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    Quote Originally Posted by fer92 View Post
    Common sense and knowing that Tamagawa hasn't done a episode in 19 months. It's speculation, we don't know why Axew learnt Outrage.
    That seems more like a theory than common sense.

    It's known that Best Wishes has more stocked animation than other sagas. And the wrutera are fans to certain attacks. I don't go as far as Pepsi plunge but there's episodes with a lot of stocked animation. The best example was Nonomi episode.
    Huh? Since when did BW have more stock animation than other sagas? DP for example, from my rewatches of various episodes recently, used quite a lot of stock footage itself.

    Not sure how unpopular this is here but I didn't care for Tobias. It just felt so unrealistic for a trainer to appear in the league who supposedly swept every single Sinnoh Gym Leader using solely his Darkrai and almost won the whole Sinnoh League using just a Darkrai. This why I preferred Tyson, while Ash did lose the lose wasn't that horrendous and the full-battle wasn't rushed and was entertaining compared to Tobias's marathon clean sweep of almost everyone of Ash's reserves + Gible. It's just entirely unfair when you consider the fact this guy beat around 20-30 Gym Leader owned Pokemon without Darkrai ever losing once. A little backstory or at least foreshadowing on how long he had that Darkrai would have been much better and satisfying if the writers clearly decided that the Sinnoh League was going to begin with Conway and end with Paul. During the Nando battle, as rushed and bland as it was, could have sufficed during TR's bleh scene. Past legendary Pokemon weren't portrayed as being nearly as invincible, Regice, Moltres, Articuno, Meloetta, Raikou, and the Kami Trio for examples can easily be subdued by one or more exceptionally-powered Pokemon.

    Another unpopular opinion is I'm not really bothered at all by the stock animation, Pokemon, like almost every other fighting anime in Japan uses stock animation often because it's cheap. It makes sense to me given long-running anime like these aren't expected to have clean-cut animation every episode.
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