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The problem is the anime has gone on 5 generations with the same plot of Ash collecting 8 badges every saga. Which is probably the reason it feels more repetitive now because we've seen the same thing for 5 series in a row.

The only thing that really makes each saga different is whoever Ash's travel companions are, the Pokemon on the group at the time, and the rivals of each series. Other than some of the unique fillers or villains, its been the same formula since day 1.
I know that, but I think that even if they change main character it will be always the same goal: collect badges and win the League. Unless they'll change this route in the games, they will show us the same thing over and over and over.

Besides, remember that at this point we shouldn't even be watching the anime. What is a repetitive thing for us, it's a "new" concept for the newer generations. I guess that's what matter to them.

However, Ash's goal can be put on the background and the writers can focus more on the other goals. In that way, they keep promoting the games, while giving a more original and exclusive story.

I don't think they will try something like that, but I believe that if they really want they can do that.