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Thread: Building a Pokemon Platinum Team

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    Default Building a Pokemon Platinum Team

    Alright, so i haven't touched Pokemon games for a long time, and i am JUST hearing that Pokemon Black and White 2 has come out. The point is i'm sort of clueless (well not completely) on how to build my Platinum team. Once i go through and beat it, i'll continue on to Black, then Black 2. Honestly, i would just like everyone's help in building a SOLID team. Just list the complete team (in your onion) that you think i should use. It would be VERY helpful if you can add a preferred Nature, movesets, and if you really want to be nice, a hold item. Oh and no legendaries please. This would be HUGE help to me!

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    Rules says no "build me a team", though.

    Just look at the main site's Pokedex, pick any 6 Pokemon you think are good, and pick a moveset for them, then post them on a thread in the correct subforum
    (5th Gen IGRMT for Black/Black 2 team, and here for the Platinum team - well you already did the Platinum one, it just need moveset)

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