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Thread: Your Headcanons on the Pokemon Anime

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    Default Your Headcanons on the Pokemon Anime

    What are your headcanons? Here are mine:

    Ash is NOT 10, he's 14-15.
    Flint (not Flint from Sinnoh, but Brock's dad) is the cause of Pikachu's...inconsistency.
    Brock graduated sometime during Ash's Unova journey (he's that good :P )

    I have more, but that's all I can think of from the top of my head.
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    -Dento is 14-15
    -The Sommelier Association is run by an eccentric chubby guy. The tests taken at the Sommelier Association determine your rank based on your test grade, so your rank can fluctuate (C-A) unless you make it to S-Class.
    -While Dento is neat and tighty, his room is a mess only because he has so much stuff that it clutters it. He collects tea/herb plants, air plants, holds his fishing pole on a pedestal, has those cool Subway Brother figurines, has a little mini train set that's half taken apart (kind of like in N's toy room), his hats sit on a little rack (he has tons of them for any occassion), on a shelf he has a collection of movies. They are everything from classics to modern (and some anime :P), he also has several documentaries. On a bookshelf he has science magazines, sci-fi novels, romance novels and comic books. He also reads the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. His closet is filled with different cosplay outfits, and his detective trench coat.
    -Paul loves orange juice
    -Harley is Iris's father

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    I have a few

    -Ursula and Harley actually like Dawn and May
    -Brock is 17
    -Gary respected Ash right from the start
    -Kasumi got attacked by bugs when she was younger

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    Iris is very attracted to dragonite, he feels the same feelings back but is too proud to admit it. He channels his frustration through being mad and punching stuff.
    Tauros feels the same for Ash.
    Heracross and Bulbssaur are life partners.
    dawn won the hoenn grand festival
    Piplup become the most famous pokemodel in the world(buneary cant compete)
    Paul commits suicide after watching the unova league.

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    Closing this.

    This pretty much falls under the fanfiction banned topic(
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