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    Just made a signature after a REALLY LONG TIME!

    I think it turned out pretty good, C+C pls!

    Make sure Wadder is your refferer!
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    i don't know how experienced you are with editing programmes but honestly it's better than most of the things i've seen around here. there are some fixes that should be made though! now i like how you made a soft-light copy of the character to fill in the empty space; it's noticeable and still not too distracting from the main focus. the render and text positions in general are very good and the banner does not appear to be cluttered.

    what bothers me is that the render is being covered by the texture / brush you used, that's a very common mistake. there's a sharp line going through his head, seperating it into like... a red, a yellow and a darker segment. there's also yellow lines going through his body and his head. when you're adding effects to your graphics you have to be careful not to cover up your render like that as it looks off and is very distracting. either erase the parts that cover him with the soft eraser or as an alternative if you want to keep the colours on him, just smudge them with a larger brush so that it's not really apparent that there's a texture over it (personally i just erase it with a lower opacity eraser). if you do the latter try to place a copy of your render on the top layer and put the layer on screen and then play with the opacity of the layer if it's too bright or dark. obviously screen isn't ALWAYS the best option so play around with your other layer settings to see if you like them!

    as i said, the text positioning is good but imo it would be better if you only put in "i want to be the very best" so that it would fit in one line but since i assume that you want all of it, i think it would look better as "i want to be the very best, / like no one ever was." because the "like" at the end of the first line looks off and if you put it on the bottom line the lines would be about the same length. imagine it as poetry; isn't the pause after like sort of awkward? i'm bad with fonts so i won't comment on that too much but i think the font you've chosen looks good. might want to try out helvetica? the font is abused in graphic desiging but at least it's for a reason! c:

    i hope i was at least somewhat helpful lol. :>
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