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Thread: New guy with a question.

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    Default New guy with a question.

    Hello forum members. I have been away from the pokemon scene for a number of years, but have decided to try getting back into battling. I am currently in the beginning stages of putting together a new team (probably going to be UU), but I have a question I'd like to ask before I actually start putting in the effort to construct it.

    Do people still battle on d/p/pt? The only ds version I currently own is platinum, and I'm not sure if its considered obsolete now or what? Do I need a newer version if I want to start battling with people again? I had a white version when it first came out, but I must say I was disappointed with that game and I ended up selling it before I even beat it. All the generations before it were getting better each time, but I get the feeling they just ran out of good ideas for new pokemon with b/w lol.

    Anyways, I would pick up a copy of a newer version if its necessary, but if its still realistic to battle people with platinum then I would rather just do that. Thoughts?


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    Most people have moved on to Black and White. There's a Wi-Fi section here for 4th gen games but they're not very active. If you plan on battling, it's always best to have a current generation game.

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    Why dont you like b/w

    Please don't cheat!
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    i still battle in B/P/PT also to Piplup: B/W looks VERY VERY childish, it looks like it's ment to be for kids under the age of 12. The looks on the new pokemon AFTER Gen4 are VERY childish i despise them myself.
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