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Thread: Hey. You. Yes, you, with the face. Come here and look at my fakemon.

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    Default Hey. You. Yes, you, with the face. Come here and look at my fakemon.

    It's been a long time since I last had a thread up in this area displaying my art. Years, in fact. Seeing as any thread I had is long since kaput, I don't see any harm in reposting some of my old pokemon, and hopefully getting some new pokemon up when I can get some drawn, too. The ones I'm starting with are around 4-5 years old so I hope you guys aren't gonna be too critical of how they look outside of a design standpoint. :P I'll try to update on a semi-regular basis, anyway.

    So I haven't come up with many details for my region yet, but have a few. Trainers will feature not specific types, but species or theme (such as snake, flower, or armored) which may or may not give them a particular typing they'd use. The region would have a vast frozen area in the north, which is also coincidentally where an archaeological team has found a few new fossils, resulting in the first set of fossils to be centered around Ice rather than Rock... but we'll get to that later on. It would also introduce the Sound type, which not only means new pokemon to represent it, but a retyping of a handful of old favorites.



    - Pokemon: Cheetarson, Serpentree, and Platyresle lines

    - Pokemon: Meeriger, Barbatrice, Wakizashir, and Lagowind lines
    - Abilities: Bouncy

    - Pokemon: Chimecho, Sudowoodo, Waspike/Tickloon, and Lancepine lines
    - Abilities: Supervenom
    - Types: Sound


    New Abilities
    Bouncy - This pokemon has the Flying type in addition to its native typing every other turn.
    Supervenom - This pokemon can hit Steel types with Poison type moves, can afflict the Poison status on Poison and Steel types and pokemon with Immunity.


    Ability Changes
    Soundproof - This pokemon is immune to damage and effects from Sound type moves.


    New Type: Sound
    Super Effective against: Water, Ice, Psychic, Dark
    Not Very Effective against: Ground, Steel
    Weak to: Ground, Poison, Steel
    Resistant to: Ice


    Pokemon Description Format

    ### Name - Type/Type
    Ability 1/Ability 2 (if available)/*Dream World Ability (if applicable)
    HP/Attack/Defense/Special Attack/Special Defense/Speed
    - Description.

    Additional info on the gameplay aspects follows after entire family is introduced.



    001 Tabburn - Fire
    Blaze/*Magma Armor
    - TABBURN are incredibly playful, but seem unaware of the danger they present. They've been known to accidentally burn trainers who aren't experienced with handling Fire types.

    002 Heatah - Fire
    Blaze/*Magma Armor
    - This pokemon chases its prey down with blistering speed. It can turn down the intensity of its flames to camouflage itself, but the fires return in full force when it's running at its top speeds.

    003 Cheetarson - Fire/Ghost
    Blaze/*Magma Armor
    - CHEETARSON run at such incredible speeds that their hind legs appear as little more than a trail of flames. Even at rest, their rear halves are constantly burning, making it hard to see their legs even then.

    This guy is somewhat similar to Infernape in that it'd be primarily a physical sweeper focused in on Speed, but rather fragile defensively. Its Ghost typing doesn't help it much aside from allowing it to switch in on a few types, since it would get few- if any - physical Ghost moves, but one could make it a surprise special sweeper thanks to workable Special. I originally intended it to be a special sweeper, but I didn't want it stepping on Chandelure's figurative toes, and would rather it be competing with other Fire starters anyway.



    004 Hissod - Grass
    - This small serpent-like pokemon is said to be a close relative of SNIVY. The seed at the tip of its tail makes a rattling noise when shaken, and is used to ward off potential attackers.

    005 Grasp - Grass
    - GRASP sometimes have been observed chewing the limbs off the saplings growing from their tails. This is to help them maintain their balance and make the tree a more effective weapon.

    006 Serpentree - Grass/Dragon
    - SERPENTREE are rare in the wild. They normally can only evolve by eating dragons, and most GRASP die attempting this. They also evolve if their tails grow into a perfectly balanced tree, which is just as difficult.

    The tank of the three starters, Serpentree doesn't have as much going for it offensively with a pretty abyssmal Attack and average Special Attack, but can surely take a few hits before going down (at least so long as he's not faced up with Ice moves). His Dream World ability Regenerator, defenses, and access to moves like Protect and Dragon Tail make him great at scouting out such threats though.



    007 Plash - Water
    Torrent/*Toxic Boost
    - Trainers often confuse this pokemon with oddly-colored PSYDUCK. It studies the movements of humans and attempts to mimic them, often with comical results.

    008 Platypow - Water/Fighting
    Torrent/*Toxic Boost
    - PLASH typically do mot evolve in the wild. Those in captivity, though, can become a PLATYPOW through physically copying humans' movements. Surprisingly, they resemble GOLDUCK greatly.

    009 Platyresle - Water/Fighting
    Torrent/*Toxic Boost
    - This pokemon has attained a great amount of physical bulk in its training. It has been known to crush steel walls with a powerful punch or a well-placed slap of its tail.

    Although he's another bulky starter, Platyresle's playstyle is more offense-based than Serpentree's. Unlike the other starters he gains his secondary typing in second form, which is a good thing since he ends up being more of a Fighting type than a Water type. He also gets access to a few early-game Poison moves to defend against Grass types, and his Dream World ability makes him a surprising threat as a Toxic Orb can both bolster his offensive prowess and make it impossible to Burn him to weaken his Attack.



    010 Meerkit - Normal
    Pickup/Friend Guard/*Unburden
    - MEERKIT take shifts standing watch over their communal dens. If they sense danger they let out a cry to rouse the entire troupe to route the threat.

    011 Meeriger - Normal
    Pickup/Friend Guard/*Unburden
    - These pokemon live solitary lives, but in spite of their aggressive attitude, miss the companionship of others. A MEERIGER in the presence of a former denmate will become docile and peaceful.

    These guys aren't meant to be especially competitive; they are this region's equivalent of pokemon like Furret, Raticate, or Watchog. Meeriger does have workable offenses to pull off physical attacking, but has few moves beyond Normal type attacks, making it fodder for most Fighting, Rock, and Steel types. They do hold their own within normal gameplay, though, and they can learn the majority of HM moves (except for Surf and Fly). They do have surprising utility with Unburden though.



    012 Blooby - Normal/Flying
    Big Pecks/Poison Touch/*Cute Charm
    - This pokemon's feet are so large it often trips over them. Falling so often toughens it up though, and it can survive falls from incredible heights.

    013 Bubbatross - Normal/Flying
    Big Pecks/Poison Touch/*Intimidate
    - BUBBATROSS glides on thermal winds when it migrates. It has been known to fly for well over a month without needing rest.

    014 Barbatrice - Normal/Flying
    Big Pecks/Poison Touch/*Intimidate
    - This creature's frightful appearance hides its nurturing tendencies. It is popular with trainers who like to look tough in public but cuddle their pokemon when they think nobody's looking.

    Barbatrice was designed to be a defensively powerful pokemon, as I have yet to see that in a three-stage regional bird so far. It is hurt a bit due to its stats being fairly evenly spread (aside from low Special Attack and Speed), but this would be made up for by a widely-varied movepool designed for both strong type coverage and bolstering Barbatrice's defenses. I felt that the game needs a cockatrice, anyway, and if it wasn't going to be Rock/Flying or Poison/Flying, it may as well be the regional bird, right?



    015 Catanto - Steel
    Moxie/Adaptability/*Light Metal
    - These pokemon's droppings are typically hard and spiky, and hurt badly when stepped on. CATANTO use them as traps to hurt prey or lead it somewhere it'll be vulnerable.

    016 Wakizashir - Steel/Dark
    Moxie/Adaptability/*Light Metal
    - The long blades on WAKIZASHIR's sides can retract into its body. They are sharp enough to shave the fuzz off a JOLTIK, and strong enough to slice through diamonds.

    Okay, so the bit about cutting through diamonds might be a touch exaggerated. This pokemon fits the same role that Mightyena fit in 3rd gen; an alternate typing to the regional bird and rodent to add a little variety to your early-game team. Like many of the earlier pokemon in this region, it could competitively function as a physical sweeper, though there's plenty of other later pokemon or those from other generations that fit the role a bit better. It could prove trouble for those who start with Hissod, but Tabburn and Plash users shouldn't run into any issues taking one out. Its movepool would be narrowly focused on its own typing, limiting its coverage, but thanks to its abilities it can possibly be a major threat when going against Psychic, Ghost, Rock, and Ice types.



    017 Rabbair - Normal
    - Popular with young girls, this pokemon has fluffy fur that makes it soft and squeezable. Hugging it makes it exhale with a light wheeze, adding to its cuteness.

    018 Bunnigust - Normal/Flying
    Huge Power/Pickup/*Hustle
    - Its large ears are powerful enough to keep its lightweight body airborne easily. It can flap them rapidly to conjure up powerful blasts of wind to attack its enemies.

    019 Lagowind - Flying
    Huge Power/Pickup/*Hustle
    - This serene pokemon stays afloat by keeping an invisible wind under its wing-like ears. A LAGOWIND will never touch land; dirt on its bottom is a sign of disgrace to it.

    Because this game needs a non-legendary pure Flying that badly. Although it works primarily with its Special Attacks, and has a strong focus on Special Flying moves, Huge Power can be used to give it a Physical set instead that would prove useful if it had anything good for coverage with Physical traits. Either way, it's a defensive pokemon primarily, and while it's still Normal at the time you can pick it up, it's the only one that focuses on Special Attack besides the Hissod line. That'll change later on, but this early it's good to be able to exploit the generally low Special Defense of most pokemon at this stage. It should be noted that, thanks to it unconventional evolution method (it must level up with Whirlwind, which it gains at level 16), it's possible that a bred Rabbair can be evolved into Lagowind as early as Level 2, providing access to a powerful pokemon once you reach the Daycare Center if you're willing to sacrifice it learning moves for some power.


    020 Chingling - Psychic
    - The tiny ball in its mouth jiggles when it jumps, creating a pleasant ringing. They are just starting to learn to control this to keep it from attracting predators.

    021 Chimecho - Psychic/Sound
    - To humans, CHIMECHO's calls are soothing and beautiful, but it's known to be startling to several other pokemon. It's voice can reach pitches that the human ear can't detect.

    An old, familiar pokemon, Chingling won't be anything special when the player first encounters it, but once it evolves into Chimecho, it will likely be one of the player's first exposures to the new type in this region: Sound. The details for the new typing will be listed up above. However, Chingling and Chimecho would be version-exclusives; people playing the companion version of the game will instead encounter...


    022 Bonsly - Rock
    Sturdy/Rock Head/*Rattled
    - Just learning to mimic plantlife, BONSLY often mistakenly shiver, giving away their ruse. Though they sometimes visit forests to blend in, they prefer arid environments.

    023 Sudowoodo - Rock
    Sturdy/Rock Head/*Rattled
    - This pokemon protects itself from predators by mimicking trees. It can't keep its disguise up during the winter or rainy seasons, and opts to hide rather than face getting wet.

    No changes here. Since the area after my first gym would likely be a forested region, it makes sense to have Bonsly present to be counterparts for the Chingling in the other version of the game.



    024 Nymphly - Bug/Water
    Shield Dust/*Run Away
    - These pokemon thrive in dirty puddles of water, sucking the nutrients out of the mud. The suspend themselves just below the surface using their feet and surface tension.

    025 Cacone - Bug
    Shed Skin
    - CACONE hang from the branches of trees, wrapped in papery string formed from the trees' bark. The prefer to stay as dry as possible while in this state.

    026 Waspike - Bug/Steel
    Levitate/*Heavy Metal
    - These dangerous insects carry a spiky mace on their tails. To attack prey, they hover overhead and stop flapping their wings, letting gravity pull them down to crush the target.

    027 Orbilk - Bug
    Shed Skin
    - Within their silk cocoon, ORBILK are perfectly content floating on the surface of lakes. They could end up on the other side of the continent by the time they emerge.

    028 Tickloon - Bug/Water
    Dry Skin/*Rain Dish
    - TICKLOON absorb the nutrients in the water they drink, leaving the water within them pure. One could use a TICKLOON as a living canteen and water purifier in an emergency.

    This bug's split evolution is based upon the relation between its HP and Speed IVs. If it has better Speed, it'll evolve into Waspike, which is this pokedex's native Bug/Steel type. It's most comparable to Durant statistically, though slightly more defensively balanced and with an immunity to Ground moves (if, of course, it isn't using its Dream World ability). Because most of its moves would be Steel, however, it'd be hard to really put it down as a sweeper, since it has little type coverage. Should the Nymphly have better HP, however, it will eventually develop into Tickloon, a very tanky Bug/Water type with a focus on walling opponents. Tickloon has pitiful Speed, but decent enough Special Attack to make use of several Water moves, and with access to a large number of recovery moves it'll be a hard pokemon to take down without being well-prepared for it. Both Waspike and Tickloon may well be too powerful for this stage in the game, but they will likely be outclassed later on.



    029 Porquill - Normal/Poison
    Poison Touch/Supervenom/*Poison Point
    - When endangered, PORQUILL will roll up in a ball and let their spines jut out. If the bitter taste of their poison isn't enough to deter predators, the painful stomach cramps it causes will.

    030 Porcuspine - Normal/Poison
    Poison Touch/Supervenom/*Poison Point
    - PORCUSPINE is a loyal pokemon that stands steadfast against threats to its offspring and its mates. This protective nature makes it a good bodyguard for trainers as well.

    031 Lancepine - Dragon/Poison
    Poison Touch/Supervenom/*Poison Point
    - This pokemon has long been known as a symbol of bravery and devotion. It is able to maneuver its quills on command, allowing its trainers to ride it unharmed without sacrificing its defenses.

    The Poison type seems like a type that hasn't gotten a lot of love, and this is my way to solve the problem. It's a great defensive typing with a good number of resistances, and when combined with the Dragon type, it could make an awesome Special wall with resistance to several types commonly associated with Special attacks. It can use plenty of Poison type moves to chip slowly away at the enemy's health, and could even be effective offensively thanks to good Attack and both of its normal Abilities.


    Stay tuned for more pokemon!
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    Lol Plash family looks like Super Saiyan Golducks. Nice doodles 8^ )

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    Pokedex updated! Added in four new Pokemon families and a new ability.

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    wow, these are really good. I wish I could draw. although that rabbair family kinda creeps me out.

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    yea, they creep me out too. it looks like pieces are cut off
    but it are realy cool drawings! keep them going!
    maybe a legendary can be new?
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    Thanks to Lucina for this awsome teampose!

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    Pokedex updated! Added two new pokemon families, one new ability, and details on the new Sound type!

    Thanks for the comments, by the way. The inspiration for the Lagowind family was partially the Rabites from the Seiken Densetsu series and partially plush animals. So it makes sense that they'd look like they're missing body portions, but each evolution only adds on what's needed to maintain the pokemon. As a Rabbair, it's small enough that all its organs can be contained in its small bulbous body, giving it the look of only a head. Growing into Rabbair requires it to grow an air bladder so it can be airborne, and Lagowind gains arms for balance since it no longer has the ground supporting it.

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    :0 Catanto is absolutely adorable! I also really like the Nymphly idea. Keep up the good work.

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    I came. I saw. I approved.

    Seriously though, very nice work.

    Credits to Sworn Metalhead for the awesome banner!

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