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    Who did you choose and why? Did you use them?
    I chose and used Bulbasaur. I liked Vaporeon more then Squirtle and Ninetails is my fav fire type so for Charmander.
    Cyndiquil was my gen 2 pick Totodile could not compete with Suicune for me
    Mudkip for gen 3
    Turtwig for gen 4
    I usually choose Snivy/oshawatt for gen 5, But I never use any of them. Definitely my least favorite gen for the starters.

    For Gen 6 it all depends on evolutions as to who I will go with, But Fennekin winning.

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    For Gen 6, I need to see their type, stats and learnset yet.

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    Chespin ( I like it, so, I'm going for it )

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    Gen 1: Squirtle (I've had many playthroughs of LG and FR though, and I often pick Bulbasuar too, but Squirtle was first.)
    Gen 2: Cyndaquil
    Gen 3: Mudkip (Although given the chance again, I would pick Treecko)
    Gen 4: Piplup (but I'm going to get Platinum soon and get Turtwig, who a like better)
    Gen 5: Oshawott in White, Snivy in White 2

    Edit: Also, I will probably go for Froakie in Gen 6, but I need to see the evolutions of each before deciding.
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    1 - Bulbasaur or Charmander depending on playthrough; I like both, but Charmander gives me more of a challenge for the first two Gyms.
    2 - Cyndaquil
    3 - Torchic
    4 - Chimchar
    5 - Snivy (although I picked Oshawott in B2, just to try something else; I haven't ever, nor will I ever, choose Tepig)

    And, talking about the future...
    6 - Fennekin

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    • Charmander, but I restarted and went with Squirtle instead. I was quite the Pokémon noob and had trained only Charizard and a Primeape by the time I was at Team Rocket's hideout in Celadon.
    • Totodile in SS and Cyndaquil in HG. I really like both of them.
    • All three, followed by Torchic only. I wouldn't say that Torchic's my favourite out of the three, but I like it and wanted a change from my usual choices.
    • Piplup in Diamond, and all three in Platinum.
    • Oshawott in White, Tepig in Black and Snivy in Black 2. Snivy's my favourite, though I do like Pignite's design.

    As for X and Y, I'm not sure which one I'll go with. Fennekin is very appealing, but I'm warming to Chespin.

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    Bulbasaur, Totodile, Torchic, Chimchar, Pignite, Chespin. Idk, I just like them haha.
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    these were the starters i picked the first time through. but i've played all of the games enough times through so that i have had all starters at least once, except tepig. the unova starters kinda sucked in the first place though.
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    1) Charmander, because I love Charmander and especially Charmeleon.
    2) Totodile, because he's the only one I've ever found to be any good.
    3) Treecko or Mudkip; I think Treecko is cool but Mudkip is a lot more useful.
    4) Chimchar, because Infernape has always been really good in my experience.
    5) Tepig, for the same reason as Chimchar.

    I'll probably choose Fennekin come Gen VI.
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    1. Charmander- my favorite Pokemon is Charizard
    2. Cyndaquil- I love its evolution line
    3. Treecko- Sceptile is awesome
    4. Turtwig- out of the three I like it the most
    5. snivy- its evolution line has weak stats but it like their design
    6. Fennekin- it looks neat and I like fire types

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    Gen 1, Charmander, he's my favorite starter.
    G2 was Chikorita, They were all good, but I didn't feel like taking Totodile, and Cyndaquil was my least favorite of the three.
    G3 was Treecko, he's just a beast.
    G4 was Piplup, don't like Turtwig at all, and I <3 penguins.
    G5 was Tepig. I'd much prefer Oshawott but my brother took him, and I don't like Snivy at all.

    I used them all, probably going to pick Chespin or Fennekin, depends what my brother chooses.

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    Gen 1: Charmander, even though Charizard is way overrated as a fan favorite, I still like it's design. The neck bothers me though.
    Gen 2: Tododile because he is easy to level up and is quite good as a Feraligatr personally. Cyndaquil was good too but Chikorita was a cruel joke, it can't even take on any of Silver's Pokemon.
    Gen 3: Mudkip, despite Gen 3 being my least favorite of starters.
    Gen 4: Turtwig, underrated but it's been good ingame IMO, also chose Chimchar in Platinum and Piplup is my least favorite starter.
    Gen 5: Snivy in Black and Black 2, Tepig in White and Oshawott in White 2, each were great personally and are my favorite starter lines.
    Gen 6: Fennekin though all are good.

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