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    Daniel Grace
    Fire Elemental
    The Ancient Stones,
    Affected RPers: All Elementals

    And here he stood. Alone. For now. The last several years had been hard, locating other Elementals, contacting them and summoning them. Daniel had contacted every elemental, with much help from Pyros, obviously. And... it had been hard. Losing all contact with his Parents, so that they would not get targeted by evil... but he would see them again. Once the task was done with. But now was the time.

    He felt the flames in his veins, like fire. Writhing and coiling around his innards, almost bursting out of his veins, pulsating and flexing. So he let them go. They poured out his his wrists as crimson, then they turned lighter, like a fire you would imagine on a cold winters night, after walking in from the snow to a warm house with cookies and milk on a christmas eve, with something good on the telly. That's how he imagined it, at least.

    The flames spiralled up to his neck, and then slithered down his body like a snake, encasing his body in a red-orange glow, the twirling coils suddenly stopped, and snapped taught, before racing into his palms, and then, then they glittered, and crafted a sword out of thin air... and Deusarcas was born. The famous elvish blade from Pandorax, he had discovered this realm in an ancient book, and had released all the Elementals... and... the anti-elementals. They had each chosen a human host, and they where dormant for now.

    Daniel had sent this book to every human host with the dormant elemental inside of them, explaining the story, the situation, and the threat. Whether all would turn up, he didn't know, but he had sent them chalk in which they could draw a symbol that would transport them here to the stones. Always, the book, and chalk, had returned. But he didn't know whether they had drawn the image, and where coming.

    He had explained that they might be targeted by the evil ones, but he didn't know how much of this threat had got through to them. AH well, he thought. Better open the portal. Pyros had instructed him on how to do this prior to the summoning of the elementals. And he was ready. Gripping Deusarcas tightly in his grasp, he carved the infinity symbol out of the air, in a red-orange hue. It then glowed every colour of the rainbow in different sections, and the ruined stone arches became a white room. There where nine chairs, each with an ancient symbol for the element.

    The table was round, symbolising that each element was as important as the other, that they all played their part in the universe. Daniel took his seat. 'Welcome Archetype' said a powerful, female voice. Then it was silent. "Oh well then." said Daniel aloud. "Now i've just gotta wait for the guests to arrive...

    AND IT HAS BEGUN! the quest has started, I wish us all a long and happy RP, remember newbies can join at any time. If any of you need to ask me a question, or state something, then for crackers sake use the discussion thread! Let's make this a good one guys! I will post the Bad guy starter soon, I'll just wait for at least one of the Elementals to post and then I'll start the anti-elemental storyline. In the meantime, Anti-elementals can talk about their backstory, or (in Prof.Oak's case) talk about how they escaped jail. See you later guys Donut
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