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Thread: Gen 6 predictions?

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    Default Gen 6 predictions?

    Who will travel with Ash? What Pokemon will Ash catch/use? Will there even BE an Ash?
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    I'll bet that Cilan will continue to travel with Ash. His role is pretty similar to Brock's, and it works fine for several regions until the day Cilan becomes stale.

    I heard that they chose Iris over Hilda because of dat ***, but the new XY protagonist seems a lot more tame, so maybe she'll travel with Ash. Travelling with gym leaders is cool and all, but I'd like them to actually be running gyms. Cilan got away with it because there's still two other gym leaders running his one.

    In terms of Pokémon I'm hoping he gets Chespin and Froakie while the new female companion gets Fennekin. Only Fennekin makes like May's Torchic and actually evolves at some point. He'll probably get the first bird Pokémon he sees too. I'd also like another Aipom situation to happen where he takes a pre-Gen 6 Pokémon with him and it evolves into a new Gen 6 one.

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    Please wait with the Gen 6 speculation until we have more info. Until then, please have fun in this thread.

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