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    Lux Eternal: Echoes of Time
    By: War
    coGM: Jean Grey

    War's Note: Ello' fellow RPers! War here with a small note for all of you interested in my latest project, Lux Eternal. First off this is a [completely] new project based on another RP of mine but no relation to. I guess you could make the argument that it's a reboot although I'd argue otherwise. Anyway, if you're a fan of fantasy, epic adventure and action, then this RP is for you!

    As GM, I stress cooperation, shared spotlight and flexibility.



    Billions of stars beyond our world there is a place of great magic and wonder; a world so mystical and ancient that it rivals the genesis of the flow of time itself. This world serves as a galactic beacon from which all that is pure flows in the form of Light into other worlds across time and space, linking in a powerful golden bond that transcends galaxies every planet no matter how dwarf or how great. From the day she was born, Seya has called this place home. A beautiful maiden with lips as red and lush as the color of roses and silky hair as dark as the night sky, Seya, Goddess of Light, was gifted with a great task at birth, to oversee the flow of Light and to use its power to stop evil whenever and wherever it would rise and rise it did. From the deepest corners of space, a malicious and evil energy known as the Eternal Darkness spawned of the sin in people’s hearts. Like a ferocious virus, it quickly consumed countless worlds and continued its malicious spread, tearing people of their souls and turning the most vivid green worlds into planets of despair and suffering.

    Seya delayed not one second and without hesitation summoned the six bravest warriors from across the universe. One by one, they arrived at her calling, armed with their legendary weapons, enhanced by her divine power. With her guardians of Light by her side, Seya went into battle against the Souless, evil abominations conceivable only in the worst of nightmares, created by the Eternal Darkness. Hope was on Seya’s side but on the battlefield, she met her equal, Raseo, avatar and lord of The Eternal Darkness. The Goddess of Light and her six Saints battled incessantly but were ultimately no match for the overwhelming odds. One by one, Seya’s brave champions were bested and killed. Raseo was too great in power and his Souless army was too great in numbers. Cornered by Raseo, Seya would commit one last sacrifice to prevent the evil lord from consuming her power – she rose from the battlefield and shattered her mystical essence in an earth-bursting blast of energy, scattering it across worlds to remain undetected from evil. Seya’s physical body was lost but her soul kept. In a miraculous flash, Seya’s soul dispersed across time and space, traversing millions of stars and billions of years in a matter of seconds, reaching her into a planet named Earth where she would once more summon those worthy of heart to help her in her worthy crusade to stop the Souless, Raseo and The Eternal Darkness …



    Seya's Saints - Who were once Seya's champions and are now fallen. Role bestowed upon the RPers.

    Eternal Darkness - An evil devastating force taking the shape of a cosmic cloud, fast spreading and devouring worlds. Worlds infected by the Eternal Darkness turn into Souless planets.

    Souless - Those stripped of their soul by the Eternal Darkness. These beings might have once been human or beast but are now evil creatures taking forms amplified by evil.

    The Light - A cosmic energy of all that is pure; not to be confused with the light of day!

    Seya's Essence - The totality of Seya's power. It was sacrificed by the Goddess of Light herself to keep Raseo from achieving absolute power. Seya's essence is now scattered throughout the cosmos taking the shape of mystic shards.

    Phantom [Anti-Saint] Lords
    - Brutally powerful elite warriors, whose history is shrouded in mystery, serving Raseo directly.


    Lux Eternal will take place across different worlds of different landscapes. The epic adventure first takes us to present day planet Earth. Our heroes live in Neo Arc City, a place very much like our own (you guessed it!) NYC, complete with a downtown full of skyscrapers and a central park, cleverly named Central Park. The various city districts are connected via a subway system. Also, deep beneath the city runs a complex sewer system.


    Goddess of Light:
    War as Seya
    Wind Saint: Jean Grey as Caroline McNamara, Wielder of the Reaper's Raven Scythe
    Water Saint: DVB as Diego Vendrix Mystic Monkey Lord Staff
    Ice Saint: Monster Guy as Leonardo Silverstone Twin White Lion Nemean Gauntlets
    Lightning Saint: Reserved Lost Requiem Wielder of the Noir Ryu Dragon Sword
    Earth Saint: Reserved GoldenHouou Pegaso Boots of Gaia
    Fire Saint: Reserved SenorLaughsaLot King Serpent Great Bow
    7th Saint: Pending Alliance

    Name: (First and Last)
    Nickname: (Optional)
    Age: (14 - 21)
    Gender: (Male - Female)
    Location: (Where you live basically, feel free to make up an area within Neo Arc City)
    Appearance: (2 paragraph minimum)
    Personality: (2 paragraphs minimum. Please really take time with your personality, as it will serve as a base as far as how your character interacts in the RP)
    History: (1 paragraph minimum)
    Weapon of choice: (First come first serve)


    - Obviously all Serebii rules apply.
    - No bunnying. Ever. Unless you have permission.
    - No OPing or God playing. Be mindful of the context and how you use NPCs.
    - Any doubts about a post, let me know before you post to avoid edits, which tend to mess things up for other RPers.
    - Extreme inactivity will result in removal. Real life does take priority over this so if you’re going to be away for a while, notify me in advance. I’ll normally let you know in advance if your reaching a limit.
    - Have fun!
    - Lux Eternal: Echoes of Time is rated PG[15] for suggestive themes and violence.


    The following people have confirmed reserves for a slot:

    - Alliance
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