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    "Skaro gazed into the dark blue abyss, searching the murky water for a sign of light, but it was fast retreating, and darkness was swarming around him. He gasped for air and was treated to a mouthful of salt water, Now choking for air he tried to swim up to the surface but he was tied, chained to the oceans depths, a lone sableye holding the chain keeping him tied to the ocean floor, drowning him."


    Skaro snapped up to attention, he had fallen asleep at his desk, a lone candle burnt in his tent almost down to the brass holster in the tents frame, the Crocanaw stood a concerned look on his face.

    "Permission to enter, Sir...."

    Skaro looked up at him, his eyes bloodshot and groggy he rubbed his face and began to lean back in his chair before responding.

    "It's late recruit, make it quick..."

    The Crocanaw burst into the tent holding a small chart and a compas.

    "The effects you ordered, Sir and if I may speak freely-"

    "You may,"

    The Crocanaw lowered his posture and lost his seriousness, pulling a chair up next to skaro at his desk.

    "Then you look like ****,"



    They both laughed, evens skaro let out a sickly and exhausted grunt of amusement. He was glad that the Crocanaw had become a messenger between the voice of the camp and Skaro and reminded him oddly of an old friend. One he couldn't remember. What followed was a dark silence, Skaro knew the Crocanaw had noticed no supply ships had come through, but he had yet to tell anyone of there true situation. He had however been working the entire camp to the bone, lucky for him the Runark raids had been almost non-existent for the past 6 days since the letter had arrived.

    "They say she's abandoned us, the empress and there's talk among the other soldiers, that even Arceus has left us to die here."

    Skaro winced. She had left them to die here, and deity or not if he didn't think of something quick, they would.

    "Sir, why are we still waiting fo-"

    Skaro looked up and grimaced at the Crocanaw who stood quickly and stumbled back towards the door.

    "Enough, Leave me. If I had information you needed to know, you would be the first to know it."

    And with that the crocanaw fled the tent, as if Skaro would scald him if he stayed a moment longer. Skaro sunk his head into his hands and ran his fingers through his blood red feather like hair, he had still come up with nothing and he was set to run out of supplies soon, even he like most of the other soldiers were skipping meals. Moral was still however high considering the situation, the camp had been filled with a renewed sense of commitment after the incident with Skaro and the Croagunk and the lack of raids had meant the men had been able to train and refortify the camp to a fairly satisfactory position. For now, Skaro's mind was too weak to function, he limped himself over to his bedroll and fell asleep.

    Skaro awoke to the sound of cannon fire and storms, he grabbed his rapier and rush to the upper deck where it was silent, a ship floating in an ocean of blackness, a lone figure loomed on the ships helm, but Skaro knew who he was, his diamond eyes glittering in the moonlight. In an instant he was in front of Skaro, uncomfortably close and burning him with his stare.

    "They're going to die here Skaro, You're going to kill them..."

    Skaro cringed, the words felt like poison, coursing through his blood and setting every cell of fire.


    As the Sableye spoke the ship broke apart and Skaro plunged into a harrowing black void.

    When Skaro finally awoke from his nightmare the sky was dark if not for the sun peaking over the horizon. He put his sholderpads and greaves on and slung his sword of his body and forced his way outside into the crisp morning air. The Runark desert was always hot, but not now. There was a brief gap before freezing cold nights and blistering hot days that left the desert sand cool to the touch. The air felt fresh and clean and didn't burn as he breathed it in. For this reason, most of the camp liked to awake at this time, or at least Skaro liked to wake them up. He pulled out his sword and clanged it on a makeshift bell, a metal drum that had been sat upside down and suspended by a stick on the inside. The bell made a fantastic dull "CLANK" that rang through the entire camp. It didn't take long for the camp to burst into activity. From his tent he saw a few pokemon scramble to the makeshift battlements at the front of the camp and begin to keep a look out. Another a Quagsire shifted himself over to a grindstone and began sharpening steel and cutting down bolts.


    Skaro shouted from his tent, before promptly returning to sit at desk and pour over his charts. He did this for some few hours listening to the sound of the Croagunk he had so recently demoralized of the whole camp sound off attack orders to the group he was currently in charge of. The map Skaro was so focused on was a map of the Runark surface, one of the only ones that the Quartzirian military had thought to bring. He was looking for something, anything that might tell them where the raiders were hiding. He knew that there were far enough from any of the tunnels that the Runark needed a surface base of operations to keep up sustained raids, and where there were soliders, there were supplies. Unfortunately the rocky outcropping of the desert had left about 8 different locations that Skaro did not have the manpower or supply to scout out. He let his head fall to the desk, as if gravity had demand he bow it out of sheer disappointment.

    "Sir, We need you on site Sir."

    An unfamilier voice sounded from outside.

    "Right. I'll be right out."

    The sun brunt skaro's skin as he walked out, the day was particularly hot, hotter than most out here in the desert. Luckily the camp was nessled inbetween rocky outcrops and the ocean, making it hard for enemy forces to assult the camp by surprise, unfortunately the little supplies they had been given to fortify the camp were dilapidated and worn making the base completely defenseless at the front, bar a single watch tower made from crude scrap metal and wood. Skaro was lead by a Lombre to the watchtower where the Wartortle threw down a rope ladder. Apon reaching the top Skaro could already see why he was needed.

    "A sandstorm..."

    The words feel from Skaro's mouth as if weighed down by fear. The Runark were famous for this strategy. Whipping up a sandstorm to conceal there numbers making it impossible for the enemy to see what they're dealing with, but until the point they had no need too. Skaro's camp was always being raided by groups of about 30-40 and these soldiers had no trouble, bashing the door down and taking what ever they could before the men beat them off. The sandstorm was new, and this was very worrying. It had finally dawned on Skaro why the Runark hadn't attacked since the camp was cut off. With no more commitment to Sepres, the Runark could destroy the camp with no risk of Quartzirian retaliation. It wasn't a raid.... It was an extermination.

    Skaro lept from the tower and ran toward his tent, where he had foolishly left his sword, all the time running.


    The Camp flew into a seemingly organised panic, skaro grabbed drew his sword and left the sheath in his tent, for he had no intention of putting it away anytime soon. He sprinted back to the tower and raced up as soon as he could and turned to face the crowd.

    "This is our moment ladies and gentlemen... If a few minutes the Runark horde is going to bare down on us, and I'll tell you what we're going to do."

    He paused and looked at the men, they showed no fear and no lack of commitment to the camp. He looked down at broken men and saw that they understood where they were and what was going to happen. They did not fear death, and they did not fear battle. These men were his. Skaro's men.

    "We are going to wash them away! We are going to bury them beneath the waves of the Quartzirian might! They are going to knock on our door and demand our blood, and they will watch us answer with only steel and strength! We my brothers, are dead men...."

    He turned to face the sandstorm that sped towards the camp, only seconds away from reaching the camp, and then looked back at his men.


    The crowd erputed in cheer and chat,


    Skaro lead and they crowd followed,


    And then a silence fell as the whirling sand reached the gates. Skaro lept from the tower he once stood and waited in the grim silence. Three large clangs broke the silence. The scrap metal barricade was not going to keep the hordes out for long, but again the three clangs as they attempted to push through.


    And then, It was hell.

    The first wave of Runark burst through easily out numbering the camps members 3 to 1, but they were undetered and entered into all out war. Blasts of both water and fire streamed across the camp only helping to color the sandstorm that raged, obscuring the vision for more that a few feet. Skaro charged in and felt his blade met by the claw of a Sandslash, he quickly lunged back and used his feint attack to draw the Sandslash off foot before he drove his blade into his chest before moving back to assist the others. Lemonson had no issues taking on more soldiers than the others, dispatching a Golbat that flew in for a wing attack and crippling a Golem with a sharp jab to the neck, who Skaro stole the honor of finishing off. The sand made it impossible to fight smaller combatants who were using it to hide and duck and weave between conflicts, it also made any wounds received by Skaro's men burn as sand was caught in there cuts and blasted agains there bruses. There had to be away to clear the sandstorm, skaro raced around the battle, helping in anyway he could but ultimately looking for the source of the sustained storm, most likely a Pokemon with sandstream. The fighting was a pseudo-Stalemate favoring the Runark horde, Skaro's men fought with a Fervor comparable to the night in which he first met The Captain, none of them willing to go down with out taking someone with them. Then Skaro saw what he was after, a Hippowdon spewing sand out of his gysers and laughing a terrible cackle has he blasted away the Crocanaw that attempted to engage him.

    Skaro had to be quick, he darted at the Hippowdon, sliding under the blast of air and sand that was shot at him, using his agility to close the cam faster and quick attack to lunge at the bohemoth, that was at least four times his own size. The beast lunged at him, attempting to crush him under its emensce size, but Skaro was too quick, rolling under him and slashing his Right eye with his sword. The beast stagged back, the wound bleed out on the sand, but he did not relent, he charged at skaro again who was knocked down and pinned under the beasts great weight. He laughed as blood from his cut dropped down onto Skaro's chest, when there was a flash of light from above him. He hadn't noticed the sky before now but it had grown dark, darker than was possible before, and then he felt it. The soft drop that had hit his chest was not blood, something amazing, beyond his wildest dreams. Rain.

    The Sandstorm dropped rapidly as the rain pelted down, The hippowden was taken aback by the rain lost its grip on Skaro, who proceeded too slash the other eye and run off leaving the blind Hippowdon to ramage both his own and Skaro's men. The rain had been a turning point. The Runark were not used to rain, even on the surface it was not expected nor was it ever as fierce as this. As the storm raged the bulk of the Runark horde began to retreat, stragler staying behind to fight on. Skaro turned to see the Lombre laughing as he used his rain dish to heal is wounds and watch as his enemies couldn't land a hit. The Wartortle blasted a torrent of water at a now fleeing skarmory who was hit and plummited to the ground. Skaro began to laugh aswell, the battle, the extermination had been a failure, The camp was going to live to fight another day. When the Rain finally stopped. The fighting was long done. Skaro and the others had began to start repairing the baracades incase of a counter attack, but he knew they wouldn't dare it. Not now and not for a while and then his heart sank.

    He saw the body of the Crocanaw pushed against a crate covered in a large gash across his chest. Lemonson walked up beside him and placed his hand on Skaro's sholder.

    "As far as we know, he and 6 others are the only reported casualties...You were fantastic sir, I just want you to know we're all honored to have fought with y-"

    Skaro stopped him and knelt down to inspect the wound.

    "He fought with honor... and untill the end... I want him buried..."

    Skaro trailed off, a lost look in his eyes,

    "Burried, do you hear me? All of them!"

    The Croagunk stood upright,

    "Right away sir, as soon as we can; also sir, we've found a captive. A Skarmory that was trying to fly away. We shot him down and clamped his wings, any instructions?"

    Skaro grimanced, and turned to face the skarmory, his leg and wings clamped and chained to a makeshift metal post.

    "Gather the camp, I wish to make an example out of him."

    Skaro walked up to the Skarmory, his body covered in new tiny scars from the fighting. He was obviously not a hardened warrior most likely a new recruit from another island who was transferred to Runark. The camp quickly assembled and waited for Skaro to start talking. The Skarmory didn't show any emotion, he was resilient Skaro gave him that.

    "Well, this is a bit awkward isn't it..."

    Skaro paced around the Skarmory rattling his wings for he knew that he couldn't fight back.

    "Must of been very exited, to take part in a mission as big as this one, Probably weren't expecting us to react so well?"

    Skaro picked up his sword and put it to the Skarmory's neck and pulled his head back.

    "Probably weren't expecting us to Win? Huh! Now those people, they want me to kill you, to take your head and mount it on a pike and display it to the rest of the world, a sign that we, Deaths Hand are not to be ****ed with!"

    The Skarmory shook and became tense,

    "Fear" Skaro thought,

    "But I'm not going to kill you, yet... You're going to run back to your leader, walk a walk of shame back to your little hole in the ground and tell your leader this..."

    Skaro let go of the Skarmory, turned to face the crowed and raised his sword into the air.

    "Tell them that we are not going to sit idle and be wiped out. Tell them that if they wish to try and raze our home to the ground that we shall do the same, Tell them that Skaro and the Deaths hand are not accepting an olive branch of peace anymore, Tell them that we bring the tides of war and they best be ready.... because we will not rest until we see your pathetic excuse for an island DROWN!"

    The men went wild, screaming and shouting the chant,



    Skaro walked over the the Skarmory chains and cut the bind on his leg, pointing towards the entrance, leaving his wing clamps on. The Skarmory stood still as if he was waiting for Skaro to free him of his wing clamps.

    "They don't call it the "Fly" of shame, RUN DOG!"

    And with that the Skarmory fled into the desert followed by the heckling laughter of the camp.

    Skaro ordered two men to stand guard and ring the bell in case of a counter attack, but he was confident in the hiding they had given them, they were safe at least for another night. Skaro again sat at his desk and poured over his maps, when he heard someone at his door.

    "Permission to enter, Sir!"

    It was Lemonson, he was waiting patiently for a response.

    "Granted, how's moral soldier?"

    The croagunk laughed, and smiled

    "Half the camp believes we're the most skilled camp on the planet and the other half thinks that we're in favor with Arceus,"

    Skaro laughed, he could hear the celebrations from his tent,

    "So what do you believe Lemonson?"

    The Croagunk smiled,

    "I prefer to think of it as an act of god, a warning to the heretics to Arceus,"

    Skaro nodded,

    "I too believe it was an act of god, but there's an entirely different one for storms...."

    The Croagunk gave him a sideways glace and excused himself. Skaro looked through the crack in his tent at the ocean for a while before falling alseep.

    A calm sleep, the first in years.

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    (OOC: I know this post really isn’t up to my usual standards, but I just wanted to get it finished. The next one won’t be so rushed.)

    Littna the Aipom || Feulis-Dweller || Neldrich Village

    My eyes slipped open long before the sun could embrace the cold, hard earth and kiss it back to life, and before the bird Pokemon could erupt into the sky with their exuberant wake-up call, I was already yawning and stretching. It always took an especially powerful burst of energy to push me out of my cocoon of blankets on the floor, but this time, I was much less hesitant to leave my warm den and face the crisp early morning air. It always seemed to be this way after one of my little failures. I felt ready to get right back up and kick my past self’s *** with whatever new spark of creative genius I dreamed up.

    But before I got ready to face all the lightning-quick ups and downs of the new day, I couldn’t stop myself from craning my neck and scanning the darkest corners of the room. It was like muscle memory - every time I woke up, I always went through this same song and dance. And that included searching for the figure sprawled across the room.

    Her body shook and shuddered as she clung tightly to a thin blanket that tried its hardest to cover her, but failed. Her tails were wrapped tightly around each other, as if they were lovers afraid of letting go. She slumbered on peacefully, her quiet breaths unable to be heard over the whistle of the breeze from outside, blissfully unaware that I was preparing to go out and wreak more havoc.

    My Mother had always been an enigma to me. She’d supposedly cared for me since birth, but she felt more like an acquaintance. Like that one person you always see around town but have never talked to. You know the one. Even though we lived in the same house, we’d hardly said a word to each other, but neither of us ever complained. Really, how could I have talked to her if all she ever did was sit in front of the windowsill and stare? But none of this kept me from watching her for just a fleeting moment, like a curious child with his eyes locked on some mysterious creature he’d never seen before.

    As soon as I finished looking over my Mother’s dozing figure, I left the house, being sure to close the creaky wooden door carefully behind me. The village always looked eerie so early in the morning, with not a hint of life leaping up to make itself known. The only tiny shard of light was the sun timidly poking over the horizon, and that didn’t make the shivers running up my spine go away.

    Without wasting another moment, I turned on my heel and started down the gravel path, taking care not to let the sharp stones dig into my already calloused feet. There was so much to do, and just not enough hours in the day to get around to it all. Think of a new plan, gether materials, meet up with Benji, execute the plan... trust me, it’s more time-consuming than it sounds. I was already racking my brains for a new plan, just a tiny spark of an idea that could make up for my last mess-up. But, what could I use? I dug around in my bag as I walked, pulling out item after item, each one straight from my perfect ensemble of tricks. String? I thought as I yanked out a ball of insect-woven twine. Nah, I used that one last week. While the next thing I pulled out, my always-handy rope trap, seemed promising, I had to resist the urge to use it again. I use those too often, I decided. They’ll definitely see it coming. And as I continued to search through my delightful little assortment, I soon discovered that I may have just about used every trick in the book. Everything was either too overused or too easy to predict, and each gag I saw that just wouldn’t work made my head spin even faster. It was a flurry of emotions, a great cyclone of annoyance and confusion and stress, but it was so early in the morning that my tired brain couldn’t quite process them all. I was considering a thousand decisions, and I probably wouldn’t gone through a thousand more if I hadn’t concluded it with a single statement. I’ll figure it out later.

    As I continued to walk, I soon saw the sea of trees coming into view. The remnants of the earlier breeze made their heads bob in the wind, as if they were telling me that I could go forward. But before I could keep pressing on, a loud sigh stopped me in my tracks.

    I swear, I must’ve jumped about ten feet in the air. Someone else was nearby, perhaps taking their own lonely walk through the trees. And immediately, I jumped to the worst of conclusions. What if they’re following me? What if they want to find out what I’m doing? What if they want to kill me?! My mind was a frenzy, whirling about like a carousel gone haywire. But in the back of my head, I still knew I had to face this mysterious stranger, even if they ended up being stranger than your average stranger. I puffed out my chest and burst into action, racing straight towards the nearby clearing. But who I saw wasn’t just some ordinary stranger.

    Glenn was even bigger up close than he was from far away. The gigantic plant on his back was stretched to the sky, almost doubling his already incredible height, and each of his feet must’ve been at least three times the size of my head. He was looking towards the horizon, his trademark lazy grin displayed proudly on his face. I almost considered diving right back into the undergrowth and pretending he had never seen me, but when he turned his head and smiled at me, I knew it was too late.

    “Ah, Littna,” he said, in a voice creaky with age. “Just who I was hoping to see.”

    “Uhh... yeah,” I replied. “Hi.” I decided it would be best to stay safe on this one. I was going to try my best to act polite around him. Not because I respected him, mind you, but because doing otherwise might make me have a very angry Bullet on my hands. “What are you doing out here?”

    He turned his head back to the sky. “Just watching the sunrise,” he said. “Sure is beautiful, isn’t it?”

    The sun had crept out of its hiding place just a bit more, and a powerful aura of color seemed to be following it. Hundreds of hues were seeping into the sky, casting away its former darkness. I could honestly see what he meant. “Yeah,” I said with a concise nod. “It’s pretty.” I gulped down a mouthful of air nervously, hoping he wouldn’t touch upon the subject of yesterday.

    ...But, of course, luck never seems to go my way. “Littna,” he said, his smile slowly fading into a grave expression. “I think we may need to talk about something.”

    I mentally prepared myself for a very long and very uncomfortable discussion. “Yes...?”

    Glenn hunkered down until his face met mine. “Littna, let me tell you something,” he began, the corners of his mouth forming the beginnings of a nostalgic smile.

    I looked at him expectantly, curious of what he could have to say. It was actually looking like it wasn’t going to just be another screamfest. “Well,” I replied, my attention having been piqued. “Let’s have it.”

    “I disagree with Bullet,” he said, which in turn caused my ears to perk up in curiosity. “I must say, you’re one of the brightest kids that’s been around here in a while.”

    I just couldn’t help but show off my pride at this comment. “Why, thank you,” I crowed, turning up my nose triumphantly.

    He gave me a throaty chuckle before continuing. “But, Littna, listen to me,” he said. “There are much better things you could be using those wits for.”

    There were a lot of things I could’ve done there. If it was any other Pokemon, I would’ve raised an eyebrow, rolled my eyes, and sighed. Really? I thought to myself. Does he really think he’s the boss of me? I opened my mouth to speak, but he beat me to it.

    “Here in the village, we take these ceremonies very seriously,” he said, his voice growing firmer with every word. “I want to respect your feelings, Littna, and I know that you know better than this.”

    The ******** he was spewing was absolutely unbearable, but I managed a nod. “Okay,” I said through gritted teeth.

    “Good,” he said, flashing another one of those infuriating smiles. He rose back up to his full height and looked upwards. “Well, would you look at that,” he said, pointing up to the sky with a long, thin vine.

    I lifted my gaze to the sky, and in seemingly an instant, it had burst into life. The world had become red and orange and yellow, and it had never been more beautiful than now. Indigo reached out its arms to the ends of the sky, while blue and purple lay contentedly by its side. Green only appeared in short flashes, but it filled the air with energy. And in the center of all the goldens and ambers and scarlets rested the sun, holding its head high and proud. The beauty of it all was staggering, like a blank canvas having been filled with spirited and passionate art. Glenn was absolutely right. The sunrise was beautiful, the sunrise was the most beautiful thing in the world, and I couldn’t believe I’d never noticed it before. I turned to him, expecting the same gentle grin and smiling eyes, but what I got was something completely different.

    Glenn’s eyes were wide in bewilderment, and his mouth was wordlessly open in shock. But not because the spectacle before him was entrancing. It was unmistakable - he was horrified. I tipped my head in confusion, wondering why he could possibly react this way to such a gorgeous sight. But, before I could ask, he muttered something under his breath. “Look.”

    I couldn’t believe it at first. I rubbed my eyes to make sure it wasn’t just some illusion, but it was still there when I looked back.

    A ripple was spreading across the sky, as if it was the surface of the water. It started small, but spread to the furthermost corners of the sky, until it faded away and began again. I’d never seen anything like it before. But, Glenn... he almost seemed to be afraid. And I didn’t expect the next few words that came out of his mouth.

    “Littna,” he said. “Go ring the emergency bell.”

    “Huh?” I replied. “But why?” I was confounded. Sure, it was weird, but the emergency bell? Nobody’s supposed to ring that unless it’s a real emergency. Not just some weird ripple crap.

    “Littna,” Glenn said again, a little louder this time. “I said, go ring the emergency bell.”

    “But why?!” I burst out. “Why could we possibly need to ring that?! What’s going on?”

    “The portals.”

    All it took was that single whisper to kickstart me into motion. I didn’t wait around for even a fraction of a second. I leapt through the undergrowth, swinging my way through the trees the same way I always did. Grab, swing, land. Grab, swing, land. I had to move fast, or who knows what would happen to the village. Finally, it what felt like record time, I landed at the base of the final tree. But, I didn’t stop to take in my victory. Instinct was what forced me to press on, running until the ghost town of a village came into view. When I reached the massive silver bell hanging in the center of the town square, I was huffing and panting, but I ignored it. I lifted the mallet laying below, but before I could send it swinging, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

    Why am I even doing this?!

    I rested my gaze upon each hut, and I remembered. Each one held a Pokemon sleeping peacefully, completely oblivious to the fate waiting just outside. But I didn’t feel any attachment to any of those scumbags. They were the ones keeping me here, right? Why should I care? I asked myself. None of them matter to me. I could just drop the mallet and run, and no one would ever realize it. And I almost did run away from my responsibility. It was the part of me that loved those romps through the forest and adored nothing more than spending lazy summer days with Benji that made me stay. And that part of me was the one that made me hit that bell with all the fragments of strength I could muster.


    One by one, heads poked out of windows, and every last Pokemon rushed out in a frenzy, panicking more than ever. Some ran up to me and shot a rapid-fire of whats and whys that gave me a headache. Some shook their heads in denial, as if it was just me up to my old tricks again. But each one fell silent as the sky ripped open, signaling the beginning of the end.
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    Ryuka the Riolu || Feulis-Dweller || Neldrich Village

    As morning neared, Ryuka slowly opened his eyes and sat up. He looked out the window to see little to no sunlight was visible to him yet. "Looks like it's still early." He said out loud before looking towards Richard, who was lying next to him fast asleep.

    Several moments later, Richard had also woken up. Though he started off half asleep, he still noticed Ryuka standing up nearby.

    Ryuka noticed Richard had woken up and looked at him smiling as he said "Good morning Richard."

    Richard took Ryuka's smiling as a good sign and stood up himself as he replied "Good morning Ryuka. Did you sleep all right for once?"

    Ryuka nodded as happily told Richard "Yep, I didn't have any bad dreams last night!"

    Pleased to hear this, Richard went up to Ryuka and started to roughly yet playfully brush his paw on Ryuka's head telling him "Glad to hear it. Now let's try to keep it that way, alright?"

    When they both went outside they stopped to admire the sunrise as Richard stretched his limbs out as he said "Ahh, I feel much better, and the sunrise isn't bad either."

    As he looked out to the sunrise Ryuka put on a concerned look as he said "I don't know, I feel like something's off about it."

    "What do you mean?" Richard asked, but then he noticed the odd ripples that were taking place in the sky prompting him to say "Wait, what's going on!?"

    Ryuka held onto Richard's arm as he told him "I don't like this Richard, maybe we should go back inside."

    That's when they both heard a ringing sound from the Town Square. "What was that?" Richard asked.

    "It sounds like someone rang the emergency bell! That must mean somethings up!" Ryuka stated in response. The two boys then headed over to where the ringing was coming from.

    When they reached the Town Square, Ryuka and Richard saw that numerous Pokemon had gathered around where the emergency bell was. The two made their way through the crowd to find that the one at the center of it all, the one that had rung the bell, was Littna.

    Seeing this, Richard walked up to her and said "Littna? What did you ring that bell for? Just what is going on?"

    As Richard asked Littna this, Ryuka looked up at the sky to see it had ripped open prompting him to cry out "Ahhh! Richard, look!"

    Richard looked in the direction Ryuka was facing and backed up in surprise "Whoa! What the...." He trailed off, left almost speechless by the sudden spectacle.

    Ryuka quickly got behind Richard and was shivering in pure terror as he said "Wha-What's happening!?"

    Richard simply stayed in front of Ryuka in a defensive manner and replied "Just stay close to me Ryuka." as he watched the anomaly unfold.
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    (OOC: Sorry this took a while. I had been really busy the past few days. My posts should come at a faster pace in the future.)

    Littna the Aipom || Feulis-Dweller || Neldrich Village

    That was when the wave of panic rushed over the town. The formerly dead silent town had become the center for screaming nutcases, with some citizens shrieking endlessly, some running for their lives, and some falling to their knees and jumping into rapid-fire prayer. It wasn’t until Bullet’s voice rose above the berserk shouting of the crowd that they finally got their minds into gear.

    “Everyone,” he called out, standing high above the rest. “Please stay calm! We ensure that you will be safe as long as you make your way to the northern shore! I repeat, please hurry to the northern shore!”

    I rolled my eyes as Bullet spoke. He said that their safety was assured, but the pangs of nervousness in his voice told me otherwise. It didn’t take a genius to tell that the stress was finally starting to get to him. But I didn’t have time to ponder the inner workings of the uptight Sceptile’s mind. The adrenaline coursing through me told me it was time to go.

    As I rushed through the forest, the ground began to shake erratically. I looked back to see the very earth dissolving into mist, and the ground breaking apart beneath the village’s roots. The houses, built from toil and sweat and old wood, were crumbling to the ground. And soon, the emergency bell fell from its perch and gave one final ominous toll before fading to black. The portals ravaged the village, almost as if they were great, black monsters ripping everything apart with their teeth and claws. I could still see a few trapped back there who didn’t react quickly enough, who couldn’t run quite fast enough, and their bloodcurdling screams were the haunting refrain of the portals’ morbid symphony. That was when I decided I wanted to stop watching the spectacle. It was making my stomach churn and my head spin. Not because I felt bad for those fools, but because I could only see the repeating scenes of Lithulia’s destruction playing in my head.

    Littna, stop, I snarled to myself. You need to focus! As always, the voice in the back of my mind was absolutely right. I knew all too well that if I didn’t hurry, I’d be snapped up just like the others. So I locked up my emotions for now, in a tightly shut safe that I’d only open once this was all over.

    My eyes darted from side to side, taking in all the travellers running alongside me. A Dodrio kicked up dust as it strode on powerfully, each of its heads laser-focused on the path in front of us. A Kirlia, graceful and elegant, teleported forward in short bursts, each one too quick to follow. And Molla, the village’s resident weakling of an Altaria, was finding it harder to hide her tears with every question of “What’s going on?” or “Will everything be okay?” that the baby Pokemon clinging to her back asked. My face fell a bit as I saw a figure running ahead, holding its head in its hands, that I knew could only be my mother. Fortunately, a loud shout came just in the nick of time to snap me out of my thoughts.

    “Watch out!” My head snapped back, and I saw a Breloom, heavily panting as it dashed towards us, sporting a flushed face and shaking shoulders.

    “What is it,” The three Dodrio heads squawked in unison. “What’s the problem!?”

    “I-It’s...” he replied, taking a big gulp of air before continuing. “It’s moving faster!”

    As much as I hated to admit it, he was right. The rumbling of the earth, which had before been only background music, was slowly growing louder and louder, booming like the footsteps of a bloodthirsty beast. The screams were coming back, being carried by the harsh, cold wind, sent to mess with our minds and float through our consciousness. But I refused to let the howls of the unfortunate poke and prod at my interior. I couldn’t be weak. I had to keep moving. I took a deep breath and vaulted into the air, whipping my tail forward to catch a tree branch. I swung off the branch before grabbing ahold of the next, propelling myself into the black-splattered sky. It was a song-and-dance that was so familiar, like a song that you’ve heard so many times that each note is like a dear memory. But something was completely off. This wasn’t like my previous playful romps through the woods. No, this was a fight for my life, and I could feel no joy bubbling up inside of me like before. All I felt was instinct, the primitive will to grab and swing as blisteringly fast as I could. I felt like nothing was more important, like the turmoil outside had been sucked away. I didn’t notice anything, locked away inside my own head, when a loud noise nearly made me jump out of my skin.


    A tree toppled over behind me, just barely missing the back of my head as it pounded the forest floor beneath it into the dust. Then, it came again. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! The sea of trees was falling apart around me, throwing themselves to the ground. As soon as I leapt past one, another would barely miss me. They fell like a twisted game set of dominoes, with the ever-so-pleasing background music of the shrieks of those unfortunate enough to be crushed under their weight. But I stayed focused, dashing my way through the plummeting trees. At least, that was until a thought bubbled up to the surface of my mind, completely shattering the emotional barrier I’d so precariously set up.

    Our tree.

    My eyes widened as my mind kickstarted into a panic. Our tree couldn’t have fallen, I tried to convince myself. It’s different from the other trees. It’s special. As much as I wanted to believe my hopes were true, I knew all too well that it didn’t always turn out that way. As I scanned the ransacked landscape, images flew into my mind at what must’ve been double the speed of sound. Benji and I dreaming up our next plans, joking about the dunderheads living just across the square from us, laying around, relaxed and carefree... Our tree was the only place here I gave two shits about. Those pictures playing back through my head came to a screeching halt when I saw a tree, with a hole not too big or small carved into the front, hit the ground.

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    Ryuka the Riolu || Feulis-Dweller || Neldrich Village

    As everyone started to panic at the sight of the anomaly in the sky, Ryuka stood close to Richard with his eyes closed shut and his body shivering worse than ever as he said "Richard, I-I'm scared!"

    Richard held onto Ryuka comfortingly as he told him "Don't worry Ryuka, I'm here. We'll be all right."

    "Everyone!" The two heard Bullet's voice over the rest of the crowd. “Please stay calm! We ensure that you will be safe as long as you make your way to the northern shore! I repeat, please hurry to the northern shore!”

    "You heard him Ryuka, we have to head for the shore!" Richard told Ryuka in a reassuring tone.

    Ryuka opened his eyes to see Richard, who put on a face of confidence, and nodded to him.

    With that the two boys started to the north as fast as they could.

    As they were running Ryuka looked back and saw that everything behind them was vanishing. Fearful of the all too familiar sight, Ryuka looked in front of him towards Richard crying out "Richard, it's happening again! It's the portals that took our parents away!"

    Richard gritted his teeth upon hearing this but tried to stay calm as he told Ryuka "I know Ryuka, we just have to get as far away from them as possible!"

    Some time after they started running, the trees started falling behind them. Suddenly Ryuka looked and saw that one of the trees was about to fall on top of him prompting him to yell out "Ahhhh! Richard!"

    Richard turned around and saw the tree falling over Ryuka and screamed "RYUKA!"

    Ryuka fell forward as he thought his life was about to end here.

    But luckily the tree had barely missed him, leaving him lying there whimpering in fear over the close call.

    Richard quickly went back to Ryuka and forced him back on his feet telling him "Come on Ryuka, we can't stall here! We need to keep moving!"

    After that incident, the two started running faster than they thought possible, narrowly avoid all the falling trees behind them as they continued towards the northern shore.

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    Uzi the Umbreon l l Arceus Soldier l l Uzi’s home

    When I got home, a crumpled piece of paper was stuck to my door. Curious to see what it was, I read it. In that instant, my entire world crumbled to the ground. Arceus had failed me, I had failed my father, I had failed my life. There were only only a few words on the paper:
    Dear Uzi,
    You are fired from soldier duty.
    Sincerely, Joan (Lieutenant of Destirae)

    Arceus wouldn’t do this to me! He wouldn’t take my life away like that! I’m not sure if he even exists anymore! I just wanted to be a soldier, now I have nothing at all.
    I collapsed onto the ground, utter shock and pain ripping every single dream I had ever had to shreds. I was too stunned to cry, too crushed to speak.
    I’m no soldier... I’m not like my father, I’m just a nobody. Why did I ever think I could do this?
    Fear came after shock, what was I going to do with my life? My legs felt like rubber when I finally stood up. That was when I noticed Tahki, she must’ve been there the whole time, but I was too numb to feel her comforting wing on my shoulder.
    “I quit too.” She breathed, acting more solemn than I had ever seen her.

    I couldn’t speak, my eyes filled with salty tears, which flooded down my face as I sobbed silently into my friend’s shoulder.

    At least I have her.

    5 hours later| | West Cliffs

    The ground was cold and wet from the morning dew. Tiny pebbles lodged between my paws, unpleasant, but tolerable. Tahki trailed behind me, her claws clicking against the stone. We walked close to the cliff’s, edge. Close enough to see layer after layer of jagged rock jutting out of the side, a perfect place to train. Dark waves rushed over the lower cliffs, leaving seaweed and foam clinging to the jagged stone. The rising sun seemed to set the sea on fire. Its light colored the clouds indigo and orange, painting the morning sky with color.
    Taking it all in one last time, I leaped onto a lower ledge. Digging my blunt claws into the stone to prevent myself from sliding off the slick rock. Tahki flew idly behind me, her wings fluttering lazily, just enough to keep her in the air.
    She’s so strong, so perfect. Why am I so damn weak?!
    A pang of envy shot through me, I was blessed with nothing, but my friend was blessed with everything!
    It’s not just her, everyone is better off than me. I’m useless and weak. I can’t run fast, I’m too bulky, my claws aren’t sharp. No wonder I’m a watchman, I can’t fight! What the hell was I thinking!
    The growl started deep in my throat, it was involuntary, my frustration was stronger than my will. Quiet at first, it resonated through my vocal chords, becoming louder and deeper. My chest was vibrating as it became louder.
    “Uzi?” A sharp voice broke into my anger, “Are you ok?” Tahki asked.

    No, no I’m not. What can I do now? Being a soldier was my life!

    The growling stopped as soon as I heard her voice. Tahki was the single constant in my life, if I didn’t have her, I don’t know what I would do. My envy was gone, Tahki had quit for me, she had abandoned her own dream for me. I would never be able to come close to repaying her. Tahki was my rock, my shield, and I had just considered attacking her!

    “No, I’m NOT ok!” I howled, tears yet again threatening to stream from my eyes, “I’ll never be a soldier!”
    “How about this.” Tahki offered, “We can train, maybe you could get back in there!”
    It won’t help, but it’s the best I can do...
    “Ok...” I hesitated, still a bit unsure, but I really wanted to make her happy.
    I backed down into an attack position. My back feet pressed into the ground, tensed, ready to pounce.
    “GO!” Tahki shouted, attempting to cheer me on.
    I dashed forward, sending pebbles flying into the air. I could hear Tahki behind me, cheering me on. I leapt back up towards the main cliff, my claws fraying as I scrabbled for a foothold. I scrambled up the rocky outcrop as fast as I could, finally scrambling onto the solid ground atop the cliff. With that, I began to run, Tahki gliding ahead of me. We were just two shadows against the sun. Two tiny, unimportant Pokemon.
    I my calloused paws scraped against the ground, giving me a little bit of push. I felt fast, but I knew that I wasn’t. Tahki had quite obviously slowed down so that I could catch up.
    I just want to be faster! It’s not too much to ask!

    I could feel the adrenaline course through me as I ran. I would never be fast, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t try. My muscles felt like they were on fire, but I kept running, I had to ignore the pain.

    I skidded to a halt in front of a few boulders, which were underneath a rocky outcrop. The rocks were covered in moss and lichen, still damp with morning dew.

    Once I lost all momentum I jumped out of the way. Tahki had shot backwards into the air flipping backwards in a perfect arc. Her midnight feathers were glossy in the sunlight, the oil on them reflecting thousands of colors. She put her talons in front of her, landing neatly on top a mossy boulder.
    I panted hard, my muscles were sore, and I was thirsty. But I felt better, Tahki had been right after all.

    MAY AWSOM (and weak)TEAM:

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    Diana the Kirlia || Feulis-dweller || Neldrich Village

    The crowd around me was immense. I could barely see through it at all, and I couldn't stop running if I wanted to--not even long enough to focus on a Teleport. The voices around were so loud that I could barely hear myself think, and I was so numb with absolute terror that I could barely feel Lance's armored hand in mine. Where was my dad? He should've left with us. Even if he never was around, I didn't want to lose him, too. I could hear Bullet's voice over all of the commotion telling everyone to get to the north coast, but it was nervous. I wondered if even he was confident in this plan.

    Everything happened so fast since the emergency bell woke me up. It seemed like all the events that had led up to this point were just a dream.

    • • •
    One day earlier || Diana's home

    "Buckethead, I'm hoooome!" I yelled as I opened the door. I had to use Confusion to do it, because my hands were full with flowers. I didn't want to kill the delicate little things.

    "Diana, where have you been?" Lance asked as he came down the stairs. "Your father told me you left without telling anyone."

    "The ceremony, dummy!" I replied. "Why didn't you go?"

    "I didn't hear about any ceremony."

    I walked up to the table and put the flowers in a vase. "Sorry, I forgot that you're still not used to life around here, are you?" I took the vase over to the sink and started to fill it with water. "Once a year, we hold a ceremony in Celebi's honor at Almina Falls. We pray to him, offer food and stuff, that sort of thing." As I turned back to the vase, I saw that it was starting to overflow. I turned off the sink and poured out some excess water sheepishly.

    The Escavalier put on a confused look. "Well, it can't have lasted that long, can it? Why were you gone so long?"

    "Well, that's not all that happened. There's this Aipom named Littna that plays pranks on everyone from time to time, and this time she took it too far. As the prayer was getting wrapped up, I swear to the gods, she threw sap in Bullet's face!"

    "Is she insane?"

    "Honestly, I have no idea."

    "Well, what happened next?"

    "Bullet took Littna away, and Glenn had to call off the whole thing. After that, I got bored, so I decided to follow around a Riolu and a Mienfoo who I think are friends."

    "You should've come straight home, young lady."

    "Yeah, yeah, let me tell the story." I put the vase on the table, and it added a bit of color to the otherwise dim room. "As it turned out, THEY were following Littna! She bumped right into them and then they fought each other! Or, well, the Mienfoo fought. The Riolu was too scared, I think. The details slipped my mind."

    "Well, what happened after that?"

    "After that, I started getting those flowers," I said, gesturing towards the vase. "Which actually went pretty well. I got some funny looks, but at least nobody pushed me into a mud puddle or anything like I was expecting."

    "Did you try and make any friends?"

    "Do you have to bring this up every time I walk into the room?" Now I was annoyed. "No, I didn't. I just wanted to focus on the ceremony today."

    "I'm just worried that something will happen to me or your father...I won't be around forever, you know. You can never be sure in today's world."

    I knew he was right, but I would never admit it. Of course I did try to make friends every now and again. "Anyway, on the way home, I got stopped by that Spoink from down the street. You know, the little baby one? She wouldn't stop jumping on my head. I had to balance everything as I walked, and it was kinda fun."

    "Why didn't you talk to her?"

    "Because she can't talk yet. When I got here, she giggled a bit before she left, though."

    "Well, it sounds like you had quite a day. But now it's time to eat."

    "Oooh! What are we eating?"


    We ate dinner and then, directly after, went to bed. I was tired from the day, and Lance just went to bed when I did.

    • • •

    Present Day

    And now we were still running, but at least now we could slow down a little. We were almost to our destination...but I couldn't sense my dad anywhere. It could've been that he was just blocking me out, but it was more likely that he just wasn't in my range of telepathy. Tears came to my eyes. Where was he? Why wasn't he with us? So many questions flew through my mind, and not even one answer. These thoughts clouded my mind, and I felt helpless. What could I do?

    I suddenly felt an armored hand on my shoulder. I turned around and saw Lance, a comforting expression in his eyes. He must have seen the fear in my eyes, but he had none. It was just like him.

    "He will join us," he said, completely serious. "I can feel it. Dry your tears, little one."

    "B-but...I can't even sense him," I stammered. "He could be anywhere..."

    I couldn't explain what happened with Lance's expression--it appeared to both soften and harden at the same time. Lance had a way of saying many things with his eyes. "Don't you dare lose faith. We both know you're stronger than that."

    We were both silent, and we stared into each other's eyes. In Lance's eyes, I could see so much...and yet so little. I saw the usual feelings of confidence and warmth, but I didn't see any answers. He knew that my father would come find us, but he didn't know where he was. He was sure that I was strong enough to wait for my dad, but he didn't know exactly what I was thinking. It was a reassuring look nonetheless.

    I nodded wordlessly. Lance's expression brightened.

    "Just wait for him. He won't leave you behind, I promise you."

    I still didn't say anything--I was too scared. All I could do was hope that Lance was right.

    Once again, I felt completely helpless.
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    I hath claimed the ULTIMATE TROLL!
    When an unknown infection spreads throughout Hoenn, it's up to three elite Trainers to defeat its source: Deoxys.
    Currently up to Chapter 2 of the sequel.
    Credit to Atari!
    Quote Originally Posted by Kamina
    Do you know why people have eyes at the front? It's to see the vast landscape, and to move forward. If we had eyes in the back, we'd only see ourselves leaving our birthplace. That way, people could never move forward. Our eyes are at the front, so that when we walk, the distant landscape draws closer. That's why people can move forward.

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    (OOC: I'm sorry this took so long. School really got in the way of me posting.)

    Littna the Aipom || Feulis-Dweller || Almina Forest

    It took a few moments for the thought to reach my mind. It took a few moments for it to unlock every lock keeping the crippling fear from reaching me, but when it did, the point hit home hard. Panicked thoughts came flooding in one after another, barreling forth in a chant that seemed both wonderful and awful.

    You have to save it. You have to save Your tree.

    My voice of reason had been silenced completely, lying bound and gagged in the corner. Even if I knew how terrible and horrible and impossible the idea was, I couldn’t care less.

    Hurry. Hurry. You’re the only one who can do it.

    My mind was ablaze with thoughts. A thousand million whispers of Littna, what are you doing? thrust me forward even harder, filling me to the brim with cold, raw desperation. In that moment, there was only thing that mattered, and I wasn’t going to lose it.

    Without thinking twice, or even once, I dove into the maze of trees.

    “Hey!” I saw one of the Dodrio’s heads turn in the corner of my eye, opening his beak wide to make sure I didn’t miss his gruff yell. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”

    “Littna,” another voice called. “Get back here!”

    Above the rumble of the rumble of the earth and the mumble of the footstep accompaniment, and all-too-familiar wail rose up through the trees. “S-Someone,” shouted Molla, on the verge of tears. “Someone get her back!”

    I shoved the chorus of voices out of my head. They knew nothing about Our Tree, and they weren’t going to stop me today. Never. I wove through tree after tree, racing down that same path that I’d navigated with my eyes closed about a billion times before. Though every concerned shout and angry yell followed me down each turn, I ignored them. They wouldn’t weaken my resolve. Ever. The only thing I couldn’t push away was the murmur of footsteps that made my heart thump and shiver as they got louder and louder, bit by bit.

    I bounded over fallen tree after tree, racing across the ravaged ground at a breakneck pace. My former playground had been battered and shattered, lying ruined across the earth, but I didn’t have time to grieve. The adrenaline coursed through me harder when I saw a tree that stuck out like a sore thumb among the others. A tree that smelled of sweet cinnamon and crisp old leaves that had an ever-so-welcoming hole carved in its front. When I saw its horrifying yet beautiful body strewn across the ground like a rejected ragdoll, I didn’t care that the wall of destruction was coming even closer. I didn’t care that the ground at my feet would be eaten away any minute. I had to save Our Tree. With one gigantic leap, I soared towards my tree, no, my home...

    ...Before I was grabbed from behind.

    Two hands wrapped around me and tugged me close to a tangle of purple fur, hanging onto me tightly, as if I was going to drift away in the breeze. A frenzied heartbeat and an accompaniment of fast-paced breaths filled my ears as I was carried through every twist and turn. With every step my kidnapper took, Our Tree grew farther and farther away, before the massive hole I’d called my home disappeared underneath the tangle of undergrowth. But it wasn’t until I saw its silhouette fade to dust that little tears started to pile up in the corners of my eyes, blurring the destruction facing me. A wave of hopelessness washed over me, far worse than a bullet to the chest or a sword to the throat. The tears came harder and harder, and my throat was set ablaze. Finally, I’d reached my limit. I couldn’t hold anything back.


    Every head turned as the wild roar escaped from me, a haunting cry that even I didn’t know I could make. I thrashed about, trying desperately to pry myself from my keeper’s arms, but when their grip only grew tighter, I screamed again. “Noooooooooooo!” It was the screech of a lunatic, a beastly roar that sent shivers up my spine. Looking back on it now, I must’ve been mad, at least for a few moments. Wide eyes, a terrifiying scream, and no rhyme or reason to keep me in control. That all came to a screeching halt when I heard a whisper in my ear.

    “Littna, stop.”

    The low murmur sent my senses ricocheting back to reality. It was a strange voice, rough and creaky from underuse. Even though I hadn’t heard it in months, it was so incredibly familiar that it was a wonder my savior’s identity had been unknown to me for so long. I craned my neck upwards, and was met by the stoic face of my Mother.

    I opened my mouth in a silent murmur, as if my words had been snatched away from me. Mother took the initiative to fill the void with her own speech. “Listen to me, Littna,” she said, still dead-focused on racing ahead. “That’s two times you’ve risked your life. Can’t you just stay out of trouble for once?”

    My anger came flooding back with only those few words. “What would you know,” I snapped back. “All you ever do is stay cooped up in our house all day! You don’t know anything!

    Anger flickered in her eyes for only a few fleeting moments, and she opened her mouth to speak. But if anything escaped her lips at all, it was swallowed by the wild rumble of the earth and chaotic outcry. I peered over her shoulder, only to see the portals looming over us, eating away at the ground faster than ever. Villagers who weren’t fast enough were devoured by the great black monsters, their cries tying knots in my stomach. I shut my eyes tight and leaned closer into my Mother’s arms, deciding I didn’t want to look anymore. Finally, the fear was starting to tug at me, and I was beginning to face the very real possibility of not escaping alive. A single salty tear ran down Mother’s cheek as she desperately battled her exhaustion, her lack of a will to even keep running away. The sky was getting darker and darker, like a long shadow that just wouldn’t go away. Soon enough, the rumbling was the only thing I could hear, dominating my mind. I knew that this time, it really was the end. Our fate was inescapable, indescribable, and it was impossible to break free. But when I braced for impact, ready to disappear, the rumbling stopped.

    I opened my eyes, nearly blinded by the glaring sunlight that shone above. The sky had broken into a serene blue, as if morning had gone on without any problem. I rubbed my eyes, blinking to make sure what I was seeing wasn’t just some cruel illusion, but it was the real deal. The remaining trees bobbed gently in the breeze, and the sun’s rays kissed my shoulders with their warmth, just like always. The villagers looked around, all exchanging the same wondrous glances. The northern half of the island looked the same as before, and the portals had gone without a trace. It took a few moments, but soon, heads turned as everyone realized the sole thing that was out of place. Where the portals had been ravaging our land was a tiny scrap of a Buneary, showing off a smile far too big for its face.

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    Ryuka the Riolu || Feulis-Dweller || Almina Forest

    Ryuka and Richard had made a good distance between themselves and the portals eating away at the island, and they kept at it until they started hearing voices calling out prompting them to come to a quick halt. They both listened as several villagers called out Littna's name. "Could Littna be in trouble?"

    That's when they heard the familiar voice of Molla the Altaria, the only other Pokemon besides Richard that knew Ryuka well, crying out "S-Someone, someone get her back!"

    This peaked Ryuka's interest as he said out loud "That was Auntie Molla! Littna might need help!" and took a couple steps towards where the voices were coming from.

    "Wait Ryuka!" Richard called out, "Those portals aren't gonna wait for us to try and save someone. Besides it's Littna, she can take care of herself."

    It was shortly after Richard said that was when the two boys heard a loud screech which may very well have sounded throughout the entire forest. That scream was soon followed by a loud "No!" that may have been as loud if not louder than the previous scream. Richard and Ryuka could both tell it was Littna, and they knew whatever happened to make her scream like that clearly wasn't good.

    Ryuka looked in Richard's direction to seen that one of the remaining trees was about to fall on him. Out of shear instinct Ryuka yelled out "Richard, look out!" as he rushed towards Richard and pushed him out of the way.

    Richard was caught off guard as Ryuka pushed him several feet. As he heard the crash that followed Richard fearfully looked in the direction he heard it from to see Ryuka lying on the ground again, only this time he appeared to be struggling. "Ryuka!" Richard cried out worriedly as he rushed towards Ryuka to see his left foot had been trapped under the fallen tree.

    Ryuka kept trying his hardest to pull his foot out from under the tree, but it proved to be a futile effort prompting Ryuka to slowly lose hope as he looked up to Richard saying "Richard...I....I..." But kept trailing off in despair.

    Richard placed a paw on Ryuka's shoulder telling him "Don't give up, you can get out of this." Richard thought for a moment before moving up behind Ryuka as he told him "You should be able to get this tree off with your Force Palm. Just give it everything you've got!"

    Taking Richard's encouragement to heart, Ryuka nodded to him and placed his left paw on the tree. He then began to focus all the energy his could into his palm before releasing it all into a powerful blast that pushed the fallen tree several inches away, freeing his foot in the process.

    "You did it!" Richard exclaimed as he helped Ryuka get on his feet before starting away from the portals again.

    Ryuka had just started running as well when he felt a sharp pain in his left foot prompting him to cry out and fall into a kneeling position.

    Richard heard Ryuka cry out in pain prompting him to go back to Ryuka worriedly saying "Ryuka?"

    That's when they both saw that Ryuka's left foot had been injured from being under that tree. After a moment of thought Ryuka looked up to Richard with a hopeless expression and told him "It's okay Richard, just go. Leave me, I'll...I'll only slow you down like this."

    Richard was shocked to hear Ryuka ask this of him "And leave you here to die like I did with my parents in Lithulia?" He said as he looked down at the ground with his eyes shut tightly while gritting his teeth. Then Richard suddenly clenched his paw into a fist and shouted "You idiot!" before punching Ryuka in the face sending him flying a couple feet.

    Ryuka was on the ground in disbelief, he and Richard have spared before in the past but never has Richard just outright punched him like that before. It's when Ryuka looked up did he notice that, for the first time since they lost their parents, Richard was crying.

    Richard failed to hold back the tears as he walked up to Ryuka and grabbed him by the shoulder telling him "Don't you ever tell me to leave you behind like that again, you hear me!? Remember what you were telling me yesterday when it looked like Littna was ready to kill me? Well you're all I have left too!" He then picked up Ryuka and made him get on his back with his arms over his shoulders before heading away from the portals as fast as he could. Unfortunately he couldn't run nearly as fast as he normally could while carrying Ryuka.

    "Richard..." Ryuka said under his breath as Richard carried him on his back. He looked behind them to see that the portals appeared to be increasing in speed prompting him to look back to Richard telling him "The portals are moving faster Richard, we're not gonna make it like this!"

    Hearing this made Richard shut his eyes and grit his teeth once more as he shook his head in frustration saying "I knew it would end up like this, but I wouldn't have been able to live with myself if I left you to die." Richard tried his best to fight the tears in his eyes as he continued "I just wish I could've gotten you through this safely."

    "Will we...Will we see our parents again?" Ryuka asked with tears trailing down his face.

    As much as Richard didn't want to answer that, he knew that this was most likely the end and he wanted to at least give Ryuka something to be happy about beforehand. So he looked back to Ryuka with the most confident look he could muster despite the tears and told him "Yes Ryuka. Yes we will." Richard then turned away from Ryuka and closed his eyes, still running but awaiting the inevitable.

    Ryuka knew that Richard was trying his best to make him feel better before the end as he simply replied "I'm sorry Richard." and then closed his eyes.

    Both of them braced for the end as the rumbling noise they were hearing from behind got louder and louder until eventually they just stopped. Curious that nothing has happened to them yet both Ryuka and Richard opened their eyes only to be greeted by the peaceful morning sky.

    Richard looked around dumbfounded as he saw everything seems to have cleared up on it's own "What's going on, everything's all peaceful again. How is that possible?"

    Ryuka got off Richard's back and stood up on his own, taking care not to hurt his still injured left foot as he asked "But what about Auntie Molla, Mr. Bullet and the others? Is everyone all right?"

    The two noticed some commotion among some of the villagers and went to check what's going on. When they got there the one thing that caught their eye, from the direction the portals just were, was a Buneary that seemed too happy for someone that was caught up in a cataclysm.

    Curious about this newcomer, the two walked in the Buneary's direction but stopped at a certain point to maintain some distance. "How can anyone look so cheerful after what just happened? Who is that?" Richard asked raising an eyebrow.

    Ryuka stayed hidden behind Richard in case the Buneary noticed them as he shook his head replying "I dunno. I don't know any Buneary that would be living in this village."
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    Diana the Kirlia || Feulis-dweller || Almina Forest

    I buried my face in Lance's embrace as the portals tore away everything I knew. Like a tornado, it went across the land that I had called home as long as I could remember, consuming everything in sight. Tears filled my eyes as I wondered where my father could be.

    Suddenly, in one brief moment, my questions were answered. "Diana! Lance!" a deep voice shouted.

    I turned around, the tears immediately leaving my eyes. "Daddy?!"

    Sure enough, the familiar form of my father was running towards us. He stopped in front of us and put a hand on my shoulder. "Are you both unharmed?"

    "Daddy, where were you?" I asked.

    "I apologize for separating from you. There were civilians that had been left behind, and I needed to help them."

    "What's going to happen to us?" Lance asked. "The portals can't take Feulis, too..."

    "I am afraid that we do not have the luxury of considering the possibilities of safety." My father let out a deep sigh. "We will most likely have to leave the island."

    As if the words were some sort of cue, the portals suddenly...stopped. All three of us opened our eyes wide in shock, looking around for the vortexes of death. Oddly enough, they hadn't even appeared to have done as much damage as they should have. The northern part of the island was completely untouched. There was a lot of confusion in the crowd.

    "What just happened?" I asked.

    Lance and my dad were silent. If they had an answer, it certainly didn't come to their minds. It was then that I saw it.

    In the wake of the carnage that the portals had reaped, there appeared to be a small, brown Pokemon with tufts of tan fur on its ears. What was odd wasn't its presence, however. What was odd was that it was smiling brightly.

    "Okay, now I'm confused," Lance said. "Who in the world is that?"

    "I have no idea," my father said. "But all I know is that I am so glad that our island--and you two--are safe."

    My father wrapped me in a tight embrace. Confused as I was, I returned the hug, and a smile crept onto my face. Then I started laughing. "We're safe!" I whooped. "We don't have to leave the island, and we don't have to worry! We're safe!"

    "Yes, but there will be some rebuilding to do, from the looks of it."

    Lance still looked perplexed. "But just who is that Buneary?"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kamina
    Do you know why people have eyes at the front? It's to see the vast landscape, and to move forward. If we had eyes in the back, we'd only see ourselves leaving our birthplace. That way, people could never move forward. Our eyes are at the front, so that when we walk, the distant landscape draws closer. That's why people can move forward.

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    Littna the Aipom || Feulis-Dweller || Almina Forest Outskirts

    Before I could even begin to wonder about the stranger’s presence, a hoarse whisper floated through my mind, the soft yet firm voice tensing up my shoulders and snatching my attention. “Littna, I’m going now,” Mother murmured, placing me gently on the rough, dusty path. Without any warning, her voice transformed into a low, imposing growl, as if she was trying to make my heart leap out of my chest. “And if you get into any more trouble,” she hissed into my other ear. “I swear by Celebi’s name that there will be consequences.” She lifted herself off the ground, staring at me with cold, clouded eyes as she spoke again. “Do you understand, young lady?”

    I gave her a curt nod, giving her the most sincere gaze I could muster, but rolled my eyes as soon as she’d raced off. I’d almost considered sneering, scoffing at her for using a fraud’s name as a threat or calling me a lady when she knew full well there were boys more ladylike than me, but I knew better than that. I was treading on thin ice, and I wasn’t about to slip and end up nosediving under the surface. It was strange - I’d considered thanking her. If it weren’t for her, I might’ve disappeared along with the sea of trees and multitude of unfortunate villagers. But in that moment, the anger bubbling up in my chest kept even an ounce of gratitude from seeping through. As much as I hated to admit it, I think I’d liked it better when she was mute. At least then, I didn’t have to worry about any consequences. But, I pushed my rage out of my head, as I’d gotten so used to doing, to let my curiosity come flooding back in spades. After all, the newcomer was stranger than your average stranger, and how they ended up here seemed to be a mystery to everyone.

    As the crowd depleted, with older townsfolk rushing off to meet at the northern shore, some carrying thrashing tykes in their arms, the remnants of the crowd exchanged confused glances - and for good reason. The Buneary seemed almost like a bizarre exhibit for all to see, with nearly everyone’s eyes locked on it, beyond curious to see what it could possibly do next. It bounced about the clearing, seemingly oblivious to the confused stares, humming a tune under its breath. With each little hop it took, the silver bell, wound tightly around its neck by a streaming red ribbon, gave off a weak chime. But what was even stranger was the stranger’s pure, never-ending bliss as it watched a leaf blow across the ground or a Starly take delicate care in cleaning its feathers. It opened its mouth in wordless awe when it took a giant whiff of the daintily swaying flowers, and let out a gasp of surprise when it heard the snapping of an underfoot twig. Each time, it displayed a gigantic overbite, a pair of buckteeth that it hadn’t quite grown into yet. I wasn’t exactly sure of what to think of the situation, and my fellow townsfolk seemed to share my opinion. They all seemed to want to ask about a million and a half questions, but were afraid to do so, out of worry that the Buneary’s behavior would take an even more unexpected turn. It was shocking to see someone that was even more of a nutjob than the villagers, and I was both excited and frightened to see what it might do next. But, finally, the silence was broken.

    “Umm... excuse me, Miss,” came the lofty voice of a Masquerain. “What are you doing here?”

    Suddenly, the Buneary’s energy leapt into full swing. It flew towards the crowd with one massive bound, excitement dancing in its eyes. “Huh?!” it yelled in a voice that would’ve made a Loudred cover its ears tight. “Ya mean ME?”

    The Masquerain hesitated to answer, but finally managed to spit out two words. “Yes, you...”

    The Buneary opened its mouth wide in a loud, uproarious laugh. “Well, I came to visit you all! Isn’t that sweet of me?”

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    Ryuka the Riolu || Feulis-Dweller || Almina Forest Outskirts

    Ryuka and Richard noticed some of the older townsfolk heading to the northern shore. Ryuka was about to rush over there himself but the injuries in his left foot caused him to wince in pain and kneel over as soon as he started walking.

    Richard noticed this and helped Ryuka back up telling him "Your foot is still hurt from earlier. Don't try to walk around on it too much right now all right?" As he supported Ryuka to keep him off his injured foot he looked around to see the villagers that hadn't left for the shore and asked "I wonder how many of the villagers made it out okay."

    "I don't know." Ryuka said in an sad tone, he shook his head asking out loud "Why did this happen anyway. First Lithulia and now Feulis. Where do those portals come from?"

    Richard looked down at the ground and replied "I wish I knew, these kind of things don't just happen. There's gotta be a reason for it." He then looked at the Buneary and walked with Ryuka towards a nearby tree in the opposite direction.

    As Richard stopped near the tree and let Ryuka go he gave him a puzzled look asking "What are you doing?"

    Richard set his paws on Ryuka's shoulders and told him "I want you to stay here until I get back." He then looked in the direction the Buneary was and continued "I'm gonna talk to that Buneary."

    "You can't just leave me here." Ryuka replied in an upset tone "Besides we don't know who that is."

    "Which is why I want you to stay over here, just in case." Richard replied as he got ready to leave.

    Ryuka quickly grabbed Richard's arm and told him "Wait Richard, don't leave me here alone!"

    "Don't worry, I'm not leaving you alone. If anything happens just give me a shout and I'll be right back." Richard said to Ryuka before heading off towards the Buneary.

    Ryuka took a few steps towards the direction Richard left but stopped and just watched the direction in which Richard left with a slight whimper.

    Richard made it to the Buneary just in time for it to yell out to a Masquerain "Well, I came to visit you all! Isn’t that sweet of me?”

    Trying his best to ignore the loudness of the Buneary's voice, Richard went up to it and asked "When exactly did you get here then? You do know what just happened to this island, right?"

    Richard then crossed his arms and slightly leaned his head to the side as he then asked the Buneary "And just who are you anyway?"
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    Diana the Kirlia || Feulis-Dweller || Almina Forest Outskirts

    "Well, I came to visit you all! Isn't that sweet of me?"

    There were confused murmurs among the crowd as this highly strange Buneary skipped around jovially. What was it so happy about? Where did it come from?

    "This is going to take a lot of work to rectify," my father said. "I'm going to go check on our home."

    "Wait! Can I go with you? Please?" I replied.

    Dad hesitated for a moment, but then nodded. "Be very careful. There may still be danger about."

    I nodded, and as Dad teleported, so did I. When we got to our house, however, both of our jaws dropped in disbelief...because there was no house.

    What had once been our large, prestigious home was now nothing but a concrete slab embedded in the ground. In hindsight, it was a miracle that even the foundation was left. Everything we held dear had been swallowed by the portals. All of my father's paperwork, Lance's blade sharpeners, my flowers...they were all gone, as if they had never even existed.

    "It's...all...gone?" I asked quietly. Tears filled my eyes.

    Dad put a hand on my shoulder. "It is all right," he said. "That we are all unharmed is reason enough to celebrate. We can always build a new home."


    "No tears, Diana. There is no reason to be upset. Let us return to Lance and tell him of this. Afterwards, I must go and start work on rebuilding."

    I was silent, but teleported along with my father back to the northern coast. Lance greeted us with a smile.

    "How was everything?" he asked.

    Dad sighed deeply. "It's all gone. It's all been destroyed."

    Lance's smile disappeared, and was replaced with a sullen look. He nodded. "I see..."

    "Watch over Diana. I must go."

    Dad teleported away before I could say anything this time. I was heartbroken. Even after he said that it was a miracle we all lived through this, he was gone before we could even celebrate it.

    "It'll be okay," Lance said. I turned to him and saw that his eyes were full of hope. "Your father is just doing what he has to. Nothing more."

    "I just wish he didn't have to be so occupied all the time," I replied.

    "His work is important, Diana. He..." Lance stopped to contemplate for a second. "In time, you'll understand."

    I sat down, despondent. "Maybe."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kamina
    Do you know why people have eyes at the front? It's to see the vast landscape, and to move forward. If we had eyes in the back, we'd only see ourselves leaving our birthplace. That way, people could never move forward. Our eyes are at the front, so that when we walk, the distant landscape draws closer. That's why people can move forward.

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    Littna the Aipom || Feulis-Dweller || Almina Forest Outskirts

    I rose a skeptical eyebrow at the bouncing Buneary’s proclamation. She “came to visit us all?” What was that supposed to mean? It was clear that no one here had ever seen her before in their lives - there were no greetings, no registrations of a familiar face, and her cheery frolicking seemed anything but ordinary. And either way, no one would be crazy enough in the head to want to come here. That was certain. But still, she skipped about the clearing, smiling and waving at everyone like they were old friends. I wouldn’t have been surprised if she had started squealing about how she’d missed everyone so much, or how it had been so long... In fact, nothing she could do would surprise me at this point. She was a wild card, and that’s all there was to it.

    I opened my mouth in a silent reply to the Buneary’s peculiar statement, but the words were cut off as soon as I realized how awkward saying something would be. If my flurry of questions came flying through the open floodgates, she’d probably just respond with another weird statement that would create a million more. And besides, I had a reputation to preserve. Do the sharpest, cleverest of Pokemon take the easy route? No! They unravel mysteries on their own. And that’s exactly what I was planning to do.

    But, even though I didn’t speak up, someone else did it for me, causing the Buneary to once again turn from her joyous sniffing of flowers and batting at the bobbing tree branches. “When exactly did you get here then?” Richard’s sharp, stoic tone seemed to slice right through the awkward near-silence of the crowd, filled only by the noise of merry giggling. As he sauntered over to the joyous little scrap, his eyes still narrowed, he doubled up with yet another question. “You do know what happened to this island, right?” Before the Buneary could even begin to put together an answer, she was interrupted again by the stark Richard, who seemed content to just stand there all day, hammering her with questions. “And just... who are you, anyway?”

    All around me, the crowd leaned forward, eyes slowly widening. They were on the edge of their seats, and really, I couldn’t blame them. The crowd’s excitement seemed to erupt as the suspense grabbed us. What would she say next? Would she finally answer our stream of questions?

    “Yeah, I know what happened,” she yelled, eyes lighting up with cheer. “My friends were playin’ here!” Suddenly, her head dipped down low, the silver bell around her neck giving off a melancholy chime. A light sigh paved the way for her next words, which were fortunately quieter than her former squawks. “Sorry if they were mean to anyone...”

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    Ryuka the Riolu || Feulis-Dweller || Almina Forest Outskirts

    Ryuka kept looking towards the direction Richard had left. Even though he knew Richard wasn't too far away, Ryuka couldn't help but feel a bit lonely. They had been together almost all the time ever since they lost their parents and they had in fact closer since then, almost like brothers. Now that Ryuka thought about it, he realized that Richard had become like an older brother to him over the time they've lived together. As the idea came to him, Ryuka liked the thought of himself and Richard as brothers.

    Ryuka then decided to try and go to where Richard was, but when he stood up and tried to walk he ended up feeling more pain from the injury in his foot, causing him to kneel over again. Realizing that there was no way to reach Richard without causing himself more pain, he simply whimpered in helplessness as he sat down, curled his legs up and wrapped his arms around his knees.

    Once he did this though Ryuka heard a noise close by and turned his head to see a group of Pokemon had shown up from out of nowhere, one was a Kirlia, one was Excavalier, and among them was another Pokemon Ryuka had never seen before, who spoke with the Excavalier briefly before teleporting away. Noticing that the Kirlia and Excavalier where only several yards from where he was, all Ryuka could do was look away hoping that they didn't notice or approach him.

    Meanwhile, as Richard asked the Buneary his various questions he watched as she ceased her playful antics. Though he was set on getting answers from the Buneary, he couldn't help but notice her unusually playful nature. Not only was she acting cheerful even after what happened, her behavior towards the villagers was unusually friendly for someone who had just 'come to visit them'. Despite it being unusual, as far as Richard could tell this was simply how she greeted others. He didn't want to think of the Buneary as strange when he only just met her, instead considering the possibility that she was just a child, much like Ryuka.

    Though nothing could've prepared Richard for what the she yelled next, "Yeah, I know what happened. My friends were playin’ here!” The Buneary then lowered her head, gave a sigh and said in a quieter voice "Sorry if they were mean to anyone..."

    Ryuka heard what the Buneary had yelled and lifted his head up to look in the direction Richard headed to as he thought to himself *What? Her friends?* And then paused for a moment until he thought out loud "Who could she mean?"

    After she answered his questions, Richard became more confused as he then asked the Buneary "Your friends? Who do you mean by that?"
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    Diana the Kirlia || Feulis-Dweller || Almina Forest Outskirts

    Lance was silent, and so was I. We didn't even look at each other--or at least I didn't look at Lance. Whether he looked at me in my despondent state, I don't know.

    The Buneary from before spoke up again. "Yeah, I know what happened. My friends were playin' here! Sorry if they were mean to anyone..."

    Lance suddenly ran off and came back with a glass of water. He drank the water and then did a spit take. "Does she mean the portals?!"

    I looked at Lance quizzically. "What was that supposed to be?"

    "A spit take," Lance replied, suddenly rather cheerful. The look in his eyes darkened again as he remembered what we were talking about before...but then he looked around a bit, and they lit up again. "Hey, I know what will cheer you up, kid."

    "A hug from Dad?" I asked under my breath.

    "This is a huge crowd. Why don't you go talk to someone?" Lance's voice was obviously hopeful.

    "Is this really a good time to be mingling?" I asked.

    "Well, we're pretty much stuck here for the time being," Lance pointed out. "That Buneary is pretty much just spouting nonsense, if you ask me. Friends with the portals? How is that even possible? Go ahead, talk to someone."

    "Buckethead, I know you mean well, but your sense of timing is just awful."

    "No excuses! There are tons of kids your age you can talk to."

    I looked around, and found none of these promised kids. "No there aren't, dummy."

    "Well, I didn't mean right here..."

    "Sure you didn't."

    "Just do it, Diana. For me?"

    I rolled my eyes. "You're really playing THAT card?" I asked. He gave me a smirk.

    I was a bit hesitant as I looked around. No one nearby was my age, or anywhere near it...except for a timid-looking Riolu that was sitting in the fetal position. I looked at Lance, and he gestured at me, telling me to go and talk to him. I was a bit skeptical about it helping, but I let out a deep sigh and walked over to him.

    "Hi," I said, in as cheery of a voice as I could muster. "What's your name? I'm Diana."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kamina
    Do you know why people have eyes at the front? It's to see the vast landscape, and to move forward. If we had eyes in the back, we'd only see ourselves leaving our birthplace. That way, people could never move forward. Our eyes are at the front, so that when we walk, the distant landscape draws closer. That's why people can move forward.

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    (OOC: You guys have no idea how much it took to get this post to you. From writer's block to national competitions to lies to grief to drugs... Ugh. But here it is.)

    Littna the Aipom || Feulis-Dweller || Almina Forest Outskirts

    I’m sure I wasn’t the only one in the watchful audience who furrowed their brow in confusion, wondering what the sweet, innocent little thing could possibly mean. Once again, the chatter among the flock came to a roaring start, with questions and accusations flying everywhere.

    “What’s that chick’s deal?” came the gruff yell of a Nidorino from next to me, a gritty, rough shout. “Does she have some sorta problem or what?!”

    “F-F-F-Friends?!” stammered a Smeargle, his paint-splattered tail lashing back and forth anxiously. “B-But, no one here’s seen hide nor hair of ‘er!”

    My ears twitched irritably as a mechanical clamour pierced the air around me, a strange sort of outcry accompanied by a series of clicks and whirrs. “Does she mean the portals?!” shouted the Escavalier seated before me. He spat out a mouthful of water, much to the displeasure of the Charmeleon unfortunate to be standing right in front of him. It had only taken a few words from our quirky visitor to thrust our swarm of Pokemon into turmoil once again. But her words had only served to pique my interest to its fullest.

    It didn’t come as much of a surprise to me that the others were immediately leaping to conclusions. "Friends" being mean to everyone? I could just imagine them thinking. Does she mean the portals? And though those great black monsters, with their demonic claws and and earth-shattering rampages certainly seemed like good contenders, her words made a new possibility start to bubble up in the back of my head. A possibility that made me want to lean in and listen all the more, with my ears opened wide and my sardonic grin growing all the more.

    The Mienfoo’s wide-eyed stare wandered up to the clouds as he stood in deep thought, trying to unravel the meaning of the little scrap’s words. He really hasn’t thought of it yet? I asked myself, just barely holding back an amused chuckle as his eyes grew wider and wider by the second. He must be even more naive than I thought.

    A hush came over the crowd as soon as Richard’s next words left his jaws, words plagued with childlike curiosity. “Your friends?” he asked, his tail slowly swishing back and forth. “Who do you mean by that?”

    Her reply came even quicker than I’d ever imagined, her words coming out only a beat after Richard’s finished. “Zeery and Gally!” she said gleefully, a light giggle weaving its way into her words. The bell wound tightly around her neck gave off a cheery shime as she leaned in closer, eyes wide with delight. “But they’re not around right now. They went home.”

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    Ryuka the Riolu || Feulis-Dweller || Almina Forest Outskirts

    While he was still waiting for Richard, Ryuka noticed the Kirlia he saw earlier approaching him. His fear started to kick in causing him to stand up and step back from her. However, as he did so he felt a sharp pain in his injured leg causing him to fall backwards. With Richard not around and unable to move quickly on his own, all Ryuka could think to do was get back into the fetal position and cover his face with his paws whimpering in fear of the Kirlia. As she got closer Ryuka had all sort of questions on his mind. What did she want with him? What was she going to do? Did she intend to hurt him?

    Ryuka was prepared for the worst when the Kirlia got close to him until he heard her say "Hi, what's your name? I'm Diana."

    After hearing these words Ryuka opened his eyes and looked up at Diana. "Huh?" Ryuka let out with a puzzled look on his face. Looking at Diana, Ryuka didn't feel like she had any intention of harming him. He was somehow reminded of when he first met Richard. Ryuka was scared of him too at first, but after he opened up to Richard they've been friends ever since. After thinking back on that for a moment, Ryuka looked down at the ground nervously and told Diana "I...I'm...R...Ryuka."

    Meanwhile, after Richard asked the Buneary who she meant by her friends, she cheerfully replied "Zeery and Gally!" The bell she was wearing rang some more as she leaned closer towards Richard with her eyes wide and told him "But they're not around right now. They went home."

    Richard started scratching the back of his head saying "So your friends just came here and left just like that?" He was puzzled for a moment until he suddenly thought of something and asked the Buneary in a serious tone "Wait! You're not talking about those portals that attacked this island, are you?"
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    Oh look I posted.

    Diana the Kirlia || Feulis-Dweller || Almina Forest Outskirts

    "I...I'm...R...Ryuka," said the Riolu. He looked genuinely terrified.

    "Are you all right?" I asked, my depression temporarily sidetracked with concern. "What happened to your leg?"

    It didn't take a genius to see that Ryuka was very shy. I thought for a second, then had an idea. "Hold on a second." I ran over to the nearest tree and looked for a branch. I found a thick one a bit higher than my head. I used my telekinesis to break it off of the tree, then broke twigs and leaves off of it. I held it upright and leaned on it to test its strength. It would work. I took it back to Ryuka. "Here," I said, holding the branch out to him. "You can use this as a crutch till you can get proper medical attention."

    "Zeery and Gally!" the Buneary shouted, distracting me. "But they're not around right now. They went home."

    I looked at Lance, who looked back at me with a confused expression. He was suspicious of the Buneary too, I noticed. I turned back to Ryuka. "I wish I could help you more, but I can't learn anything that could help till I get older. Sorry about that."

    I turned back to the Buneary for another second, noticing the Mienfoo from before. "That Mienfoo is your friend, isn't he?" I asked, trying to shift the topic away from Ryuka's injured leg.
    Oh hey, I have a Nuzlocke story.
    I hath claimed the ULTIMATE TROLL!
    When an unknown infection spreads throughout Hoenn, it's up to three elite Trainers to defeat its source: Deoxys.
    Currently up to Chapter 2 of the sequel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kamina
    Do you know why people have eyes at the front? It's to see the vast landscape, and to move forward. If we had eyes in the back, we'd only see ourselves leaving our birthplace. That way, people could never move forward. Our eyes are at the front, so that when we walk, the distant landscape draws closer. That's why people can move forward.

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