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    Default First RMT

    Hello! I have been playing pokemon since FRLG came out and I have never really put much though into my team until recently. My current Black 2 team is:

    Gentle, Blaze
    -Head Smash
    -Flare Blitz
    -Heat Crash

    Keldeo (Resolute Form)
    Sassy, Justified
    -Secret Sword
    -Aqua Jet
    -Hydro Pump

    Vanilluxe lv. 56
    Gentle, Ice Body
    -Ice Beam
    -Mirror Coat

    Whismicott @ Miracle Seed
    Lax, Prankster
    -Mega Drain
    -Leech Seed

    Bashful, Levitate
    -Dragon Claw
    -Hyper Beam

    Relaxed, Static
    -Power Gem
    -Signal Beam
    -Thunder Punch

    I just recently used this team to defeat the Elite 4 but I barely managed. Any tips?
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    They should make a Ground/Water Pokemon designed off of a Camel

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    Err... This looks like an in-game team to me... Competitive teams are generally lv100 (50 for VGC, 5 for LC) for use in wi-fi battles for a specific competitive tier as defined by Smogon (or Nintendo, in the case of VGC)
    "Whether Castform the Weather Pokemon can weather the weather is dependent on whether the weather that it's weathering is the proper weather for it to weather. Whether the opponent can weather the weather is also subject to whether the weather that it's weathering is the right weather to weather. Whether Castform can weather the opponent is once again dictated by the weather and whether that weather is the favorable weather for weathering. But most importantly, you should know whether there will be weather to weather rather than what weather they will be weathering and whether they can weather that weather."

    - Smogon's Castform analysis

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    Moved to In-Game RMT where this belongs. Good luck with your team! ^_^

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    This is a better set for emboar
    Mix Emboar
    Item Leftover/Life Orb
    Nature Adamant
    Ability Blaze
    Move Set
    Flare Blitz/Flamethrower
    Stone Edge/Rock Slide
    Hammer Arm
    Flare Blitz or Flamethrower and Hammer Arm for STAB
    Scald for a lot of coverages
    Stone Edge for more power or Rock Slide for more accuracy. Head Smash is more powerful, but it gives a lot of recoil
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    Quote Originally Posted by Helcate View Post
    Hello! I have been playing pokemon since FRLG came out and I have never really put much though into my team until recently. My current Black 2 team is:

    Emboar lv. 65
    -Head Smash / Stone Edge / Scald
    -Flare Blitz
    -Wild Charge
    -Hammer Arm

    It's generally a bad idea to run more than one move of the same type on the one Pokemon, unless the moves serve a distinct purpose (one example being running both Surf and Aqua Jet on Samurott, with Surf acting as a reliable Special STAB move and Aqua Jet as priority). The three Fire-type moves you had did not serve distinct purposes so you're far better off running other moves in order to maximise your coverage; with three Fire-moves and one Rock-type move, you'll be walled by many a Pokemon. Having a glance at your team, it seems to be very specially oriented so I've given you a physical set. Flare Blitz is your STAB move of choice, though you can run Fire Punch if you really want to. Hammer Arm as your Fighting-type STAB; Emboar doesn't mind the Speed drop from Hammer Arm since he's pretty slow anyway. Wild Charge to hit Water-types hard. Stone Edge is an option over Head Smash if you want to keep a Rock-type move, and it comes with no recoil which is nice. Otherwise, Scald can be used to hit other Fire-types and also Ground-types.

    Keldeo (normal form) lv. 65
    -Secret Sword
    -Icy Wind
    -Calm Mind

    Keldeo should stay away from Physical moves as it really doesn't have the Attack stat to use them. Calm Mind can be used to boost your SpA and SpD stats which help Keldeo to sweep. Aqua Jet is unnecessary as it won't be doing much coming off Keldeo's Attack stat; go with Icy Wind instead for some decent coverage. Secret Sword > Sacred Sword as well as the former is a Special move and the latter is a Physical move, and as I mentioned before, Keldeo's SpA is superior to its Atk stat.

    Vanilluxe lv. 56
    -Ice Beam
    -Flash Cannon
    -Water Pulse / Weather Ball
    -Autotomise / Uproar / Rain Dance

    Hail hurts the rest of your team so it's not that good an idea to use it on Vanilluxe. Thus, just stick with Ice Beam as your STAB move on this set. Flash Cannon for more coverage, hitting many types including Rock-types, who are a big threat to you. You have a few options with your last two moves. Rain doesn't really hurt your team, and some members (particularly Keldeo and Whimsicott) really benefit from it, so you could run Rain Dance and Weather Ball as a pseudo-Water-types move for added coverage. Alternatively, you can run Water Pulse mainly to hit Fire-types. Autotomise is a nice move to boost your Speed, whereas Uproar can be used for neutral coverage.

    Whismicott lv. 55 (holding miracle seed)
    -Giga Drain
    -Leech Seed

    I love Whimsicott's design but I can't say I've used it before, unfortunately, so I'm not 100% sure on whether this is the best set for him though I'm sure someone else can confirm. Giga Drain should be used over Mega Drain as it is more powerful and doesn't have any negative side-effects. Hurricane goes well especially if you do run Rain Dance on Keldeo, as that bumps Hurricane's accuracy to 100%. Substitute and Leech Seed go hand in hand, really, and especially work well given Whimsicott's Prankster ability which grans priority to non-damaging moves such as Substitute and Leech Seed. Substitute helps you take hits more easily, and you heal off the damage while draining your opponent's HP with Leech Seed and Giga Drain.

    Flygon lv. 54
    -Dragon Claw / Outrage
    -Fire Punch

    Sandstorm should really only be used on teams built specially for Sandstorm, because if you use Sandstorm and then Flygon faints, the rest of your team will have to suffer through the Sandstorm for a few turns which really isn't optimal. Go with Earthquake instead as a STAB move. Speaking of STAB, Dragon Claw is a great reliable STAB but if you feel you need more power, then go with Outrage. Fire Punch rounds off the set nicely, getting perfect neutral coverage alongside your Dragon- and Ground-type STAB moves and hitting Ice-types hard, which are probably Flygon's biggest fear.

    Ampharos lv. 53
    -Focus Blast
    -Signal Beam
    -Thunderwave / Cotton Guard

    Definitely don't go with Thunderpunch on Ampharos. Not only do you only need one STAB move, but Ampharos's Special Attack is better than its Attack. I would however go with Thunderbolt > Discharge as I find Thunderbolt to be more reliable. A STAB Thunderbolt is always more powerful than a super effective Power Gem (142.5 power compared to 140, I believe) so go with Focus Blast > Power Gem instead for better coverage and more power. You can round out the set with either Thunderwave for team support and catching wild Pokemon, or Cotton Guard to make Ampharos more bulky.

    I used this team to defeat the Elite 4 but it doesn't do much against other people's teams when battling over WIFI. Any tips?

    P.S. this is my first RMT so if I did this wrong please tell me!

    EDIT: Realize format is wrong getting correct info at the moment
    Comments in bold. Hope this helps!

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