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Thread: Poison/Paralyse deck

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    Default Poison/Paralyse deck

    I've no idea what to call it to be honest, i've only got back into this in the past few months (And only actually play with 2 of my friends) and i'm building with what i've pulled from Next Destinies/Dark Explorers/Dragons Exalted/Boundaries Crossed/Plasma Gale.

    2 Zubat (Non ability, PG)
    2 Golbat (PG)
    1 Crobat (PG)

    3 Ratta (BC)
    3 Raticate (BC)

    2 Grimer (ND)
    1 Muk (ND)

    3 Elgyem (PG)
    3 Beheeyem (PG)

    1 Giratina (PG)

    3 Hypnotoxic Laser
    2 Virbank Gym
    3 Pokemon communication
    3 Cheren
    3 Cilan
    3 Poition
    3 Energy Retrieval

    16 Psychic energy
    3 Double colourless Energy

    I'm sure the idea is obvuous, Dependong on my Draws, either Superfang and poison to kill or just overwhelm with poison.

    I'm fully aware i could do with a few more cards, like a couple more Crobat. I'm not against buying some singles as i really like the idea behind this one, i just need some help to streamline it.
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    To stream line it, you'd need to get rid of the beheeyem and muk line, need about 4 HTL and 2 virbank (you went to make raticate and crobat the major ones for dealing ohko to ko dmg rate). You're t/s/s line and the fact of you're draw into theory kills me as a format player who knows to play well is A. you're never gonna draw into anything good all the time and b. if you want a better hand always switch it up, so check this line

    3-4 N (this is a good card to use to get a better hand early to mid game if you're falling behind, plus it's great for hand disruption, you never know you might get a great hand and they might get a terrible hand)
    3-4 juniper (this card is great if youi have 0-2 cards left other then juniper, and great for late game in getting that larger hand to pull off great mid to late game combos)
    2-3 skyla (you're deck seems to live off of virbank and HTL, you're going to need something to grab those cards out of you're deck almost instantaneously and this is the card that does the trick)
    4 Hypnotoxic Laser
    2 Virbank Gym
    4 ultra ball (any pokemon, by reducing the amount of cards in you're hand so you're after draw or you're supporter after shuffle rate has a higher accuracy at getting what you want into you're hand)
    3 catcher
    3 switch
    1 scramble switch (switch and e.switch rolled into one)
    1-2 super rod

    You don't need that much energy, liker 15 to 16 energy total (fire and DCE combined), supporters will grab a decent amount of energy cards out of you're deck, if you find problems e. search with the skyla but you probably won't, this is a staple decklist for this type of decklist and probably the best kind of list to play (probably left things out but whatever).
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