. The climate however, was not as agreeing. The hot humid weather of the desert like Runark surface left skaro's light leather armor soaked in sweat, it had began to tear apart on the chest plate so he and cut it up and made a set of simple shoulder guards and left his chest exposed, it was easier with the heat.

    "Oi Skaro! A wingull's arived with a message for the commander!"

    A Wartortle with a satchel arrived in the captains tent where Skaro had taken up residence. He panted and wiped the sweat from his brow as he put a letter on the table in-front of him.

    "Well then don't keep him waiting? Haha I'm sure he's dieing to read it!"

    Skaro laughed and gestured towards a small handmade graveyard marked off by a small tumbleweed fence.

    "Very funny... *******, It looks important so I wouldn't wait around."

    And with that he waddled off, into the rest of the camp most likely to help with repairs. It occurred to skaro how out of place many of these water type pokemon were here, but everyone was doing there best to keep the camp running. It was a work of pure moral and will to survive.

    Skaro looked at the envelope in front of him, it had Serpes seal on the back, so he knew that this was not going to be good news.

    Commander Narows.

    I regret to inform you that the supplies you've
    ordered for the Runark offensive have been delayed
    until such a time as we can spare supplies for the current
    operation. These supplies will have to be foraged
    from the island itself as withdrawal as you know
    is not an option. I hope the men are in good spirits
    and I can only hope that you can figure a way to keep
    operations continuing as per the norm.

    Empress Serpres' official head of communications.

    "Well, Son of a *****,"

    Skaro said in an aloud whisper. The operations on Runark had been as of now, discontinued, and the empress had simply left the to die until further notice. He had to keep the quiet, he had to find a way to find supplies, He had to do something. The way he saw it, he had 8 days before the next supplies were set to arrive and he was low on food as it was. Rationing would only last so long, they needed a more permanent solution. But Skaro wasn't a commander, or a leader, he was a solider. His tactical experience was limited to ship to ship combat and he knew nothing about the Runark tactics except for what the raiders had been using, not to mention the members of the now exclusive Runark Offensive were untrained and had enough food to last just over a week.

    "Sir, Permission to enter; Sir!"
    An upstart Crocanaw sounded from outside the tents flaps.

    An then it finally hit him. These men, all they had was Skaro. The backwash of the Quartzirian army all collected and waiting for orders that would never come.

    "Granted, State your business."
    Skaro sunk his head into his hands, the whole situation burning over in his head. He couldn't think of a way out.

    "Sir, A fight's broken out over rations, Lemonson's taken triple his allowed rationing of food and refuses to give it up-"

    Skaro grapped his blade, a New thick flat edged long sword with a wing image fasten onto the handle. A "Gift" from his former C.O. The sun burnt as it always did and the glare made his eyes sting. He saw across the camp a Croagunk stood atop a large crate surrounded by the other members of the camp, yelling and shouting for him to hand over his rations. The Croagunk viciously jabbed any one who would try and reach him, causing them to back off and nurse the nauseating poison it inflicted.
    Skaro stormed through the crowd it almost parting as he walked. He looked at up at Lemonson who laughed and mocked,

    "Oh now look what you've done, The "Acting" C.O. has come to reprimand me, Well its not going to work Skaro, I'm not discussing it."

    Skaro's face was unwavering he glared at the croagunk his eyes burnt with rage.

    "I didn't come here to discuss. I came here to retrieve. Let me give you your options, and this goes for all of you!"

    He turned to address the crowed of Pokemon that had surrounded Skaro and the Croagunks crate.

    "I'm going to give you a chance, ONE CHANCE before I jump up on that crate and drive this sword into your chest and watch you gasp for air as I pry those rations from your dying hands. Give them too me."

    There was a silence, no one in the camp dared speak or question him in that moment...


    Again a silence fell, this time it was darker, more suspenseful silence, the crowds eyes were on him, Skaro could feel there glares, burning down his neck, hotter than the sun itself. The croagunk reached behind him and grabbed two small bags of bread and jerky and threw them to Skaro.

    "And your current rations..."

    The croagunk reached behind himself again threw another bag into the dirt in-front of him.

    "Let this be a lesson, there's been an unspoken rule that I'm acting as C.O. for this camp, Well let me say it, If you break the rules, steal from or harm another member of this camp, You will have me to deal with, DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!"

    The Crowd of misfits and backwash all sounded back in a fast resounding fashon.

    "SIR, YES SIR!"

    Skaro walked back to what was now his tent, and turned back to face the crowd, still silent and waiting.

    "Well then, BACK TO WORK! I want those defenses re-dug, and you men able to hold your own the next time those raiders come. GO!"

    And with that he walked through the tents flaps, to the sound of men hurrying around the campsite. These men were going to make it. Skaro was going to make sure of it.
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    Ryuka the Riolu || Feulis-Dweller || Forest Path

    "Ryuka..." Richard said under his breath. He was amazed that Ryuka, the most cowardly Pokemon he had ever met, was standing up to Littna. Richard smiled at Ryuka as it was clearly a testament to how much Richard meant to him.

    Littna merely stood there telling Ryuka "You're defying the rules this early in the game, huh? I said I'd fight one of you, and it's already too late to change players. Step aside and let you little friend come into the ring, will ya?"

    Richard merely told Ryuka "Do what she says Ryuka, get out of the way."

    Shocked to hear this Ryuka turned to Richard and told him "I can't do that, not when you can barely stand up! You're just gonna get hurt!"

    Richard stood up as tall as he could and looked Ryuka in the eye telling him "I started this, I'm gonna finish it." He gave Ryuka a calming look as he told him "I'll be fine, this is nothing."

    As Richard tried moving forward and forcing Ryuka to the side in the process, Ryuka merely looked on saying "" resisting the urge to cry while standing there out in the open.

    When he stared Littna down Richard told her "I wouldn't blame Ryuka for not following your little rules. That's just how much he cares about me as a friend, but that's something someone like you wouldn't understand. Am I right?"

    Richard then turned at a 90 degree angle, and despite the weight managed to raise his still frozen paws to the side away from Littna. As a Swift star emerged in front of him Richard swung his paws to the other side and hit the star with the ice block his paws were trapped in sending it flying at Littna at a high velocity.

    Though the star initially flew right past Littna's head, Richard gave a weak grin as the star made a u-turn straight at her back.

    Having used up whatever energy he had left with that stunt, Richard finally caved and fell into a sitting position, with nothing left for him to do he quietly awaited what happened next.
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    (OOC: Well, my posts aren't going to stay light-hearted for very much longer, I can tell you that.)

    Littna the Aipom || Feulis-Dweller || Forest Path

    A weak groan sounded from the center of the clearing, a twisted version of the formerly strong, confident voice of Richard. "Do what she says, Ryuka," he moaned, unable to mask the intense weight of his injuries. "Get out of the way."

    "I can't do that," squeaked the almost equally pitiful Ryuka. "Not when you can barely stand up! You're just gonna get hurt!"

    Richard made a valiant effort to stand up, locking Ryuka's eyes with his. "I started this," he said, in the same creaky grunt as before. "And I'm gonna finish it. Then, his intense gaze softened, and his voice became a light, airy whisper. "I'll be fine. This is nothing."

    Nothing? If Richard wasn't putting up such a pathetic display, that comment would've taken a stab at my pride. I put up a ghost of a smile when I pictured it all in my mind - Richard, stepping forward to bravely defend his pansy of a friend, would be beaten to the ground, and would probably think to stay out of my way from then on. A delightful story, if I did say so myself.

    As Richard tried to step forward, pushing and heaving to lug the gigantic weight on his paws off the ground, Ryuka looked onwards. Even from here I could see them watering, like a dam about to burst. "Richard..." he whined. "No..."

    But Richard ignored him, a good decision on his part. He stared me down, trying to emulate the ferocity from earlier, but it fell completely flat. "I wouldn't blame Ryuka for not understanding your little rules," he snarled. "That's just how much he cares about me as a friend. But that's something someone like you wouldn't understand. Am I right?"

    If he'd known me better, I would've known immediately it was a lie. A fake accusation meant to wound my pride. But it meant nothing. At least, that's what I had to keep telling myself. It meant nothing at all. I had to keep the few precious memories I had from bubbling to the surface again.

    Suddenly, a razor-sharp shard, much like the ones from earlier streaked across the sky, racing towards me like a shooting star. I shook my head in pity as I leaned to the side casually, allowing it to fly right past me. Suddenly, it stopped on a dime, turning around and whizzing towards me again, locked on to my back like it was a flashing neon target. Whoosh! It hit its mark on the dot, digging straight into my backside. I winced with pain as it sunk deeper and deeper, before it fizzled away without a trace. A few sticky red droplets were starting to roll down my back, and I glared in his direction as the searing pain continued to spread even further. I knew I had to finish this up quick, or he'd pull another trick like that.

    "Playing rough, huh?" I asked, walking towards him with a mischievous glimmer in my eye. "We'll see how you like your own medicine." Without any hesitation, a layer of frost spread itself over my tail, before bursting to life, into a fist of shimmering crystalline pain. I leapt into the air, my tail following close behind, and I struck him square in the gut, knocking him to the ground and giving him a taste of the dirt. I stood over him, with a lopsided smirk that showed off rows of yellowed teeth, before giving him a low, raspy snicker. Whether it was to empower myself, or to mock him, I still don't know, but I knew it was about time to finish him off. I leaned closer, close enough so our noses were almost touching, and continued my previous handiwork, slashing at his face and making sure to dig my claws in extra-deep.

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    (OOC: You bring up blood in a Pokemon RP and call those posts light-hearted? Geez, something tells me I ain't seen nothing yet.)

    Ryuka the Riolu || Feulis-Dweller || Forest Path

    After the Swift attack finished, Richard could tell that Littna was weakening like he was, he bet that one more attack could've finished her. Except with him in his weakened state there was nothing more he could do, he could only watch as Littna prepared her next assault.

    "Playing rough, huh?" She asked as she advance towards Richard "We'll see how you like your own medicine." Littna then hit Richard in the gut with another Ice Punch sending him falling onto the ground with his frozen paws in front of his face. She then stood over him and got in his face in a malicious manner before slashing his face again making sure it hurt worse than last time prompting Richard to cry out in pain for the first time in the entire fight.

    As he heard Richard cry out, Ryuka finally snapped. "STOP!" He yelled out as he blindly charged in and pushed Littna as far from Richard as he could.

    "Ryuka!" Richard called out as he struggled to get up but only managed to end up in a sitting position once more "What do you think you're doing?"

    Ryuka turned to Richard with tears running down his face as he said "No more Richard, I can't take this anymore! I don't care that she disrupted the ceremony, and I don't care why she did it! It's not worth fighting over if it's gonna lead up to this!"

    He went up to Richard and hugged his battered body still crying as he told him "Our parents are gone, remember? You're all I have left, and now you're getting ready to get yourself killed over something so meaningless? I can't let that happen! I...I don't wanna be left all alone..."

    "Ryuka..." Richard said, he then sighed and merely rested his head on Ryuka's as he told him "Alright Ryuka, you win. I'll stop now."

    Ryuka turned his head to look at Littna and told her "Did you hear that? You've won, you can do whatever you want. Just please don't hurt Richard anymore."
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    (OOC: Yeah, you haven't seen anything yet. Just wait until I reveal the main villain.)

    Littna the Aipom || Feulis-Dweller || Forest Path


    Ryuka, with as much wild energy as ever, dashed towards us, arms waving about in a frenzy. He grabbed me by the shoulders and shoved me away, before immediately rushing to the side of his injured friend, who was still laying spread-eagle on the forest floor.

    “Ryuka!” Richard craned his neck to look the fearful Riolu in the eyes, trying to crank his raspy, weak voice up to a shout. “What do you think you’re doing!?”

    And then came the tears. They were pouring from Ryuka’s eyes, streaming out so much that I couldn’t tell whether he was a water fountain or just a blubbering idiot. “No more, Richard,” he cried out through his intense sobs. “I can't take this anymore! I don't care that she disrupted the ceremony, and I don't care why she did it! It's not worth fighting over if it's gonna lead up to this!"

    He bent down and embraced Richard, despite the fresh blood still dripping down his neck and the icicles still clinging to his torso. “Our parents are gone,” Ryuka said, still weeping, although a little less obnoxiously. “Remember? You're all I have left, and now you're getting ready to get yourself killed over something so meaningless? I can't let that happen! I...I don't wanna be left all alone..."

    A low sigh escaped from Richard’s jaws as he gave his friend a solemn look. “Ryuka...” he murmured, a creaky rasp still weaseling its way into his voice. “Alright, Ryuka, you win. I’ll stop now.”

    Ryuka turned to me with a cold glare, but he still failed to intimidate me. Because, really, would you be intimidated by a puny little pipsqueak with fresh tears still pouring from his eyes? I didn’t think so. “Did you hear that? You’ve won,” he said. “You can do whatever you want, just don’t hurt Richard anymore.”

    I stepped forward and smiled at the two, secretly amused by the spectacle. Ryuka crying harder than I’d ever known was possible, holding Richard, who may even take a week or two to completely heal. “How cute,” I scoffed, grinning mischievously at the scene. “You’re defending him. Isn’t that just the most precious thing?” I wandered over to the undergrowth, waving a casual hand back at them. “Well, I guess I’ll be seeing you then,” I remarked, leaping to catch a vine as I swung into the dense sea of trees.

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    Ryuka the Riolu || Feulis-Dweller || Forest Path

    Ryuka watched as Littna smiled in amusement at him and Richard, making Ryuka a bit worried about what she might do next until she said "How cute, you're defending him. Isn't that just the most precious thing?" Neither of them could tell is Littna actually meant that or if she was just mocking Ryuka as she headed for the undergrowth and waved to them saying "Well, I guess I'll be seeing you then." before swinging into the forest using a vine.

    "She's gone..." Ryuka said out loud as he looked in the direction she left.

    Richard tried standing up again as told Ryuka "I'm sure we'll see her again." he then looked at his paws still frozen together and said "Hey Ryuka, can you break me out of this?"

    Ryuka turned to Richard and replied "Alright!" before reaching out and shattering the ice with Force Palm, setting Richard's paws free.

    Richard tried to stand up now but was too hurt and exhausted to do so "Ugh, so what now? You just want to go back to Almina Falls?"

    Ryuka put his arm around Richard and held him up with Richard's paw on his shoulder telling him "Maybe just to see what everyone else is doing now." as they both started walking Ryuka said "Just try not to do anything reckless after this, okay Richard?"

    "I don't think I'll be able to for a while." Richard replied, trying his best to make him appear to be in less pain than he really is.

    "And Richard." Ryuka started as he felt a chill on his shoulder "Your paws are cold."

    Richard chuckled a bit before telling Ryuka "You don't say."

    With that the two boys started laughing as they made their way back to Almina Falls.

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    Littna the Aipom || Feulis-Dweller || Almina Forest

    The way I maneuvered through the forest was the same as ever. Grabbing a branch with my most trusty tool, my tail, and then flying through the open air, only to seize a vine. From then on it was just rinse and repeat, same-old same-old, but every time, it filled me with a new burst of energy, and it felt so good to just be alive. Only a few measly patches of sun were able to make their way through the canopy, but every one that I passed through invigorated me all the more, and strengthened the triumphant feeling burning in my chest. It was almost like I didn’t have any injuries, like the cuts covering my shoulders had dissolved into mist, and the still bleeding gouge in my back had sealed up. Whenever I went on these little excursions, life was bliss, simple as that, if only for a few minutes.
    Since I knew the forest like I knew the back of my paws, I could immediately tell when it was time to switch up my usual routine. I dove from my branch, but rather than snatching the vine in front of me, I fell to the ground, grinning as I stuck the landing. I was almost to my destination already. I’d almost reached our tree.

    Our tree didn’t look different from any of the other trees here in this forest. It wasn’t too tall, or too short. It wasn’t a different shape. Its branches looked identical to all the other trees. But in my eyes, it was completely different. All the trees were great, sure. They were like a playground, a place for me to leap and to play, and to remember the only great thing about this place. But our tree was a different story.

    I wandered over to our tree, smiling as its leaves wafted in the breeze, as if it was welcoming me. I hunkered down low to look through the hole in its base, before squeezing my way through. That was the beauty of our tree - the hole was just big enough for us to squeeze through, but small enough that even if that party-pooper Bullet found us out, he couldn’t get in. And then, as I looked around the tree, I noticed someone sitting in the corner expectantly, the one who made the tree ‘our tree’ rather than mine alone.

    “Hey, boss!” Benji dashed over to me, his big blue eyes lit up with excitement. “How’d it go? You showed ‘em, right? You showed ‘em!”

    My face fell as I remembered my failure. I’d almost forgotten about it, with everything that happened afterwards having been at the forefront of my mind. “Not this time,” I said, shaking my head solemnly.

    His ears drooped in disappointment, and his gaze flickered to the ground. “Well, gosh, boss, I sure am sorry ‘bout that.” He shuffled his paws nervously before speaking again. “Erm... boss? What happened?”

    I didn’t exactly feel in the mood to retell the events of my blunder, but I figured there was no harm in it. He was my most trusted subordinate (and my only one, really), so he did deserve to know, even if he probably didn’t have the mental capacity to understand half of it. “Well, after you left, I swung into the center, just like we’d planned,” I began.

    “Haha!” Benji chuckled. “I bet the looks on their faces were priceless!”

    I grinned as I recalled the moment. The crowd’s eyes wide as dinner plates, their jaws practically dropped to the floor, the shouts of outrage that I laughed off without a care. “You know it,” I crooned with a confident nod. “Absolutely priceless.”

    “Ooh!” He cried, his tail excitedly swishing behind him. “Keep goin’! Keep goin’!” It really did astonish me how fast this guy’s mood could change. One moment, downcast and gloomy, the next, ready to bounce off the walls.

    “And Bullet was totally PISSED,” I continued. “He was yellin’ all sorts of stuff at me. He jumped up to try and grab me, but guess what I did?”

    “What?” Benji looked up at me curiously, on the edge of his seat to hear what happened next. I dug around in my bag, rummaging through the sticky cobwebs, the fake food, and the ever-so-useful rope traps. Finally, I pulled out a jar of sticky sap, holding it up triumphantly.

    “I threw some of this bad boy in his face,” I said haughtily, giving him a self-assured smirk for good measure.

    Benji’s mouth flew agape, and he seemed to be in absolute awe, looking at me as if I was some sort of god. “Wow...!”

    “That’s about all that went well, though,” I reluctantly admitted. “Bullet got ahold of me after that, screamed his head off at me... y’know the usual.”

    “Oh.” Benji looked down in disappointment, before his eyes widened again, as if he’d suddenly noticed something. “Boss! You’re bleedin’!”

    I looked down past my shoulders, only to see that he was right. The gash in my back had started bleeding again. By now, though, it was just an annoyance. It didn’t hurt or anything, it just gave me another need to wash my fur. “Oh yeah,” I said casually. “I got in a fight. It’s no big deal, though.”

    As soon as I said this, Benji’s focus drifted off of the wound almost immediately. “Did ya win?!” he asked, the excitement returning to his voice.

    “You bet I did,” I said triumphantly. “What else would you expect?” Before he could start acting like a fanboy again, I waved my hand towards a small box in the corner of the room. “Patch me up, will ya?”

    “Right away, boss!” Benji dashed over to the corner and dug through the box for a good few moments. When he returned, his mouth was stuffed full of herbs, berries, and a long bandage that flew out behind him as he wandered back over.

    “You won’t need that many,” I said, turning around so my back faced him. “Just a few should do the job.”

    He muttered something, but since his jaws were filled with leaves, it sounded something like “Mmm, mmmth.” I didn’t even bother translating his screwed-up speech. I just sat there, patiently waiting as he poked and prodded at my back, finally finishing as he wrapped a bandage around the open wound.

    As soon as he finished admiring his handiwork, Benji popped up in front of me, his usual goofy grin in place. “How’s that, Boss?” he asked. “Does it hurt? Huh?”

    “Not bad,” I said, looking the bandages over. “Not bad at all.”

    His face lit up again, and he showed off that same goofy grin that I’d been so accustomed to seeing. “Well, boss,” he said, making his way towards the hole. “‘Fraid I gotta be goin’. Tomorrow, ‘round the same time?”

    I gave him a curt nod, and smirked right back at him. “Don’t be late,” I crooned, waving him goodbye.

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    Ryuka the Riolu || Feulis-Dweller || Almina Falls

    When Ryuka and Richard made it to Almina Falls they saw that some Pokemon had left since the incident. They both decided to sit down and rest as they talked about what was going on.

    "I guess there's no way to continue the ceremony after that stunt Littna pulled is there?" Richard asked.

    Ryuka shook his head replying "I doubt there would be, nothing like this ever happened throughout the time I've lived here. In fact, I don't think any ceremony has been disrupted before."

    Richard turned his head towards the waterfall and said "I don't get it though, the ceremonies are such an important occasion to the Pokemon of this village. What would Littna hope to gain from disrupting it?"

    "I don't know. Maybe she just wanted the attention, or she just hates the ceremony all together. In any case, let's not worry about her until she shows up again alright?" Ryuka said in response.

    He then looked over Richard's wound and told him "We need to take care of your wounds and get you cleaned up when we get home."

    Richard sighed and told Ryuka "I hope your not suggesting I take a bath. I'm not up to getting wet right now."

    Ryuka gave Richard a puzzled look and asked "Why, what's wrong with getting wet?"

    "It's not that I have a problem with it. It's just that my pelt gets heavy when I get wet and I don't feel up to that right now." Richard told him, referring to the signature tunic-like pelt he has as a Mienfoo.

    Ryuka nodded in understanding and said "We'll just worry about getting your wounds healed and bandaged up for the time being then." He then got Richard back up and supported him as they both headed for Ryuka's house.

    Ryuka's House

    Once they made it home Ryuka began tending to Richard's wounds. After Ryuka finished applying the bandages Richard got up and told him "I feel a little better already, thanks Ryuka."

    Ryuka nodded in response with a relieved smile, he had been taught how to apply first aid before but never really had to until now.

    The two decided to call it a night and headed to where the beds were, Richard was about to head to where he usually slept when Ryuka asked "Hey Richard...Could you sleep next to me tonight?"

    Richard was taken aback by this request for a moment before saying "Sure I don't mind, but why?"

    "Well, I really thought you were gonna die when you fought Littna, I'm still thinking about it even now...So I was thinking maybe you could keep the nightmares away." Ryuka told him in response.

    After hearing this Richard laughed briefly before replying "Ryuka, you really are still a kid, ya know that?"

    It was after he laid down next to Ryuka that Richard started to notice something different about him. Ryuka seems to have opened up to Richard more ever since they lost their parents. They were already best friends to begin with, but Richard started to think that throughout the time they've been living together Ryuka has been slowly thinking of Richard as a brother. This thought tickled him in a way, and though it seemed awkward to him at first, Richard started to like the idea of Ryuka being his little brother.

    "Thank you Richard. Good night." Ryuka said as he closed his eyes with a calm smile on his face.

    "Good night Ryuka." Richard replied as he began to fall asleep.
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    Lysander|| Soldier (Runark) || Spring || Deep southern tunnels

    Still narrow, the sides of the tunnel pressed against me, jagged edges of rock scraped at my sides, ripping scales off. The floor of the tunnel was covered in sharp rocks, which cut at my feet, through the thick callouses I had from the sandy environment. I hissed in pain, unable to pull out the rocks, which were now embedded deeply into my feet. The tunnel was so narrow that I couldn’t reach down, leaving me with one choice: move onwards. Which was exactly what I did. Pain shot through my skin as scale after scale was wrenched off by the craggy stone. My arms, barely mobile due to the narrow tunnel, were almost pinned at my sides. I could almost imagine the skin on them. it was probably shredded to ribbons.
    The passage was only narrow at the sides. I could stand up fully, yet I could hardly move. It was becoming even harder to move as time went on. I could feel myself bleeding, the wetness on my arms and flanks surely wasn’t water. It smelled metallic, and it made my arms stick to my skin.

    If I die here, I will be a disgrace to Runark, to Mew even.

    I had no idea how much I was bleeding, and didn’t care to, it wasn’t enough to kill me. Shuddering at the very thought of death, I tried to move faster, to no avail. My flanks, now bloodied, were sticking to the walls, making it impossible to move faster than a Slugma underwater. All but stuck, I struggled to move. The walls of the tunnel, ever narrower, began to compress my ribs, pushing air out of my lungs.

    Lysander! Snap out of it, you’re exaggerating again!

    Suddenly, I felt the walls lose their grip on my sides, causing me to pitch forward, almost falling over. As I steadied myself, I realized that the tunnel had widened drastically. The air was less musty here, and smelled almost clean. It was still as dark as a Murkrow’s wing, and I groped blindly forward, trying to find the wall. The floor of the passage felt the same as before, still scattered with sharp rocks. It was annoying, but I could hardly even feel them in my feet anymore. My hands finally found the wall of the tunnel, now considerably smoother than before.

    Scrape Scritch

    The sound came from behind me, a faint scratching noise, and footsteps. Someone was following me!

    Although I knew that turning around wouldn't help me see the culprit, I did so anyway. Perhaps it was out of instinct, perhaps fear. Whatever the reason, I was now facing in the direction of the noises. I steeled myself for an attack, listening intently as the noises grew closer.
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        Spoiler:- NO H8:

    Credit: Sworn Metalhead

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