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Yeah that worked so well for Brock's Mudkip haha. Just a little sarcasm cuz I didn't think all the Hoenn starter Pokemon were treated equally so it prolly wouldn't have worked if the same thing happened to the Unova starter Pokemon.
Except the Unova team is heavily undeveloped and the sharing of screentime is completely bs. Ugh. It just annoys me so much. Rotation is a great idea, but the writers completely sucks at handling it. I'd rather have a smaller, developed team over a bigger but with uneven screentime team. Ash's team would've worked much better in my opinion if he had Pignite. Even in DP, having two starters left Torterra the more shafted of the two. Right now, Oshawott and Snivy aren't seeing any development, since for the former's fighting without scalchop training went to waste, while for the latter, she had the same movepool since the beginning of the series. Real development.

Tbh, Cilan and Iris's team could use the starters too. It would make them much more promote-able like Dawn and her screen-hogging penguin XD. I'm surprised how they shoved all three starters to Ash even after how popular Dawn was with Japan partially thanks to Piplup.

As for Paul vs Trip issue, if DP had Trip and BW had Paul, it wouldn't be as bad. But it went the other way round. Tbh Trip is just too similar to Paul, and the latter is a clear cut above the former in strength. Trip just fails to hit the bar that Paul set, which I admit is pretty high, but IMO Trip isn't close to the bar either. Aside from his Serperior, his team is kind of messed up. Conkelderp, Jellicent and a Vanillish and Lampent that somehow disappeared into oblivion.