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Yes it was.

His old trainer abandoned him because he thought Tepig was too weak. That's why Tepig/Pignite has gotten depressed when he losses most of the time.

I thought you got that? Plus, remember in that episode where Tepig was depressed at night time on the day before the battle, before Snivy snapped it out of him. Then during the battle Tepig was depressed again, even more than usual and he was never depressed DURING a battle previously, but instead afterwards.

I thought defeating an Emboar, a Heatmor and overall his former trainer would've been the kick he needed to get out of his depression. Now, he's getting depressed again after 1 or 2 battles that don't seem like there even that important(to me).
Thats not how a depression works though, you don't just "snap out of it" and its gone like it never happened. In Tepigs case its a scar thats rooted very deep inside him. He got betrayed and abandoned for being weak and nearly starved to death in the process. That doesn't just go away because he beat the trainer that caused it. If anything the fear should always linger in his mind that Ash will do the same to him (thats how fear and depression work) no matter how many times Ash says he'd never do that. The level of trauma Tepig suffered would take years to vanish completely, at most it will be suppressed and gone as long as nothing triggers it.

Tepig overcame his fear for his old trainer in that battle and won, but that doesn't mean all the scars are instantly healed and he can suddenly laugh at a loss. Especially if you consider his previous trainer dumped him for being weak and used his other fully evolved firestarter instead. So why wouldn't he worry about Ash doing the same here with another firetype joining the team (and being vastly superior).

Lets also add that he he isn't losing a battle to Charizard, he's getting tossed around like a ragdoll by a laughing Charizard. Meaning one of Ash's other firetype starters (who he would measure himself up to since they are similar Pokemon under the same trainer) is owning him as though he were nothing. That should be more then enough for him to start doubting himself, his progress and overal ability and feel weak and insignificant again, in other words trigger all his feelings of being useless and Ash dumping him like Shamus did.