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Thread: Favorite/Least Favorite Elite Four

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    Default Favorite/Least Favorite Elite Four

    Which Elite Four do you guys like the best? Which do you think is the worst?

    I like the Elite Four from Gen IV the best. I think the trainers look cool, and I like that they specialize in types that are rather unique for Elite Four members (except for Lucian). My least favorite at the moment is the Gen III Elite Four. Mainly because I find their teams to be really boring, especially Phoebes team.

    In order from favorite to least favorite: IV, II, I, V, III.
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    Gen V>Gen I>Gen II>Gen IV>Gen III.

    Gen V is definitely the best. Not only do they have typings that counter each other, but you can battle them in whatever order you desire. The scenery that they brought with them also gave it a very unique and nice feel. Conkeldurr, Chandelure, Bisharp, Reuniclus, are all very strong and fitting Pokémon for each of the leaders.

    Gen I's elite four was pretty cool because it was good at introducing new Pokémon that the player wouldn't have seen unless he went on to acquire them himself, like Machamp, Jynx, Gengar, Dragonite, Aerodactyl, and so on. The typings were also cool.

    Gen II was also good, but it was too easy and not quite as interesting. Koga was easily sweeped with a single Psychic Pokémon, and since there weren't very many Dark-types at the time Karen was rather odd having a Vileplume and a Murkrow.

    Gen IV was really forgettable, but it was cool to see some oddball choices like Bug and Ground, but other than that I never found them to be anything special.

    Gen III was really, really bad. It is way too hard, forcing you to grind Victory Road for ages. On top of that it isn't very interesting at all. Sure there's Drake and his Salamence, but other than that you had seen it all before, Dusclops isn't interesting, Shiftry isn't interesting, Absol isn't anything new and fancy, Walrein wasn't a new thing either. It's especially sad in Emerald considering Drake is harder than Wallace.

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    Gen V because of several aspects: the members, the scenary, the types and the way to battle then in the order you want.
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