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Thread: DVS (darkrai/victini/sableye)

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    Default DVS (darkrai/victini/sableye)

    This was an idea I made on the way home from league while talking to my friends about they're plans for provs, which apparently one of them is gonna go to Disneyland, states in California, instead of being cold with us (what a guy). And them being mainly hey trainer format players they we're like, um... buddy no that's a bad idea and I'm shaking my head because they just don't get it because they're hardcore format players, and most hardcore format players are like hardcore Christians very close minded. And then it goes down to 2 of us and the other guy is giving me ideas on how the deck should be built because he told me he likes the idea. Terrakion EX and landorus EX, which in all fairness terrakion adds on another turn for energy acceleration at 90 per hit if you have it in you're hand at turn 2, don't get me wrong it's a good idea but id rather night spear (between 90-140) turn 2 instead and get back the victory piece if it gets tool scrapped more options more synergy better late game comeback which alot of landorus decks seem to be struggling with. This deck is in all truth based off of the ruthless Japanese decks playing for the donk and mid game win instead of playing for the long haul like our north American and European decklists seem to be built for. Shutting decks down before they can start and not giving them the option to continue (similar to what we we're doing in platinum, many people will hate me for making a revival of these decklists but they are fun to work on from a decklist builder's prospective). Anyways enough of my banter, here is the decklist.

    2 Victini EX
    2 darkrai EX
    1 victini nvi
    1 keldeo EX
    3 sableye

    8 dark energy
    5 fire energy

    3 skyla
    3 N
    2 juniper
    4 colress
    3 ultra ball
    1 super rod
    2 catcher
    1 victory piece
    2 virbank
    4 HTL
    3 e. switch
    1 e. search
    3 dark patch
    2 dark claw

    Edit: the deck edits like 4 colress and 1 benchtini made great improvements overall (this is a skeleton at 54 cards, hmm).
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