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On a sunny day in Kanto, Ash was heading straight to the Battle Frontier, wanting to see a friend of his. Once there, he went on a search to see his friend. He then stopped and saw his friend, Anabel, sitting on the ground humming. Ash smiled and rush towards Anabel. Hearing footsteps, Anabel got up and turned around. She then smiled, seeing Ash near her.

"Ash... It's been a while since we last met. How many years has it been? Four perhaps?" Anabel said. "Probably. But anyway, how's it been? Are you doing ok?" Ash said. He and Anabel sat on the ground together. "I'm doing fine, Ash." Anabel replied. "You?" she asked. "I'm doing fine myself." Ash replied. "That's good." Anabel said. She move a bit closer to Ash, touching his arm with hers.

"So, did you make any friends during your journeys?" Anabel asked. "Yes." Ash replied. "I see. Were they the same-sex, opposite-sex, or both?" Anabel asked. "Both." Ash replied. "How often do you interact with your female friends?" Anabel asked. "Not much, unless they join me as a companion to take a journey, like May, for example." Ash replied.

"Are they good-looking to you?" Anabel asked. "Well, I don't wanna call them ugly, but they look ok." Ash replied, which made Anabel smile brighter than before. "That's nice to hear." Anabel said. She quickly press her lips on Ash, giving him a big surprise. She then broke it several seconds later.

"What was that for, Anabel?" Ash asked, not being angry at Anabel. "I love you, Ash. I really do. After you left here, I've thought much about you non-stop. And now, you're back, which makes me the luckiest girl in the world." Anabel reasoned. "Stay here with me, so we can live happily ever after." Anabal said. Ash didn't say anything after Anabel's words, which worried her all of a sudden.

"What's wrong, Ash? Are you angry at me for what I did to you?" Anabel asked. "I'm not angry, Anabel. It's just that... well..." Ash didn't feel like saying anything else. Instead, he response with a kiss on Anabal's lips. He then let go. "...Unlike other girls I've interacted, you're the prettiest I've ever lay my eyes on, and I didn't know that you love me all this time, until I came back here to meet you again." Ash said.

"Also, I wasn't expecting your surprising kiss. I wanted to do it myself and say that I love you, but you did it first." Ash continued. "Oh, Ash." Anabel said. She gently push him on the ground and lay up top of him. "Again, stay here with me, so we can live happily ever after." Anabel repeated herself. "I will, my beauty." Ash said. "Ash." Anabel said.

She move closer to his lips with hers, but she move back. "Wait a minute. Where's your Pikachu?" Anabel asked. "He's over at my mom's house. That's all." Ash replied. "I see. Now, where was I?" Anabel said, moving down to Ash's lips and gave him another kiss.

The End