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Eelektross is not completely useless. Unlike Electivire, it actually HAS DECENT BULK, no weaknesses, and a good Special Attack stat. It also has Superpower and Grass Knot. FailVire is the one that can't do crap.
Eelektross's Spa is below average these days, even in NU when you have pokes like Gardevoir and Glaceon (who both outspeed it). Heck evern Ampharos has better Spa and Spd than him. Also, Eelektross still finds it hard to switch in even with bulk because he resists 2 types. And even resisting one of those attacks, all the Supercharged birds of the tier don't even care:

252Atk Choice Band Braviary (Neutral) Brave Bird vs 4HP/0Def Levitate Eelektross (Neutral): 54% - 64% (169 - 200 HP). Guaranteed 2HKO.

He has decent coverage on the special side and makes good use of specs volt switch spam, I'll give him that. But his Atk, which is 115 and pretty good, he has no coverage with. The best you can do is Coil / Dragon Tail / Wild Charge / Superpower and thats walled by Metang, Torkoal, Tangela, etc. Because even with boosts his coverage is very meh. Superpower helped, but its still not great. Especially since he has no recovery and wild charge does damage to him.

And now onto Electivire. His Atk is 8 points higher than the Eels, he has AMAZING coverage through ice punch, eq, and cross chop, his Spa is meh so its not that great, but the main thing is HE IS FAST ENOUGH TO BE A THREAT. Base 95 isn't amazing, but its a hell of a lot better than the Eels. And you were talking about bulk? Electivire actually has a higher SDef than the Eel. And with his coverage, he only has one solid counter in Rotom. He's checked by some scarfers and a few faster threats, but the Eel has more counters, and is checked by nearly every non Trick Room offensive threat in NU. And Eelektross's flagship set is Specs, so once he's locked in he becomes that much easier to beat. So in short, Electivire>Eelektross.