Hello everyone! This fic I started writing is about a young man named Cooke, and the story of his struggle. It's similiar to the Anime and is suitable for all ages. I hope you'll enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing it!

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The Vengeance

Chapter 1 - A Vengeance From Within

The Kanto Region, a vast area inhabited by many Pokemon, was about to be explored by a youngster named Cooke, who had a vengeance...

Cooke: "Today is finally the day..."

Deino(with a reasurring look): "I-no!"

Cooke is a valiant young man who has set off on a journey with one sole goal in mind; save his younger sister Anna, and make Team Rocket, the culprits, pay for kidnapping her.

Cooke(with an angry look): "I was simply too young to do anything... But I must save her now that I'm old enough to become a Trainer!"

Cooke(with a serious look): "But before that, I must ask Prof. Oak, whom they call the authority on Pokemon, a few questions..."

(After wandering around Pallet Town for 30 minutes, which seemed like forever, Cooke finally reaches the Lab.)

Cooke: "Ah, I see, "Prof. Oak's Lab", huh? Let's go inside!"

Deino: "D-een!"

Prof. Oak: "Oh my, oh my, what are we going to do!"

Cooke(enters through the door): "Hello!"Is Prof. Oak around?"

Prof. Oak(with a worried look): "You're looking at him!"But I don't have time for games right now!" I've got to find somebody to give this last Pokedex to!"

Prof. Oak(after calming down): "So what are you here for, exactly?"

Cooke: "I'm looking for some information on a group called Team Rocket, and I was hoping you could help."

Prof. Oak: "I see."So why are you interested in them?"

Cooke(after taking a deep breath): "3 years ago, Team Rocket abducted my Sister Anna." Now that I'm old enough to be a Trainer, I'm going to find my sister and make them pay!"

Prof. Oak: "The ruffians!" I guess we are in a similiar predicament then!"

Cooke(with a confused look): "What do you mean sir?"

Prof. Oak: "Team Rocket is responsible for stealing two of my Pokedexes, and now there remains only one!"

(The door gets smashed and in comes a man)

???: "Yamask, use Haze!"

Yamask: "M-mask!"

(A huge cloud of smoke fills the Lab)


That's all for now!