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  • Orange Islands

    1 2.08%
  • Johto

    3 6.25%
  • Hoenn and Kanto BF

    9 18.75%
  • Sinnoh

    25 52.08%
  • Unova

    10 20.83%
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Thread: What saga did you came back to after your own hiatus?

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    why would i tell you?


    I stopped watching when AG started and came back half way through the DP saga.

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    I sort of had a hiatus during Johto but I blame Finlands weird airings of the show for that. I began following it properly again at the start of AG but stopped watching some time during late Hoenn arc and finally got back for most likely good during very early Best Wishes. That's why I really didn't have any real problems with BW for the longest time, I hadn't watched any other series at an old enough age that I'd have any critical eye for them. It's after I watched through all of Diamond and Pearl and rewatched most other stuff that I began to understand the changes more. I still don't think there's anything really wrong with BW Season 1, it's probably one of my favourites. It's Season 2 (the league and Da! arc mainly) where it really went down the drain. I'm just hoping that the obviously minimal writing effort that Da! has means that they're putting work into the XY series in the mean time as they kill time with Da!.
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    I just pick up where I left off
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    I came back on Best Wishes and even then had to do some serious catching up. still need to do so for some episodes

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    i came back around the 20th episode in sinnoh because i didnt know they moved pokemon from regular t.v. to cable(i thought they cancelled pokemon xD) and i barely got cable when dp came out so i had to catch up on AG

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