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Thread: Does this sound like a good team?

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    Default Does this sound like a good team?

    i am new to these forums. I am playing fire red currently and i dont know if my curret team is any good, or if my ideal team will be good as well.
    Currently i have a pidgeot (lv37) a blastoise lv42 a dugtrio lv35 a gyarados lv36 a jolteon lv 33 and a vileplume lv34. If you want to know their moves let me know.
    However by the end of the game this would be my ideal team.; Blastoise, dragonite (or other), raikou, mewtwo, lugia or ho-oh, and arcanine

    Are both of these teams any good, if they are not what should i do to improve them?

    Thx in advance


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    ho-oh and lugia are only available through the gamecube games legit in this gen. i would just drop gyarados from your first team and add that arcanine. That's my opinion though.
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    Its a pretty good team he you are sure to get lugia and ho-oh. Or Are you trying to use gameshark?

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    i agree with yuff get an arcanine

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    I agree with the previous opinions.
    Gyarados is not needed on your team when you have the already good blastoise
    Replace that with Arcanine.

    Also, Dragonite>pidgeot. Pidgeot sucks. Terrible movepool and stats.

    Raikou is more powerful then Jolteon, but they both are great, and jolteon can take your lightning attacks

    Overall good team
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    Its A Good Team But I Would Make Changes If I Were You.

    Blastoise and Pidgeot are Good Pokemon but with Gyarados in that Lineup just Doesn't make Sense. An Electric Type Will Do Serious Damage to Half of Your Team. I Would Replace Gyarados with Arcanine, Pidgeot with Aerodactyl/Dragonite, and Dugtrio with Nidoking/Nidoqueen. Aerodactyl/Dragonite has Better Stats and Movepool than Pidgeot, Nidoking/Nidoqueen also has Better Stats and Movepool than Dugtrio, and Arcanine Will be Your Fire Type dealing With Bug,Grass,Steel, and Ice Types.

    So Your Team Will Be : Blastoise, Aerodactyl/Dragonite, Arcanine, Nidoking/Nidoqueen, Jolteon, and Vileplume. Now Thats a Strong Team.

    Your End Game Team Should Be : Blastoise, Dragonite, Tyranitar, Heracross, Raikou, and Ho-Oh.
    If You Use Luigia Then Your Team Would Be : Blastoise, Dragonite, Heracross, Raikou, Snorlax, and Luigia.

    Your Going to Have To Trade For Ho-Oh in Pokemon Colosseum and Luigia in Pokemon XD The Legit Way To Obtain Them.
    Hope This Helps.

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    I'd move this to the correct section (this is for discussing the game rather than teams - Ingame Team Rates is for that) but as this was asked about a month and half ago now I don't think it needs more discussion; probably too late now and there's plenty of response too.


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