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    Quote Originally Posted by Macromind101 View Post
    I was kinda sorta hoping that the B2W2 chapter would be a long one (or at least a couple volumes longer than the non-main pair games of a generation) since B2W2 had a completely original plot rather than just being a remake or an integrated third version. But considering how long it's taking for BW to finish and how close we are to X&Y, it looks like B2W2 being a long chapter is unlikely.
    I was hoping for that too. At least 4 or 5 volumes long. BW2 is starting with a new character, so he needs character development. Time to train his team and catch them too of course, unless Kusaka decided to give him a full team at the start, I hope he won't. All the new places need to be shown too. I really hope it won't be a 2/ 3 vol long arc.

    Quote Originally Posted by redchesus View Post
    Think they meant December 2013, because X&Y is coming out in October 2013.
    Thanks for clearing that up. I hope Kusaka will be slower with released the XY arc. I had it if the BW2 arc is rushed just because the companies want Kusaka to focus on the current games.
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