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    Default Debuff PWT/Super Sub team

    Post 1: Introduction and basics
    Post 3: Threats

    Can't change the title which is a bit of a shame. As it's a debuff team now rather than just memento'ing my lead which it was previously.

    Basically it's aim is to set up on as many pokemon as possible, by making it so they cannot hit me and are slow (flash/twave) so that my drapion can setup and rampage through the enemy team.

    Current team 25/2/2013:

    Lead: Uxie. Brightpowder
    EV's 255 speed, 255 hp (not worried about 4 wasted)
    Nature: whatever it comes with.
    psychicsunny day

    yet to be ohko'd so the brightpowder is actually working better than focus. Maybe i need to face a gengar with shadow ball and a crit to show me otherwise.
    Aim is simple Twave anything which isn't immune to it (volt absorb/ground) then flash away. If it is immune to twave, immediately just flash.
    Added in sunny day as some form of counter to annoyance weather producers, mainly abomasnow's.

    Attack reducer: Latias. Leftovers
    EV's 255 hp, 255 defense
    Nature: random
    Calm Mind
    Dragon pulse
    Recover (might change to twave/flash, a 2nd twave would be actually strangely helpful)

    As it is, she is my charm abuser which is especially good at counteracting dragon dance. She's also used as a secondary sweeper, as drapion cannot kill some poke's. A bit weak to crits and status at this, but has worked when i needed her.

    Sweeper: Drapion. Black Sludge
    EV's: 252 hp, 248 special defense, 10 defense
    IV's: 31|21|30|25|30|24
    Nature: Careful (+SpD, -SpA)
    Ability: Battlearmor
    Struggle bug

    The star of the team. This thing is impressively tanky and without having to worry about critical hits, has setup on all except 2 special attackers (one had hax, other i lost to lol) and all sorts of other things.

    For those unaware of how debuff teams work, note that the computer will almost never switch. This means that making the opponents pokemon paralyzed with -6 attack/special attack/accuracy will still keep attacking/running whatever it thinks is best for that poke.
    So the aim is to use twave, then flash 6 times, then use drapion to setup 21 acupressures (+6 evasion, attack, defense, special attack, special defense and accuracy) and a substitute (if the opposing pokemon has status such as thunder wave, to set up a sub early). Then finish all 3 pokemon in quick succession with crunch.
    I have charm if they are particularly powerful at attacking and struggle bug to lower special attack.

    Looking currently for comments on:
    New pokemon to try instead of uxie/latias.
    Any additional ideas on current pokemon (drapion has access to all sorts of interesting other moves including flash)

    Examples of suggested pokemon:
    Also considering:
    Cresselia with a good nature and good IV's.

    This team on 65th fight lost to:
    806 | Abomasnow | Quiet | Occa Berry | Blizzard | Focus Blast | Protect | Ice Shard | HP/SpA
    787 | Golem | Brave | Iron Ball | Rock Slide | Earthquake | Explosion | Fling | Atk/SpD (sturdy)
    802 | Toxicroak | Adamant | Wide Lens | Cross Chop | Sucker Punch | Gunk Shot | Taunt | Atk/Spd

    So aboma comes out adding hail, and using blizzard with 100% accuracy. I manage a twave and 1 flash before uxie is taken out (maybe i should have memento'd?), send out drapion whom struggle bugs it down to -4 but at ~40 hp. Switched to latias, use charm a few times in case it had something else annoying (and it did sort of, ice shard) and i decided to setup latias.
    Could have tried using less struggle bugs on it and tried to setup drapion on it, but hail cancelling regen is a serious nuisance.
    Anyway as it was i have latias with basically full hp and at +6 and drapion with ~40 as backup. Come against the golem, which survives dragon pulse with sturdy and uses fling, knocking out 160 hp from being super effective. "possibly" should have used recover, that also would have saved my butt in this instance.
    As it is, it dies to hail. Toxicroak is sent out. Latias around 15 hp remaining.
    It moves first and uses cross chop to ko latias then again for drapion.

    Was my best streak, looking into cresselia over uxie/latias. Although cresselia doesn't really work instead of latias. Has no memento for replacing uxie. Does have more bulk for more flashes though and i can catch a "good" cresselia as it's just a random uxie. Ability swap could be handy against the occasional clear body user (regice and metagross are the main ones) as giving it levitate changes nothing to me.
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