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    Default Black 2 Competative Team

    Since I just finished up Black 2, I decided to build a team for PWT/Battle Subway/Friend Battles. So here it goes-my Black 2 Competitive Team!


    Clear Body | Impish Nature

    -Stealth Rocks

    Pretty simple idea here. It sets up stealth rocks to help the rest of the team, and then can wall with poison from toxic and damage from earthquake. When he's almost gone, explosion to go boom on whatever's in his way.


    Life Orb
    Sheer Force | Adamant Nature

    -Flare Blitz
    -Stone Edge

    Yes, I know it's the Smogon set, but basically had this set on my own in Black 1, so I think I'll use it. The Life Orb/Sheer Force gimmick is
    powerful, so all the moves are set up to take advantage of it. The only move I don't like so much is U-Turn, but it is useful if he needs to get out in a hurry.

    Special Attacker/Support

    Black Sludge
    Natural Cure | Calm Nature

    -Giga Drain

    -Sludge Bomb
    -Shadow Ball

    This help the whole team with Spikes as well as providing resistance for Darmanitan. This isn't the all out attacking set; instead, I wanted to be able to keep it alive while still dishing out loads of damage. The black sludge combined with health from Giga Drain heals well enough.



    Magic Bounce | Calm Nature

    -Future Sight

    I'm not sure how much I like this one anymore, because if my opponent has any sense, it would be so easy to counter. I try to get the stat boost up first, then future sight, then wish, then U-turn to pass it all on.

    Revenge Killer

    Choice Scarf
    Reckless | Naive Nature

    -High Jump Kick
    -Stone Edge
    -Aerial Ace

    This is just meant to finish things off late-game. Choice scarf so that it can kill whatever it needs to as fast as possible.

    And...I still need a sixth, so any suggestions would be super helpful. Also, and move changes would be greatly appreciated. I don't have access to 4th gen moves, and IVs are too hard to care about. Thanks!

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    Personally i think you need to pack a few more resistances.

    Magic Bounce | Calm Nature

    -Wish Roost
    -Future Sight Heat Wave
    -U-Turn. Consider:

    I don't get future sight, it's not particularly strong and it has to wait a few turns for it to hit, where your opponent can plan to let it hit a pokemon which will take very little damage from it, such as vaporeon.
    Also, it might as well not use wish, as 167, it's maximum amount to heal, is rather poor. It won't survive long enough to give 2 wishes.
    So i think you need a different choice here, as other pokemon can do this job better. The one thing it "really" does for you is give you a solid breloom counter, as breloom can do sod all to any magic bounce xatu.
    If you want to keep it, i would add heat wave to make it extremely useful against steel types (such as your registeel as an excellent example) to throw stealth rock and spikes back into their face and threaten to deal heavy damage with heat wave. Also makes it kill breloom even more easily.
    Change wish for roost which gives instant recovery for it, this means it can easily heal itself, wish would be risky. Team support can be in the form of twave/walls.
    I don't really think it needs any other attacks other than heat wave, so this gives you 1-2 moves depending on how much you appreciate U-Turn. If you don't like it much, seriously use Twave and Lightscreen/reflect. It wont need Tailwind as twave will slow enemy poke's down, also it lasts even fewer turns than the screens.
    If you really want wish passing consider chansey/blissey/vaporeon.
    With a Xatu, you generally do not need a spinner if you use it well, as you can hopefully bounce most entry hazards back. Although a spinner would still be handy if it can be fitted in.

    For registeel, darmanitan, meinshao and roserade. The sets are fine, i think other pokemon can do all of what those do better but they will work to some extent. I have kept them simply because this will keep you different and working out the last 2 can deal with resistances you may need.
    As examples of replacements for offensive poke's: alakazam, dragonite, garchomp, salamance, metagross, jolteon, infernape, hydreigon, lucario, haxorus. All of which i would use over meinshao, most of which are fast or can be considered for choice scarf to make them similar in speed.

    For an addition, i would suggest a dragon type. This will give you a third ice weakness which could be a problem, but darmanitan can usually come in on them and registeel is happy to take ice moves and other moves which often go with pokemon with ice beam.
    This then gives you a steel and a dragon type and you will be surprised at how often the resistances the dragon in your team will come in useful. Garchomp will add an immunity to eletric attacks, resists stealth rock and has solid stabs. Haxorus packs a bit more of a punch though although it's a tiny bit slower, mold breaker can be handy at hitting levitate users with earthquake which garchomp can't do.

    Tentacruel should carry some consideration as a replacement to Xatu, for rapid spin use. Vaporeon can also be used and has access to wish (upto 232 hp healed!), but darmanitans weakness to stealth rock will hurt as you have no way to remove entry hazards.

    You are lacking a way to change the weather, which can also hurt, might be worthwhile running rain dance on vaporeon/tentacruel if you choose them so you can somewhat make sure that some weather effects such as hail, sand and sunny day are less damaging. This can be worth using to your advantage should you select a dragonite whom has access to both hurricane and thunder, this would then give you some form of decent pokemon if they should be a rain dance team and use it to greater effect.

    For PWT/super subways, i would simply select your 4 sweepers. I.e mienshao, darmanitan, roserade and the final poke.

    good luck!
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