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Thread: Soul Eater shippings- What's your favorite and why?

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    Default Soul Eater shippings- What's your favorite and why?

    The title.
    I have to say my favorite is KidxMaka (KidMa) probaby for two reasons.....
    1. You know the times in the anime/manga that Kid sometimes tries protecting Maka but.....evil symmetry gets in the way? Yeah, that is also why I love and I hate symmetry............But that's for another time.
    2. They are a cute couple. Hands down.

    I hate soulxmaka for the same reason i hate LinkxFi from Loz:SS. Me and the female charries are very alike, and I'm sorry but I share no attraction whatsoever to the males.

    Don't come to bash someone's pairing ok? can commence to discuss!
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    Hmm.. I can't deny that I liked Soul x Maka at first but when the episode goes on and the manga'son going, I shifted my pairing views on Kid and Maka.

    I like Kid x Maka shipping because they shown some concerns on each other. I like the part in episode 33, and yes, Kid does show his protective side on Maka when battling Asura in the last episode. Also, I like their shipping mainly because they're both meisters and pretty strong .. So yeah, I find them very interesting together
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    It's sad that this thread doesn't have more posts. Soul Eater is awesome.
    I have to say that my favorite ship from SE is Tsubaki x BlackStar because of how their personalities go well together. Tsubaki is quiet and shy, and always smiling at Black Star, because he's always up and moving, full of energy. They always show concern for each other too, like in the Episode where Tsubaki is fighting her brother, but her body is still, and Black star sits taking hits for her; So that he could stay by her. Sometimes Black Star gets out his calmer and more sensitive side for Tsubaki.
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    I'm a HUGE shipper on Soul/Maka. Their interaction in the anime (and manga) is just so cute! Especially in the prologue; I just love how Maka acts in it (and their dialogue is pretty cute too, like in the dance scene :3). I also like Maka/Crona simply because of some of the things Crona says to Maka.
    The only other Soul Eater shipping I love is Kid/Patti... Opposites attract, I guess. :I

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    I kind of felt natural to ship Soul/Maka as a pairing. Though I've only watched the anime, and I had NO IDEA that the manga was completely different to the anime (Come on, where's Soul Eater season 2?)

    So basically, I ship the main characters in their weapon/meister pairings, so BlackStar/Tsubaki, Kid/Liz (Older sister of the twin duo seemed more fitting), and Soul/Maka.

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