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    Default Certified Raters

    These are the people who know what they are talking about and you should always listen to them when they rate your team. They are active and intelligent raters who lend CRMT some much-needed expertise and credibility, so give them the respect and PAY ATTENTION.

    Certified Raters:

    Being a certified rater also carries responsibility as well as people will give you more respect and listen to your posts, so you must uphold yourself with more dignity than the general CRMT folk.

    - Begin to ignore the CRMT rules and post useless spam and you will be removed.
    - Posting continually crap advice will see you removed until further notice as well.
    - Acting "elitist" or arrogant will get you removed and even infracted.

    If you are noticed by other raters and the mods to regularly post consistently good advice, you will be added to this list. New members are discussed by the mods and are not added unless the majority agrees.

    Those of you who are able to make it into these glorious ranks will be awarded the illustrious Serebii Team Rater badge... which due to forum constraints can only be put in your signature. Ah well.

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    I'd also like to further hammer in that if you are caught or have been caught insulting, being elitist/arrogant or aggressive towards the team poster even once I'll have you removed from this immediately (and possibly forever). You won't be able to appeal it either so don't bother.

    Once that happens, I'll remove the badge from your sig. Don't re-add it.
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