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Thread: Just somethin' random I put together...

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    Default Just somethin' random I put together...

    Pokemon (14)
    2 Mewtwo EX
    3 Kyurem EX
    1 Zekrom (BW)
    1 Black Kyurem (BC)
    1 Pikachu (ND)
    2 Raichu (ND)
    2 Scraggy (ND)
    1 Scrafty (ND)
    1 Audino (EP)

    Supporters (14)
    2 Bianca
    4 Proffessor Juniper
    2 N
    2 Cheren
    2 Colress
    1 Hugh
    1 Skyla

    Trainers (8)
    1 Computer Search
    1 Scramble Switch
    4 Pokemon Catcher
    4 Max Potion

    Stadiums (4)
    2 Aspertia City Gym
    2 Virbank City Gym

    Energy (18)
    8 Electric Energy
    5 Darkness Energy
    5 Water Energy

    Total: 60 Cards
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    This to me looks like a hack n slashed format deck that was meant to turn out as one of those fun decks. But before I continue I would like to ask, why only one pikachu and no super rod? Oh and one ace spec card per deck.
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